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Implementation p of the Basel Convention in Vietnam

Nguyen Nhu Trung

Hazardous Waste Management Division Waste Management and Environment Promotion Department

Vietnam Environment Administration

Ch Changing i of f Competent C t tA Authority/Focal th it /F lP Point i t

Vietnam Environment Protection Agency (VEPA)

Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA)
Waste Management and Environment Promotion Department

Pollution Control Division

Hazardous Waste Management Division

Contact Information 1. Prof. Dr. Bui Cach Tuyen-Vice Administrator in charge of VEA E-mail: 2. Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh Director of Waste Management and Environment Promotion Department E-mail: 3. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Yen Offi Officer of f Hazardous H d Waste W t Management M t Division Di i i E-mail:

Updates on newly rules and regulations/legislation l ti /l i l ti under discussion Interministerial circular 02/2007/TTLT02/2007/TTLTBCTBCT -BTNMT on requirements of the imported scraps Standard St d d f for h hazardous d waste t th thresholds h ld (TCVN 7629:2007) Technical regulation on hazardous waste thresholds ( (drafting) g) Standard for imported scraps (drafting)

H Hazardous d Waste W t (HW) I Import t St Statistics ti ti

HW importation is prohibited under the E i Environment tP Protection t ti Law L (2005) Exchange g of information with some BC focal point (Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea Malaysia Korea, Malaysia, Singapore Singapore, Germany Germany, Netherlands, ) to have the notification and di inform f ill illegal l HW t transboundary b d movements

HW Export E t Statistics St ti ti Shipment of used acid solvent to Singapore Si Exchange g of information with some BC focal point (Canada, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore ) to have the notification and Singapore...) inform illegal HW transboundary movements t

Illegal import and export cases Steel scraps mixed with hazardous wastes (27th August, 2008)
About 18 containers of Thanh Loi Steel JointJoint -Stock Company. Hazardous scraps disposed in incinerator incinerator.

PCB used transformer for power plant (J (January, 2008)

Inspecting one of used transformers contained PCB (over 50 ppm). It was rereexported to Korea.

Illegal g import p and export p cases

Smuggling strategies:
Fake permits g shipment p Wrong Fake declaration to customs

Other activities acti ities

SetSet-up of permitting system for hazardous waste collection, collection transport and disposal Granting permit for hazardous waste collector, t transporter t and d disposer di Development of ee-manifest system for hazardous wastes g of information among g customs, , Exchange industry, environment and trade authorities Inspection mission to ports and provinces

Challenges and diffic difficulties lties

Lack of comprehensive legal, institutional system for controlling Lack of guidelines, standards to identify difference categories of wastes Incompetence of custom officers to quickly identify hazardous waste Lack of human resource and capacity to control inin-land border Incapacity to treat and dispose hazardous waste safely

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