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2827 - 31 January 2011 ============================== NEW : Added new options to always default to external subtitles, ignore embedded subtitles and to set the autoload subtitle paths NEW : Added support for "in24", "fl64", 8-bit "sowt", "IMA4" and "NONE" audio (old QuickTime PCM) NEW : Added support for "in24", "in32", "fl32", "fl64" (both big-endian and little-endian) in .mov files NEW : Ticket #784, Enable ctrl+A in the MediaInfo window NEW : [DVB] LCN support, added EPG current event information, offset paramet er for scanning channels, added channel encryption detection for DVB-t during scan NEW : Added ignore encrypted channels checkbox during DVB scan NEW : Armenian translation CHANGED: Updated FFmpeg CHANGED: Updated MediaInfoLib to v0.7.39 CHANGED: Updated ZenLib to v0.4.17 CHANGED: Updated Little CMS to v2.1 CHANGED: Updated libpng to v1.4.5 CHANGED: Updated libogg to v1.2.2 CHANGED: Updated libvorbis to v1.3.2 CHANGED: Cleaned up and optimized code for QT PCM, small corrections in MP4Spli tter CHANGED: DVB: the current channel audio stream is memorized and selected by def ault each time the channel is switched back CHANGED: Removed DSM Converter (use the legay branch if you need this feature) CHANGED: Removed RoQ splitter/decoder (same as above) FIXED : Ticket #52, [playlist] shuffle is broken FIXED : Ticket #78, ESC key cannot be assigned to other actions FIXED : Ticket #293, giving "remember last window size" a meaning FIXED : Ticket #564, EVR Sync enabled when it shouldn't be FIXED : Ticket #627, Don't create the "AppData\Roaming\Media Player Classic" folder if the "Remember items" in playlist is disabled FIXED : Ticket #628, Enable ctrl+A in Player-->Keys page FIXED : Ticket #647, Weird "keys" listed FIXED : Ticket #650, Non-media entry in playlist halts playback FIXED : Ticket #651, Make EVR CP stats graph smaller FIXED : Ticket #652, Escape key on certain form causes form to collapse FIXED : Ticket #655, Crash with some BBC-HD samples FIXED : Ticket #678, Remember last window size NOT working and mpc-hc.ini FIXED : Ticket #698, VMR-9 (Renderless) + pixel shaders crashes FIXED : Ticket #699, fix EAC3 mediatype and string FIXED : Ticket #712, Audio renderer menu problem with Haali splitter after r23 39 FIXED : Ticket #724, Frequency range and bandwidth value are currently not taken into account when doing a scan FIXED : Ticket #753, DVB-T, internal MPEG-2 filter & wrong aspect ratio FIXED : Ticket #775, Default options of DVD/OGM Preferred language should be "Default" not "English" FIXED : Ticket #776, Mouse pointer hovering over window/video should be normal , not hand FIXED : Ticket #778, Playlist interface problem FIXED : Ticket #782, VMR-7 & 9 filter names misspelled FIXED : Ticket #791, Change the cursor behavior FIXED : Ticket #796, MPC HC window doesn't stay snapped to desktop corners FIXED : Ticket #809, Resize-arrows no longer appear with caption hidden FIXED : Ticket #889, [DVB] <enter> keypress in channel list makes whole pane g

rey FIXED : Ticket #891, [DVB] clicking empty slot in channel list causes small pl ayback hiccup FIXED : Ticket #895, [DVB] some characters don't show in EPG OSD FIXED : DVB Screen sizing: takes into account the TV Navigation panel FIXED : Workaround to avoid madVR renderer freezing when switching DVB channel s FIXED : Bandwidth value was hardcoded to 8MHz when doing a scan or switching c hannels. The value entered in scan is now saved in the configuration v1.4.2824.0 - 9 January 2011 ============================== FIXED : Crash on Sandy Bridge processor FIXED : Freeze on fast forward with H264 decoder v1.4.2499.0 - 7 September 2010 ============================== NEW : Seamless playback support for multi files BRD NEW : Support for Windows 7 taskbar and thumbnails features NEW : Added Catalan, Dutch and Japanese translations NEW : VSFilter x64 is available NEW : Added internal VP8 Decoder NEW : MPC-HC can be compiled with MSVC2010 and Intel C++ Compiler NEW : Support for MCE remote control (values added in AppCommand column in "Options/Player/Keys") NEW : Support of Broadcom Video decoder for VC1, H.264 and MPEG-2 (hardware acceleration) NEW : Support for DVB subtitles NEW : Open files to Recent Documents NEW : AUTO HDMI MODE 1080p/24 support for fullscreen mode NEW : Ticket #46, add number to AudioDevice list NEW : Sync Renderer dialogs NEW : Real Video decoder in MPCVideoDecoder NEW : Support interlaced mode in fullscreen resolution list NEW : Auto change fullscreen resolution for different video content NEW : Fullscreen Options page NEW : Video decoder, options for DXVA Compatibility check NEW : Support for MPEG-2 bitstreaming in the DXVA decoder NEW : Full screen resolution - support for native 23.976 and 29.97 mode (Vista and above only) NEW : Auto resolution change for DVD NEW : Always Exit after playback option NEW : Support for SRM7500 remote control NEW : New panel for switching DVB channels, audio and tuner scan accessible through View-->Navigation menu when in Capture mode NEW : Automatically play next files in a folder NEW : Implemented 'Quick add favorite' shortcut (default: Shift + Q) will use current settings from 'Add Favorite' dialog NEW : Select D3D device for render, including DXVA if two or more video adapters are in the system (EVR Custom & VMR9-Renderless only) NEW : Statistics - added render device NEW : Ability to select OSD font & size NEW : Option "Don't use 'search in folder' on commands 'Skip back/forward' when only one item in playlist" NEW : H.264 L5.1 DXVA support for ATI cards with drivers > v8.14.1.6105 (Catalyst 10.4)


MPCVideoDecoder, disable DXVA (H.264) for SD video (width < 1280) Improved DXVA compatibility check Implemented drag and drop folders with sub-folders Support for MPEG-1/Layer1 audio stream in the Matroska splitter Command to switch video frame mode (key 'P') Video frame options like in TV: Zoom 1 and Zoom 2 Auto saving position every 30 seconds Added internal filters context menu (disable/enable) Command to reopen file (Ctrl+E) Support for PGS in Matroska Open root BD movie from command line & shell context menu OSD messages added when switching audio stream or subtitles OSD on Jump Forward/Backward (keyframe) OSD when open DVD/BD OSD for jump to chapter in file Detect system UI language and set interface language at first run Full ICC color management (Little CMS v2.1a library added) Full floating point processing (FP16 temporary textures) High-quality dithering (color management, full floating point processing, 10-bit -> 8-bit) NEW : Option to force 10-bit EVR mixer input (probably hackish, but in many cases it seems to work) NEW : Added MediaInfoLib (v0.7.35) (no need for MediaInfo.dll anymore) NEW : Added support for MPEG-2_VLD DXVA for Intel G31/33 (and maybe other Intel) chipset CHANGED: Updated UnrarDll. It is now possible to use the 64bit UnrarDll with the 64bit MPC-HC CHANGED: Updated Detours to v2.1 build 216 CHANGED: Updated Bento4 to v1.2.3.0 CHANGED: Updated libpng to v1.4.3 CHANGED: Updated SoundTouch to v1.5.0 CHANGED: Updated zlib to v1.2.5 CHANGED: Updated libogg to v1.2.0 CHANGED: Updated libvorbis to v1.3.1 CHANGED: Updated PNGDIB to v3.1.0 CHANGED: Updated sizecbar to v2.45 CHANGED: Better support for madVR CHANGED: Updated Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Traditional Chinese, German, Italian, Turkish and Hungarian translations CHANGED: Updated FFmpeg CHANGED: Updated installer script CHANGED: "DirectShow Audio" label on playback->output now says "Audio Renderer" CHANGED: Ticket #27: Allow screensaver to activate when audio only (sleep is still stopped) CHANGED: Add open file to Recent Document only if "Keep history of recently opened files" is checked CHANGED: Select and change resolution for selected fullscreen monitor CHANGED: Improve options for fullscreen monitor and resolution CHANGED: Open DVD root folder (include VIDEO_TS) from explorer context menu CHANGED: Many internal code improvements for more stability CHANGED: Improved playlist CHANGED: Improved subtitle handling CHANGED: Rewritten DVXA check for better readability CHANGED: Disabled internal H.264 (AVC) decoder for interlaced files (bad supported by FFmpeg) CHANGED: Show filename in OSD at open, instead "Pause/Play" CHANGED: Add 'x64' suffix in Title and in the About dialog for the x64 build CHANGED: OSD file name at open show delay up to 3 sec. CHANGED: Core rendering code in the DX9AllocatorPresenter class is moved

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

to a new class: DX9RenderingEngine CHANGED: "10 bit RGB" option changed to "10-bit RGB Output", does not affect internal processing anymore CHANGED: Removed unnecessary temporary texture allocations CHANGED: Removed old player logos and added a new one FIXED : Name of MPC-HC in title bar (Bug #2826963) FIXED : Web interface status.html not showing status/media state when Status bar is turned off (Bug #2025675) FIXED : Ticket #12, crash/hang after standby, hibernate, UAC or CTRL+ALT+DEL FIXED : Ticket #74, [MP4] AAC sound stops playing FIXED : Ticket #116, issue with some MPEG (mono) audio playback FIXED : Ticket #120, Inner PCM inside QT .mov is supported now FIXED : Ticket #150, issue with playback AMR sound FIXED : Ticket #161 and #414, "no audio capture device" FIXED : Ticket #163, Crash with RealMedia FIXED : Ticket #237, DVB channels are all saved as number 0 when tuning FIXED : Ticket #242, No PCM sowt audio in MOV FIXED : Ticket #258, speaker configuration in Audio Switcher isn't stored FIXED : Ticket #281, [CAPTURE] No video decoding when capturing from DVB-T card with internal MPEG2 DVXA Decoder enabled FIXED : Ticket #282, Auto-zoom function problem FIXED : Ticket #295, SSA/ASS and other save subtitle formats problem FIXED : Ticket #300, Regression when hiding Caption and Menubar FIXED : Ticket #333, Missing tracks when playing a TS file FIXED : Ticket #363, #563, Can't open some mp3 FIXED : Ticket #385, no chapters with MP4Splitter FIXED : Ticket #455, Bug with PGS subtitles FIXED : Ticket #456, Problem with auto-loading subtitles fixed FIXED : Ticket #465, MPEG/TS splitter can't recognize some video track FIXED : Ticket #477, Internal audio switcher FIXED : Ticket #489, MPC-HC API improvements FIXED : Ticket #502, Problem with D3D9Ex FIXED : Ticket #513, .rmvb interlaced decoding FIXED : Ticket #511, Subtitle renderer crash fixed FIXED : Ticket #528, Unable to scan for dvb-t FIXED : Ticket #536, [MKV] Default values of the specification should be strictly followed FIXED : Ticket #576, Next AR Preset Issue FIXED : Ticket #578, VSFilter crash fix with certain malformed drawing lines FIXED : Ticket #599, ignores /audiorender option FIXED : Ticket #601, BD movie length detect wrong FIXED : Ticket #660, Pressing left arrow under Options->Logo causes right arrow to disappear FIXED : Ticket #661, Ctrl+C / File->Close form size discrepancy FIXED : Ticket #672, DVB-T - image problems after changing from TV channel to radio & back FIXED : Ticket #677, Wrong colors using Color Management FIXED : Ticket #679, add color management status in EVR CP graph settings FIXED : Ticket #680, "Don't hide controls in full screen" does not work unless you move the mouse FIXED : Ticket #694, DLL preloading vulnerability FIXED : Ticket #696, [GUI] use options dialog causes main window elements to disappear FIXED : Ticket #714, MPEG2 detected as H264 FIXED : Ticket #717, Fullscreen controls are not displayed until mouse is move d FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED : : : : Opening multiple files via Explorer context menu Memory leak in libavcodec Memory leak in DXVA decoder Playback of some broken avi files

FIXED : Fix VCD playback FIXED : Better detection of "Used For Reference Flags" (fixes some broken DXVA samples) FIXED : Screensaver activating during video playback on XP FIXED : Audio language detection for HDMV (broken by seamless playback feature ) FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED s FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED : : : : : : : : : : : : : Various DVB-T fixes DXVA regression: black video with some files Crash in Matroska splitter with unknown streams OSD shown wrong (previous) audio stream on change Improved DVD resume Crash with some VOB subtitles Undetected H.264 video streams in MPEG splitter Incorrect identification of the video stream in MPEG splitter (H.264 instead of MPEG-2) Logical/numeric sorting in Playlist, "Play next in the folder" OSD on open BD MPEGSplitter - could not read some MPEG files Crashes with MSVC2010 builds The EVR mixer output media subtype matches the surface format (as a consequence, it's always RGB) Incorrect length detection of MPEG, DVD (.ifo) : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Bug with prevent sleep mode Bug in "Open File" dialog & "Add to Playlist" checked Default (center) window position after file close Issue with a switch to fullscreen mode FavoriteAdd dialog Possible buffer overflows Bug with launch in fullscreen Incorrect decoding with MPEG-2 bitstream decoder on video with alternative scan Seeking problem with MPEG files Don't show OSD message when auto play is disabled Checking for duplicates in display modes Correct state when done playback (rewind fix) Incorrect minimal window height calculation when caption is on Search in dir function Play video from network share Incorrect position (desktop) after fullscreen when playing multiple files on multi-monitor systems Playback issue for some H.264 media files captured from digital camera



v1.3.1249.0 - 26 August 2009 ============================ NEW : Support for FLAC audio streams NEW : Support for Dolby Digital+ (EAC3) and Dolby true HD (MLP) NEW : Nellymoser audio decoder NEW : Belarusian, Brazilian and Swedish translation NEW : New shader "Sharpen Complex 2" (required hardware compatible with pixel shader 2.A) NEW : Support for madVR video renderer ( NEW : Additional information on video using MediaInfo (DLL can be download from and placed in MPC-HC directory) NEW : Internal DXVA decoder support for H.264 with Intel G45 (thanks to the people who helped me at Intel Corp.) CHANGED: Add support of interlaced flags in software mode for MPCVideoDecoder filter

CHANGED: D3DFullScreen mode now takes into account the monitor to full-screen mode in options, if monitor is not specified on the command line CHANGED: Auto-hide playlist on fullscreen (feature request #2219561) CHANGED: Detours library updated to v2.1 CHANGED: Support for AC3 in MP4 splitter CHANGED: Support for EAC3 in Matroska splitter CHANGED: Hotkeys added to support more remote control keys CHANGED: Support for Theora in Matroska internal splitter CHANGED: libvorbis updated to v1.2.3 CHANGED: libogg updated to v1.1.4 CHANGED: Improved streaming performances CHANGED: Prevent display or computer to sleep during playback CHANGED: FAAD library updated to rev 2.2.7 CHANGED: libpng updated to release 1.2.38 (fix security bug) CHANGED: Playlist file is now saved in the MPC-HC folder (patch # 2671496) CHANGED: frame by frame modify to support step frame back functionality (except for VMR9) CHANGED: support for AC3 in MP4 files created with Nero Digital CHANGED: EVR Custom and VMR9 Renderless revamped (Beliyaal), better synchronization, remove tearing in windowed mode, support for dialog box in DirectX exclusive mode, ... FIXED : Support for Theora stream in Ogg internal splitter FIXED : Save thumbnails crash in x64 FIXED : Bugs on presentation graphics (missing subtitles, better synchronization) FIXED : Audio change on M2TS files reset the selected subtitle FIXED : Switch to "Minimal view" reset main menu language to English FIXED : Bug in MPEG splitter for VC1 FIXED : Maximum texture resolution to "Desktop" not working with Haali renderer (Bug #2456735) FIXED : Better synchronization with EVR Custom to improve playback smoothness FIXED : 24 bits LPCM not properly play FIXED : Possible deadlock with Reclock FIXED : Support of framestep backward, even if the codec didn't support it natively (bug #2600542) FIXED : DXVA decoder support multiple graphics cards (PCI vendor id detection on the fly) FIXED : Incorrect aspect ratio for some H.264 files with DXVA1 decoder (extended SAR) FIXED : H.264 files with 16 reference frames freeze during playback (bug #2795785 and #2784256) FIXED : AVI with H.264 not decoded properly (bug #2794854) FIXED : Revamped DXVA H.264 decoder based on new insights, fixing black screen macroblock, support for AVI, ... FIXED : Incorrect playback for padded DTS FIXED : Hang when moving player between monitors v1.2.908.0 - 30 November 2008 ============================= NEW : support Multi-Monitor configuration, select Monitor for full-screen playback NEW : a minidump file is created when MPC-HC crashes NEW : Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese translations NEW : Pixel shader to convert BT601 -> BT701 (request #1911511) NEW : YV12 Chroma Upsampling pixel shader added ( NEW : Recursively adding directories to the Playlist (feature request #2013805), add as New Menu item NEW : Support for M2TS presentation graphics streams

(only for EVR Custom and VMR9 Renderless) : Command line switches "/startpos hh:mm:ss.ff", "/dvdpos title#chapter" and "/dvdpos title#hh:mm:ss.ff" to start playback to position NEW : Different icons for each format associated with MPC-HC NEW : support H.264 and AAC in FLV splitter CHANGED: Add VIRTKEY for "Save Thumbnails" (request #1964399) CHANGED: Store the settings for the internal DXVA/FFmpeg decoders in a different value than the other internal decoders. This makes the settings better interchangeable with older MPC-HC builds. Also gives more room in the bitvector for adding more decoders in the future (FFmpeg based) CHANGED: PAR correction option (for anamorphic video)in VSFilter and RealText support CHANGED: Updated liba52 & libdts libraries CHANGED: The x64 version of MPCVideodec is now built using GCC/MinGW64 (improves performance) CHANGED: GUI option for Explorer Context menu->Files (see Formats Page) CHANGED: GUI option for Explorer Context menu->Directory (see Formats Page) CHANGED: Open directory (shell context menu or MPC-HC menu) load only enqueues audio/video files, those with file extensions from the Formats page in MPC-HC options CHANGED: Replaced command line switches /unregvid and /unregaud with a new switch /unregall. This cleans up all file associations, including image/playlist formats CHANGED: Change in VideoDecoder Settings for rev.681 (read AR from stream) CHANGED: Open DVD detect and open Blu-Ray main movie CHANGED: EAC3 support in MPEG splitter CHANGED: Number of files and DVD position increase from 5 to 20 (req #1819709) CHANGED: Bypass of UOPs for DVD (req #1811508). This feature didn't work for the x64 build CHANGED: libpng updated to release 1.2.32 (fixes a memory leak) FIXED : Chapter message improperly displayed in status bar (for file only) FIXED : Crash with CoreAVC when changing "preferred decoder" setting during playback FIXED : Missing checkmarks on "tearing test" and "display stats" options (bug #2010857) FIXED : Save image/thumbnail not working with EVR (bug #2010681) FIXED : Workaround to prevent GraphEdit crash when was registered. (when opening menu "Graph/Insert filter/Direct show filters") FIXED : Fix rare seeking issue with VobSub in VSFilter FIXED : Subtitle style not save in settings FIXED : random freeze when using MPC-HC, VSFilter and Haali renderer at the same time FIXED : shortcuts with MEDIA_PLAY, MEDIA_PAUSE not working with some remote controls FIXED : shortcuts label in "Option / Key" dialog box is now localized FIXED : MPC-HC file association cleanup bug (rev.731), these commands are not working: mplayerc /unregvid, mplayerc /unregaud FIXED : Freeze when playing MPEG-2 or Xvid file FIXED : Remember position not working with some DVDs FIXED : DXVA decoder now support H.264 interlaced video FIXED : Crash/black screen with DXVA decoder with some ATI cards FIXED : Incorrect aspect ratio with some H.264 files (extended SAR) NEW v1.1.604.0 - 28 June 2008 ========================= NEW : Subtitle delay support (this one does not modify the subtitle file) NEW : Polish, Ukrainian, Italian & Slovak translations

NEW : Support for M2TS files with H.264, VC1, AC3, DTS, LPCM NEW : MPEG-2 support for x64 edition CHANGED: Improved support for audio and subtitle switching with the internal MPEG splitter CHANGED: Size shrink for the translation DLLs CHANGED: New property page for "MPC - Video decoder" standalone filter to select activated codecs CHANGED: Option added in "MPC - Video Decoder" property page to disable FFmpeg software decoding (to use other decoder instead) CHANGED: Added file extensions EVO, M2TS and M4A in option / format CHANGED: Force using 3D surface with EVR Custom Presenter CHANGED: x64 executable is now named mplayerc64.exe FIXED : Sorenson video was not played when DXVA was activated FIXED : Minimum EVR buffer set to 3 (instead of 1) FIXED : Better subtitle synchronization with EVR Custom Presenter (delay due to buffering remove) FIXED : DXVA compatibility improved with some NVIDIA cards FIXED : Reported subtitle fixes from Guliverkli2 FIXED : Incorrect colors with DXVA internal decoder for H.264 files with multiple PPS / SPS settings FIXED : Broken FLV playback FIXED : EVR Custom Presenter incompatibility with Microsoft MPEG-2 and CyberLink decoder FIXED : DXVA decoding bugs for some H.264 files FIXED : Memory leak in the DXVA decoder (bug #1962448) FIXED : Crash on stop/play with the DXVA decoder FIXED : Random crash with EVR Custom Presenter FIXED : Macroblocks with NVIDIA card (appear on H.264 streams with custom quantization matrix) FIXED : Access violation using VSFilter as AviSynth plugin FIXED : Some H.264 streams was not recognized by internal MPEG splitter (PPS and SPS present on different packets) FIXED : Black screen when OSD or subtitles was displayed in x64 release FIXED : Wrong Aspect Ratio when using "Save thumbnails" with EVR CP v1.1.0.0 - 6 March 2008 ======================= NEW : Custom presenter now support DXVA2, and display hardware acceleration mode in Jitter test information NEW : Internal video decoder based on FFmpeg for Flash video (FLV4, VP5, VP6), AMV, MPEG4, SQV, Theora, VC1, XVID, and DivX NEW : Internal video decoder H.264 with DXVA 1 acceleration (using VMR9 or overlay on XP) and DXVA2 (using EVR on Vista) NEW : Korean translation CHANGED: FAAD library updated to 2.6 CHANGED: Standalone filter renamed to be prefixed by "MPC - xxx" CHANGED: CSS classes added in WebServer (request #1885296) FIXED : Incorrect colors on video when using YUV mixing and "VMR Color controls" FIXED : PN31 driver installation was not working FIXED : MPC-HC graph manager now use the same filter priority as WMP and GraphEdit (clsid's patch) FIXED : MPC-HC is now recognized as an application by SUMo ( FIXED : Ghost horizontal and vertical lines with Pixel Shader resizer (especially on ATI graphics card) FIXED : Crash in FLV splitter with file containing 0 bytes packets FIXED : Button "Video" in format property page didn't select images anymore FIXED : No sound in some FLV video with Nellymoser audio track

FIXED : Multimedia keys (mute, vol+-, ...) was captured by MPC-HC even if option "global media keys" was off FIXED : YUV mixing is now disable with Vista (not supported by Vista VMR9, and cause black screen) v1.0.11.0 - 14 October 2007 =========================== NEW : Command Line Option "/dubdelay" applies a positive or negative audio delay of ???ms, if filename contains "DELAY ???ms" (internal Audio Switcher required) NEW : Russian, Turkish, Czech, Spanish and Hungarian translations NEW : Internal AVI splitter support AMV files (need an ffdshow update to decode) CHANGED: File type association. MPC-HC is now recognized as a registered media player application. File type registration now compatible with UAC (Vi sta) CHANGED: Matroska internal subtitles are not loaded if "auto-load subtitles" option is off CHANGED: Allow DirectShow to use a disabled internal source and transform filters when no other suitable filter is available FIXED : Subtitle popup menu not working in French FIXED : "Remember file position" option is not working properly in playlist mode FIXED : Crash when opening "Navigation" menu while playing DVD (German locale only) FIXED : Memory leak with window resize FIXED : Many GUI related things FIXED : Crash when opening zero byte length MP3 files FIXED : Crash when using "Save thumbnails" with number of row or column greater than 8 (now internally limited to 8) v1.0.10.0 - 15 September 2007 ============================= CHANGED: Latest clsid's patches (Bento4 0.9.3, FAAD2 2.6b, dtsdec 0.0.2, libmad 0.15.1b, zlib 1.2.3, MPEG decoder: progressive frames fix, MPEG decoder: DSUtil interlaced fix v2) CHANGED: libpng 1.2.20 NEW : Command Line Option "/d3dfs" to start MPC-HC in D3D Fullscreen mode NEW : Logitech LCD support (e.g. G15 keyboard) CHANGED: Remember File and DVD position works only when "Keep history" is active (preserve privacy issue) CHANGED: Kick off Screen Saver from Power Options only while video is playing (Vista) NEW : Build for x64 platforms NEW : Multilingual support for English, French and German CHANGED: DirectX SDK updated to August 2007 (v35) FIXED : Wrong Aspect Ratio with EVR CP (definitely i hope :-) FIXED : Internal MPEG-2 Decoder was not working with EVR and EVR CP FIXED : Audio sync problems with Blu-Ray/HD DVD DTS files [wrong AvgTimePerFrame calculation for DTS and AC3 (madshi)] FIXED : OSD was not working when D3DX9_XX dll was not present (random pixels shown in top of video) FIXED : Mouse now working in DVD menu with EVR Custom Presenter (Vista) FIXED : FLV Splitter when video does not start with keyframe FIXED : Vulnerability CAL-20070912-1 in AVI Source Filter (arbitrary code execute with users privileges) FIXED : Vulnerability in FLI internal source filter

v1.0.9.0 - 14 July 2007 ======================= CHANGED: OSD improved for EVR Custom Presenter FIXED : EVR Custom Presenter rendering thread stability FIXED : EVR Custom Presenter doesn't need mfplat.dll anymore (the dll is installed with WMP 11) NEW : Exit Option in popup menu FIXED : Use same registry key like original Gabest Media Player Classic FIXED : Freeze when playing audio only file with EVR Custom Presenter FIXED : Wrong Aspect Ratio with anamorphic video using EVR Custom Presenter FIXED : When Video pause, frame stepping with EVR Custom Presenter started video playback at normal speed FIXED : Save thumbnail with EVR Custom Presenter froze MPC-HC FIXED : FLV splitter did not read width and height out of metadata (thanks to Chobits for this fix) FIXED : If more than one subtitle text rows shown, the background ("Outline" color) vertically overlapped the other one v1.0.8.0 - 31 May 2007 ====================== NEW : Kick off Screen Saver from Power Options, only when MPC-HC has focus (Vista) FIXED : Jitter test was not displayed with some files FIXED : Crash if statistics should be displayed, when d3dx9_29.dll was not present FIXED : Possible crash when closing file, while OSD was displayed FIXED : DVD menu freeze with EVR CP and NVIDIA Pure Video decoder (Win XP) FIXED : Mouse-click to play not working at the bottom of video FIXED : MKV internal subtitles were not displayed from time to time FIXED : Video disappeared when moving MPC-HC to other screen with EVR Custom Presenter on dual display v1.0.7.0 - 27 May 2007 ====================== NEW : "EVR Custom Presenter" mode added as output renderer. In this mode EVR supports internal MPC-HC subtitles, D3D Fullscreen, tearing test and Pixels Shaders NEW : Statistics option currently displays the jitter curve (Ctrl + J to activate) for VMR9 Renderless and EVR Custom Presenter CHANGED: Output property page, options now are disabled when not supported by the selected renderer FIXED : Mouse cursor invisible in Fullscreen mode FIXED : Mouse-click to play was not working with some renderers FIXED : A one pixel width rectangle was not displayed around the video window (refresh problem) FIXED : Crash when switching from VMR9 Renderless to VRM7 Renderless (Vista) v1.0.6.0 - 07 May 2007 ====================== NEW : VP62 codec internal filter re-activated NEW : MPEG4 splitter internal filter re-activated CHANGED: _xxl patches included (VP62 codec internal filter, MPEG4 splitter internal filter) FIXED : Window "flashing" during resize, after video loaded

v1.0.5.0 - 05 May 2007 ====================== NEW : MPC-HC is now Vista ready, added Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) with OS D support NEW : Shuttle PN31 Remote Control support NEW : Subtitle synchronization with keyboard shortcuts or remote control FIXED : Fixed bug at internal filter property page v1.0.4.0 - 09 May 2006 ====================== CHANGED: OSD improvement NEW : Remaining time displayed (Ctrl + I or "Remaining_Time" with WinLIRC) NEW : OSD Fast forward / rewind speed display CHANGED: OSD FF/Rew for DVD playback: slow forward replaced by rewind, no more predefined speed limits (feature depends on MPEG-2 decoder capabilities) FIXED : Taskbar Display bug in D3D Fullscreen mode FIXED : Mouse cursor invisible in D3D Fullscreen mode v1.0.3.0 - 02 May 2006 ====================== NEW : YUV mixer mode for VMR9 NEW : OSD for VMR9 output for languages selection NEW : "DVD Menu Activate" can also be used to start playback (useful when using remote control via WinLIRC) FIXED : Aspect Ratio bug in D3D Fullscreen mode v1.0.2.0 - 23 April 2006 ======================== CHANGED: D3D Fullscreen mode improved FIXED : VMR9 Color control bug v1.0.1.0 - 09 April 2006 ======================== NEW : DVD open dialog now allows selecting the source folder or drive NEW : Possibility to save video position for the last 5 DVDs and/or files to resume playback at this position when MPC-HC is restarted NEW : Shortcut to inhibit Pixel Shaders (Ctrl + P). Only additional Pixel Shaders effects are concerned (always used if resize active) v1.0.0.0 - 29 March 2006 ======================== NEW : Color control option for VMR renderer NEW : Automatically reload Pixel Shaders at startup NEW : Tearing test function (Ctrl+T): displays 2 moving bars (useful to also show judder)