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Writing Lesson

Learning Objective:
The students will know the elements of a Diamante poem. The students will use
their knowledge in physical features to describe an inspirational photograph. The
students will create nouns, adjectives, and gerunds to describe their photograph.
Once the students have brainstormed their nouns, adjectives, and gerunds, they
will insert the words into the Diamante format. Once they are finished, they can
design their poem.

CA Standards:
2.2 Write descriptions that use concrete sensory details to present and support
unified impressions of people, places, things, or experiences.

22 copies of Diamante worksheet
blank paper for final draft
glue sticks to paste pictures
markers/crayons to decorate

Anticipatory Set: (5 minutes)

On Monday, we introduced what a Diamante poem consists of. Can anyone tell me
the shape that a Diamante poem makes? What are the parts of a Diamante poem?
What is a noun? What is an adjective? What is a gerund? When we went to the
computer lab, we found an inspirational image and we created a brainstorming chart.
Now, we are going to continue to write some nouns, adjectives, and gerunds about
out inspirational geographic feature.

1. Let’s take some time right now to fill us our table with more inspirational
2. After a few minutes, allow students to break into small groups. Students can
then help other students brainstorm some new words. (5 minutes) Walk
around an assist during this process.
3. Once we have filled in our tables, we will come back to our desks.
4. Hand out the structure of the diamante poem for the students to fill in.
5. Students will fill in their writing on their worksheet, once they are finished,
they can move onto their final draft.
6. In their final draft, they will cut out and paste their inspirational photo to a
piece of construction paper. Then they will write their poem on the
construction paper.
7. Once students have written their poem, they can decorate the poem with
drawings and colorings. I will encourage them to make their poem colorful
and presentable so we can post these on the bulletin board.
Once students have finished writing their rough draft, we will have students come
up and put their poem on the document camera. They will then read the poem aloud
to the class while others are still finishing their poem

25 points- All elements (nouns, adjectives, gerunds) of the diamante poem are
listed in the correct format, picture is pasted on the final draft, rough draft is
turned in, final draft is colorful and presentable.

Subtract 5 points for every missing piece.

Were there points in the lesson that were not understood? Do I need to give
additional help to the class or certain individuals?

Did I begin and end on time, check the classroom environment, and work through
the mechanics of the class efficiently?

Did I set a pace that was neither too fast nor too slow?

What did I do particularly well today? What can I do better tomorrow?