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CURRICULUM VITAE PERSONAL DETAIL: Name: Nikhat Shah Present Address: Marol behind Fire Brigade, Umar Khan

House, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 059. Mobile Email Date of Birth Nationality : 9920106275 / 9004776757 / 9833173685 : : 15th August, 1985 : Indian

Language Proficiency: English, Hindi, Urdu Marital Status : Single

Hobbies: Badminton, Carom, Chess, Listening to Music Traveling, Shopping, Internet surfing CAREER OBJECTIVE: Seeking a responsible professional position where I can expertise and experience in a progressive organization. CURRENT PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:  Working with as business manager since 7th Sep 2011. JOB PROFILE: Acquisition Analysis Managing Top sellers account. Working on deals and promotions. PREVIOUS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:  worked with vCustomer for eBay India Business Unit as Top Seller Account Manager also worked on Daily Deals closely in lifestyle category from 1st May 2010 to 30th June 2011

 Training Sellers how to sell globally on eBay. .JOB PROFILE: Managed top seller’s account scaled sellers in a business and helped them in growing business via phone. Market surveys of products. Period: Since 1st December 2008 to 31st August 2009.  Personal Assistance provided on as well as on eBay. & Activation of NGO Generating leads via internet & cold calls Training concern person of NGO to sell products online Providing listings assistance Creating and maintaining reports and updating the same to the client PREVIOUS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Worked with vCustomer for eBay India Seller development Team as a Trainer. Designation: Trainer JOB PROFILE .  Providing Listing Assistance to Sellers and Help Sellers to get more sales on eBay. Worked on deals and promotions. Seller visits. Creating and maintaining reports and updating the same to the client To get updated sellers with promotions. PREVIOUS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:  Worked with vCustomer for eBay India Charity & Pop Culture Process handling Charity Account as an Account Manager since 1st September 2009 till 30th April 2010 JOB PROFILE:  via phone.

 Maintaining good rapport with the sellers.  Maintaining Daily Reports. COMPANY PROFILE: eBay is an amongst the best e-commerce portal for online Buying and Selling. ACHIVEMENTS:  Over achieved target of generating leads. for eBay India CBT process (Cross Border Trade) since 25th Feb. Jaipur.  Guiding new and existing sellers and solving their queries. 2008.s Daily Deals is one of my biggest achievement in my six years of working experience. Hyderabad & Varanasi apart from these cities also generating leads all over India  Bringing new sellers to trade on eBay internationally.  Many of my sellers have become Power Sellers on eBay.s Like Yuvraj Singh Foundation . PREVIOUS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:  Worked with Synergy Relationship Management Pvt. Delhi. Ltd.  Updating sellers with latest promotions on portal.  Did fantastic job in charity & pop culture & acquired big NGO. Updating sellers with the 36 portals of eBay worldwide.  Maintenance of daily reports. PREVIOUS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: . Make a wish Foundation & many more NGO.Save the Children. The target was 48 & achieved 52. Period: 9 Months (Process Shifted to vCustomer) Designation: Lead Manager JOB PROFILE:  Generating New Leads for Business Development Executives in Mumbai.

S.  Secured Second Class (56% Approx) in S. COMPUTER PROFIECIENCY: MS-Office:  Ms-Word 2000/xp  MS-Excel 2000/xp Internet & Chatting I hereby declare that the above information’s are correct to the best of my knowledge.C.  Secured Second Class (57.Y.Com from Oriental College secured Second class.Company: ICICI Bank BPO Period: 6 Months Designation: RO (Research Officer) in Feed Back Team COMPANY PROFILE: ICICI is one of the leading Banks in India JOB PROFILE:  Worked with feedback team of ICICI Bank as a RO  Taking feedback from customer who called up for solving their query & submitting the form of online Feedback.83%) in H. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION:  T. Date: .B.C.S.

Place: Mumbai (Nikhat Shah) .

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