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Memory Aids - PMBOK 4th Edition - Part 1 One of the changes done in PMBOK 4th edition is that all

the processes names are changed to reflect the verb-noun format i.e. earlier if the process name was scope control, it is now changed to control scope, earlier if the process name was Human Resource Planning it is now changed to Develop Human Resource Plan. For more changes in PMBOK Guide 4th edition read this. Below are some tips to memorize Tools & Techniques for PMBOK Guide 4th edition processes. Project Time Management Overview 6.1 Define Activities - DRTE - Defence Research Telecommunication Establishments (a part of Canadian Defence Research Board) D - Decomposition R - Rolling Wave Planning T - Templates E - Expert Judgement 6.2 Sequence Activities - PADS P - Precedence diagramming method A - Applying leads & lags D - Dependency determination S - Schedule network templates 6.3 Estimate Activity Resources - BEAPP B - Bottom up estimating E - Expert judgement A - Alternatives analysis P - Published estimating data P - Project management software 6.4 Estimate Activity Durations - TAPER T - Three point estimates A - Analogous estimating P - Parametric estimating E - Expert judgement R - Reserve Analysis 6.5 Develop Schedule - SCC WARSS or Schedule may Change With Stakkeholder's Approved Scope Change Request 6.6 Control Schedule - VPP WARSS Project Quality Management Overview 8.1 Plan Quality - CCB Decides Strategy For Changes 8.2 Perform Quality Assurance - PQ 8.3 Perform quality control - Sensors Help In detecting Fire And Cause Remote Sirens to Play Continously 4. Project Cost Management • Cost estimating - Daily PVR Cinema is A Boring Plan - Determine resource cost rates, Project management software, Vendor bid analysis, Reserve analysis, Cost of quality, Analogous estimating, Bottom up estimating, Parametric estimating Cost budgeting - CRPF - an indian police battalion - Cost aggregation, Reserve analysis, Parametric estimating, Funding limit reconciliation

Quality audits Perform Quality Control .1 Identify Stakeholders .Expert judgement S . Benchmarking. Project Quality Management Quality Planning .Very Poor Performance in PMP exam Causes Failure . Statistical sampling. Virtual teams Develop Project Team . Co-location Manage Project Team .Variance analysis F . Organizational theory. Cost of quality Perform Quality Assurance . Costbenefit analysis.5 Report Performance .Communication method + Instant Messenger I . Project management software. Project performance reviews.Communication method + Report for Variance & Forecasting R .Ground rules in Training & Team-building Generally Reduces Controversies .Communication methods + Requirement Traceability Matrix R .Scatter diagram. Cause & effect diagram.Communication method + Information distribution tools 10.Pre-assignment. Additional quality planning tools. Pareto chart 6. General management skills. Project Human Resource Management Human Resource Planning . Project performance appraisal.Conflict management.Stakeholder analysis 10.Present NAV . Forecasting 5. Inspection. Histogram.Interpersonal skills M .Forecasting methods .Models (Communication) 10.Management skills 10.3 Distribute Information .Sensors Help In Detecting Fire & Cause Remote Sirens to Continously Play .Requirement analysis (Communication) T .Variance management. Acquisition. Performance measurement analysis.Design of experiments.2 Plan communications . Team building activities.Networking. Flowcharting.Process Analysis.• Cost control .Ground rules. Training. Recognition & rewards. Defect repair review. Observation & conversation.Reporting system V .D Comes After B & C . Negotiation.Expert System E .Technology (Communication) M .NOO . Issue log Project Communications Management Overview Communication methods is tool & technique in all the communication management processes except identify stakeholders. 10. Cost change control system. Organization charts & position descriptions Acquire project team .4 Manage Stakeholder Expectations . Run chart.PQ .COPI-er . Control charts.

Replanning. Flowcharting.Project Schedule may Change With Agreed & Approved Stakeholder Scope Change Request . Project Time Management • Activity Definition T&T . Published estimating data.Sensors Help In Detecting Fire & Cause Remote Sirens to Continously Play . Project Human Resource Management • Human Resource Planning . Project Integration Management • Tools & Technique (T&T) . Vendor bid analysis.Design of experiments.Planning component. What-if scenario analysis. Negotiation. Develop project charter has additional T&T . Performance measurement analysis. Defect repair review.Earned value technique.All the 7 processes in this knowledge area have Project Management methodology & Project management information system. Training. Co-location .in/2009/06/tips-to-memorize-tt-part-1. Quality audits • Perform Quality Control .Food in south indian language .Present NAV . Project Cost Management • Cost estimating . Reserve analysis.Variance management.Very Poor Performance in PMP exam Causes Failure .PQ . Arrow diagramming method.Pareto chart 6.Famous Indian tennis player . Reserve analysis. Project Scope Management • Scope Definition T&T . Schedule network analysis. Expert judgement is present in all the processes EXCEPT Direct & Manage project execution. Parametric estimating • Cost budgeting . Reserve analysis. Cause & effect diagram. Cost of quality. Analogous estimating.NOO . Rolling wave planning. Decomposition • Activity Sequencing T&T . Project performance reviews.html 1. Cost of quality • Perform Quality Assurance . General management skills.Product analysis.Scatter diagram.Networking. Resource leveling Schedule Control T&T .PSPSPV • 4. Funding limit reconciliation • Cost control . Forecasting 5. Cost-benefit analysis.SAPAD . Parametric estimating.Three point estimates. Control charts. Project management software.Cost aggregation.PERT-D . Cost change control system. Critical path method. Run chart. Project management software. Change control system. Benchmarking.Project selection method and Monitor & control project work has additional T&T . Virtual teams • Develop Project Team . Recognition & rewards. Project management software Activity Duration estimating T&T . Analogous estimating.blogspot. Organizational theory. 2. Applying leads & lags. Acquisition. Expert judgement.Daily PVR Cinema is A Boring Plan .TRAP Ends .Bottom up estimating. Parametric estimating. Critical chain method.Schedule network templates. Inspection. Expert judgement.http://pmp-study. Applying calendars. Schedule model. Schedule compression. Templates.Project management software.PAES .Variance Analysis. Expert judgement Schedule Development . Stakeholder analysis • Scope Control T&T .Process Analysis.Adjusting leads & lags. Expert indian police battalion . Histogram. Dependency determination • • • Activity Resource Estimating T&T .Ground rules. Organization charts & position descriptions • Acquire project team .CRPF .D Comes After B & C .BEAP-P .Determine resource cost rates. Additional quality planning tools. Precedence diagramming method. Alternatives analysis. Project Quality Management • Quality Planning .Ground rules in Training & Team-building Generally Reduces Controversies . Alternatives identification. Statistical sampling. Bottom up estimating.Pre-assignment. Team building activities. Configuration management system 3.VCR-C .

Data Quest .SCIPT .ILIC .EMC . Cost reporting systems.Expert judgement.Weighting system. Expert judgement • • • Request Seller Response . Project Procurement Management • Plan purchases & Acquisitions . Quantitative risk analysis & modeling techniques 9.I C .Information gathering & retrieval system. Information presentation tools. Seller rating system. Contract change control system.Start to End . Project performance appraisal. Communication methods 8. Project Communications Management • Communication Planning . Claims administration. Records management system • . Comunications technology • Information Distribution . Issue log 7. Advertising. Develop qualified seller list Select Sellers .Standard forms. Lessons learned process.Script without R .SE . Information gathering techniques. Inspections & audits.Conflict management.BCCI is Responsible for Power Packed IPL .Data gathering & representation techniques. Diagramming techniques • Quantitative risk analysis . Project Risk Management • Risk Identification . Independent estimates.COPI-er . Checklist analysis.Carbon Copy .only With Sufficient Information Contractor Should Engage in Procurement .Buyer conducted performance review.BAD .DQ .Public Relations .Status review meetings.Essential Maintenance Contract .Communication requirement analysis. Communications skills • • Performance Reporting . Expert judgement.Dangerous ACID . Payment system. Assumption analysis.Bidder conferences. Contract types • Plan Contracting .• Manage Project Team . Proposal evaluation techniques Contract Administration .Procurement audits. Performance reporting.Documentation reviews. Contract negotiation.PR . Make-or-buy analysis. Time reporting systems Manage Stakeholders . Observation & conversation.I see or Integrated Circuit . Information distribution methods. Information technology Contract Closure . Records management system.I Love Indian Curry . Performance information gathering and compilation. Screening system.Issue logs.