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Students warned over home tattoo dangers Exclusive: 50% of Medway students take illegal drugs

New presidents talk Medway


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nd here it is, the moment youve all been waiting for the very last Medwire of the academic year! Weve put together a fantastic last issue for you this term, packed full of tips and advice to make your summer amazing; so make sure you pack it in your suitcase when you leave! From our top five ways to waste away your summer on a budget and the essential kit youll need to do it (page 8), fashion advice (page 10) youll find everything you need for summer, rain or shine. Theres also all the usual features; Emily Magdij, winner of the NUS LGBT student of the year, is our Medders Profile (page 15), weve delved into the murky world of drugs in Medway (page 16) and you can catch up on all the latest news and events, both on and off campus. It seems like just last week I was flapping about like a woman possessed trying to put out my first issue and while the job certainly hasnt got any less stressful over the year, I definitely think its been worth it. In the past two terms weve relaunched our website, where you can now find all the latest news, updated daily and completely revamped our magazine. Weve also launched our new fashion section for the style conscious among you. It wouldnt be right for me to sign off this letter without saying thank you to all of the wonderful people wholl be leaving our team to graduate this year and we wish them all the best in whatever they choose to do next! In particular Id like to say thank you to Nick Duffy, who first catapulted

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Summer is almost upon us and so are all of the end of year festivities! Clarissa Place has got your essential news round up before you head off home.

Campus News

Artist warns of tattoo risks

By Clarissa Place
For those who are brave enough, tattoos have become cultural statements, a way of expressing their emotions and interests in a visual and permanent form. Nicole deLuna Cassidy, a Gillingham tattoo artist, has honed her skills as a tattoo artist over the last 15 years, undergoing training and working in a licensed, clean and safe environment. She is concerned that the rise in untrained artists, colloquially known as scratchers are putting customers lives at risk. The 30-year-old said: I am trying to keep the industry I love from becoming dangerous. Sadly the professionals of my industry have their livelihood threatened on a daily basis from people who could actually kill someone trying to make 20 at home. Customers have suffered scarring, skin infections and in the most extreme cases they have contracted blood diseases including HIV, leprosy and syphillis. One factor is internet bought equipment and studio suitable ink. Nicole said: It is becoming a common occurrence countrywide, more people have access to be able to buy more items that wouldnt normally be on sale to the general public. Though it is not just home crafted

Union elections roundups

Students at the University of Kent have elected their new Kent Union representatives. Chelsea Moore (President), Megan Wells (Welfare), Amy Gilchrist (Activities) and Chris Bull (Sports) were elected in Spring by Kent students following weeks of campaigning and hustings across both the Medway and Canterbury campus. The new team are completed by Alex Murray (Education), who was re-elected into his post as VP for Education. 4,289 students voted in the Kent Union elections, with under 100 of the votes being cast by Medway students.

Tributes to former Medway student

Friends of former Medway student, Jamie Greenwood, rallied to raise funds to fly him back to Scotland after he died in a freak motorcycle accident this term. 25-year-old Jamie Greenwoods death prompted his friends to raise money on the Facebook page Donations for Jamies Funeral to help his parents with the costs.

By Michelle Gleaves

He brightened up any day by doing the stupidest things

Jamie was a big name on campus until he graduated in 2012, being described as lovely and one of the most naturally charismatic guys by people that came into contact with him during his time at Medway. During his summer holidays, he worked in a surf shop in Corfu where his parents Andrew and Fiona live, and for the last two years worked for Sailing Holidays. Bex Tarrant wrote on the page: The company Sailing Holidays had a barbecue yesterday. It was organised before this tragedy but it went ahead in honour of Jamie. They set up a toolbox to collect money for [Jamies parents], from 4.30pm until 10pm. They raised over 600 and they are still collecting. I miss my brother from another

mother and will forever feel a part of me is missing. Jamie was a marine engineering and technology student at the University of Greenwich and a Medway Spartan. Chad Woolley and Glenn Topping were his friends at university and made a joint statement about Jamie. They said: He was one of our best friends and whoever met him instantly liked him. He brightened up any day by doing the stupidest things but always made everybody laugh. He was one of the most generous people we have ever met. He was always buying people drinks and helping people out. During his time at university, he made quite an impact on people with his antics, and Chad and Glenn recalled some of their favourite memories of him. They added: One night out, he

300 people attended a memorial service on April 17 at The Holy Trinity Church in Corfu, including 20 of his friends from university. Organiser of the Facebook page, Kimberley Morton said: The church was full and people had to stand outside in the garden.

ABOVE: Jamie Greenwood studied marine engineering and technology

tattoos that concerns Nicole, as budding artists can open studios without any training as long as they meet the basic health regulation required for a business. The Tattoo and Piercing Industry Union (TPIU) have been lobbying the government to make amendments to legislation but fear that it will have far reaching affects than those practicing illegally from home. In a statement the union said: If we were to work out a way to govern our industry efficiently we would need government backing, They added: We are working with MPs to try and reduce the harm that Ebay and the like causes. At her Gillingham tattoo parlor Nicole added: If a tattoo is done badly sometimes it is far too scarred for even laser removal. Its a big commitment and you owe it to yourself to do your research.

ABOVE: Just one example of a tattoo gone wrong

The church was not prepared for so many

The Church was not prepared for so many, so they ran out of the program of service. After the ceremony we went to the crash site to put down all the flowers. She added: He was one in a million and the response that we have got from all over the world has shown us just how he touched peoples lives. George Sinclair, another friend from Jamies time at Medway, spoke about the memorial service in Corfu. He said: It was an amazing couple of days, with only one sad moment, the rest of the time was spent reminiscing and telling classic Jamie Stories. Jamie was cremated with a penguin cuddly toy which just proves how a story from university travels and reaches friends and family in Corfu and how much of an amazing character he was. Jamie was cremated on Thursday, April 25 at Roucan Loch Crematorium in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

By Jem Collins

Student lands university job

A Medway student has already landed himself a job post graduation; at the very university he studied at. Jack Mcdonnell, a Music Technology student at the University of Kent, will be helping to co-ordinate over 170 projects as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations. Jack said: Im so excited to get started on May 20th - Im literally itching to get my final project done so I can get to work on what I know will be work Ill be very suited to. I have to try and remain grounded and focus on my short-term priorities for now though. Jack was recommended for the role as project co-ordinator after an astonishing three years of university as the face of Music Soc, UKM Student and helping to organise the Medway Summer Party. He added: One morning I got quite a vague email regarding the 50th, was asked to go and meet two of the leading project staff and was told that Id been recommended by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for the

Canterbury Christ Students Union (CCCU) will be led by Phil Mooney, following his election win. After 11 days of campaigning, he will be joined by Sammi Wright (Welfare and Education), Darcy Anderson (Activities) and Charlotte Moore (Sport). All four individuals will take office on July 1. A spokesperson for CCCU said on their website: Well done to all 26 candidates. It was a great night at the results night and thank you for coming and supporting your student union.

He proved once and for all that penguins cant fly

went out dressed as a rugby player but somehow managed to persuade someone to give them his penguin outfit. When he got home he realised hed left his keys in his rugby shorts, so tried to climb in through an upstairs window. He fell off and proved once and for all that penguins cant fly!

job - quite surreal really to think that people in such good positions had thought of me for the job. I was ecstatic and spent the rest of my day (and probably that week) telling everyone I saw. The Kent celebrations will take place from now until 2015.

ABOVE: Jack McDonnell will be working on the celebrations

Alex Brooks is the new president of the Students Union University of Greenwich (SUUG) beating Austine Obiezewani by less than 100 votes. Alex of Change Greenwich is joined by a team of Kyle Marchalleck (Campaigns and Representation), Owais Chisty (Education and Welfare) and Tony Whitehead (Activities). 1,712 students voted in the election, casting 9,108 individual votes. The Medwires political editor, Molly Pike, spoke to two of the new presidents about their plans for Medway and gave her opinion on the changes. Turn to page 13 for the piece.

Tom Ritchie thanks students

After two years as President of Kent Union, Tom Ritchie will be standing down from the position in June to welcome a newly-elected team of Sabbs voted in by University of Kent students. But before he leaves, The Medwire asked him to reflect on his time at the top of the union. Here, Tom commented on the ups and downs of being KU President: Being Kent Union President for the past two years has been a wholly transformative experience; something I would recommend to anyone. While the role has many ups and downs, I have been privileged enough to work with some of the most dedicated and talented students and staff in achieving change at the University of Kent. My officer team over both years have served to inspire me and fill me with confidence in my role and would highlight this supporting role for the new team. One of my biggest gripes is with the levels of complaints I receive about Kent Union. While we may not get everything right, those people who give their lives and careers working for students at the University of Kent deserve recognition as they are both inspiring and indefatigable every single day.

By Kieran Watkins

By Kieran Watkins

Kent Officer wins position on NUS

Freshers helpers needed

By Clarissa Place
Believe it or not, Freshers Week will be soon upon us and UMSA needs a fresh group of volunteers to help greet the newest intake of students. Becky Lawrence, 20, who helped out last year encouraged students to apply. She said: It was great to be able to help everyone while reliving my own freshers experience over again. I enjoyed meeting new people and I think I may have even more fun this time round than last year! All students taking part will receive a coveted green Freshers helpers t-shirt for their troubles. Helpers can also benefit from their volunteering as any hours can be used for volunteering schemes at your respective university. Those wanting to help out must be available on September 19 if you are hoping to be a team leader or September 20 for leaders and helpers. Students will be needed to help move new Greenwich students in on September 14, while Kent students will return the following week. Freshers helper duties include; meeting and greeting new students, helping student feel at ease, encouraging new students to integrate,

East Kent bids to be culture city By George Hopkin

Canterbury City Council has joined Kent County Council (KCC) and a number of district and borough councils in support of East Kents first phase bid to be the UKs City of Culture in 2017. The bid, which was submitted on April 30 could lead to a boom in tourism, cultural events, and artistic collaboration across the region, according to the councils. The University of Kent has also endorsed the move, with Vice Chancellor Dame Julia Goodfellow calling it an important and welcome bid for East Kent. If East Kent is shortlisted, it will have to deliver a full bid in September, with the final result being announced at the end of the year.

I want to thank all students for supporting Kent Union during my time in office and hope you will continue to do so for the team next year. Tom will be applying to study an MA in History of Science, Technology, Medicine and Environment at Kings College London once he leaves Kent, with the view to becoming an academic and to work in TV and the media within the field of history. We wish him, and the other departing sabbatical team all the best!

ABOVE: Tom Ritchie encouraging students to vote in the Kent Union elections last term

Kent Unions very own Colum McGuire was among the new representatives voted in at this years NUS National Conference. The three-day conference, which took place in Sheffield this April saw student delegates from universities and colleges across the UK meet to discuss and vote on policy, as well as elect new representatives for the NUS. Colum McGuire, who has been VP Welfare for Kent Union over the last two years, was elected by candidates in a landslide victory, and will start his role with the NUS later this summer. Speaking about Colums success, Kent Union President Tom Ritchie said: Colum being the first ever Kent Union sabbatical officer elected to a national position is a reflection on how great he is at his role. I have been so pleased to work with him for two years and look forward to seeing what he goes on to achieve. Colum will join newly-elected NUS president Toni Pearce and four other representatives later this year. For more information on all the latest NUS news and updates be sure to visit our website, www.

ABOVE: Last years Freshers helpers team LEFT: UMSA is looking for another team to assist new students and make them feel at home

Activities Awards
At the time of going to press the UMSA Activities awards had not yet been held. The annual event, due to be held on May 22 at Priestfield Stadium, aim to recognise the best individuals and societies on campus. Tickets cost 8, including a buffet and can be bought from Pilkington.

answering questions and getting involved in the activities. For more details or to apply, visit the UMSA website.

Medway anti-racism festival returns

Love Music Hate Racism, the multi cultural music festival dedicated to fighting against racism, is coming to Medway on June 22 and 23. By being a part of this years music scene at the Command House, you can help to support a cause whilst enjoying all kinds of local and international bands. Jason Nembhard is one of the soul and reggae acts performing this year and he is proud to be a part of the fight against racism. He said: What we are doing is fighting the corner of a free and upright world. Through music rival politicians have spoken, enemies became friends, and love has been spread for multiculturalism throughout the world. The Rock and Roll band Broken Banjo who is also playing this year added: Broken Banjo hope people love our music as much as we hate racism. This will be the festivals seventh year and it is going to be better than ever, having three stages in one day for the first time. Hobo Jones & the Junkyard Dogs, a

By Katie Palmer

band who covers all genres of music, will be performing on the Main Stage and well as Charlotte Rose Ellis, who played at last years event. The Main Stage will also see acts such as Pub Idol 2012 winner Nathan Banks and Go-zilla and dance acts including Jades Street Dancers and Urban Steps. Acoustic and Folk artists can be heard on The Bob Wade Stage, whixh will be headlined by Fred Clark, who has recently supported the Hoosiers and was featured in last terms Medders Profile. Sunday will be the day of the DJs, with performances by DJ Dips, Nutty Militant, Mikey Ragga, Intentions Studio Sound systems and many more, as part of Love DJs Hate Racism. The very popular youth stage will also be returning, giving young artists a chance to perform. The festival is supported by Medway Council, Sunlight Development Trust, Local Trade Unions, The Royal Air Force, councillors from the three main political parties, local businesses and residents. Vince Maple, event compere and

Student Accommodation Gillingham are your local provider of quality houses to students at the Universities at Medway. Prices start from just 300 a month and include all bills, gardening, high speed internet, dishwasher and washing machines.
member of the organising committee, is proud at how far the festival has come in the past seven years and is looking forward to the new elements of this years festival. He said: Having multiple stages is always a challenge, but it was a decision we took a few years back due to the level of people who wanted to perform and support the anti-racism cause. I am always impressed by the amazing talent we have here in Medway. ABOVE: The banner for the festival that will host a range of musicians

All properties are fully council acreddited, fully furnished with large communal TVs and come with a bi-weekly cleaner. Further discounts for rooms collectively rented together!

Contact us now on: 07753 257733 or at

Wasting time... On a budget

So youve spent your last loan installment on Jger bombs and Dixy chicken and now youre wondering what to do all summer without any money. Michelle Gleaves has come up with a whole host of ideas to make your mum proud.

Cmon, its better than getting back after four months off and saying: Oh, what did I do over summer? Well I went to the kitchen every now and then when I felt like getting a break from the TV. You want to at least pretend youre slightly interesting, dont you?

Dont forget to take...

Wellington Boots

Whatever youre up to this summer, Katie Palmer has all the essentials you never knew you needed.
Probably one of the most vital items for the majority of us. All you festival lovers need to make sure you have a decent pair of these with you as, whether you like to believe it or not, festivals can be muddy, messy events. They are not the most efficient thing to jump around and dance in, but otherwise you will be complaining that your most attractive shoes are ruined. Either that, or someone will probably push you face first in the mud intentionally, just to teach you a lesson. Another one of the most essential essentials. We can guarantee that as soon as your last exam has finished, youll be drinking away your sorrows. However much fun this is, it comes at a price, and so to save you having to regret the night before, make sure you have a hell of a lot of water and painkillers to help you out (not a hell of a lot of painkillers though, that would be dangerous).

Cost: Somewhere between free and 250.

4. Get some work experience


Youve wasted all your money on things you dont need last term, yes I know about you buying that extra drink and kebab on your way home from Tap n Tin, so you should at least attempt to do something constructive this summer. I know the reason you are studying a degree, hopefully, is because you dont want to spend the rest of your life stacking shelves, however, in the mean time you need to suck it up! If you want a healthy beer fund for next September then apply everywhere you can. There will be plenty of shops, restaurants and leisure centres looking for fresh meat. The extra dollar will come in handy and itll prevent tension between you and your family if youre out of the house instead of stepping on each others toes after almost a year of living away from home. I wouldnt recommend becoming a stripper

Stop being a bum, get a job

or a prostitute however; it wont look good on your CV despite probably paying better than a supermarket.

style weekend; just try and bring back shot glass souvenirs instead of STIs.

Cost: Nothing but your dignity.

So I wouldnt expect most of you to be able to afford to go traveling anywhere other than around the British Isles this summer (if you can, I hope youre reading this on the plane to Thailand). But if summer does eventually come then why not go on a road/train/bus trip in some of your spare time. I love playing tourist and I feel as though Britain is underrated. As someone whos from Blackpool it pains me to my very soul, kind of, the amount of you Southerners that have never been above London. Why not go camping in the Lakes, or go and stay in Newcastle for a Geordie Shore

Cost: Check National Rail, I cant book the trip for you!

something new and 2. Go traveling, within the UK 3. Do exciting and fabulous

Why not use this summer to do something completely new and something you may never have thought of doing before. Whether that means going without washing for four days in order to see your favourite band at a music festival, or learning a new language just in case you can ever afford to go abroad again, there must be something you want to do. If your worried about the costs of some of these things, a lot of festivals give you a ticket in exchange for you volunteering for them and you can learn a language or instrument using YouTube.

Its all well and good getting a degree, but in this day and age, everyones at it. You want something to help you stand out when you graduate so you dont have to go for months on the dole or spend your time getting your work experience after. Whether you want to be a journalist, a musician, an artist or a historian when you graduate, there must be somewhere for you to volunteer or intern before next term. Even if you just spend your week going on the brew run, its not always what you know but who you know, and who knows where that could lead? So Id get practicing making the worlds best cup of joe if I was you. Try radio stations, galleries, museums and recording studios. Even if you dont get anything, you can at least waste some of the masses of time on your hands applying.


A back-up phone

We lost them at festivals, parties, behind a friends sofa which should indicate that over the summer when you are out and about, a second phone would be a wise idea. You can find old makes for 10 in supermarkets, so there is no reason why you cannot get hold of one, and it will save a lot of stress, as we all know from experience.

Cost: Time youd otherwise be wasting.

Books and notes


If all else fails and you find yourself with nothing to do over summer, go down to your local pub and wait for all of this to blow over. Or something productive like start your reading list for next year.

And if all else fails...

Cost: About 2.50 a pint.

This one was a long shot, but we thought wed take the chance. Without sounding like your parents, its suggested that you do take a look over lecture notes if you have spare time. Sundays and those odd rainy days are a good opportunity to remind yourself of all the hard work you have put in over the year. It will also stop you going back in the new term feeling like you have learnt absolutely nothing. Although it is highly unlikely that this will happen, take it in!

For more summer essentials, tips and guides visit

f someone were to ask me what my favourite trends for the summer would be, my answer would undoubtedly be pastel and lace. I mean what could be a more appropriate treatment for your style this S/S 13 than flirty feminine subtle pastels and lush lace? Spending the first few months of spring in cold weather Ive honestly done nothing but fantasize about the summer so I can wear this skirt again. In fact, Im sure Ive orchestrated my whole wardrobe around it! The soft chalkiness of the baby blue hue is absolutely perfect for this season. And the expansiveness of a maxi skirt makes me feel swathed in a light fabulousness thats just the right fabric for these warmer months. But you can still make sorbet shades work for colder months by stocking up on pastel jumpers and jeans that will be flooding the rails in every shop. Iridescent pastels can also make a delicate addition to your outfit. When it comes to lace dont be deceived into thinking this is as straightforward as it looks; what sort of lace you wear demands some consideration.

Its a very flirty, bordering on sexy, filigree fabric

Its a very flirty, bordering on sexy, filigree fabric that needs to be worn just the right way. The trajectory of my blank canvas is a crop top - an obligatory part of every girls wardrobe this summer as well. Lace can be used as both accent and the main attraction in an outfit and is often either conservative or coquettish. Playful colors counter the naughtiness of the lace, which will exude a sexy attitude, but Ive opted for a tone of anti-flash white another huge colour were going to be seeing everywhere this summer. Im a big fan of minimalism when it comes to fashion, so instead of finding colours to contrast this outfit, or statement accessories to round it off, Ive left the fabrics to speak for themselves.

Pastel & Lace...

Whether youre jetting off to foreign shores or staying in Medway these holidays, summer is always a fantastic excuse for a new wardrobe. Head of Fashion, Milli Midwood, gives her predictions of whats going to be dominating the beaches this summer.

Milli models her perfect summer laces and pastels outfit.

Its better to under-do them than over-do

Ive incorporated the Lauren Conrad inspired braid and refined waves into the outfit a seamlessly flirty hairstyle. Pastel and lace are such subtle and delicate trends that its better to under-do them than overdo. Although such a simple outfit does still beckon for some experimentation with the garnishes - which is a great excuse so the next few times you see me wearing this outfit, Ill simply put it down to researchs sake! Do you fancy yourself as the next big thing in fashion? If so, make sure you take a look at our new online fashion section. It is packed with tips and advice and weve even teamed up with to get you some great bargains! Why not get involved yourself; were always looking for new talent!


Ask Auntie Medway...

Everyones favourite mystery agony aunt is back, dispensing more of her invaluable caustic advice. If youd like some advice message us on Facebook or Twitter.
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efits nt to the ben t I really ca Ive gone in my last columns, bu new t e e m in to extensively sm enough as a way holi stress alco nt, is not much help to revision ousing con . unless your exam people to sign a h y a if w r r e s are specife tt ica tt e e b lly b on the sexist cu all the lture of the wor There is no runk, and osit d p e g d n kplace in ri e th a e th ro 60 y s. Try writing an r to pa tract than exam paper on tal strange ay, even reasons you w w to t a the a t h e T g . e n ould like to be Do you ca me tim s- su n Draper: Im re that would go se at the sa ible personality cau u o h r u o y down much bette for ur terr r than eir money the pitiful amount ver and yo of revision you ar still keep th if a hango u o y t, u o r. e to a ck likely a e do b d , an y, to yw ll a ay . in, re es them ! Its a win-w se u o h e for th get r than you want to er salvo fo g Why would Vodka is a much bett in st on jo in ar? u must insi o y people, de ch u if t m u s B a . elf xercise aking yours ex and rigorous e mend is m nd m a co sp re n I o t s a in, wh xtreme ible. Focu ss o p s a h s ic h ever e like the jock art talking about w n lift, u o ount y ca g: st salad eatin u are on, and the am ve no choice ha t yo s folks will fitness die ck! e the sport n. Good lu m w ti o o ir n e in th f o and e n o s a ept you but to acc This page is intended to be taken light heartedly. If you encounter any serious problems whilst at university, contact the university

Three elections, three new presidents.. But what are their plans for the students in the Towns? Political Editor Molly Pike spoke to two of them and gave her opinion.
It is a well known gripe of Medway students that we dont get enough representation in our unions but with the new elections won and the breakup of UMSA, are things about to change? Well, the three new union presidents are Chelsea Moore for Kent Union, Alex Brooks for the Students Union University of Greenwich and Phil Mooney for Canterbury Christchurch Students Union, and theyre the future of your unions. As many of us feel a bit overlooked, what are the plans for us? Do they even have any? Alex Brooks has got it covered for Greenwich, he says: I intend to get the ball rolling on a Medway student council made up of a few students elected from Medway and have the Medway part-time officer on there too. This council would meet and, although it would have no decision making power, it would act as a committee reporting findings and recommendations to Union council for consideration. This is how well get things done in Medway. The New Team Chelsea Moore is the new Kent Union president. Alex Brooks will be running Greenwichs Student Union Medway students often say that they dont feel they get enough representation. The new presidents have a lot to say about this. Chelsea said: Medway does get represented within Kent Union, but maybe not as much as some wish. With the move away from UMSA, representation will increase. I also wish to build a close relationship with Greenwich Sabbs so that we can all work together to make sure our students get the most out of their Medway experience. Alex, who received 747 votes, far higher than the other candidates, said: The thing that stuck out to me when talking to students at Medway was that they didnt feel like they had a Union they didnt feel represented. It boils down to visibility of officers, showing students what we do and how we can help them and communicating with Greenwich students at Medway because theyre as important to me and the Union as every

New Union presidents talk Medway

other student and they should know it. Its a rarity that you see a union officer on our campus, particularly a president. They remain a sort of mythical creature sent forth from a distant union. This is set to change as both Chelsea and Alex say that theyll be on campus at least once a week, bringing their teams with them when they can. The abandoned C4 building on our campus stands sad and solitary; some want a new sports centre or a space for societies; others want a big new social area. So what do the presidents think? Chelsea says that she is to prioritise creating an activities space for Medway students. Alex said: Greenwich and Kent students deserve a building that benefits them all equally, fit for purpose and one that puts the Union front and centre in furthering the interests of students. Phil Mooney could not be reached for an interview.

o ing sp o rt re s te d in d te in m I s: k re a ll y Sh y, 21, a sk e o f t h e s o c ie t ie s lo o m o s Though it does a ll y c liq uat u n i a nd depend on the n d t h e m re u o f e nature of v a h your degree and I gh to a p g o o d! Bu t the nature of th fide n t e n o u n o t? c e prot o gramme, I would n m yo u s ug ge s and I a give you roughl s . Wh at do p y an 8 out e y u of 10. Mad Men ro orts g sp se e h it , while excelle p ro ach t h involved w

Chelsea Moore, who received an impressive 2100 votes, says that she doesnt have any specific plans for Medway as these will need to be decided over the summer when she has been fully trained for her new role. Chelsea said: At this moment in time, without having worked in the office and with those at Medway, it would be unfair to comment. Itll definitely be something I will look into. With meetings and decisions made at the major campuses,


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The evening will be held at Priestfield stadium in Gillingham. Tickets are 8 per head and a buffet dinner is provided. Awards include: best improved society and best new society. And, of course, the winners of the Medwire awards will be announced at the end of the night.

Stuck in Medway this summer? Or just need some procrastination from your exams? Never fear, Jade Edwards has all of the goings on in Kent.
22nd May UMSA Activity Awards 18th May Medway Summer Party 25th May Tour de Kent Cycle Race
In aid of Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) and the Take Heart Mercy Mission, cyclists will travel 200 miles around the football grounds in Kent. In association with Gillingham FC. The first leg is a 15-mile stretch from Gillingham to Sittingbourne. The 200 miles will take place over

Emily Magdij was the first ever Medway student to receive a national NUS award for her work with the LGBT society. Cecily Snowball caught up with her.
What inspired you to take part in the LGBT student community?
To be honest, there wasnt an LGBT student community at Medway when I arrived. A couple of people had tried to set up the society before and it had never really gotten off the ground. Theres a society over at the Canterbury campus, but when I arrived there was no free bus, so we had no way of getting there. Basically what happened was that I walked into the UMSA office as a first year, asked if there was an LGBT society, and Claire Dicker said no, would you like to be president of one. It was a split-second decision more than anything.

The Medders Profile

safe space on campus for students who, like me, came to university expecting to be more open about their sexuality and have more of a support network than in high school or college.

Back again this year, the Medway Summer party will be bigger than ever. Theres more than 8 hours worth of DJs and the popular return of the Coopers BBQ and cocktail bar. Youll also find an outdoor marquee. It is not to be missed.


Has your own life affected your campaigning or decisions as President?

Not really. My life was much more affected by becoming president; I got a lot more involved in LGBT politics and came to get to know myself and my sexuality much better through it.

A key local event of the summer, filled with colourful parades and Victorian costume, the Charles Dickens festival returns once again to Rochester. The festival has a unique combination of music, dance and drama and is well worth a look

31st May/ 2nd June The Dickens Festival

Labrinth is headlining this years Kent concert in Canterbury with support from Chase N Status, I Am the Giant, The Trinity Band and Alex Blood and The Diggers. For those of you that missed out in the early bird sale, tickets cost will cost 37.50 and are available from May 1.

1st June Party in the Car Park

If youre not a Kent student that doesnt mean theres no summer ball for you; CCCU students can grab tickets for their own ball! Whilst the line up has yet to be announced last years event saw the likes of Rizzlekicks, Kids in Glass Houses and Rev Fun.

7th June CCCU Summer Ball


What have you learnt since becoming president?

Ive learned a hell of a lot. Being the president of the society was very much a baptism by fire as I had no clue what I was doing when I took it up. How to organise events, how to arrange around everyones schedules, how to interact with other societies and how to deal with it when completely random LGBT adults message me to ask about legal advice when theyve been discriminated against. LGBT Medway is sometimes mistaken for a nonuniversity advocacy group because there are no such groups in Medway at all, so occasionally I have to redirect people to lawyers or police.

The Super League returns to the MEMS Priestfield Stadium where the London Broncos take on Warrington. Warrington are the reigning Challenge Cup Holders and last years runners up; its a match you wont want to be missing!

8th June London Broncos v Warrington

Medways streets and open spaces are opened up to some of the most exciting and inspiring artists for three days of fun. These free events showcase artists from all walks of life, including performers and costume makers. It is not to be missed.

14th/16th June Medway Fuse Festival

The two day festival is held at Command House and aims to unite people through celebration and song. The acts playing will include: Andy Abraham from the X Factor, Rochester Community Gospel Choir and Jades street dancers.

22nd/23rd June Love Music Hate Racism Festival

What kind of campaigning have you been involved with, both in and out of uni?
My campaigning is mainly political; Ive been on quite a few protest marches and I try and promote campaigns and petitions that come my way like Come Out for Equal Marriage. My society is mostly social, though. My aim was to provide a

universities there leaves us neglected by the universities themselves on the basis of having the support while we dont actually have any support from staff. But the community, though quite small, is vibrant, friendly and interesting. The great thing about focusing on social aspects rather than huge campaigns is that a lot of us have made really good friends and people we feel safe being ourselves around.

ABOVE: Emily Magdij (Centre), the outgoing president of the LGBT Society in Medway


What do you plan to do next?

Im stepping down as president this year in order to concentrate on my degree, but Im going to stay in the society and hopefully continue to help out and make new friends. Im also hopefully going to be an editor for the minority rights section of a new online publication. Im also hoping that Ill be able to hold a talk on bisexuality at some point, but well see how that goes.

What would you tell a new student about the LGBT scene here now?
ABOVE: Emily Magdij was the first Medway student to get an NUS Award Our campus can seem intimidating because the cooperation between

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Students who take drugs

Dealing, or even taking drugs at university can lead to expulsion and a prison sentence. But that isnt stopping Medway students. Jasmin Sahota investigates.
Joe* is a 19 year old student at the University of Kent. Like many students he has had to work to fund his studies. But Joe doesnt work in a shop or a bar. Joe sells cannabis. Its really hard to get a job at this age, he says. Most places want prior job experience but we dont have any because no one will employ us, so its an ongoing cycle. However since Joe began selling cannabis he says he has managed to turn his finances around and brags that he will now be able to afford a Masters degree. Cannabis is sold in different amounts from nine ounces, earning the dealer up to 3000, to smaller quantities of 28 grams, which can give profits of up to 200. Its this kind of fast money, far more than a minimum wage job, thats attracting an increasing number of youths to the drugs world. Whilst only 11% of Medway students admit to having sold drugs to help fund their studies, another 13% say they would consider doing it and a much larger 50% admit theyve taken drugs at university with 86.5% saying they know someone who has. By far the most popular drug of choice for Medway students is cannabis, with 89% of those who said they had taken drugs admitting to lighting up. Other popular drugs included MDMA and Ketamine, with only a few students listing shrooms, LSD and cocaine. Its clear that people like Joe sell to a large market. Ive

university. Everythings at stake for me. However after Joes father died and his mum was left unable to work following a stroke, he is the sole earner in his family and feels he has little choice. Covering rent and tuition out of his own pocket, he says he hustles all month in order to make ends meet. Cannabis, though, is his main source of revenue. Joe adds I know if the University ever found out Ill be expelled but selling weed is my main income to pay for it all so its the risk I just have to take. Operating only by word of mouth, he says he tries to stay under the radar. However, dealing drugs can cost more than lost education. Merely being in possession of a class B drug, such as cannabis, can lead to up to five years in prison.

all this to pay for a better life after all. He adds that smoking weed also lowered his motivation, making it hard for him to compete with other dealers. And while Joe says he only sells to fund his education, it can have the opposite effect. Im often sitting in lectures, getting texts for pickups, which make it hard to focus on university. If you dont set limits, he says, the game can consume every waking minute. Though Joe hopes to one day leave his dealing ways behind him, he claims he simply cant afford not to at the moment. Other students, however, have no intentions of quitting their drug intake. One student said that despite taking a cocktail of different substances, they were still getting a first.

I know if the university ever found out Id be expelled but selling weed is my main income, so its a risk I have to take
A spokesmen for Kent Police told the Medwire: We do not take these matters lightly and are constantly on the watch out for dealers. There has been a huge increase in the amount of young people selling drugs, specially cannabis in the area, what they do not realise is the harsh consequences. We have caught a number of Medway students for possession of cannabis, a handful have been let off with a warning as it has been there first offence but the sentence for selling cannabis can be up to 14 years imprisonment. Joe adds: Ive noticed there have been undercover policemen outside my flat and Ive been followed a number of times. Id be lying if I said I dont get scared about being caught. Im constantly looking over my shoulder. Fear of being caught isnt the only problem Joe has to deal with. He explains: When I first started dealing I began smoking it myself. But then I soon realised I was smoking more than I was even selling. I knew things had to change, I was doing Another added: A lot of people smoke weed before a night out at Casinos but they usually do that at home during pre-drinks, not actually at the club. 37% of students said they did not think there was a drugs problem in the town, with 27% saying the illegal industry was actually a benefit to the area. Indeed, the criminalisation of cannabis is an issue that polarises opinion. In a previous interview with the Medwire, Professor Alex Stevens, deputy head of social policy, sociology and social research said: We should be moving towards progressive decriminalisation. We should be seeking to reform our drugs laws and make them less harmful. One way of doing that would be to start by decriminalising the personal possession of cannabis and also the production of small amounts of cannabis in peoples own homes. Professor Stevens, an expert on criminal justice, told the Medwire six small plants should be an acceptable amount. However, he stressed he was not in favour

of the commercialisation of cannabis. He said: I wouldnt want to see people promoting cannabis in the same way people promote alcohol or tobacco. But I dont want us to be harming people for things they are going to do anyway, whatever the law says about them. Professor Stevens said research from Portugal and Spain has shown that decriminalisation does not lead to an increase in usage. He also added that by immediately banning new drugs, the government was limiting scientists ability to research any benefits they may have. He explained: We need to be less hasty to put substances in high classes which limit scientific research. At the moment there are a lot of new psychoactive substances coming out and the government response tends to be automatically to ban them. This makes it harder for scientists to find out what their affects actually are and whether they might actually have any benefits. But Professor Stevens warned any cannabis users to be wary of the risks. He said: They are opening themselves up for prosecution, for production, and if they are passing drugs to their friends, they are opening themselves up for supply offences. They need to be careful about what they are doing and they need to inform themselves on the legal and health consequences of their actions. However while the debate for decriminalisation continues, dealing and using drugs remains illegal, with hefty consequences. And some students disagree that drugs are a problem in Medway at all. I actually prefer it here because there doesnt seem to be a drug problem, said

A lot of people smoke weed before a night out

one student. Ive never been offered any when out either. Indeed, statistics for drug crime in the area have dropped. The year 2009-10 showed 0.25 per cent of the Rochester population committing drug offences, which has since shrunk to about 0.2 per cent, below the national average. But, some students are still convinced there is a problem. Weed is taken by an concerningly large amount of people in the campus, said one respondent. Alan Beeching, the manager of Rochester Bar, however said: We dont actually have much of a problem with drug taking or find many people with drugs on them. I think a lot of the bars know what to look out for which counteracts any drug taking. A spokesman for Casinos took a similar stance: We do not feel that there is a huge drug problem in Rochester, but unfortunately there are always some people that try to bend and break the rules. * Names have been changed

Youre constantly looking over your shoulder, worrying

learned a lot about people, he says. Not everyone is what they seem; I sell to a lot of people who you wouldnt typically expect to be smokers. Just look at me, not many people would think I was a dealer. However whilst Joe says that everybody is a potential customer, he concedes its far from an easy job. All three universities at Medway have strict drugs polices. A spokesman for the University of Kent, for example, emphasized that the university does not condone the possession or misuse of drugs which constitutes an offence at law. If a student has possession of, or worse, is selling drugs on University premises or outside disciplinary actions will be taken. Any student found breaking the rules will be given an initial warning, before being withdrawn from the uni. Its a situation which Joe is all too aware of. He explains: Youre constantly looking over your shoulder, worrying youll get caught and the risk of getting kicked out of



Sport Updates
You may think its now time for winding down on the sports front. Not so on the Medway campus. Sports Editor, Uzoma Jemade has got it covered.
By Victoria Polley

Mayhem big winners at UMSA Sports Awards

By Victoria Polley
Medway Mayhem were the big winners at the Medway Sports Awards 2013, scooping both the Club of the Year and Most Improved Club prizes. Mayhems Hannah Cox also took the Outstanding Achievement award whilst fellow basketballer Benjamin Pageux took the Outstanding Contribution accolade. The club were recognised after an impressive season in which they narrowly missed out on promotion. Mayhem player, Kelly Dobbins: I was buzzing when we got called up four times for basketball and the club deserves it! Elsewhere at the awards, footballer Gary Cass won Personality of the Year and the football 4th team were awarded Team of the Year. There were also wins for Badmintons Lyndon Phillips (Captain of the Year) and rower Iwan Jones was honoured with a Special Contribution award for his involvement with the sport over the last three years. All Medway teams gathered at Priestfields, Gillingham in March where teams were served a three course meal before the award winners were announced. Individuals were also given inter-club awards which recognised effort and performance achievements throughout the season. With many teams losing a large portion of players who graduated the year before, only the Womens Footballers celebrated a promotion this season. But UMSA Activities Co-ordinator Julia Longhurst praised all the clubs for battling and being committed throughout the year. Local band Defunkd also played at the ceremony.

First Medway varsity ends in draw

Medway students travelled to Greenwichs Avery Hill Campus on May 8 to take part in the first Varsity between the two universities. Students took part in Mens Football, Rugby Basketball and Womens Netball matches which saw the teams draw 2-2 overall. Medway Spartans kicked off the tournament thrashing the Greenwich Rugby team 83-6 and the football team followed in a similar style also beating their counterparts 4-2. However, the good fortune did not continue into the basketball and netball matches with the Medway teams losing 73-56 and 43-1 respectively. There was a lively atmosphere for all the matches with many students cheering on their teams from the sidelines. The day also paid tribute to former Greenwich/Medway student Jamie Greenwood, who was killed in a motorcycle accident in Corfu last month. T-shirts to mark the day, which were blue for Medway and red for Greenwich, were sold with any profits to go to the Greenwood family or a charity of their choice. There was also a minutes silence at the start of the day in honour of the former student. Once the sporting events were over teams were able to get together for a BBQ and a free drink at Greenwichs Sparrows bar.

ABOVE and LEFT: Students at the UMSA Activities Awards last term

Students at the UMSA Activities award last term

ABOVE AND LEFT: Medway and Greenwich students collided in basketball, netball, football and rugby. The series ended in a 2-2 draw.

To view the full list of awards and view our picture gallery of the night log onto

BUCS end of the season summary

By Uzoma Jemade Basketball at Medway enjoyed a fine season, with the Mens 1st team reaching a quarterfinal, and finishing third in the South Eastern 3B division, with six wins from ten games. The Womens 1st team finished second in their group, winning seven of their eight games. The achievement of both Medway Mayhem teams was reflected at the recent sports awards, with the club picking up awards for Most Improved Club of the Year and Club of The Year, along with individual awards for team members. In netball, despite a spirited effort, the Womens 1sts could not reverse the course of their season, as they finished bottom of their group, after picking up a solitary point. The 2nds finished third in the South Eastern 9B division, while the 3rds finished third in the South Eastern 10B division. Rugby had mixed fortunes, as the 1st team finished 7th in their league, whilst the second team won five of their eight games. The football teams enjoyed a productive season, with the Mens 1sts finishing second in the Mars 5D division, whilst the Womens 1sts finished top of their group, winning five of their six games. The mens badminton 1st team finished second in the South Eastern 4B division. Collectively, Medway teams finished 33rd out of 43 teams in the South Eastern region,


which will hopefully give them additional impetus going into next year. Congratulations to everyone!

Students are being offered the chance to volunteer at this summers Wheelchair Rugby World Cup. The intense sport, also known as murder ball, is being hosted as part of Medways Festival of Sport, an event looking to recapture the spirit of the success from the London 2012 Olympics. Running from July 3 to 13 at Medway Park, Gillingham, the tournament is just one of many sporting events in need of help. Other activities that need support include the annual Medway Mile and inter-school 10km run looking for volunteers. Students, along with other mem-

Volunteer for World Cup By Alex Norman

bers of the public, can apply and will receive training to develop their leadership and coaching skills, as well as a free kit showing off their role as a Medway Sporting Ambassador. Clare Lambert, 19, a student from Medway who previously volunteered at the Modern Pentathlon European Championships, said: I wouldnt miss an opportunity to do an event for anything. I absolutely love being an ambassador. Hours volunteered will also be accepted for university volunteering awards. To take part email medwaysport@ or call 01634 338 135 by Wednesday, June 12.

ABOVE: Two competitors at the last Wheelchair Rugby World Cup that took place in Australia in 2008


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