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NIKOLA TESLA had been the leader within areas associated with industrial electrical power, as well as electromagnetic topics. Like a scientist far ahead of his time (as are all scientists), TESLA became concerned how the advancements designed to create electrical power might later on diminish all the natures assets and allow the near future generations to regret the choices their forefathers made. Therefore, in 1934, he developed a great innovation that involves tapping the particular COSMIC radiant energy, which will exist until the end of humankind. Yet his innovation has gone under the radar for so long, because it could have been enough to be able to shut down huge organizations which are in business of supplying ELECTRIC POWER. He referred to it as a Free Energy Generator. Along with excellent innovations, he gained many foes, that later on easily wiped his title totally from the background publications, and his creation had been covered up for nearly a hundred years. UNTIL NOW!


Electrical energy can be an application, without which HUMANKIND wouldn't have normally developed. An instrument without which a person becomes HANDICAPPED. We all utilize electrical energy in virtually every task that we carry out, but at what expense? Electrical power doesn't arrive inexpensive, even if it was created in your area. The traditional methods for generating electrical power (thermal, nuclear, hydro, and so on) always lead to results in long term expenses, as well as some huge investments. THERMAL energy utilizes fossil fuels or even additional energy resources, which result in a decrease of organic assets, and have also already been demonstrated as a significant risk with regards to environmental security. As much as it is a GREAT ASSET, NUCLEAR energy can be just as fatal. The evidence is based on the TSUNAMI-QUAKE situation that shook JAPAN in March 2011. Resulting from purely natural troubles, its literally improbable to manage overheating of nuclear reactors, further endangering all of MANKIND. HYDRO energy turned out to be thoroughly clean, as well as effective, however only if nature is cooperative, and if water can be obtained all the time. The actual set up expenses tend to be past costly, making it difficult for the regional shareholders. SOLAR energy may appear extravagant and it has already been really prosperous within generating nearby power, however the GRID expenses along with

maintenance issues caused it to only be available for some who are ready to pay up to 5-6 figures for this kind of technology. As such, TESLAS free of charge electrical generator introduced itself to the world. A small system thats available to everybody, while being very successful in every achievable technique, especially its price tag.

CONCEPTS We should explain several principles before TESLAs SECRET is actually exposed. A number of them, redefining predefined thoughts. FINANCIALY FREE ENERGY: A lot of individuals might like the idea of energy that is free of charge. Accurate, however based on TESLA, free of charge power is actually something which is impartially associated with any kind of expenses related to this, even though it is only an upkeep price. COSMIC ENERGY: Cosmic rays tend to be energetically billed subatomic contaminants, from space, which effect Earths atmosphere. They might create supplementary contaminants which could penetrate the actual atmosphere. Cosmic rays would be the exact same particles like steady, non-radioactive aspects of atoms, such as protons, atomic nuclei, or even electrons. Therefore, cosmic rays look like the actual contaminants which move within particle accelerators, even though the power of cosmic rays may be much greater.

EARTHs IONOSPHERE: The ionosphere is a part of the upper atmosphere, composed of servings from the mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere; recognized since it is actually ionized through photo radiation. This makes up an essential component within atmospheric electrical power and ensures the actual internal advantage from the magnetosphere. Its a useful significance, simply because amongst additional features, this affects stereo distribution to faraway locations on the Planet.

ANTENNA: An antenna is a device which joins radio waves in space creating a current, used by a radio receiver or transmitter. While operating, the antenna taps some of the power from an electromagnetic wave, so it can produce a small voltage that may

be amplified by a radio receiver. Instead, a radio device will produce a large frequency current, which can be applied to the joints of the same antenna in order to transform it into an electromagnetic wave, radiated into outer space. Therefore, antennas are necessary for the operation of all radio equipment, both transmitters and receivers. They can be used in systems like wireless LAN, two-way radio, mobile telephony, satellite communications, radio and television broadcasting, and radar.

CAPACITOR: A capacitor/condenser is a device used for storing electric charge. The actual types of useful capacitors differ broadly, however just about all of them include a minimum of 2 conductors divided with a non-conductor. Capacitors used in electrical systems are made from metal foils split up by a layer of isolation.

Electrolytic capacitors The actual electrolytic capacitors tend to be created through 2 steel linens, cylindrically covered, which are divided with a slim oxide coating (obtained with an electrolytic procedure). The slim coating is around. 0, 001 m in width and it is family member static permittivity worth, fairly higher, to permit obtaining large capacitances ideals (till 1. 000. 000 associated with Farad within the light weight aluminum electrolytic capacitors) even though they are able to endure the possible distinction of the couple of 10 volts. Because of their framework, they're polarized, that means that they have to notice the polarity passage: One plate should be positive, another one should be negative. Altering the actual polarity path is extremely harmful; the actual capacitor might blow.

As we stated above, they've got large capabilities, meaning they are able to build up to a sizable power amount. Because of this they're utilized primarily within the power models, because voltage is progressing while ripples decrease.

Ceramic capacitors The actual ceramic capacitors tend to be constituted from the junction associated with conductor linens alternated along with ceramic materials. Within these types of capacitors, the actual dielectric materials is actually ceramic agglomerate with a relative static that can be permittivity transformed through 10 to 10.000 through devoted compositions. The actual ceramic capacitors, along with reduced relative static permittivity value, possess a steady capacitive value and incredibly reduced deficits, so that they tend to be favored within the floating as well as higher accuracy circuits. Those with higher relative static permittivity value permit can obtain higher capacities while occupying little space. Usually, the ceramic capacitors possess small measurements and they are favored within the higher frequencies region.

The disk 1 is probably the most utilized ceramic capacitor. This is a small ceramic disk metalized upon each attribute with the actual extremities welded in it. Usually they have really small capabilities, through a few pF to nF, plus they may endure large possible variations.

DIODES: Within consumer electronics, the diode is really a two-terminal digital element which conducts electrical energy just one way. The word generally describes the semiconductor diode, the most typical kind these days. This can be a crystalline bit of semiconductor materials attached to two electric terminals.


Nikola Tesla had been a great creator, mechanized professional, as well as electric professional. He had been an essential factor towards the development of industrial electrical power, and hes most widely known for his numerous groundbreaking advancements in electromagnetism within the nineteenth and earlier twentieth century. Tesla's patents, as well as theoretical function, created the foundation associated with contemporary alternating electric current (AC) energy techniques, such as the poly-phase program associated with electric submission and also the AC engine. This particular function assisted within the Second Industrial Revolution.

Some Electromechanical devices and principles developed by Tesla: * various devices that use rotating magnetic fields (1882) * induction motor and high frequency alternator * means for increasing the intensity of electrical oscillations * alternating current long-distance electrical transmission system (1888) * Tesla coil * blade less turbine * bifilar coil * systems for wireless communication (prior art for the invention of radio) and radio frequency oscillators * robotics and the "AND" logic gate * X-rays Tubes using the bremsstrahlung process * devices for ionized gases * devices for high field emission * devices for charged particle beams * methods for providing extremely low level of resistance to the passage of electrical current * voltage multiplication circuitry * devices for high voltage discharges * devices for lightning protection * Cfl bulbs and remote controls

TESLAS SECRET INVENTION In 1934 NIKOLA TESLA declared I have harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to operate a motive device. This particular declaration produced anger since it may have caused large electrical companies to close business, because it may give everybody and anybody the power to produce their very own electrical power. NIKOLA TESLA had certainly been a good arch competitor to the very wellknown creator of the light bulb, JONES ALVA EDISON. However, Tesla had the key in order to make EDISONs candescent light bulb work. Edison dreaded that Tesla had been attempting to become a lot more well-known within the competition in the electric globe.


Edison would light his bulbs with the primary existing DC, which usually employed just a portion of the alternating current (AC), which Tesla identified. Edison went along and electrocuted pets, also a great elephant was killed with ALTERNATING CURRENT, wanting to present just what hazardous work Tesla was carrying out.

JP MORGAN, an American financer who invested in Teslas numerous innovations, as well as made money from all of them, dreaded when Tesla informed him about the task that could not really permit metering the actual electrical power utilization, therefore decreasing payment. Because of it, he withdrew financing in the middle of testing, frustrating additional investors as he then entered in a partnership along with EDISON to create the overall ELECTRICALS together with Thomsons electrical organization. However, with one of these main goals, the electrical titans had been pressured in order to eliminate Teslas title from the background publications, and therefore he continued to be much less discussed. After that, he had been completely covered up. Right after his passing away, Tesla's safe was opened up by his nephew Sava Kosanovi. Soon after that Tesla's documents along with other belongings had been impounded by the

United States Home Customs in Tesla's residence in New York, despite the fact that he had been a naturalized resident. Doctor John G. Trump had been the main federal government official who proceeded to go over Tesla's private documents following his passing away in 1943. At that time, Trump has been a well-known electrical professional engineer helping as a specialized assist to the National Defense Research Committee of the Office of Scientific Research & Development, Technical Aids, Div. 14, NTRC (predecessor agency to the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence). Additionally, Trump has been a teacher at MIT, as well as experienced harmful hurt by Tesla's 1938 evaluation of MITs large Van De Graff electrical generator using its two 30 foot systems as well as two 15 foot diameter balls, installed on train tracks, which Tesla demonstrated might be out-performed in voltage, as well as current, with his two-feet tall small coils. Trump had been requested to take part in the actual study of Tesla's documents at Manhattan Warehouse & Storage Co. Trump documents later on that absolutely no evaluation had been made of the huge quantity of Tesla's belongings, that were within the cellar of the New Yorker Hotel, 10 years before Tesla's passing away, or even any of his documents, other than the ones that were in his hotel room at the time of his death. Trump came to the conclusion in his statement, that there is absolutely nothing there that could present some kind of risk in unfavorable hands.

Following the FBI being approached by the War Department, his documents had been announced to be Top Secret. The private results had been sequestered with the guidance of presidential advisors. T. Edgar Hoover announced the situation as most secret, due to the intentions associated with Tesla's innovations as well as patents. One record mentioned that "the documents he possessed filled 80 trunks that contained transcripts, as well as programs relating to his experiments".

Finally, within Tesla's belongings, there had been material from his vault, two truckloads associated with documents, as well as equipment he used in his experiments, an additional 75 packaging crates, trunks inside a storage space service, and an additional 80 big storage space trunks with an additional storage space service. The Navy and many "federal officials" spent two days microfilming a few of the things at the Office of Alien Properties storage facility in 1943.

Tesla's loved ones and the Yugoslav embassy battled with the United States Government to achieve ownership over his things after his death, due to the possible importance associated with a number of his experiments. Ultimately, Mr. Kosanovi received ownership of some of his research which is now located at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia.

What is the Tesla Generator? It's only an electric gadget which has the capacity to funnel the actual cosmic power contained in space, as well as has the capacity to create functional electrical power. The entire fledged machines may be produced using the plans produced by several researchers carrying out subterranean investigation. However, a small size electrical generator may be used to create a small fraction associated with electrical power simply to show that Tesla was RIGHT!


CAPACITY Large power generators would cost about $100 only, while producing about 4.5MW hours of electricity thats FREE. The experimental setup requires only $2!

What youll need is: Four of germanium diodes - 1N34 Two of 100 micro farad 50V electrolytic capacitors Two of 0.2 micro farad 50V ceramic capacitors




After you have put together your equipment according to the diagram above, you should get:


The Voltmeter doesnt show any voltage prior to hooking up the Antenna.

After connecting the ANTENNA voltage can be read on the device.


The electricity, though its small, is sufficient to charge your cell phone battery.

So, here we have free electricity, well not completely free, it costs 2 dollars.

This experiment was only for understanding of Teslas concept, with bigger generators we can use refrigerators, plasma TVs, etc.

For a bigger generator, simply use larger and more powerful components (if unclear, just ask somebody at your local hardware store).

If you want even more generated energy, try connecting several of these circuits together until you get the desired effect.


DETAILED ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS (tools and additional materials)

First of, youll need to acquire a few materials and tools, other than the components on the list, in order to successfully build your generator device.


Soldering Iron is really a hand device most often utilized in soldering. This material warms up in order to dissolve the actual solder in order to get in between two work pieces. The soldering metal consists of the warmed steel as well as a good protected handle. Heating system is usually accomplished electrically, through moving an electrical current (provided with an electric wire or even electric battery wires) with the resistive materials of the heating system component. An additional heating system technique consists of combustion of the appropriate fuel, which could possibly end up being transferred via a tank installed on the actual iron (flameless), or even with an exterior fire.

SOLDER Solder is really a fusible steel metal accustomed to join steel work pieces, as well as providing a burning state beneath the work piece. Gentle solder is actually what's usually considered whenever solder or even soldering is actually pointed out; also, it usually includes a burning point of 90 to 450 C (190 to 840 F). It's popular within consumer electronics as well as plumbing.

Its basic purpose (also in the case of building this particular device) is to connect the circuit components (mentioned in the list above) according to the given diagram, using the soldering iron.


PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD Printed Circuit Board, or PCB, can be used in order to mechanically join and electrically link electronic elements utilizing conductive paths, tracks or transmission remnants etched through copper lines laminated on to the nonconductive substrate. It's also called printed wiring board (PWB) or even etched wiring board. The PCB filled along with digital elements is really just a printed circuit assembly (PCA), also referred as the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). PCBs are utilized within almost all the commercially-produced electronics.


COPPER COATED BOARD The Copper Coated Board is your basic material for making a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). This is the foundation of the Tesla Generator. Also, as any other material and tools we mentioned, you can buy these boards at your local hardware store too.

Once youve made sure you gathered all the materials needed, you can start making your Tesla Generator.


DETAILED ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS (the assembly of the device)


Produce the PCB design of the circuit. Normally, this is carried out

through transforming your own circuit's schematic diagram right onto a PCB utilizing PCB design software program. There are plenty open source software programs with regard to PCB design development as well as style; a list of few is right here to provide you with the head-start: * PCB * Liquid PCB * Short Cut


Preparing the PCB. We have to reduce PCB correspondingly to the design

as well as thoroughly clean the copper part from grime. Harsh liquids accustomed to cleanup plates turned out to be helpful right here. After we prepare the PCB, we should proceed to the third step.

(Example Only!!! The schematics on this picture and the pictures below DO NOT correspond to the Tesla Generator diagram. Its just a representation of a general PCB making process!) 23


Draw the PCB design. With regard to acidity etching, you have to draw the

circuitry utilizing an etchant proof material. Unique markers are easily available for this particular objective if you want to perform the sketching manually (not entirely appropriate for bigger circuits). Nevertheless, laser printers ink may be the most often utilized material. These next steps will show you how draw your circuit layout: - Printing the PCB design on a shiny paper. You need to make sure that the circuit is actually mirrored prior to the print (the majority of PCB design applications possess this setting in their printing options). This should be done using only a laser printer.

- Turn the shiny side, with the schematics, at the copper.

- Next, you should iron the paper utilizing a regular clothing iron. How much time would you have to spend doing this depends upon the kind of paper as well as printer ink utilized.

- Put your copper coated board and the paper into warm water and leave it there for a couple of minutes (around 10 minutes).

- Get rid of the pieces of paper. In cases where some parts may appear extremely troublesome to remove, you should try keeping the board in the water a bit longer. In the event that everything proceeded to go nicely, you'll have a copper board panel together with your PCB patches, as well as transmission outlines tracked out with dark toner.



Drill installation holes. Drilling devices employed for the task are

generally customized devices created particularly for this function. Nevertheless, along with a few changes, the typical drilling device may get the job done in your own home.


Next, use the iron in order to move toner onto the PCB. To begin, we have

to connect foil around the PCB so that it does not proceed while heating is applied. Once more, tape is recommended.

Now, the actual difficult part comes into play. We have to warm up the actual toner until we achieve the best heat. When the temperature is too low, the toner is not transferred, but for temperatures that are too high, the toner gets fragile and can detach from the PCB. Additionally, stress is essential; should you push the actual metal the outlines become flatter and designs may dissolve as well as mix collectively. Therefore, set the heat on moderate and then test. When you remove the foil, repair any kind of mistakes using a pocket knife or a marker.



Now we can finally etch the copper off with ferric chloride FeCl3, which is

the most common choice for an etching acid. Note, you can use Ammonium Persulfate crystals or other chemical solutions as well. No matter what your choice is for the chemical etchant, it will always be a dangerous material, so besides following the general safety precautions, you should also read and follow any additional safety instructions that come with the etchant. After that, the toner can be removed with diluent S6006 or with benzene. The picture below shows a PCB after several attempts; note that it's far better than the first try.


Now its time to connect your antenna and the device you want powered to the predetermined joints on your Tesla Generator, accordingly to the circuit diagram (page 15).


Imagine the SUN as an enormous light ball of positively charged energy, with a potential of 200 billion volts. About a 100,000,000 miles away in the solar system, the earth is negatively charged, acting like a huge sponge attracting the suns energy. Prior to Tesla, it has been impossible to use even the small fraction of the nearly unlimited energy source, simply because the majority of the power is actually bounced back to space through the earths ionosphere.


This particular idea had been employed by Tesla, as well as his desire to additionally manage this particular power with regard to HUMAN comfort. However, large power institutions dreaded their own business life in the event that Tesla had been prosperous, so that they created a promise to get rid of his title through background publications totally.


1. Cosmic contaminants tend to be hurled onto the Planet through space. 2. The sun's rays gives off ionized protons, as well as tritium atoms, which are transported towards the Planet through the photo voltaic wind gusts twenty four hours on a daily basis. 3. The actual Planet's top environment absorbs the cost transported through the contaminants within the photo voltaic wind gusts leading to it being ionized.


4. The actual Planet's ionized atmospheric area is known as the "ionosphere. This is like fifty percent gas, as well as fifty percent plasma. 5. Drinking water vapor (steam) gets charged through induction because their journey is parallel towards the ionosphere. 6. Whenever clouds turn out to be adequately charged they'll release electricity based on Pupins concept associated with capacitive release. The power is actually launched as light as well as electric oscillations. 7. There's a cloud release in a hundred occasions every moment that's arbitrarily situated someplace in the world, producing a significant quantity of oscillating electrical power. The entire power for each release is actually around Watts. 8. The reality told here is Natures procedure for producing oscillating electrical power.


Solar power production requires a number of elements. If any of these elements is missing, production cant be accomplished: A requirement of SUN LIGHT with regard to production A thoroughly clean grid (absolutely no bird excrement) NO RAINFALL NO CONFUSES And large funds are needed. However, you dont need to be worried about any kind of natural occurrence with this electrical generator...


ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES: ADVANTAGES: -- The actual set up doesn't cost a lot of money like in the event of PHOTO VOLTAIC or even HYDRO power. -- ELECTRICAL POWER could be transported around nearly anyplace: events, tents, picnics, hiking, and so on. -- The actual set up doesn't depend on environmentally friendly elements, therefore SUNLIGHT, RAINFALL, NIGHT TIME, and so on; each one of these occasions don't have any kind of impact on the actual electrical generator. -- It's impartial with sunshine or even drinking water; therefore not a problem regarding power production in the evening or even at locations where there isn't any drinking water whatsoever!! -- Absolutely no stressing about upkeep. -- Absolutely no large grid costs. -- Even if you place the actual set up within an open region, bird excrement will have ABSOLUTELY NO impact on the power produced. -- You no longer have to be worried about power bills!

DISADVANTAGES: -- The actual technology continues to be discussed very little, since it continues to be below investigation. -- Power produced is dependent upon how big the actual electrical generator is; therefore, in a commercial sense, large setups may be needed.


-- The larger the antenna, the more power produced; therefore, everybody will begin getting their very own antennas set up in their yards.


1. TESLAS POWER ELECTRICAL GENERATOR will definitely function as the next large business regarding power production. 2. Everybody might have the ability to produce their very own energy, as well as charge up their own electric home appliances, without having to pay anything at all to the cash makers. 3. The power electrical generator may at some point end up being investigated through popular researchers, and also the technology can come out without having to fear any kind of large business. 4. Organic assets are going to be nicely set aside for future generations. 5. Lethal risks are going to be reduced to some significant degree, since the technology may pressure just about all nuclear energy channels to turn off. 6. NIKOLA TESLA might lastly end up being rewritten as the best scientist in our period.