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This book features the suggested methods for creating a Nikola Tesla Fuelless Generator. The author and distributor of the book are not responsible for the actual attempts, the results or any potential injury caused by the attempting to build and run the generator. Please use extreme caution when attempting any building project. Extreme caution is needed when handling electricity and any generators. Any injures will not be compensated by the author or distributor of this book. No loses will be compensated in any way.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

Table of Contents

Introduction ........................................................... ........................................................... 5 What is the Power Grid? ........................................... ........................................... 9

How the Power Grid Works ............................................................................. 14 How the Power is Used ................................................................................... 16 How the Power is Measured............................................................................ 19

Lowering the Power Drain ........................................ ........................................ 22

Why it is Important........................................................................................... 26 Reducing Power Consumption ........................................................................ 28 Energy Efficient Devices ................................................................................. 30

Getting off the Power Grid ........................................ ........................................ 33

Why it is Important........................................................................................... 35 How to Get off the Power Grid......................................................................... 38 The Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator ........................................................... 39

Returning Energy to the Power Grid .......................... 40

Is it Possible .................................................................................................... 41 How it Works ................................................................................................... 44

Things to Discuss with Power Companies .................... 45


Safety First ............................................................ ............................................................ 49
Safety is Number One ..................................................................................... 51 Taking the Appropriate Safety Precautions ..................................................... 53 How to Prevent Problems ................................................................................ 55

Setting up the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator.......... 60

Skills Needed .................................................................................................. 62 Purchasing the Parts ....................................................................................... 65 Reading the Plans ........................................................................................... 67

Resources .............................................................. .............................................................. 70

Images ............................................................................................................ 71

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System



The rising costs of utilities are only projected to continue to rise. The amount of energy that is required to keep a home running is rising and the costs of creating this energy are increasing at an even higher rate. This makes it very expensive to live comfortably and even to live with the minimal amounts of energy in a home.

There are some who would project that the costs of energy will continue to rise not only due to the costs of increased overhead, but also due to the number of people who run larger amounts of electrical devices in their homes. These devices take on the forms of all of the technology that the people tend to gravitate to.

In addition, since the chargers often suck energy even when not charging a device, there is the increased number of instances known as vampire energy or energy vampires. These are instances when the energy is taken, but it does not get used by any type of device or appliance. This occurs in appliances that are on standby as well, which most people associate with an off position.

Finding ways to lower the costs of running a home has been a key feature in various blogs and books. Most of these blogs and books talk about reducing the amount of energy that the home uses. However, there is very little that discusses how to actually remove the home from the power grid completely.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

There are even fewer that discuss how to put energy into the power grid, making it so that the power companies pays the home owner.

Figure 1

The Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator can help to not only eliminate the need for the home to use power from the grid, but it can help to provide power to the grid itself, making it plausible that the power company may need to reimburse the home owner for the extra energy put into the grid. This machine is easy to create and use, and it can even be safely used by just about anyone.

It is important to be sure to do use all safety procedures for this machine in order to avoid personal injury and home injury. Just as this machine can greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for energy from the power company, it


can also destroy the home and serious injure or kill an individual if the power is not properly respected.

The Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator is not any more dangerous than any other power generator. It is no worse than the fuse box, but there is the potential for danger if it is not properly handled. This is the same as any other form of energy building, storage or conversion. Do not take any chances when handling this energy.

It is important to remember that what can make the generator more dangerous than other pieces of electricity appliances and systems is the amount of energy that is being put through the system. The generator has enough energy to power the whole house, while a hair dryer or other electrical device does not have this amount of energy. Being shocked by the generator can and will kill a person.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

What is the Power Grid?


The power grid is the method that the energy companies use to provide energy to the homes and businesses. It is the series of wires that carry the electricity from the generators to the homes. It is the transformers and limiters that help to ensure that the right amount of energy is sent to each home and the wires are not overloaded.

Figure 2

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

The process of the power grid is often taken for granted. Most people never even think of the power grid unless it goes down or if there is a serious power surge. Understanding how the power grid works and how it is used is essential to understanding how to get the home off the power grid.

It is also important to remember that the power grid is every stop that the electricity takes along its journey. This means the power industrial plant, the wires the transformers, distribution centers and the individual home. From the home the grid continues into every device and appliance that uses the electricity. In those homes where the electricity is sent to the power distribution centers, the power grid shifts yet again, making them the supplier.

Many people are unaware of the different parts of the power grid, but rather assume that the power distribution plant in their city is actually the power generation plant. However, in most cases, the power is generated in huge facilities and then sent to the different distribution plants in the cities. Most cities do not have a power generation plant as it can be very dangerous to generate power in a city limit.

The power grid is not an overly complex system. It is actually rather simple to understand, although the processes of creating electrical energy can be complex. Understanding the power grid will come in the next section of the book


though. Let it be enough to state that the power grid is what makes it possible for everyone to get the energy that they need.

Another important thing to remember about the power grid is that it is able to receive as well as provide electricity. This means that people can pump electricity into the power grid and this can be stored and used by other people in the neighborhood or grid system. This electricity can be measured by the electric company and then the individuals that create this energy can be repaid for the amount of energy that they put into the power grid.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

The process of selling energy to the power plant and distribution center is something that most people hope to see. This method is something that is done when the home generates energy and this can then cause the power company to owe money to the home owner. In most homes, the amount sold back is equated by the amount of energy that is needed by the home from the grid, helping to balance out the costs. This is especially true for those homes that work off of solar energy. The home needs assistance from the power grid on darker days and nights, while the home puts power in during the bright days.



How the Power Grid Works

The power grid is not a complex system. It is actually relatively simple. Even the

creation of energy is a simple process. It is the matter of manning and generating the

power that causes electricity to cost so much money. If the process is done from home, the overhead can be greatly reduced and the costs of electricity can be extremely cheap, and even

financially rewarding.
Figure 3

The start of the distribution and power grid is the industrial power plant. This plant creates the electricity and then moves it through high voltage wires and transmitters. The wires and transmitters carry the electricity to the power substation and power distribution centers. The centers then reduce the amount of electricity in the wires and move it to the different homes as needed.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

As previously stated, most power plants are not located in cities, but are rather located in large open areas. The most common forms of electricity creation is the nuclear system or through magnetism. In the magnetism, steam or natural gas is used to turn the wires around a magnet, creating electricity. The nuclear system is far more complicated and far more dangerous.

The home is set up with a meter that reads how much electricity that is used by the home. This does not measure how much electricity is sent, but rather how much is used. These meters are not reset, but the meter is instead read and compared to the previous numbers from the previous reading.

There are many factors that affect the amount of energy used by the home. Some of these factors will be discussed in the next section. However, it should be noted that the factors that go into the amount of energy used can be altered and substituted to reduce the consumption of the home. In addition, once the home begins to create its own energy, the home will no longer be using the energy from the power plant and the meter will cease to move as much. It only measures the power used by the home that is brought from the inside out.



How the Power is Used

The power sent by the electrical plant is used by almost every piece of electrical equipment in the home. This can be the obvious and the non-obvious pieces of equipment, including those that are turned off. It is important to identify those pieces of equipment that draw upon the power grid in order to decrease the demand and then to replace the demand with homemade energy.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

Take a look around the room that this is being read. There may be a television, a computer, lights, mp3 players and chargers that one is not even sure what they go to. All of this draws electrical energy. Most of it is known to draw energy, but most people assume that if it is turned off, it is no longer drawing energy. However, this is simply not the case.

Look at the average phone charger. It is plugged into the wall, and does not have a phone attached to it. However, it still is drawing electricity through it. This is an example of energy being consumed where it was least expected. In order to stop the consumption, the power plug must be disconnected from the outlet completely.



Figure 4

One of the best ways to ensure that the energy is not being wasted is to turn off or unplug the device. This is especially true for those devices that offer a standby mode. The standby mode allows the device to turn on quickly but to use less power than the on method. The standby mode does not eliminate the electricity used by the device though, simply lowers it.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System


Figure 5

How the Power is Measured

There are a few terms used to describe electricity measurements. The most common are the volt, the amp, and the watt. These terms each measure a different aspect of the electrical system. The different aspects each correspond with specific aspects of the electricity and each one relates differently to each other.


The volt is the amount of pressure that the electricity is experiencing. This is the dangerous aspect of electricity as it is what pushes the electricity though objects. The volt has to be high enough to push the electricity through the wires but low enough to prevent the electricity from jumping from the sockets. In surges, the volts tend to increase, causing potentially dangerous situations.

Amps are the amount of electrical current is available. The higher amps the more electrical power that the electrical power available through the wiring and conductor. This is what harms people when they come into contact with the electrical conductors as it can harm the nerve system of the individual. This can be changed based upon the amount of electricity placed into a conductor.

Watts are used to express the amount of work that is done through the electrical systems. This is what is used to determine the amount for the power company to charge their customers. This is the most important aspect of electrical measurement and one of the most difficult methods to explain. It is the amount of electricity is used to complete a task, such as turning on the television or running a fan.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

It is important to remember that the watts themselves are not expensive or difficult to produce. It is very possible to produce the same electricity that the power plants produce, but at home. The reason the electricity is so expensive is that the power plants have a lot of overhead that they must deal with in order to provide electricity to those people who need it.



Lowering the Power Drain

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

Lowering the power drain is essential to limiting the money spent in powering a home. It can be difficult to eliminate the power drain, especially that which is known as energy vampires or electrical vampires. Finding ways to lower the costs of energy is essential to everyones financial budget and it is a great way to help the environment.

Figure 60

There are a lot of different ways to lower the power drain on the electrical grid. There is the elimination or reduction of power vampirism, the purchase of efficient devices and the insulation of power consuming equipment. These methods are not difficult, but they can be time consuming. It can also be monetarily consuming initially to make a change from energy consuming equipment to energy efficiency devices.


To determine the energy required to run the device while on, feel free to check the manual. Most pieces of equipment or appliances come with a manual that shows the stats and facts about the appliance the proper use of that appliance. The manual should have the amount of energy that is needed to run the device at full power.

Before purchasing a new item, feel free to compare their manuals, which can be found online, and determine which appliance has the least energy drain. This can help to lower the energy wasted by purchasing a more energy efficient device or appliance and it can help to provide for a more educated buyer, saving the buyer money.

It is important to remember that even though it can be initially costly to create a more energy efficient home, the costs will eventually pay for themselves though the money saved. It is also important to remember that the efficiency of the machines does directly relate to their use and their maintenance. Even the most efficient pieces of equipment can be energy wasters if the equipment is not used properly and if it is not maintained.

An example of this is an energy efficient heater. An energy efficient heater can be over 90% efficient at converting power to heat. This includes the electrical use of determining the temperature and the gas needed to create heat.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

However, this efficiency is only in the creation of heat. The efficiency goes down if the ducts are not insulated and if the filters are not kept clean.

Figure 71

In order to maintain the efficiency of the different devices, it is important to read the manual for the care of the equipment. The manual will state how often to change the filters, how to clean the equipment and how to further eliminate power waste with the equipment. This can be an easy process, and in most cases it is. However, there are some maintenance procedures that require the assistance of a professional.


There is a serious problem when the energy efficient equipment is not maintained properly. The energy efficient devices may become hazards to the environment and the wallet if the device does not receive the proper maintenance. If the filters are dirty, hazardous dusts and molds can be pushed into the air and the device will need to work harder to push air or water through the filter. If there are other build ups, there may be negative chemical reactions and hazardous waste can be created.

Why it is Important
It is important to reduce the amount of power consumed by a home. Without this reduction, it can be very difficult to lower the bills, save the environment and transfer over to a more energy efficient and home based energy system. Without reducing the energy consumed by the home before building an energy system, the energy needed to the run the equipment will be more than the system can provide for.

The reduction of energy consumed by the house is much more important than just the reduction of the energy bill. The reduction of energy consumption is important to the environment. The creation of energy is one of the biggest polluters to the environment, besides the use of vehicles. The use of this energy also results in emissions and hazardous materials in the air.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

The reduction of energy consumption is also the most important things to do in order to lower the carbon footprint of a person. While most people often think about their vehicle or trash as a means of reducing their carbon footprint, the electrical usage in the home is one of the best ways to reduce the footprint. This can help to save the world from global warming and dirty air.

One of the most famous symbols of the changing environment and climate is the polar bear. It is thought that if the world continues to increase in temperature, the polar bear will go extinct due to a lack of habitat. This is very concerning as the polar bear is the apex predator in the arctic regions. This can cause an explosion of other animals and the eventual over population of these animals resulting in animals starving and the entire ecosystem being thrown off balance.

By reducing the carbon footprint of the home, fewer emissions will be put into the air and the fewer chemicals will contribute to the warming of the planet. It may seem as though a single home would not make much of a difference, but if a single homeowner pledges to make changes for him, his heirs and his world, then others will follow suite, creating a more environmentally friendly world.



Reducing Power Consumption

Reducing the power consumption of a home is not a difficult process. It can be challenging and costly at times, but in the end, it pays for itself. This process involves changing our behaviors and sometimes changing our equipment or devices. No matter how we handle our reduction of power consumption, the results are well worth it.

Figure 8

One of the best ways to reduce the power consumption of a home is to install power strips on the outlets. These power strips do not reduce or increase the power consumed through the simple use of them though. Instead, the power strip allows for everything to be shut off completely with the simple flipping a

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

switch, rather than needing to completely unplug everything. This helps to eliminate the energy vampire process.

Another great way to reduce the power consumption of a home is to replace older devices and equipment such as old refrigerators and televisions with new energy star equipments. These new devices use less energy and they help to eliminate the amount of vampire waste caused by the standby systems and the running of underlying sensors.

Keeping everything in proper repair and condition is essential to reducing the power consumption of the home. It is important to replace filters and to keep everything clean. This will keep the energy efficient machine or equipment efficient. Without the proper care, the device will not be as efficient and it will not safe to use. This can end up costing people more money and being worse for the environment than non-efficient equipments.

Insulation is another very important method of energy consumption reduction. This insulation includes insulating the ducts, the windows and doors of the home. The ducts and water heaters need to be insulated in order to reduce the energy lost through heating the water and air for the home as well as the reduction of heat lost was the air and water goes from the device to the room.


Windows and doors are where most of the heat is lost from in the home. The windows and doors allow drafts in the home and heat to escape. The insulation process of the doors and windows can be complicated, but it can also be very important to the reduction of the carbon footprint and the energy consumption of the home.

Figure 9

Energy Efficient Devices

Energy efficient devices are those pieces of equipment that are designed in such a way as to use very little energy both during normal use and while on standby. These devices tend to be large appliances, such as televisions, furnaces, dish washers and refrigerators. These devices tend to be slightly more

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

expensive due to the technology needed to build them, but they also tend to be cheaper to run and better for the environment.

Energy efficient devices are known as Energy Star devices. Each of these appliances has undergone intense inspection for their true efficiency. If they are deemed acceptable, they will receive an Energy Star seal of approval. Items that claim to be efficient but do not have this seal are making claims without any scientific proof of their effectively.

All Energy Star devices come with a seal and a written notice about the efficiency of the device. It is important to make sure that the seal and the notice is present, as this will help to verify that the acceptance is legitimate, and that the company is not attempting to steal or fool the customer. The seal is very clear and can be seen on the following page.



Figure 10

Another common logo is:

Figure 11

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System


Getting off the Power Grid


Getting off the power grid means to make the home so efficient that the energy needed to run the home can be generated at home. This is essential to saving a lot of money and it is also very important to the reduction of a homes carbon footprint. The process of removing the home from the power grid means making the home energy efficient and it also means being able to create energy at that said home.

Removing a home from the power grid is an important process. It can greatly help the environment and it can even be beneficial to the home owner. A home that is not on the power grid will have a better resale value and a home owner who knows how to take a home off the grid can repeat this process in a new home. It can help to make United States more efficient, one home at a time.

Getting off the power grid takes a combined effort of becoming energy efficient and changing one form of energy into electrical energy. The process of becoming energy efficient includes insulation and the investment of energy efficient equipment. The reduction of vampire products also is very important. The second part is the changing of one type of energy into electrical energy.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System


Why it is Important

Getting off the power grid is very important to the environment and a persons wallet. By getting off the power grid, the home owner can prevent extra emissions from the power company and the home. The home owner can also save a lot of money by insulating the home and creating different energy into electricity.


The environment is very fragile. There is a lot going on that is harming the environment in ways that can be very difficult to recover from. The global temperature is rising and the snow caps are melting. While there has always been shifting climates, the current shift is far faster than any other shifts previously undergone. This is causing the extinction of animals and plants, as well as dangers to the oceans and the potential for flooding.

By taking the home off the power grid, the home can help to reduce the chemicals that are released into the air that helps to contribute to the greenhouse effect and the increase in global temperatures. This can be incredibly beneficial to the environment as the trees and natural plants can help to reduce these gasses and even out the climate.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

Getting off the power grid is also very good for a persons wallet. By removing the home from the power grid, the home owner can save a lot of money from that utility company. While it is not possible to eliminate the costs of running a home electrically, the costs are transferred to another fuel and one that is more efficient and more affordable.

The extra money saved by eliminating the electrical company and all of their overhead can help to give the home owner more to invest into his home with. This investment can include more insulation, better energy star appliances and different methods of electrical generation. This can help to make the home more efficient and save the home owner more money in the different utilities that he or she uses in the home.


How to Get off the Power Grid
Getting off the power grid is not an overly difficult process. It really is as easy as reducing the electrical need of the home and then the implementing of an at home electrical generator. This method of getting off the power grid can even include methods for feeding excess power into the grid, helping to light neighboring homes and businesses while putting some extra money into ones pocket.

When most people think of getting off the power grid, they often think about using natural energy sources like wind or solar power. These methods can be very effective, although they can also be very costly to assemble and require modification to the homes appearance. This can deter a lot of people from creating a more energy efficient home for them as they do not want the attention drawn to their home or the assumption that they have expendable income.

There are other methods of taking a home off the power grid though. These methods are machines that convert other sources of power into electrical power. These machines take a fuel, often requiring very little fuel, and convert that to electrical power for the home. These generators are often called fuelless due to the small amount needed to generate electricity.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System


The Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator

The Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator is not a truly fuelless machine. This is because every machine requires some source of power to start and some energy in which to convert into electricity. It is not physically possible to create energy, but it is possible to convert energy. The process of converting energy is very common, and is the bases of all movement and heat.

The Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator actually does take a small amount of energy and converts it into electrical energy. Because the generator is very efficient, the amount of electricity converted is higher than one would expect because there is very little of the fuel used to create heat or friction. Both of these other forms of energy will be converted though as they are base reaction energies from the reactions of electrical conversion.

The generator actually relies upon what is known as free energy or radiant energy. This is positively charged particles that exist in the ionosphere. These ions have minute charges that are then amplified by the Tesla coil inside the generator. This helps to provide the energy that is needed for the machine to function appropriately and convert this free energy into usable electricity. This technique was thought to be impossible until the early 1900s when Tesla proved it. Now it can be used to provide electricity to the home.



Returning Energy Energy to the Power Grid

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

A lot of people dream of being able to return energy to the power grid and receive paychecks from the power plant for simply having an overly efficient home. This is a challenging task, although it is one that can be accomplished. It takes a lot of time and a lot of energy, but it is possible to put energy into the power grid.

Most people who do provide energy into the power grid do so in such manner as to assist the power company during the day, but still allow the home to draw on energy during the night. This is because most homes that convert energy into electricity rely upon solar energy for their electricity and this does not allow for electricity production during the night or on very overcast days.

Before attempting to create a home that puts electricity into the power grid, it is important to inform the power company about this. This helps to ensure that all of the proper rules and regulations are followed. This also helps to provide the appropriate wattage meters to be installed in the home to measure the amount of electricity that is placed into the system and provide an accurate check every month.

Is it Possible?
It is very possible to create an electrical generation machine that is capable of putting electricity back into the electrical power grid. These machines


have been made using a variety of different fuels and have been designed to work in a variety of different ways. Each one is very effective, although some methods require very extensive remodeling of the home. This can be costly and leave the home looking less appealing.

The process of returning electricity to the power grid is not a complicated process. There is some equipment that the power company requires and this equipment helps to measure the amount of electricity coming from the house. This is essential to the billing/payment processes of the electricity company. The meter looks similar to a conventional meter, but rather than measuring electricity going in, it measures it going out.

The benefits of being able to provide electricity to the power grid greatly outweigh any potential costs in building an electrical generator. This is especially true when using natural energies and systems to power the generator and create electricity from other forms of energy. The most common of these is solar, although radiant energy is very effective as well at creating enough power to return energy to a power grid rather than take it away.

The benefit of using radiant energy over the traditional solar or wind based energies is that the energy never seems to wane. There will be days in which the sun is hidden behind clouds and at night the sun is on the opposite side of the world. There will also be days in which there will not be much wind. These two

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

factors can mean that there is no energy being produced for the home. This will cause the home to have to draw upon the power grid, rather than feed into it.

The radiant energy is always present. There are ample ions in the ionosphere and these ions make excellent power sources. The most difficult portion of this is to collect the ions efficiently. This requires an antenna and a flat plate for the ions to strike. Copper tubing is suggested for the antenna and a small copper place is suggested as well. The difficulty is in providing it with enough height to actually sit in the ionosphere.

One of the best methods is to attach this to a pole on the roof of the house. This can be a lightening rod during a storm though, so it is important to have the machine properly

grounded and secured against any massive surges that a lightning strike might cause. Otherwise, all aspects of the homes electrical
Figure 12

system could easily be burnt out and the house could be in jeopardy of being burnt down.



How it Works
The process of putting energy back into the power grid is not a complicated one. It simply is a matter of redirecting energy that is not being used by the house into the wires that carry it to different transformers where it will be distributed to other homes and businesses, resulting in less energy needed from the power plant and distribution plant.

The process of creating energy that can be put into the power plant has financial benefits. These benefits include receiving a paycheck from the electrical distribution center and potentially tax credits and rebates for the efficiency of the home. These can be of great assistance when considering how the costs of utilities and expenses are on the rise.

In order to accurately measure the amount of electricity that the house is putting into the power grid, the electric company may install or will ask the home owner to install a meter. This meter helps to measure the watts that the house is producing and moving into the wires and transformers. Without this meter, there is no way to know how much energy is being made and transferred.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System


Things to Discuss with Power Companies


There is a lot that needs to be discussed with the power company regarding creating electricity at home. There may be ordinances against such behavior due to the potential risks. There may be ordinances against the placing of a high antenna in the urban environment as this can be a hazard to airplanes. The home may also need to be re-wired, as well as the electrical wires outside of the home.

It is very important to first inform the electrical company of the intent to create a Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator in the home. They will then inform the home owner of any ordinances that could prohibit this action. If there are no legal concerns with the creation of this generator, then the attention will be shifted to any re-wiring that needs to be done.

The home is not actually designed to handle electricity that is generated from inside the home. The wires will need to be re-directed so that the power goes in to fuse box can come from inside the home rather than outside of it. The transformers and wires outside of the house may need to be altered in order to accommodate the potential of energy being fed into them, rather than away from them.

The power plant or distribution center will also discuss meters that help to measure the amount of electricity that is being moved from the home. These meters will be attached to wires that lead away from the home. Do not be

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System

surprised when the power company only presents with a small check or no check for a while, considering that the excess energy levels should be rather low.

Another company to inform about the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator is the fire department. This is because if there is problem with the generator, the fire department will most likely be responsible for handling that problem and putting out any fire that might be started. Since water is used to put out the fires, this could be very dangerous for the fire fighters if they are unaware of the generator.



The city itself should be informed of the generator before it is built. This will help to ensure that all of the proper permits are obtained in order to build an electrical generator in the home. The city will ensure that there is no danger to the general public and that the proper precautions are taken. The city may also inform the home owner of various benefits that he or she may experience financially due to the efficiency and environmental benefits that the home provides.

Do not assume that just because the plans are being followed and that it is ones own home that there is no need to inform the public about the generator being built in the home. There are many people who could be injured if something should go wrong, including the home owner. It is best to inform too many people, rather than not enough and risk a heavy fine or jail time if there should be some form of a problem.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System


Safety First


Electricity is dangerous. Very dangerous. It is very important to follow all safety precautions when handling electricity. Nothing should be substituted in the creation of the generator and nothing should be done at anything less than perfect quality. To rush the job and do things half way is a sure way to have a very serious electrical accident. This can have very serious consequences if the job is rushed.

It is important to have all of the safety information about the generator on hand once it is completed. It is also important to post that information so that others who may come in contact with the generator know what to expect and how to protect themselves. These postings often come in the form of signs, although all safety manuals should be kept on hand and are easily accessible.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System


Safety is Number One

Safety should always be on the forefront of a persons mind when handling any project. This should be especially true when handling high voltages of electricity. These high amounts of electricity could easily kill a person if it is not properly respected. It is vital that a person should remain alert and vigilant while working with and around any generator, including the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator.

It should be noted that many of the injuries that people experience are due to the actions that they perform around the house. Other incidents occur when handling electricity. The Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator would combine both of those risk factors and make it much more likely that a person could be seriously injured.

It is important to have all of the appropriate labels on everything that could be dangerous. The appropriate safety equipment should be worn while handling and maintaining the generator. The area should be clear of all debris and be kept clean at all times. This can help to reduce the chances of any accidents and potential fires.


Remember, safety is a choice. It takes the constant vigilance and attention to detail to keep ones self and others safe from the potentially fatal electrical shock that the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator can produce. It only takes one slip up for someone to die or be horribly scarred by the generator and the electricity it produces.

Create Your Own ''Tesla Power'' System


Taking the Appropriate Safety Precautions

It is important to take ALL of the appropriate safety precautions when handling and building the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator. One wrong move can easily be the last move that one makes. The least of the concerns could be serious injury or burning down the house. These precautions seem like common sense ideas, but they can easily make the difference between life and death for a person.

1. The first of the most obvious rules is not to drink alcohol and work on the generator. Alcohol slows down the reaction time and limits the brains ability to rationalize and make appropriate choices. Things that would seem dangerous often seem like good ideas when drinking and this can lead to serious injury or even death. It often is easy to drink while working on the generator since one is at home, but leave the beer in the refrigerator until done working on the machine for the night.

2. Do not wear loose clothing while working on the generator. This is a little less obvious. The loose clothing can easily get caught on the machinery and damage both the generator and the individual. This can cause stationary objects to be pulled onto the individual and it can pull the individual into moving objects. Going nude while working on the machine is another bad idea. Wear clothing that fits appropriately.


3. Be awake and alert while working on the generator. A lack of sleep can cause a person to feel irritated and short tempered. In addition, a lack of sleep can cause the individual to make poor choices or poor measurements. This can result in less than perfect craftsmanship and potentially dangerous situations.

4. Keep food and drink away from the machinery. It can be tempting to have a cup of coffee or soda near the work station to drink while working on the Fuelless Generator. However, this can be dangerous and result in injury if the cup should fall, if something should fall into the drink or if the floor should become slippery due to spilt beverage. 5. Always put things away after using them. Do not leave the clean up until the next day or even a few hours after working on the generator. This can result in the items being tripping hazards and this can result in serious injury. Even if the individual does not get injured by tripping on the tools or pieces of the machine, the pieces can be damaged, resulting in improper fits and improper usage. This can be even more dangerous than the original fall.

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How to Prevent Problems

There is a lot that can be done in order to prevent safety problems. These tips can greatly help to reduce the chances of injury. While some may seem silly, it is important to remember that the most obvious things are typically what are overlooked by those who perform the same task or see the same things day in and day out.

1. Place signs to remind people about the potential dangers of the generator and the generated electricity around the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator. These signs should be industrial style signs and they should be clearly visible from outside and inside the machines operation area. These signs can be purchased from a variety of websites and they do work to decrease the chances of injury.



2. Keep the area very clean and clear of debris or fluids. Do not allow any standing fluids on the floor. The area should be regularly swept and mopped to ensure that the area is clean and safe for people to cross. This helps to prevent tripping and slipping injuries. Electricity can also be conducted through most fluids and a dry floor is therefore a safer floor.

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3. When climbing on things, be sure not to step on the top step of the ladder and be sure that the ladder itself is well balanced and on firm footing. Balancing the ladder, climbing to the top and falling are not a good thing and can potentially be fatal. This is especially true when attaching the antenna to the top of the home.

Figure 13

4. Never let children near the generator. Even a mature and intelligent child can become very curious and harmed if he or she touches the generator. This can result in a fatal electrocution of the child and very serious financial, legal and emotional consequences. The same goes for all pets.

5. If there is every any concern about the way that the generator is behaving, sounding or anything at all, turn it off and do a full check-up on the generator. There is no reason to risk the generator breaking and potentially causing harm to people and property. If it does not seem to be


working correctly, turn it off and see what is wrong. It could just be slightly off balance, or there could be problems with the coils and wires which could cause serious problems.

6. Always work in a well ventilated area. There will be soldering involved in the construction of the machine. There may even be some painting that can be done. This puts fumes in the air that are toxic. It is a good idea to keep the area well ventilated with fans that circulate the air through the room and out of the room.

7. Always make sure there is ample light in which to work on the generator. A lack of light can cause injury as the individual cannot see where he or she is going. The lack of light can also cause confusion as to what wires are being handled and what is being cut. This can result in poor craftsmanship and a very dangerous machine. After the power has been transferred to the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator, always have back up light incase the generator fails.

8. Always use the tools appropriately. It can be costly to purchase the necessary tools to build the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator and it can be very tempting to use the tools that one has rather than buy new ones. However, by using the tools inappropriately, there is a higher chance of

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the work not being well done and of injury occurring while building the generator.

9. Never substitute one material for another material. Electricity works by following conductive materials. Do not swap out the materials for another type of material because this can change the conductivity of the generator and the properties that the generator has. This can be very detrimental to the machine and can even cause serious hazards to those who use the machine.

10. Always have the proper permits and have the proper authorities informed about the building and use of the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator. This will help to ensure that everyone is kept safe, including the emergency personal who may be called to the property.

11. Keep the generator in a grounded cage. Metal is a great conductor of electricity and if there is a problem, the cage can catch and deflect the electricity towards the ground, rather than allowing it to ark throughout the house, potentially killing people and destroying property.



Setting up the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator

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The plans needed to build the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator are not in this book. Instead, the necessary information for building and setting up the generator are provided here. This section prepares you for reading and following the plans for setting up the generator. This includes the skills that will be needed and where to obtain those skills. This will also inform you as to where to purchase the supplies needed and why these supplies are necessary.

The plans for the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator are tricky to read. Most people have a challenging time with the blue prints and figuring out where to start on the process. This section will discuss how to best accomplish the build with the least amount of frustration. This does not take a person step by step though the building process though.

It is important to note that if at any point one feels as though he or she is over their head in ability and skills that they should stop rather than attempt to learn as they go. To attempt to learn on the job can result in very serious injury and poor craftsmanship. Even if the build is completed without injury, a poor soldering job can easily cause the generator to malfunction and potentially burn down the home. Pride in doing the job on ones own is not a good enough reason to ignore personal and public safety.



Skills Needed
There are specific skills that are needed in order to build the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator. These skills tend to be very technical, although some people have learned these skills through other builds that they have participated in. Do not attempt to learn these skills on the job. Instead, obtain the assistance of someone who knows how to do the job or halt the job and learn how to do the skill.

Figure 14

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Soldering is one of the more difficult tasks that will be necessary to learn. This process involves melting the wires and small details together. The wires need to be melted and smoothed together perfectly. Any discrepancies in the wires will cause the electricity to either jump or fail along the wires. This helps to guarantee a failure from the generator. It can even result in fires and burns to anything near the generator.

Figure 15

Welding is another necessary skill needed for the creation of the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator. This skill is one that allows for the joining of sheets of metal together. The welding process is essential to joining the metal together in a gapless manner. These welds need to be solid and consistent. If they are anything less than perfect, the machine could fall apart under the stresses placed upon it.


Figure 16

Having a complete understanding of how to wire and follow wiring blue prints is essential to the generator and the house. Without having the appropriate wiring in the home, it will not be able to accept the electricity created by the generator safely. If the generator is not wired correctly, it will not transfer the electricity to the home safely. Poor wiring will also cause problems when attempting to sell electricity to the power distributor.

It can take a long time to learn how to do any of these skills. It is far better to handle the building of the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator with ample experience in each of the necessary skills. Without the right skills and the

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understanding of these skills, the project can be very difficult to complete and potentially dangerous. Having individuals who can assist with the build can work very well and can even result in a better build than if one attempts to do all of the tasks alone.

When gaining an education of these skills, it is important to find the education from a certified and tested school. Failure to gain the proper experience and information about the tasks that will be necessary to complete the generator can cause the generator to fail or even be built in a very dangerous manner. Learning these skills from a factory or from others who are not certified to teach the skills is not recommended. Please seek training from a certified technical school.

Purchasing the Parts

Do not attempt to cut costs on building the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator. Instead, use quality parts and the appropriate materials. Do not attempt to make the machine more efficient by using more efficient or conductive materials. This can result in dangerous electrical build ups and an overloading of the wires and fuses.

It does not need to be expensive to purchase the materials and most of them can be purchased at the local hardware store. Most hardware stores


feature sheets of metal and ample supplies of wires. They also have welding and soldering materials. The hardware store also features the protective equipment that is necessary when attempting to make a build.

Some pieces may be purchased online. The only downside of making purchases on line is that the product cannot actually be viewed for quality before it is purchased. While there may be photographs, these photographs may not show inconsistencies in the materials and the sizes may not be as they seem. It can be difficult to verify what the material actually is.

When purchasing items online, be sure to check the description of the material for the details. If at all possible, contact the seller of the items and make an effort to determine the true quality of the product before purchasing it. This will help to reduce the chances of not

receiving the products that are necessary for the product. Do not substitute materials.

Figure 17

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Reading the Plans

Figure 18

Reading blue prints tends to be tricky. There is a lot of information on a blue print that needs to be deciphered before the attempt to create the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator. It is very important that the process is built in a specific way and to the exact specifications of the blue print otherwise there will be no positive results from the construction of the generator.

When determining what to build first, start with the small components that are detailed separately from the primary machine. These components are most often necessary for the internal construction of the mechanism and will be difficult to build and insert if they are built later during the construction of the generator.


The smaller builds can be set aside until they are ready to be connected and confined within the shell of the generator.

The construction should include all of the internal structures first if possible. Once the internal structures are built, the housing for the structures can then be built. This helps to guarantee that the housing fits over everything appropriately and that nothing shifts while being assembled and potentially breaks. Be sure to verify that everything is correct before attempting to turn the generator on.

Once the generator is built and is in proper working order, be sure to wire the home appropriately. The shift between the power grid energy that the new generator energy does not have to be, and should not be, total right away. Instead, prepare the house to be able to accept both types of energy. A certified electrician may be necessary to complete this task and ensure the house remains up to code.

The final part of the build is the application of the antenna onto the house. This antenna includes the copper plate and the copper tubing that works to trap ions and the energy that they have as they float in the ionosphere. The antenna must be mounted high and it can be very difficult to get onto the roof of the house. Be sure to take all safety precautions before attempting to get on the roof and risk potential injury.

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By this point, the energy company should have been notified of the completion of the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator and the meters should have been installed. The wiring from the house to the transformers should have been completed. When ready to turn on the generator, inform the power company and the fire departments of the generators completion and that it is being turned on. This way everyone is ready if there is an emergency.

Be sure not to touch any of the metal around the Nikola Teslas Fuelless Generator once it is turned on and running. This can cause serious harm or fatal consequences. Pay very close attention to how the generator functions and be sure to check it several times a day while it is running. Disconnect the generator from the antenna and wires when it will not be running or when there will be no one available to watch it.




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