SnapManager for Hyper-V
Speed backup and recovery while simplifying management with automated data protection for Microsoft virtualized environments
THE CHALLENGE Manage and protect complex virtual environments Consolidating multiple physical servers in a virtualized environment increases the demands on your storage environment. First, backup and disaster recovery processes tax servers already burdened with the demands of multiple virtual machines. Additionally, backup and disaster recovery policies must continue to protect data as virtual machines migrate from one physical server to another depending on the needs of workload balancing or failover requirements. To resolve these issues, you can run expensive, labor-intensive scripts along with your standard backup processes. Unfortunately, this approach often requires more CPU cycles and uses more I/O bandwidth than might be available on a given server. THE SOLUTION Automated, policy-based data protection for your virtual environment SnapManager ® for Hyper-V ™ helps resolve these issues by automating data protection for Microsoft ® virtualized environments based on Windows® Server 2008 R2 Hyper‑V and Hyper-V Server 2008 R2. When deployed in combination with NetApp® storage systems, SnapManager for Hyper-V software enables you to perform near-instantaneous backups and rapid restores and establish backup policies that follow VMs as they migrate between systems. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY, REDUCED RISK Using a single, intuitive interface, you can schedule and automate backups for your entire Microsoft virtual environment. SnapManager for Hyper-V enables you to group virtual machines into data sets and apply standard backup policies across entire groups. As new virtual machines are deployed, they are automatically identified within the SnapManager for Hyper-V dashboard. Any virtual machines without a back up policy are flagged. You can easily define retention schemes for keeping backups available on disk and even automate tape offload by specifying custom scripts to run before or after a Snapshot™ backup.

KEY BENEFITS Increase productivity Configure backups for your entire virtual environment in minutes with automated, policy-based data protection. Eliminate backup windows Improve performance by offloading backup from host servers. Speed time to recovery Create frequent, nondisruptive application-consistent backups to facilitate fast, granular recovery. Simplify disaster recovery Automate remote replication for streamlined disaster recovery.

All rights reserved. making sure the application backups are recorded in a consistent state. © Copyright 2009 NetApp. Replication from the primary system to the disaster recovery site can be automatically triggered immediately following a Snapshot backup.FREQUENT. SnapManager. Server Admin Automation • Backup • Recovery • Replication • DR Policies Policies Data Stores Storage Admin Figure 1) SnapManager for Hyper-V.netapp. SIMPLIFIED DISASTER RECOVERY SnapManager for Hyper-V also streamlines remote replication to enable automated rapid disaster recovery. in a matter of seconds.netapp. faster at www. You choose the specific point in time to which to restore from multiple recovery points stored on disk. the backups it creates are Microsoft application aware. Inc. Since only incremental changes are stored. and Snapshot are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp. the NetApp logo. This moves all data out of memory and onto disk before a Snapshot copy is performed. which in turn enable the restores to be that much faster as well as return to a known state. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. because SnapManager for Hyper-V uses VSS integration. and the application data. and recovery ­ happens in seconds. the logs. Discover our passion for helping companies around the world go further. granular recovery. The backup process covers the application binaries. Backups of Hyper-V VMs can be made at any time of day. allowing more backups to be cost-effectively kept on disk for rapid. faster. DS-2972-0909 . The Snapshot copy at the disaster recovery site can be rapidly promoted to a production copy in the event of a disaster. NetApp. Inc. Snapshot copies use very little storage. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks and Hyper-V is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. SPEED TIME TO RECOVERY Recovery of Microsoft virtual machines is quick and easy with SnapManager for NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that accelerate business breakthroughs and deliver outstanding cost efficiency. in the United States and/or other countries. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp. as frequently as desired. Inc. Additionally. NONDISRUPTIVE BACKUPS SnapManager for Hyper-V leverages the unique NetApp Snapshot point-in-time copy technology to offload backups from host servers to the NetApp storage system and eliminate backup bottlenecks. Go further.