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Volume 6, Issue 8 April

West Elementary School

Wamego, KS

McCune Monthly
Upcoming Events Contact Info Homework
4/3 – Mini Society Interviews
4/3 – West Winner Day Please remember that I am always Please remember to supervise your
4/10 – No School, preK-8 Prof. willing to answer questions or listen child during homework time. Each
Dev. Day to any other feedback you have. student should be completing the
4/13 – No School, preK-8 Plan
Please feel free to call (456-8333 following as part of their homework
4/15 – Birthday Dinner ext. 3116) me or email routine:
4/22 – Field Trip ( me any
4/24 – West Winner Day time.  Reading (20 minutes mini-
4/27-5/1 – Local Writing Assess- mum)
ment (in class)
4/30 – Literature Group @ KS Assessments  Math facts (5 minutes mini-
We are done with KS assessments! mum)
We still have a few local assess-
ments to complete before the end  Study spelling words
of the year (see Upcoming Assess-
ments), as well as a couple of class- Please remember to record the
room assessments. number of minutes practiced and
Science Fair
sign your child’s reading and math
Congratulations to Noah Bai-
ley for receiving First Place in
Reading Challenge calendars.
the Math category and supe-
rior overall! The Book-it program ends in March. Conferences—Thank
We will be participating in a reading

Upcoming Assessments
challenge along with the other third
grade classes in regards to our read-
Our Local Writing Assessment
ing goal for April. We have set a We had 100% attendance at parent/
will be April 27-May 1. All of goal of 400 minutes per student to teacher conferences this spring!
the work will be done in class
during our writing time. The
be completed during the month. (This includes phone conferences
students will be writing a Our class goal is 8,800 minutes. If and those of you that requested a
personal narrative. our class meets the goal, we will portfolio of work!) Thank you so
earn an extra recess. Each week much for your support!
we will total our class minutes and
post them on our class goal sheet.
Calendars will be checked every
Monday. Please make sure you
are recording the minutes and ini-
tialing each day your child reads.
This needs to be kept in their
agenda binder.
Volume 6, Issue 7

Cans for Conservation Field Trip—Reminder Math

This program started be- We will be going to Topeka Our current unit focuses
fore Spring Break and is on Wednesday, April 22nd. on decimals. This is a new
sponsored by the Sunset We will be touring the skill for many students.
Zoo in Manhattan. The Capitol building and the Our next unit focuses on
students have enjoyed the dome. Students need to volume. We will continue
zoo presentations that we remember to dress appro- to practice this on our
have attended so far. If priately and wear tennis DPPs and in review activi-
you are participating, be shoes. We will be doing a ties.
sure to drop off your cans lot of walking. We will be
on the cement pad near leaving West at 8:30 and Please focus on practicing
the shed, not near the returning toward the end addition and subtraction
of the school day. If you facts if your child has not
are interested in joining passed these timed tests.
us, please fill out the bot- Learning these basic facts
Language Arts tom of the form that was will help in later units.
sent home and return it. Spending time practicing
Our current word study
counting money and telling
theme includes contrac-
time would also be benefi-
tions and pronouns. Our
cial! These are lifelong
next theme will focus on Spelling skills that some students
adverbs and suffixes.
struggle with.
We take a spelling test
every Friday unless we
Science don’t have school, in which Social Studies
case it will usually be on
We have already started our Mini Society has begun!
Thursday. Please make
unit on the earth and soil. Over the next few weeks
sure your child is studying
We started with the layers we will be voting on a
the list that comes home
of the earth. We are cur- name, the design and de-
with him/her each week.
rently studying soil. This nominations for our cur-
includes layers of soil, types rency, determining what
of soil, and erosion. We will
also be studying fossils dur- Reading students will be paid for,
and interviewing for jobs.
ing this unit. There are We are back to our normal Here are some important
many hands on lessons in schedule in reading. We dates to remember for
which students will be will continue to work on Mini Society:
touching and doing experi- comprehension, accuracy,
ments with soil during this -April 3 –Interviews
and fluency in both shared
unit. reading and guided reading -May 13 – Market Day (1:30
groups for the remainder of -3:05)
the year. I will be giving
some individual assess- -May 14 - Auction
ments to measure their
progress in these areas next Please call or email me if
you have any questions
about the content of this
newsletter. Thanks!
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