By: Christie Cho Rain Prologue “Come on, Bella,” the ringing-bell-tone voice called Bella from the

door way from the Cullens’ house. “Isabella Marie Cullen, aren’t you going to hunting?” a boy with a pale face with perfect, sunlike eyes waving at the girl with a long chocolate-brown hair…so long it was almost reaching her waist. She growled at the boy. “Edward. I had to check on Renesmee…don’t tell me that she’s not a baby anymore,” she said it really quickly when Edward’s mouth was opened. Her perfect index finger was on his lips. The boy stared her finger down, smiling. “It’s her first hunt, dear. I bet she’s really nervous.” Edward mumbled. Someone snorted. “I wish to see that happens.” It was too dark to see his face, but they could smell the disgusting smell of a werewolf…the heat was coming from him, too. Bella narrowed her eyes. “Jacob, what are you doing here?” she almost growled. Jacob chuckled. “Bells, dear. It’s almost a century I didn’t see ya! Just because you left, that doesn’t mean I don’t have to see my best friend ever.” Edward was quiet, but he smiled and let out a sigh of hilarious. “So you gonna watch Renesmee hunt. Fantastic. Just what you want.” That didn’t sound him.

Jacob turned around to see Edward with flaming eyes. “So when did you decide to come back to Forks? Well, it’s been a century since you family left except Renesmee and Rosalie,” he hissed as if it was a curse for Edward. Bella rolled her eyes. “You make it sound like as if it was our fault that we had to leave. But how’d it look like?” Her voice suddenly softened and sounded like a baby as if she was acting. “Bella’s father is dead and his daughter is still alive? Bella doesn’t think so, Jacob.” Edward turned around and got near the doorway, not joining the argument. “Renesmee?” he murmured quietly, but it was enough for Nessie to hear. She had hearing as good as theirs. Nessie picked her head out, smiling. Although it was dark outside, they could all see Nessie wearing a short dress Alice gave her. It was dark-pink with strawberry pictures on it…it matched with her chocolate-brown short, curly hair. She smiled again and it seemed like as if the sun rose up already. “Pretty, Mom?” she asked. “Very,” she answered. Edward chuckled. “Alice will be Alice.” “That blood—I mean vampire doesn’t show-off. She does do what she supposed to do, and she does perfectly…unlike other.” Bella rolled her eyes. “If you’re talking about Rosalie, you shouldn’t because she is doing what she supposed to do, and she does as perfect as Alice.” When the sentence was finished, everyone could hear Jacob snorting. Nessie joined the conversation. “Rose is not bed, Jake. Come on, I’m thirsty.”

Bella and Jacob made a face. They frowned together. “I really want you to eat human food,” they said it together. Edward and Nessie laughed and it sounded like as if they were singing a song together. “I’m thirsty, too, Bella. Come on, Jacob, are you sure you want to go?” Edward added. Jacob nodded without a doubt. “Well, let’s go then.” Bella said with thirst in her voice. They ran through the forest as quick as possible—so quick that the girl who was hiding beside the rock didn’t get chance to look at their faces; to see their faces to prove they were vampires.

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