E-Learning: Current Trends & Practices

By: Maisarah Bt Mokhsein


Definition History of EE-Learning in Malaysia Advantages & Disadvantages Current Trends & Practices E-Learning in Malaysia Implementation in UNITEN Conclusion

ee-mail and many more.    . E-learning  distance learning Distance learning = Physical separation of the student with the instructor and classroom. websites.DEFINITION  E-Learning is a learning process that is facilitated and enhanced by using digital tools such as CDROMs. where the content and instruction is delivered electronically. video conferencing. E-learning = Can become part of the classroom environment.

Mahathir bin Mohamad introduced Vision 2020 1996 = Establishment of the Multimedia Super Corridor and the privatization of tertiary education.HISTORY OF EE-LEARNING IN MALAYSIA     E-learning strategies have been introduced into public universities since 1996 1990s = Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr. . Since then. EE-learning is introduced widely and is encourage to be implemented in organizations and education.

active participation  Demonstrating concepts that are difficult to convey in any other medium  . money & time constraint ±cost savings  Improved access and flexibility -Transfer information faster.  Improved control and standardization -Get the right information  Enhanced communication and collaboration Share & manage knowledge and skills.ADVANTAGES  Individualization -Learn in own pace Distance. available 24/7. everywhere.

DISADVANTAGES  Expensive to Create Either Ugly or Too Much Graphics and Not Enough Content Hard to Use Slow PlugPlug -ins     .

 #2: Blended learning -This trend merge online learning with traditional methods. computer based learning. Blended learning can be the mix of webweb-based learning.CURRENT TRENDS & PRACTICES #1: EE-learning as a business strategy -E-learning is now widely used in smart companies to train their employees. rolerole-plays. Here each employees is given the best instructor and they can also have an active participation in online discussions. audio and video clips. documentations (supported by technology )  #3: Moving from discrete to integrated learning -In other words. synchronous activity.  . Meaning the ee-learning can reach lots of people at one point and not one at a time. case studies.


 . It is a web based system that allows the management of instructor led courses. online courses and many more. It also tracks the learners progress and performance of all the activities they are involved in.CURRENT TRENDS & PRACTICES  - #4: Podcasting Gaining popularity. but has bandwidth issues #5: MM-Learning (Mobile Learning) Is still not widely use in Malaysia  - #6: Learning Management system (LMS) -A software package that allows management and delivery of learning content to the learners. virtual classroom.

unim as.php ?req_uri=%2Feles%2 F&set_lang= F&set_lang = & Learnfinity .my/index.php http://elearning.unimas.php?o ption=com_content& task=view&id=90&It emid=123 http://morpheus.E-LEARNING IN MALAYSIA University E-Learning Software Functions Link Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) .uni mas.cal m.my/login/i ndex.Form in Feb 2002 Morpheus (Moodle) Assignments Journal Quiz Survey Chat Forum Glossary Wiki New Messages Registered Courses My Progress Report My Calendar Users Online News & Events Search http://www.my/eles/login.calm.

Forum 6. my/abtelearning. Assessment: Online Quiz/Survey with 7 type of questions 4. Announcement & News 5.Notes Online (E±Book format) 2.edu.um. Links & Reference http://elearning. html .E-LEARNING IN MALAYSIA University E-Learning Software Functions Link Universiti of Malaya (UM) Unidentified 1.um.m y/login. Learning Tracks 7.edu. Document: (uploaded & managed by lecturer) 3.php http://ict.p erdana.

my/about mmls. mmu. discussion board · OnOn-line forum by course for asynchronous interactions · Report on students progress in table and chart format · Extensive student monitoring and tracking · mm-Learning (coming soon) https://mmlsmelaka.E-LEARNING IN MALAYSIA University E-Learning Software Functions Link Multimedia University Malacca (MMU) Multimedia Learning System (MMLS)  Developed fully using open source technology · Auto sequencing slides · Questions bank · Auto administration · OnOn-line self test · Short notes. References · EE-mail. course outline.htm .edu. Chat. past year exam paper · Lecturer Notes.

edu.my/ .learnc are.E-LEARNING IN MALAYSIA University E-Learning Software Functions Link Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) LMS Announcements Documents Forum Learning Tracks Links Assessments http://www.my/ http://www.edu.uum.elearn .uum.




USM (Moodle) .Other Universities   Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman UNITAR Universiti Sains Malaysia .

IMPLEMENTATION IN UNITEN  Things to consider ‡ Students ‡ Activities   Mixed mode Fully online ‡ Modules / Courses ± Assessment? ‡ Accreditation issues ‡ Infrastuctures   Additional classroom/ smart lab Bandwidth issues .

podcasting) Study what are students academic achievements before and after eelearning? . : online forum discussions. learning tracks.e. online quizzes.Suggestions    Test ee-learning to degree students Make ee-learning part of assessment criteria for classes (i.

it will become a burden to maintain it. if it is not used. . E-learning also involves ongoing infrastructure cost.CONCLUSION   It is said that ee-learning can save cost but the important factor of eelearning in University is whether eelearning can improve the quality of education.

blogspot.chin.com/ http://en.com/history-of of-elearningelearninga-briefbrief-historyhistory-of of-e-learninglearning-andand-distancedistance-education/ http://lyon.com/elearning/e -learninglearning-tools/ http://www.chin.elearninghttp://www.com/history avenue.wikispaces.ca/taelhttp://lyon.html http://www.elearning -avenue.wikipedia.REFERENCES           http://elearningconcepts.gc.org/2002/nov2002/finn.com/e_advantages.gc.asp http://www.com/about_elearning.elearninghttp://www.html http://elearningmalaysia.leftbrainmedia.com/e_disasters.com/Current+Trend s+in+Es+in+E -Learning http://www.html http://www.elearning onestop.learningcircuits.com/elearning/ehttp://iznan.htm .org/wiki/Elearning http://iznan.ca/tael pte/module1/m01t03p01_e.leftbrainmedia.

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