CFM56-3C1 ------1.What is CFM stand for. 2.What is 56 stand for.

commercial fan motoeur project no. 23500 lb thrust 22000 lb thrust 18500 lb thrust - throttle box - MEC

3.What is the max thrust for CFM56-3C 4.What is the thrust use by 737-400 5.What is the thrust use by 737-500

6.What is the component that rated the thrust 7.Where is the throttle box fitted to 8.Descripe the shape of the throttle box.

9.There is one AD asking you to smell the the oil tank whether the oil already contiminated with fuel,from which component that you think that the fuel come from and what is the defect of the component. Come from FCOC leak 10.How pilot can know that the oil system already contiminated with fuel. High oil temp, oil quantity increase 11.What will happen when the oil contaminated with fuel. 12.What is the situation that you required to do rigging on the VSV. removal or replacement of the vsv feedback cable,left vsv actuator Or the mec required feedback cable adjustment. 13.How do you do the rigging on the VSV. There have 3 rigging 1)resistance check 2)travel check 3)static rig check (for further info chk at m.manual how to do the rigging) 14.What is the situation that you required to do rigging on the VBV. removal and replacement of the vbv feedback cable,fuel gear motor end stop and /or mec required adjustment check of the feedback cable. 15.How do you do the rigging on the VBV. There have 3 rigging 1)resistance check 2)travel check 3)static rig check (for further info chk at m.manual ata 75 how to do the rigging) 16.What is the safety precaution when you do rigging on VSV and VBV.check ATA 75 for precaution 17.How do you do the resistance check,travel check and static rig check on the VSV and VBV feedback cable. 18.Can you descripe to me the shape of the rig pointer and the rig notch on the VBV ans VSV feedback cable. 19.If the feedback cable fail resistance check,what do you have todo.

23.20. 24.compressor.Can you replace only single blade. At the bottom root.How you recognise engine station and flange? Primary and secondary stations 47.Major module identification? . 26.Explain the basic construction of the engine? Inlet . At the aft spinner cone.You got one engine with one fan blade damaged. 29. 21.combustor turbine and exhaust 44.what is the found out that the vibration is above the limit.Can you install the 25 degree and 37 degree mid span shroud together.What is the procedure to replace it. 25.This engine consist of how many module? 4 modules 1) fan 2) core engine 3)low pressure 4)accessory gear box 43.If can. 39.Why you need to lubricated the fan blade root area. 27.How you identified the 37 degree type of mid span shroud.What are the modification that already been done to the fan area. 42. 22. 41.What will happen to the engine if the resistance of the feedback cable is beyond the blades etc.VBV.from the vibration survey.Where is the location to install the balance weight screw. 30.What are the 2 different type of the mid span shroud. 32.How many engine mounts? 3 engine mounts 46. 28. 33.How you do the duplicate inspection on the VSV.What area required duplicate insp? VSV.What is the function of the damper located underneath the fan blade platform. 31.What is the work that you do to this engine that required duplicate inspection. 40.After you replace the blade.What are the adjusment that you need to do after replacing the MEC.Which bearing taking the load thrust? 45.How are you going to do the balacing.Where is the moment weight value engraved on the fan blade.What is your function 18.

Why the fwd left and right mount not interchangeable? __________________________________________________________________ .48.How many MCD and most fwd one is for what? 53.What is the different between generator fitted to APU and generator fitted to CFM56-3 engine? 9.How to service the generator? 5.Why this generator don't have MCD? 7.Do this generator got MCD? 6. 3.module pump? 52.Location of lub.) 2.Why APU not required CSD? 10.What component control the constant RPM of the GTCP85 APU? 11.Do the fwd left and right mount interchangeable? 16.Is this generator interchangeable with the MAS CFM56-3 generator.Which MM chapter refer to VSV rigging procedure? 55. combustion chamber.Location of EGT probe? 49.turbine etc.What type of mount (aft and fwd)use by this APU? 15.Location of engine data plate? 50.Construction of fuel nozzle? ________________________ GTCP85-129K APU --------------1.Location of AGB data plate? 51.What are the different of this APU compared to other type of APU ie:GTCP331 and PW901A.Explain the internal construction of this APU?(type of comp.What type of oil cooler use by this APU? 13.What are the components cool by the APU fan? 12.What are the common problem of the APU fan and what it will cause? 14.What type of lubrication use by the generator? 4.VSV consist of how many stages? 54. 8.

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