1. B Basics of Accounting A
T Types of Accounts, Gol lden Rules of o Accounti ing, Accoun nting Princi iples, Conce epts a and Conven ntions, Doub ble Entry Sy ystem of Bo ook Keeping g, Mode of Accounting A g, F Financial Sta atements, T Transactions s, Recording g Transactio ons

2. F Fundament tals of Tally y.ERP 9
  Getting g Functional l with Tally y.ERP 9 Creation / Setting up of Company in Tal lly.ERP 9

3: A Accounting g Masters in n Tally.ERP 9

F11:Fea atures F12 : Co onfiguration ns Setting up Accoun nt Heads

 

4: In nventory in n Tally.ER RP 9
    

Stock Groups G Stock Categories C Godow wns / Locati ions Units of f Measure Stock It tems Creatin ng Inventory y Masters fo or National Traders

5: V Voucher En ntry in Tall ly.ERP 9  Accoun nting Vouch hers
 

Invento ory Voucher rs Invoicin ng

6: A Advanced Accounting A g in Tally.E ERP 9
       

Bill-wis se Details Cost Ce entres and Cost C Catego ories Vouche er Class and d Cost Centr re Class Multipl le Currencie es Bank Re econciliatio on Interest t Calculations Budgets & Control ls Scenario Managem ment

© Tally Solutions Pv vt. Ltd. All rights s reserved - 201 11

7: A Advanced Inventory I i Tally.201 11 .ER in RP 9            Order Processing P Reorder r Levels Trackin ng Numbers s Batch-w wise Details s Additio onal Cost Details Bill of Materials M (B BoM) Price Le evels and Price Lists Stock Valuation V Zero Va alued Entrie es Invento ory Ageing Analysis Differen nt Actual an nd Billed Quantities 8: V Value Adde ed Tax (VA AT)  Configu uring VAT i in Tally.ERP 9 Paymen nt of CST CST Re eports   © Tally Solutions Pv vt. Ltd.ERP 9 Recordi ing Intersta ate Transact tions in Tall ly. All rights s reserved .ERP P9  Creatin ng Masters  Enterin ng Transacti ions  Accoun nting for Ret turn of Goo ods  Rate Di ifference in Purchase / Sales  Accoun nting for Int terstate Tran nsactions  Exempt t Transactio ons under VAT V      Purchas ses from Un nregistered Dealers Claimin ng ITC on Capital C Goods Inter-St tate Branch Transfers VAT Re eports VAT for Composit te Dealers 9: C Central Sale es Tax (CST T)    Basics of o Central Sales S Tax (CST) Enablin ng CST in Ta ally.

ERP T 9 Enterin ng POS Tran nsactions POS Re eports 11: J Job Costin ng  Configu uring Job Costing In Ta ally.NET Features s Connec ct Company y on Tally. Print Preview w and Onli ine Help Printin ng of Repor rts and Ch heques 14: T Tally. All rights s reserved .ERP T 9  TallyVa ault  Security y Control  Tally Audit A   Backup p and Restor re Split Co ompany Da ata     Export t and Impo ort of Data ODBC Connectiv vity Web En nabled. .NET Configu ure Tally. .10: Point of Sa ale (PoS)     Feature es of Point of o Sale (PoS) ) in Tally.ER RP 9 Configu uring Point of Sale in Tally.201 11 .ERP 9 for Multilingua M l Capabilities   Creatin ng Masters Enterin ng Transacti ions in Mult tiple Langu uages Translit teration Generating Report ts   13: T Technolog gical Advan ntages of Tally.N NET Create Remote R Use ers Authorise Remote Users Remote e Access © Tally Solutions Pv vt. Ltd.NET T and Remo ote Capabil lities       Overvie ew of Tally.ERP 9    Creatin ng Masters for f Job Cost ting Recordi ing Transac ctions Job Cos sting Report ts 12: Multilingu ual Capabi ilities  Configu uring Tally.

. . Ltd.201 11 .on Management and Controls C 15: Applicatio  Concep pt of Contro ol Centre  Installin ng & Activa ating Tally.ERP P9 Creation of Master rs Process sing Transac ctions TDS Re eports 19: T Tax Collec cted at Source      Basic Concepts of TCS T Configu uring Tally.ERP 9 for Service S Tax Creatin ng Masters Enterin ng Transacti ions Accoun nting for Ad dvance Rece eipts Accoun nting for Op pening Serv vice Tax Cre edit Paymen nt of Service e Tax Service Tax Report ts     18: T Tax Deduc cted at Sou urce      Basic co oncepts of TDS T Configu uring TDS in i Tally. All rights s reserved .ERP 9 for TCS T Creatin ng Masters Enterin ng Transacti ions TCS Re eports © Tally Solutions Pv vt.E ERP 9  Logging g to Contro ol Centre  Manag ging Accou unts using Control Ce entre 16: Online He elp and Sup pport   Feature es of Suppor rt Centre Accessi ing the Supp port Centre e Using Support S Cen ntre  17: Service Ta ax     Basics of o Service Tax Configu uring Tally.

E ERP 9 Creatin ng Payroll Masters M Process sing Payroll l in Tally.ER RP 9 Accoun nting for Em mployer PF Contributio ons Accoun nting for Em mployer ESI Contributions Paymen nt of Professional Tax Generating Payroll Reports   © Tally Solutions Pv vt. All rights s reserved .20: Excise for Dealers     Basic Concepts Salient Features of f Dealer Exc cise Enablin ng Dealer Ex xcise in Tall ly. Ltd.ERP 9 Creatin ng Masters Enterin ng Transacti ions Excise Reports R Sales & Purchase E Extract    21: Excise for Manufactu urers    Basic Concepts of Excise E Duty y Configu uring Excise e in Tally.201 11 .ER RP 9 Creation of Master rs Process sing Transac ctions Excise Reports R   22: Payroll Ac ccounting and a Compl liance      Configu uring Payro oll in Tally.

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