1. Abeeha Ibraheem Abeeha is a good girl ,she is grasping concepts steadily.

She has lots of energy and potential. She remains focused in class but sometimes needs reminder to stay on task, however she showed good improvement through out the term. Well donel

2. Aanab Imran Aanab is extremely enthusiastic child especially when it comes to participate in group activities. She makes friends easily. She has good command on all the concepts . It was lovely to have her in my class. 3. Ashaz Ashaz shows self-direction in goal-setting as well as goal achievement. He participates well in class as well as group activities and consistently finishes tasks on time. 4. Alina Zubair Alina continued to demonstrate a keen interest in learning. She kept on putting consistent efforts in all areas of her work and has shown good work throughout the term.Other then academics she has an excellent behavior because of which she is adorable. Love you sweet heart.

Fahad Rafaqat Ali Fahad is a well mannered. Hassan Mustafa Hassan has shown good progress through out the term. It was a pleasure to have him in class. She shows creativity and enthusiasm in her work. 7. Well done Ayeshal 6. polite and respectful child who enjoys learning. 8. He is a well mannered and polite child who enjoys learning. Ayesha Abu Bakr Ayesha is a good girl who co-operates well with others. He has good potential and ability to comprehend but needs to finish his written tasks more efficiently.5. . She well deserves to move on to K. He has good command on all the concepts. She is very perceptive and is always willing to work ahead of her capacity. Fatima Awais Fatima consistently participates in class and group activities.Gs. She works well in class and has shown remarkable improvement throughout the term.

She remains focused in class.however there is still room for more. Mahdia Mahmood . 11. Jon Abbass Jon has been consistently progressing. She is very polite and respectful child. 12. Hiba Hiba is a good student who completes her work on time and with care. She co-operates well with others and always tries to work beyond and above the assigned tasks. She showed good improvement in this term . Laiba Rafaqat Ali Laiba is a good student . Maha Maha is an extremely motivated student and is always applying her highest efforts into all of her class work. He volunteers frequently in class and makes wonderful contribution . Well done Mahal 13. Well donel 10.9. Good luck. He was a pleasure to have. Good boy Jon . She is a keen worker and a very responsible child.

however he needs to focus more on his written work. organize and inspire others is well noted. She is a very well behaved and thoughtful child. Musab Musa is a good boy who has shown steady progress in his work. M . Rayyan . considerate and has a positive attitude . He comprehends all new concepts quickly. He expresses his ideas clearly and is well liked by his pears.Mahdia work exhibits thought and care. 15.Well donel 16. She works well independently as well as with others. 14. He shows enthusiasm in all activities. Moussa Fayaz Moussa is a highly motivated student who participates in class activities with creativity and great deal of enthusiasm. He is respectful. 17. Bilal Khan Bilal is a well-behaved child. His willingness to lead. She shows keen interest in learning.

enthusiastic and a hard worker. . Usman Usman is a pleasant child and has shown good progress in this term and yet has a great potential to do more .Rayyan is a good student who puts forth a consistent effort to complete work on time. 19. Best of luck Usam 20. He is growing up in his attitude and in his work. Keep it up Tazmeen. Shee excels in written work. She is full of energy and has good potential. Zara Zubair Zara is a very good student and is very helpful around the classroom. 18. 21. She is always ready to work and is a great helper in class. Usam Tariq Usam is a lovely boy who is improving day by day. She is very energetic. It is a pleasure to see him grow into a lovely boy. Tazmeen Arshad Tazmeen is a very confident girl. She has shown commendable progress in a short time. Best of luck for your future. He remains focused in class and displays a keen interest in learning. It was a lovely to have him in my class.

. Zaynah Kashif Zaynah is a well behaved and polite child . She is over all a good student and her quality of work is improving constantly.She is working hard and showing good progress in all of her written work.22.

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