Airframe & flying controls

Scott Farmer

Group I – BAE Systems Jetstream 41

Airframe & flying controls
BAe Jetstream 41
    Main airframe consists of main pressurised cabin with flat bulkheads at front cabin and rear cargo bay. Passenger cabin is 78in diameter. Tail plane is Aluminium Alloy. Fuselage has 7 main sections shown in figure 1.

Figure 1 - Main Airframe [2-1-2 41 manual]

    

Main passenger door front left of fuselage with built in stairs. Two type 3 over wing escape hatches. Baggage compartment door – left side aft of pressure cabin. Type 2 emergency door at right aft of wing. Pod baggage doors.

Flying Controls
         Primary control system consists of manually controlled ailerons, elevators and rudders in a conventional control column lay out. Secondary control systems are provided as aileron, elevator and rudder trim. Manual surfaces and controlled by cable and lever systems as shown on pages 34, 36 and 38 [manual]. Geared tabs are used for control of surfaces. Two separate control circuits are provided which provide safety when one fails. Gust lock systems are employed to ensure the plane is not damaged when on the ground. All tabs connected using dual rods to avoid flutter. Interconnection between control columns is fitted with break away device when engaged cannot be rectified until on the ground. Stall warning and protection is fitted in the form of “stick shakers” and angle of attack sensors (AOA).

Figure 2 .Airframe & flying controls   Scott Farmer Group I – BAE Systems Jetstream 41 Stick push is also fitted for stall protection and is a hydraulic ram which physically pushes sticks forwards to prevent stall.Elevator Control Circuit [page 2-5-4 41 manual]  Autopilot servos are fitted in with the cable and lever systems.ATR 42 400/500 cockpit cross section [ ATR General p3 001] . Figure 3 . Cabin exterior diameter is 112. ATR – 42 Airframe   Not a lot of airframe information available.2ins. An example of the cable and lever system is shown below in figure 2.

Airframe & flying controls     Scott Farmer Group I – BAE Systems Jetstream 41 Rear entry door at aft left with built in staircase. Cargo door is located at front right.Cargo Door details [atr general p3 001] Flying Controls       Ailerons. Cargo door has electronic actuator and is shown below in figure 4.Pitch flight controls [p7/8 001 flying controls atr] . Ailerons and elevators and servo-tab equipped. Control columns can be separated like Jetstream 41 system. connections are detailed in detailed schematics as shown in figure 5. elevators and rudder are mechanically actuated. Figure 4 . Figure 5 . Service door is located at aft left of cabin. All links and cable and lever connections. Rudder is spring-tab equipped. Wind protection provided on the ground using locking mechanism and damping.

Passenger door is at front left. Figure 6 . Embraer 120 Airframe      General layout of the aircraft is similar to Jetstream and Saab. thus ensuring a reduction of the pilot’s efforts when readily needed. Emergency exits over the wings. Stick shaker and sticker mover devices are used for stall prevention. Cross section very similar to Jetstream 41. shown in figure 6.Yaw Flight Controls [p1 001 flight controls atr]   Travel limiter is employed on the rudder to ensure that excessive travel is avoided at high speeds. . Cargo door is aft left. as shown below in figure 7.Airframe & flying controls  Scott Farmer Group I – BAE Systems Jetstream 41 A spring tab provides a flexible compensation which automatically increases with the aerodynamic loads applied on the rudder.

All manual controlled systems are cable and lever systems.Cabin cross section [   . Gust lock systems are in place. Shown in figure 8. Rudder trim is hydraulically actuated. Power Control Unit (PCU) is used to translate pedal movements into rudder deflection. Aileron and elevator systems can be disconnected.embraer. Forward panel is controlled by two hydraulic systems whereas the aft panel moves relative to the forward panel. Flaps and trim are secondary controls and are hydraulically actuated (flaps).asp?tela=cross_section] Flying Controls          Primary system is same as others. Rudder is HYDRAULICALLY actuated but can be actuated manually in case of loss of both mechanical systems.Airframe & flying controls Scott Farmer Group I – BAE Systems Jetstream 41 Figure 7 . Rudder consists of two panels arranged in tandem. Rudder incorporates an electrical control circuit which monitors two pressure switches to control movement in relation to airspeed. Ailerons and elevators are mechanically actuated.

Rudder Actuation System [embraer flight controls p4 of 18]  No mention of stall prevention. .Airframe & flying controls Scott Farmer Group I – BAE Systems Jetstream 41 Figure 8 . Passenger door is at front left as shown in figure 9. Has a reinforced cockpit door to withstand intrusion forces. however this may be required by certification? Saab 340 Airframe     Cabin exterior diameter is 91ins. Cargo door is at aft left.

. Flaps and trim system are electronically controlled and hydraulically actuated (flaps) or electronically actuated (trim). Primary systems are conventional. Cannot be reengaged until aircraft is on the ground. ailerons and rudder. Stick shaker and stick push are also employed for stall prevention. Control systems are almost the exact same as the Jetstream 41. Spring tab used for rudder. manually operated rod and cable assemblies. Control columns can be disengaged from one another using excessive force. all others are geared tabs. Secondary consisting of trim system and the flaps. Rudder travel limiting device is employed.Airframe & flying controls Scott Farmer Group I – BAE Systems Jetstream 41 Figure 9 . Flying Controls           Primary flight controls consisting on elevators.11]  Not a lot of information about the general airframe.General 3 view of aircraft [Saab 340 general p2 1. Gust lock system is engaged on the ground.

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