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26 July 2011

Further Development of the AntiDoping System in World Weightlifting – Next Steps
The German Weightlifting Federation BVDG has expressed major concerns about the management of doping issues by IWF many times in the past. Many letters were written and many proposals were made to IWF, in a formal manner as well as in a personal way – without any visible success so far. With an open letter to the IWF President and all IWF member federations (delivered on 28 February 2011 by email) we intended to provoke some substantial reaction by IWF – again without any success. Our detailed proposals were disregarded and qualified as “non-compliant to the WADA Code” by the IWF President. But no specific explanation was given for that. To promote our idea of a neutral, transparent and widely accepted system of doping controls in world weightlifting – which is of course the main goal of WADA either – I applied for giving a presentation at the IWF AntiDoping Conference in Istanbul in March, but this was dismissed by the IWF President. Consequently I was invited to present the BVDG initiative during the Executive Board Meeting and the plenum of the EWF Congress in Kazan in April. There was great consent of many EWF member federations to the goals of our initiative and strong support to follow this road further on. Having this in mind EWF Executive Board and EWF Congress in Bucharest are asked now to bring forward an official motion to IWF to be treated at the IWF Congress in Paris in November this year. This motion should raise the following items to be agreed upon by the IWF members and implemented in the IWF AntiDoping System: Î Independent organisation of the IWF control system Î Supervision of the IWF AntiDoping System by WADA Î Implementation of a transparent reporting system with an annual report to all IWF member federations from WADA and an anti doping report from IWF ADC to all IWF member federations every six months.

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These core items will be the unalterable basis for enabling a sound further development of IWF towards fair competition in sport and equal chances for all athletes. To implement these three core items in detail the following is claimed: Î Independent organisation of the IWF control system - IWF ADC has to be completely independent from IWF structures - IWF ADC members are directly elected by the IWF members - IWF ADC members have to fulfil certain criteria of competence and personal profile (to be set by the IWF member federations) - IWF ADC is provided with an AntiDoping Budget which is completely planned and issued according to ADC governance Î Supervision of the IWF AntiDoping System by WADA - WADA supervises the performance of AntiDoping controls during all WCs on-site - WADA supervises the performance of OOCs throughout the year - WADA monitors and audits the IWF AntiDoping control system - WADA is asked to take an advisory seat in the IWF ADC Î Implementation of a transparent reporting system with a written report to all member federations - IWF ADC reports about its actions and about the current situation of the IWF AntiDoping System on a six monthly basis to all IWF member federations - WADA is contracted to perform external quality audits and to report about all aspects of performance and implementation directly to the IWF member federations on an annual basis. BVDG will pursue the implementation of the principles which are necessary to secure fair and equal chances in weightlifting sport. Independent controls, external supervision and transparent reporting shall be the start towards a widely accepted AntiDoping Control System in weightlifting. In this we are in concordance with the worldwide accepted principles of a clean sport, which are basis of the work of WADA and all related governments and NADOs. EWF is asked to bring the implementation of these principles forward in IWF by officially claiming its realisation in IWF rules and real governance.

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Dr. Christian Baumgartner
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