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Fat head wiggler Materials List

Western Red Cedar 1mm (.040) 10mm (3/8) Brass Rod 32mm (1 /1/4/) S/steel screw eyes 6mm (15/64) S/steel screw cups Envirotex Lite epoxy Polycraft epoxy colour paste white 5min Epoxy Createx white acrylic paint opaque Wicked colours reducer Daley Rowney acrylic shimmering blue ink Createx pink acrylic transparent paint Water slide decal paper transparent Clear acrylic lacquer 8mm (5/16) domed half beads

Body Aluminium sheet Belly Weight Hook hangers

Seal coat, base coat and clear coats White additive for epoxy base coat Filling screw eye holes Base paint colour Thinning above Shimmer Coat

Pink Stripe Decal transfer Coating for decal Eyes

VMC size 1 9623ps treble Split rigs to suit above