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which you will need to do about every inch in your beadwork. and weave a new thread in.Cor set Stitch Bracelet Weave seed beads into a supple fabric of sparkling glass. To change threads in this piece. Ornament the piece with any flat button you like. Try to avoid knots. or just let the structure shine. making it both fluid and strong. weave back through your finished work. You’ll create the open “lacing” sections with one-row of right-angle weave. then alternate it with bars of square stitch. T echni q u es an d E lements Material s Tool s •Edge binding •Ram’s horn or ball-end clasp • 10 g metallic gold size 11° Czech seed beads • 4 g matte gold size 14° Czech seed beads • 1 flat 10mm four-holed button •Gold size O nylon beading thread •Beading wax or conditioner •Sharp scissors •Size 11 beading needle T he jewelry architect 3 . This piece features a combination of two Project Notes stitches.


or 12-gauge fine silver or other precious metal wire • 2” (5.cocktail pod ring This simple and elegant ring is embellished with a single pearl on an imbedded post and is an excellent Project Notes example of how simple metal clay embellishment on the ends of forged wire can make a dramatic sculptural piece. T echni q u es an d E lements Material s Tool s •Metal clay head pin • 3” (7.6 cm) of 10.1 cm) of fine silver 18-gauge wire •5 g of fine silver metal clay • 1 to 5 half-drilled pearls or other object to set in prongs •Jeweler’s epoxy (optional) •Sharp scissors •Size 11 beading needle T he jewelry architect 5 . If you use sterling silver instead of fine silver for your wire. You can make this ring in fine silver or gold or any other metal that you can draw in wire. be sure to adjust your firing temperature down to 1200°F (649°C) to avoid damaging the alloy.

Variations on the Mod Art Cuff Metal Clay Treasure Boxes Felty Screwt Bracelet 6 .

gallery Embellished Flat Felt Flower Rivet Post Ring Puck’s Bracelet T he jewelry architect 7 .

and fibers. and rings. In addition. Beautiful color photographs and clearly written instructions will give you the building blocks to combine wirework. Kate is the author of Sculptural Metal Clay (Interweave). metal clay. connect. form metal clay ring bands. and ring bases to customize your work. beads. and so much more. fuse rings. create head pins. about the author Kate McKinnon is a mixed-media jewelry artist whose work focuses on the engineering of how elements work together. you will learn how mixing techniques and media can create art-to-wear jewelry. She won her prestigious Rio Grande Saul Bell award in 2005 for her innovative design with the product and has taught and lectured internationally. She lives and works in Tucson. Available November 2010 .95. Revel in Kate’s signature style. With The Jewelry Architect. wearable art pieces. hooks. bind edges. and traditional metalsmithing to create one-of-a-kind. beadwork. The Jewelry Architect shares tips on the best ways reinforce beadwork. Arizona. Learn how to combine techniques and how to manufacture a variety of components such as clasps. string components. ISBN 978-1-59668-176-7 $26. 8½ x 9 144 pages. earring findings. as you make 16 gorgeous fashion-forward projects. necklaces. and grow into finished pieces of jewelry. an earthy mélange of metal.content s B asic Techniques Wireworked connections Rolling and cutting Drawing beads Making head pins Sterling tubes Crimping Seed-bead stitches Square stitch Right-angle weave Herringbone stitch Edge binding Beaded crimp cover Components/ Elemen t s Clasps Simple metal clay clasps Ram’s horn clasp Ball-end clasp One-piece ear wires Ring findings Rivet post rings Wrap band rings Projects Beadwork Corset Stitch Bracelet or Choker Modern Art Cuff Bat-Ended Screwt Ensemble Riverbed Bracelet Felt and fiber Felt Cupcakes Ensemble Felt Cup Flower Necklace Flat Flower Brooch Stringing Two Strung Bracelets Sculptural Tube Necklace Felty Screwt Necklace Wire and Metalwork Kaleidoscope Setting Cocktail Pod Ring Recycled Glass Necklace Treasure Box Pendants trans form your jewelry into tru e art forms ! Innovative jewelry artist Kate McKinnon takes you on a creative journey of techniques and projects in The Jewelry Architect as she uses a variety of materials and tools to create gallery-quality bracelets. Paperback with DVD.

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