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Pet Shout Outs & Poems



a Ten Penny Players publication

Sunday, October 28, 2007 Silver Lake Reservoir Dogs celebration held at the dog run.

Selections posted on the Internet at 2 urls

Pet Shout Outs and drawings by PS 25 students. Our thanks to their teachers. Ten Penny Players work in Staten Island schools is supported in part by the NYS Council on the Arts and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

All rights revert to the authors. 2007 Ten Penny Players, Inc.

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Alexandre Saint-Francis Cohen


Rockys nice to play with. He presses the tv button with his paw. I love my dogs. I feed them. My dogs, Rocky and ShaSha, fight. They go to sleep. I love my cat My cat is my favorite pet In the whole world Kalista


The cat I want is yellow, a boy, and short I will take him outside I will play with him I will feed him He goes to sleep His name is Stanley I go outside with my mommy I love my mom Mom has a baby brother for me


When food comes he is picky. He sleeps with his eyes open. He attacks the goldfish to protect his food.

My frog is Fat, Crazy, Big Ugly, Dumb, Fast Picky, White, Slimy & Slippery.


My dog is cute and her name is Coco, Her nickname is Co. She protects me and my brother until my step dad gets home. She looks like a black bear. Coco is a blanket during the winter. Coco is fat and lazy. She is a girl and she is cute Her name is Coco.

Luis Coco

All of my fish looked silly when they were playing with each other around the tank. Sometimes they bit each others tail, and sometimes they swam faster than other fish.

Zhane My Goldfish


I have two lizards. Their names are Gumdrop and Lollipop. They are so cool. They are jumpy. They are funny, too. When you feel the lizards skin, it feels soft as a pillow. I love my lizards.

My dogs are fast and crazy, mad, furry, and sometimes mad lazy. I love my dogs. My dogs are eating machines. We love them. Their names are Coco and Grammy. I take care of them. I will not let them get hurt or stolen. They are a golden retriever and a black lab.



My cat lives with my dad. My cat eats too much, but she is cute. My cat is a sleeping machine. She is so lazy. My cats name is Bailey.

James My Fat and Lazy Cat

James Dog Boy Dog Black Jumpy Baby

James Cat Cat Girl Fat Lazy Cute Black


My cats are very poor. I have built them their own home. Every day I give them 3 cans of cat food I have to protect them from danger. My cat has a broken arm and leg. But just because she has an injury doesnt mean you cant take care of her.

Kareem My Cats Home


My cat is cute. He makes me feel happy. Hes white with a black chest. Hes furry like a beast. I give my cat food. My cats name is Parrot.

Nikye My Cat -




Loner whistling for your dog, dont you know the musked air calls both creatures low and highbrow? Fireflies signal lamping looks, distract me from my careworn books, enchant the heart to ponder these more rutting, howling rites of spring.

Marguerite Maria Rivas Loner Whistling for your Dog

Loner whistling for your pal, shes gone the way of weary wives and worm-sick apples oer ripe to dream the nightmare vernal where heavy fruit hangs pendulous but shes forbidden to pluck it sweet, for underneath its red skin, taut, mealy, brown flesh bruises.


Loner whistling for your dog, today the cool air beckons her, and she, uncaring, fearless roams the streets in search of hearts blood rich to subsume the obvious and then eschew all sentiment. Called to roaming, rolling, rutting, she and I are element.


Marguerite Maria Rivas O Honey Cat

O honey cat, you can drip drop that purr ooze onto my covers. Sweet Stria, sleep, nap-cat while I click clack poetry beside you O most forbearant cat! Youve hopped and scratched the life out of the new couch.


Youve survived homelessness basement dweller smelling like heating oil.

O most beauteous feline, fierce yet fearful, you burrow under my armpit in a thunderstorm.

Sweet Stria, purring past the last leg of her diseasemy last link to an old, old, life and springs amnesia. O most noble ears! Most velvet fur! Behind your dull cataracts, I see the lamping eyes of Isis.


Joan Payne Kincaid Obedience Re-do

She wants brown monkey and a chew stick in back of me on the puter chair tri color Parson Jack Russell

from a long walk and obedience class

where the substitute teacher tried to drag her and then in a corner she got tangled

on a metal choker until she yelped and I said enough on an about turn and I fell like a stone

nearly landing on her but being a Russell shes used to barns and horses so was way ahead of it; choke and never forgive the guy for doing never again some stupid heel command on a metal such to a four month old pup who was doing her best.


Forgive me, God, for I have coveted my neighbors dog,

Joanne Seltzer Snoopyesque

fed her word-pap, coaxed in to my bed of whimsical dreams.

Shes a cartoon that barks and licks faces and sits on command

and floats thought-balloons filled with puppy talk in translation as if she will stay nine weeks old forever never to know pain


or self-induced anxiety, never to be put to sleep.

Do I praise false gods by stroking a beagles black-patched white back? Isnt love precious wherever it blossoms? Isnt life comic?


Beautiful brown eyes that reflected your gentle soul. White blaze on your forehead that matched your white paws. Soft, silky, white and golden fur Tail constantly wagging Pouncing on your dinosaur Running around the living room with your bone in a game of tag, then stretching out like a rug on the floor Demanding that we all pay attention to you with your loud barks that could not be ignored. Dancing, walking and delicately balancing on your hind legs like an acrobat in your never ending quest for food. Pawing at your bowl spilling its contents, staring at us with your large expressive eyes as you demanded edible food and clean water.

In memory of my dog Calvin.

Eliana Garcia Calvin


Licking your paws and bathing yourself like a cat Sleeping on your back, or curled up peacefully in someones lap You were happiest just spending time with your family. You had a loving, loyal and playful nature. A puppy with many names, your stubbornness and persistence earned you the affectionate nicknames: Peste and Napoleon. \Your eating habits earned you the name Piggy or chanchito, And your sweet disposition earned you the names dearest to my heart: chiquitito, baby puppy, and Pootie. Never angry or resentful, you were always happy and ready to play. You won a place in many peoples hearts. I love you Pootie! You will always be with me: in my memories and my heart.


Alexandre Saint-Francis Cohen My Dog Summer

Summer runs on the steppes of Snug Harbor. The summer season has left us, but Summer, my dog, stays faithful as ever... Loves to run and play near Neptunes fountain every morning from 7 to 9 picking up horse chestnuts I throw to her like discarded old shoes. Get it! I yell, as she careens over 20 yards of still-green grass. Summers a blue-tick coon hound. She runs like a greyhound gazelle, still young. So Ill have her for many winters, many autumns, many springs, and many summers.



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