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The enthusiasm with which the first edition of "The Vegetarian Cook Book" was received by the public, and the increasing demand for a more extended work on the
have led to a careful revision of the book. This edition, like the former, is placed upon the market with the intention of supplying a need not met by the ordinary cook book. It is a recognized fact that the foundation for many of the ills of the human race is laid at the table through



the eating of unwholesome food.

Believing that preven-

better than cure, special attention has been given

to the preparation of healthful as well as palatable dishes.


to this plan,


as suggested

by the name of the
are the advantages

book, all meat recipes have been omitted, the superiority
of other foods being recognized.


of a vegetarian diet any longer a matter of experiment. The prevalence of disease among animals is leading thou-

sands of thinking

men and women

to discard flesh foods,

to turn to the more natural diet of nuts, grains, Special attention has been given fruits, and vegetables.


in this book to the preparation of foods that will constitute appetizing

and nutritious

substitutes for




effort has also been made combinations of food elements as interfere with the pro-

in all recipes to avoid such

cesses of digestion.



wholesome food, palatable, in



abundant variety, and with economy in the cost of prepmay be said to be the message of the book. revising In the original work, many new recipes have been added, as well as several entire chapters intended to make the book of greater value for family use, and also Accuracy in detail for restaurant and sanitarium work. has been followed throughout in the preparation of recipes; and this second edition is submitted to the public with the firm belief that aU who give the book a fair trial will find a vegetarian diet both pleasing and healthful.

E. G. F.

CONTENTS Bakery and Breakfast Dishes Beverages 235-252 345-350 225-233 Cake Cereals 253-261 285-291 Dairy Dishes Eggs 275-284 35-94 Entrees Food Combinations Food Tables Fruits and Fruit Canning Fruits and Their Preparation 373-378 367-372 323-328 315-322 General Suggestions Hygiene of Cooking Ices and Sherbets 381-384 7-12 329-343 Liquid Foods 293-297 307-313 Nut Preparations Pies 213-223 3. Preface Puddings 4 173-203 Pudding Sauces Salads 205-212 141-159 (5): .

Etc Soups 299-305 131-139 13-34 Table Etiquette and Rules for Waiters Toasts 385-400 263-273 351-365 Utensils Vegetables 95-130 .6 vegetarian cook book 161-171 Salad Dressings Sandwiches Sauces for Vegetables. Entrees.



one must engage in the real doing. A course of medical lectures does not tion of choice recipes make a physician. as well as of mixing. and boiling is one of the most common forms of cookery. When there is a gentle tremor or undulation on the surface. under this head. one hun(9) . a species of good luck. of baking. as it were. nor will a collecmake a cook. There must be a knowl- edge of compounding. of only those forms of cooking which enter into vegetarian cookery as usually understood. but exwhich practise only can give. means cook- Many kinds of food need the ac- tion of water or other liquid. and above all. There is reason in every process." ing in a boiling liquid.GOOD COOKING (^ Good cooking =D is 0= not the result of accident. When hand in it with comfort. it water becomes too hot has reached one hun- dred and fifty degrees. as well as of compiling. perience. them in the to bear the best combined with heat. a law governing every chemical change. as applied to cookery. or the scalding point. Mention will be made. is of the utmost importance. Theory alone will not suffice. BOILING The term "boiling. to cook manner.

Salt water should be used when it is desired to retain the flavor and soluble parts. is reached. In all ordinary cooking. or soluble parts. or the simmering point. Boiling effects partial destruction or removal of organic and mineral impurities found in water. pels all the air and the gases which give fresh water is sparkle and vitality. simmering is more effective than violent boiling. or anything to increase its density. This important fact rarely understood by the average cook. as in most green vegetables. If sugar or salt.10 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK dred and eighty degrees. The temperature of the water may be slightly raised by covering the kettle. and the bubbles breaking above it throw off steam or watery vapor. is added to water. When there is quite a commotion on the surface of the water. but its boiling temperature is higher. no matter how violently it may boil. and much fuel is often needlessly wasted because of the mistaken idea that rapidly boiling water cooks food more quickly. Fresh water should be used when the object the flavor. it takes longer for it to boil. is reached. therefore the sooner water after it used begins to boil. two hundred and twelve degrees. the more satisfactory will be the cooking. it becomes no hotter. Boiling water bursts . Cold water draws out the starch of vegetables. as in soups is to extract and broths. After water reaches the boiling point. The is excess of heat escapes in steam. or the boiling point. hence the importance of boiling Boiling also exits the water where such impurities exist. This explains why boiling sirup and boiling salt water are hotter than boiling fresh water.

(214 degrees). the water should boil food. drier . adheres to the pan. (1) In a steamer. (2) By means By this method the heat is conveyed from the boiling water. without much loss of substance. The process is a form of steaming. of a double boiler. and its fat rendered more difficult of digestion. and burns easily. The milk is then reaches a temperature of only 196 degrees. 11 and is absorbed by the swelling starch. and called scalding milk. The steamer is placed over boiling water. made Watery vegetables are by steaming. steadily until the food is done. By heating milk in a double boiler. milk Milk being thicker than water. is used instead of less of the steam and it becomes hot sooner than water. At its boiling temperature escapes. and flour mixtures develop a different flavor from that which they have when baked.GOOD COOKING starch grains. but requires less There are two methods of cooking by steam: attention. and the steam carries the heat directly to the food. which is a covered pan with perforated bottom. to the When cooking by steam. It takes a longer time than some other ways of cooking. through the inner boiler. It is a very satisfactory and convenient method. MILK water. In cooking some kinds of food. these dangers are avoided. and softens the cellulose in cereals and vegetables. the casein contained in the milk is slightly hardened. STEAMING The process of cooking food over boiling water is termed steaming.

The intense heat. Pan broiling is broiling on a hot sur- face instead of over hot coals. BAKING Cooking by means of dry heat. Meat cooked it in a closely covered stew-pan. when baked BRAIZING This flavor is a combination of stewing and baking. Dishes thus cooked are highly esteemed. is known The closely confined heat of the ovefl. as bread. and oven. and every as baking. is cooking directly over. so that retains its own and the flavors of the vegetables and seasonings put with it. For many kinds of food the baking is as important as the mixing. BROILING Broiling. meaning *'to burn. develops flavors which are entirely different from those obtained by other forms of cooking." fire. the clear cooking.12 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK STEWING This is cooking in a small quantity of water at a low temperature for a long time. produces a fine flavor quite unlike that obtained in any other way. many kinds of pudding. are more wholesome than when cooked in any other way. the hottest form of combined with the free action and of the air. cook should thoroughly understand how to regulate the Nearly all flour mixtures. The food loses less nutriment when stewed than when rapidly boiled. cakes. as in a close oven. . is braized. is or in front of. and is a form of boiling.



tatoes. squash. onions. watercress. corn. Add salt a short time before re- moving added when the vegetables first start cooking. sago. If properly made.SOUPS Cream soups fresh article is are seasonable at table in its season. string-beans. tapioca. served with or without fruit. spinach. cucumber. barley. delicious Observing these proportions and following the foregoing cream soups are made of rice. lentils. All vegetables should be cooked very tender in boiling water. salsify. be used in soups to advantage. By a puree is meant a soup thicker than a cream soup. cream soups and purees are dainty. hot. Any desired fruit juice may be thickened with corn-starch. chestnuts. they are very easily made. using any vegeCanned goods may be used when the not obtainable. tomatoes. or cold with cracked KINDS OF SOUP directions. and nourishing. it tends to harden them. macaroni. spaghetti. delicious. mushrooms. and they therefore require longer cooking. beets. sago. peanuts. any time. cauliflower. baked beans. for dinners and luncheons. and will be found very delicious. carrots. asparagus. peas. may it can be be afforded. a teaspoonful of whipped cream may dropped into each plate. or arrowroot. and are wholesome and refreshing. They may be added to the soup with or without . If Vegetables that are too tough and old to cook in any other way. Fruit soups are in favor during hot weather. polima beans. etc. celery. and ice. if (15) .

they should be and mashed. spaghetti. "When it thickens. and vermicelli should be broken the desired length before being put into String-beans should be minced before the boiling water. nut butter. cut them into little squares. but sago Rice and barley may be cooked and tapioca should be cooked in a double boiler. drain. add salt. celery salt. stirring constantly. with a little brown flour. Protose may be cooked with the vegetables tables should be if it can be afforded. melt in a saucepan over the fire. and onions in enough water to make half the amount of stock required. When the vegetables are done. celery. they are added to the soup. . in a stew-pan. and add an equal amount of rich bean broth. carrots. Macaroni.16 VEGETAEIAJSr COOK BOOK forcing through a colander. FOUNDATION OF CREAM SOUPS Rub flour to a one heaping tablespoon of butter and two of sifted cream. CROUTONS FOR SOUP Take thin slices of bread. VEGETABLE STOCK Boil minced turnips. and add slowly four cups of milk. and just enough strained tomato to remove the sweet vegetable taste. The vege- put to cook in cold water. boiled If chestnuts are to be used. that the sub- stance and flavor may be well drawn out. and whatever seasoning and ingredients are desired to make the soup. This stock should be of the consistency of broth when done.

Roll out very thin sprinkle with flour to keep from sticking. Beat the eggs will well. raw. mix them to lightly to- gether. tablespoon. and drop into the soup a few minutes before serving. a tablespoonful ing soup. into the NOODLES FOR SOUP Beat one egg till light. and at as much flour as make a smooth. EGG DUMPLINGS FOR SOUP Milk. add a pinch of salt. rather thick Drop this batter. make into balls. add the milk. and beginning at the end. Salt. Then roll up into a scroll. 2. and flour enough to make a stiff dough. hard-boiled. and brown in a quick oven. batter. EGG BALLS FOR SOUP Egg Egg Rub the yolks. 1/2 6. and to prevent their sticking together. yolks. Eggs. the hard-boiled yolks and flour smooth. boil- a time. free from lumps. 2. After till all are cut. keep them floured a little you are ready drop them into the 2 . then add raw yolks and the salt. 1 cup. slice into strips as . Flour. thin as straws. Flour. Mix all well together.SOUPS place 17 to a golden color them in a baking pan. 1 teaspoon.

and let simmer slowly two or three hours. . Cream. 1 cup. medium size. size. 2 quarts. Stew the beans and onions in the water until tender. boiled too long they go to pieces. WHITE BEAN SOUP White beans. There should be about one quart of Strain. BEAN TAPIOCA SOUP White beans. cooked and strained. reheat. add nut butter and salt. Water.18 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK If soup. grated. cup. Salt. Tapioca. 2 quarts. Mix all the ingredients together. 4 cups. Hot water. Water. 1 tablespoon. bring to a The addition of some cream wiU improve boil. 1 tablespoon. and serve. 2. Salt. Tomatoes. 1. press through a sieve. % % cup. soup when done. Bay leaves. medium 1 teaspoon. Nut butter. Salt. and serve. this soup. 2 cups. 2. Onions. which should be a few minutes before serving. Onion. VEGETABLE BOUILLON Vegetable soup stock.

boiled. Onion. 1. Rice. and cold water enough three hours there will be six when they have cooked cups of liquid. y^ cup. small. cooked and tomatoes through a sieve. Eub water to the beans butter rubbed in flour. heat well. reheat and serve. omitting the tapioca. 1 tablespoon. Celery Butter. 2 cups. LIMA BEAN SOUP Lima bean or brown bean soup may be prepared the same as bean tapioca soup. 1 tablespoon. Tomatoes. and enough boiling make the proper consistency. press through a strainer. Salt. salt. and cook till clear add hot water to make of proper consistency. 1 cup. rice. cream. Butter. add tapioca. stewed. Salt. Strain and add a pinch of celery salt and a . add salt. add the onion. Flour. Boiling water for required consistency. and serve.SOUPS 19 Cook the beans in water till well done. 2 cups. BEAN BROTH Small white beans. Wash that the beans . cooked. season with salt and . BEAN AND TOMATO SOUP Beans.

and thicken with the flour. and add and serve. Wash the rice in warm water. 1 cup. 2 cups. heat well. CELERY AND TOMATO SOUP Celery. Celery salt. Butter. CREAM RICE SOUP Rice. 5 cups. 2 cups. season.20 VEGETARIAN" COOK BOOK small piece of butter. Salt. 1 tablespoon. and cook in a and serve. Salt to taste. CREAM CELERY SOUP Celery. Flour. Milk. Chop the till celery rather fine. Broth from the celery. little water tender. 2 cups. gredients to the milk. 1 tablespoon. stewed. press through a sieve. cook until tender. 1 cup. and soup stock. MiUi. Heat the milk. and add the tomato. to the boiling . Celery salt. 1 quart. This broth may be served to the sick instead of beef tea. milk. 2 tablespoons. salt. Press the and add it and the other inReheat and serve. Tomatoes. Vegetable stock. Salt. celery through a colander.

or milk.SOUPS 21 CREAM CORN SOUP Corn. add more water. CEREAL SOUP Onion. Cream Salt. 4 cups. 1 heaping tablespoon. chopped. 1 can. 1 cup. strained. 2 cups. 4 cups. reheat and serve. Salt. Grind the corn in vegetable mill. heat and serve. Salt. CORN SOUP Sweet corn. 1 tablespoon. 1 teaspoon. season with and serve. heat to boiling point. If desired. ground fine. fine colander. Butter. Bring to a boil. 2 cups. . 1 cup. and press through a add the cream and salt. 1% cups. salt. CORN AND TOMATO SOUP Kornlet. Bay leaf. rubbed fine. 2 cups. Water. rub through a colander. Vegetable soup stock. 1. Left-over porridge. 2 cups. Water. Celery salt. Tomatoes. Mix thoroughly. Milk.

6 cups. add the celery salt. . add boiling water. Strained tomatoes or vegetable broth may be used in place of the soup stock. 14 pound. Cook the noodles in stock for about twenty minutes. 1 teaspoon. Sage. Flour. browned. 12. four cups. salt. stir for a moment. Nut butter. then add to boiling strained reheat and serve. Onions. NUT NOODLE SOUP Vegetable soup stock. and strain. Salt. Thyme. cup. 1 teaspoon. and serve. 1 teaspoon. stock. tomatoes. bring to a boil. NUT AND OLIVE SOUP 4 cups. strained. Eggs. 3. Noodles. carefully. salt. one tablespoonful . one cup. together till fine. Soup Ripe olives. until the onion is perfectly soft. browned. without NUT CHOWDER SOUP Nuttolene or protose. % Lemon juice. 2. and serve. 1 tablespoon. cook browning the butter. then add the water and milk. hard-boiled. Bay Chop with all leaves.22 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Into a saucepan put the chopped onion and butter . thicken flour. Tomatoes. 1 tablespoon. 2 tablespoons. reheat. 3. bay leaf. and porridge. chopped.

1 tablespoon. NUT AND ASPARAGUS SOUP Asparagus. 1 pinch. Salt and serve. and herbs. Hot water. thicken with gluten. Nut butter. 1 cup. put through a sieve. and serve. NUT AND TOMATO SOUP Onion. Savory or green herbs. 4 cups. add stock and salt. meal. Butter. and add the tomatoes and water boil. Gluten meal or browned Let all boil together thoroughly. 3 cups. . reheat and serve. finely cut. Slice the onion into a heated saucepan with the butter brown two or three minutes. 1 tablespoon. then add the nut butter. brown a little longer. Cook till the asparagus is very tender. Nut Salt. except the browned flour. stewed. Vegetable soup stock.SOUPS 23 of the stock. Salt. 4 cups. let . strain. NUT MEAT BROTH Water. 2 tablespoons. 1 cup. which should be added after the soup has boiled. Tomatoes. 1. salt. and serve. 4 cups. Emulsify the nut butter in a little add the remaining stock and the rest of the ingredients. Gluten. flour.

Salt. heat and thicken. \ Turnip. boil fifteen minutes. Press the peas through a colander. 2 cups. dilute the nut butter as for table in the colander into the hot water. Celery. until done. 1. butter. 2 tablespoons. and celery. 2 stalks. add the ground potatoes and the butter. 1 tablespoon. Boil twenty minutes. . Carrot. turnip. Green peas. Sage. Rice. salt. 5 cups. Potato. Onion. 1-3 cup. size of walnut. Butter. 3 cups. and cook NUT AND PEA SOUP 1 can. 1. and serve. onion. 1. and add to the puree and water. water. RICE AND VEGETABLE SOUP Rice. stir. Water. Flour. 1. and put with tbe rice into three quarts of water. Nut Hot Salt.24 VEGETAEIAN" COOK BOOK RICE AND NUT SOUP Vegetable stock. 1/4 teaspoon. Salt. use. put that remaining and again press through the colander. Grind tbe raw carrot. 1 teaspoon.

salt. in a stew-pan. 1 quart. 1 quart. Onion. 2 tablespoons. Place parent. Flour. Salt. Water. 1 pint. . 1 slice. CLEAR TOMATO SOUP Tomatoes. Salt. strained. stir. and cook for fifteen minutes. Salt. cook until the sago is trans- and serve. "Water. Sago. a press through again heat. Bay Place all leaf. all in a stew-pan. strain. strained. press tiie peas through add the portion left in the colander to the colander.SOUPS 25 CREAM PEA SOUP Peas. . and thicken. 1 quart. and milk. Drain the juice from the peas. Rich milk. Butter. Butter. TOMATO SAGO SOUP Tomatoes. reheat. 1 can. 1 pint. and serve.

Butter. stantly to keep smooth. 1 Tomatoes. 2 Tomatoes. Flour. 1 tablespoon. 1 tablespoon. strained. stirring con- Heat the tomatoes in which has been emulsified the nut butter. 1. strain. Flour. Milk. Salt. and reheat and serve. heat thoroughly. about 4 tablespoons. plenty of salt to bring out the flavor. strained. Butter. PLAIN TOMATO SOUP Tomatoes. • Bay leaf. Place the butter in a pot. set on the range. Beat the tomato and milk together carefully. Salt. and let braize till light brown. Use . small. Nut butter. put in one bay leaf and one small onion. 4 cups. TOMATO BISQUE NO. Put the tomatoes in double boiler. .26 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK TOMATO BISQUE NO. salt. Salt. add the flour. and stir until well mixed . 4 cups. Onion. Peanut butter. 1 tablespoon. 1 tablespoon. then add hot milk. 1 teaspoon. 1 pint. 1. 3 cups. and when scalding hot add the nut butter emulsified in enough water to pour readily mix together and salt to taste. and thicken slightly with flour.

letter will be enough Macaroni. then add. TOMATO VERMICELLI SOUP Tomatoes. Rich milk. and thicken both with flour to consistency desired for soup cook about five minutes. SOUPS 27 stir Melt the butter in a saucepan. beans. barley water. Salt. let boil five minutes. 3 cups. seaIn place of the stock. If skimmed milk is add butter before serving. and beat constantly while adding slowly the thickened tomato ing. and add too thin. I/2 cup. 2 cups. 1 cup. and serve. pour half of the thickened milk in a round-bottomed dish. rice. Cook the vermicelli water.. . 2 cups. or alphabet may be used instead of vermicelli. etc. Flour. while still beat- remainder of the milk used. if in the tomatoes till done. or son. spaghetti. Vermicelli. Water. the broth from peas. Heat the milk and tomatoes in separate double boilers. the . salt and serve. . CREAM OF TOMATO SOUP Tomatoes. A rounded tablespoonful of each for each quart of soup. the flour in well. strained. may be used.. bind with a little thickening of butter and flour. and add the tomatoes and stock.

to a brisk boil. removing the hulls. Tomatoes. top. add a little boiling water. they begin to get tender and are yet quite moist. Flour. then add gradually enough boiling water to make of consistency of soup salt. SWISS LENTIL SOUP Lentils. season with salt. to blend ingredients. reheat. Put the ring. 1 cup. Salt. beat till smooth. . butter. Nut Salt. if The drying-out may be finished in the oven the lentils are covered so that they will not harden on When well dried. add stewed tomatoes. boil. Onion. and rub through a fine colander. 1 cup. 1. and serve.28 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK LENTIL AND TOMATO SOUP Lentils. Water. lentils to cook in a large quantity of boiling stir- water. browned. 2 rounded tablespoons. Stew the lentils and the onion in water one hour. 2 cups. 1 tablespoon. small. and browned flour bring . Flour. slice the onion and press into the lentils until covfire until lentils ered keep the vessel over a slow. 1 tablespoon. Into this pulp stir the browned flour. browned. stewed. 4 cups. boil rapidly a short time. . then simmer without When . nut butter. even are well dried out. press through a colander. 1. and set where it will keep hot twenty minutes to an hour. Onion.

add a little boiling water or rich milk to thin the soup. salt. Boil the lentils in the water with the onion. stirring carefully. one sprig. 1. Nut butter. Mince the onion very in a saucepan. 1 quart. Asparagus. and serve. Salt to taste. fine. Flour. carrot.SOUPS 29 GERMAN LENTIL SOUP cup. Cut off the tips of asparagus (which can be served to advantage on toast). and serve. boil gently about one and one half hours. 10 stalks. Add flour. a few slices. 4 cups. Carrot. a few slices. or a little celery Salt. and shred the next inch and a half very fine and place in the saucepan with the butter and flour. 1 slice. add nut butter and apple sauce. % salt. Next slowly add the milk. and return to soup kettle. I/2 cup. sauce. put through a sieve. If necessary. 1 tablespoon. Onion. FULTON'S FAVORITE Rich milk. Celery. Lentik. turnips. and celery. Salt. Butter. Turnip. and brown in the butter and brown slightly. bring to a boil. . Apple Onion. 1 tablespoon. Water. 1 teaspoon.

. Milk. Potatoes. cook it to a golden brown color. Flour. Parsley. Stir the flour in. Pour in the milk boiling hot. This Let simmer will appear as small dumplings in the soup. and stir briskly to prevent lumping. and mix with bread and milk. parsley. Add the nuttolene. 2. and celery. 3^ cup. . Salt. 1 teaspoon. 114 quarts. 4. and cook until brown. Rich milk. 4 cups. Flour. Celery stalk. 1 teaspoon. 2 tablespoons. 4 or 5 Onions. Soak the bread in the milk. 3 tablespoons. 1 teaspoon. 1. Beat the egg with enough flour to make a stiff batter. the onion. but thin enough to pour pour this into the boiling stock. Water. Flour. medium size. stirring at the same time. 2 cups. twenty or thirty minutes. 1 teaspoon. slices. Egg. Butter.30 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK MOCK CHICKEN SOUP Butter. 1. Put tlie butter in a saucepan with. salt and serve. being careful not to scorch. Nuttolene. 1. chopped fine. boil onions and potatoes in water until well done. WHITE SOUBISE SOUP Bread. Onion.

Butter. 2 quarts. 1 quart. add a little boiling water. 1 quart. 1 quart. 2 quarts. Milk. Salt. Slice the vegetable oysters. Flour. "Water. j/ . but do not allow to boil. strained. Butter. Add the thickened milk to the vegetable oysters. VEGETABLE OYSTER PUREE Vegetable oysters. and cook colander. OKRA SOUP Okra. 1 pint can. season with butter and salt. . 4 tablespoons. Milk. Water. and cook in the water until tender. it bring again to the boiling point. season with salt and add to the and butter. Slice the vegetable oysters very thin. in the water until tender. 1 quart. Tomatoes. and serve. Salt. also thicken the milk which has been heated. Salt. 1 pint. and serve. 4 tablespoons. VEGETABLE OYSTER SOUP Vegetable oysters. press through a fine thickened milk. Water. Flour. fine sieve.SOUPS 31 strain all through add a salt and flour rubbed in the butter If too thick. 1 quart. thicken with a little of the flour.

add to water and and cook moderately for two hours. barley. cup. % % Onion. and add water and serve. 1. JULIENNE SOUP Fresh peas. ^^ cup. the peas by themselves. Tomatoes. Parsley. tomatoes. Potato. Cook the turnips and carrots together in just enough water to prevent scorching. force through a colander. reheat into the strained tomatoes. Shave the vegetables to fine shreds. Carrots. 2. mix together. cut in dice. 1. 1. Onions. 1 quart. Broth. PLAIN VEGETABLE SOUP Water. and add the broth from beans. and stew for fifteen minutes. Season with sage or thyme. Turnips. 6 cups. cup. 2 cups. Tomato. Carrot. 1-3 cup. strained. Turnip. and add a little chopped parsley just before serving. chopped. When all are done. 1. minced. chopped. the potatoes and onions in the same manner. 1. salt to taste. "^' Potatoes.32 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Put the okra and salt. chopped. or vege- . Celery stalk. 1-3 cup.

WHITE SWISS SOUP Rice. and stir Beat well the yolk of the egg with in the boiling soup. 2 Onion. Cream. season sieve. add the rich milk. 2 cups. Potato. Water. 1. 14 teaspoon. y2 cup. When the vegetables are well done. boil. The water the vegetables are cooked in should be used in the soup. Let it boil. 1. 1. small.SOUPS table stock. SWISS POTATO SOUP Potatoes. II/2 cups. cook in stew-pan with cover when done. salt and serve. reheat. Egg Salt. tomato. the flour. and bring to a with salt. salt. 1. 2 cups. Rich milk. rub through a and serve. and add the onion and potato. Salt. 3 . yolk. 33 serve. Slice the potatoes sufficient water to and onions. Flour. and parsley reheat and . add cream. Onion. Boil the rice in water.

1 cup. . and FRUIT SOUP Strawberry or other juice. Y / Tomatoes. 3 cups. Lemon juice. FAMILY FAVORITE Soup stock. mashed. Mix serve. Sugar. Sago. 1 pod. according to taste. cool. Salt. 3 cups. 1 tablespoon. and serve in sherbet cups with chipped ice. 1 quart. add the pineapple and lemon juice and sugar. Water. all together. reheat. and boil one hour . Potatoes. Pineapple juice. 1 tablespoon. Sliced okra. 1 tablespoon. may be seasoned with celery onion. ^/^ cup. Salt. strain. With the strawberry or other juice cook the sago in double boiler. A This palatable soup may be made very salt.34 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK CREAM POTATO SOUP Milk or cream. stewed. or otherwise. quickly by adding hot milk to mashed potatoes in the proportion given above. 1 cup. 1 cup.



and salt. 1 tablespoon. Milk. Egg. Color. Have the potatoes ready. cream of and salt. the eggplant. fine and dry. 1 cup. grated. cooked and strained. and put into a pan to cool. tomatoes. Mace. % loaf to a Cook and mash the eggplant. Salt to taste. mace. cup. long. and bake Heat the milk to boiling. IV2 cups. stir. dip in egg and crumbs. ^ cup. Eggplant. Bread crumbs. I/2 cup. stir in the farina or until nicely browned. stir the nuttolene or nut cream in a little of the milk. while hot. 1 cup. Nuttolene or nut loaf. 1. butter. wheat. (37) . then add the rest Set in of the milk. Potatoes. 1-3 cup. iy2 cups. y^ teaspoon. V Tomatoes. Serve with parsley or butter sauce. 1 scant teaspoon. put in oiled pan. Farina. Let stand Cut in slices about five inches at least twelve hours. freshly cooked and mashed. add the farina mixture. onion. FILLETS OF VEGETARIAN SALMON Milk. mashed. Salt to taste. boiled and mashed. Butter.MOCK WHITEFISH Farina or cream of wheat. Onion. 3 cups. vegetable red enough to make salmon color.

Cook the minced onion and celery in the oil until brown. VEGETARIAN TAMALES Nuttolene or nut loaf. 1 cup. When well cooked. Fill custard cups with this mixture. then add the floui'. mixing till the color is perfectly blended. Celery. minced. 1 pint. . and the other ingredients. ^ % pound. and set aside to cool and give the flavors time to blend well. strained. Turn deep. Serve with parsley sauce. 21/^ tablespoons. % cup. Mix thoroughly. and bake. Onion. Flour. tion of grated onion The addition of a small porand a teaspoon of lemon juice may improve this for some. 14 pound. stir in the raw egg and the color. Olives. %. Tomatoes. Oil. and let cook fifteen or twenty minutes. 1 pint. into a deep pan to cool. cut into slices. Protose. and bake. put in minced seeded olives. when scalding bot. % cup. should be about When cold. add the farina and bread crumbs. Salt. Remove from the range.38 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK double boiler. egg. after they have been forced through a fine colander. Hominy. Mix well. two inches crumb. and next the hot strained tomatoes.

diced. boiled. Nuttolene. Brown the onion in the butter. let all simmer for two hours. 1 pint can. mace. 2 cups.ENTREES 39 GUMBO STEW Okra. Cook the tomatoes and okra in the water. Mix onion all. medium size. strained. Salt. and stew be added until the flavors are well blended. Nuttolene may be substituted for the protose. 1 quart. Salt. Onion. Watercress. diced. Rice. sliced. Water. celery salt. with the seasoning . parsley. Xy^ quarts. 2 cups. y-2 ^ pound. the parsley or cress. i/4 pound. 1 cup. Protose. Protose. VEGETARIAN STYLE Ripe tomatoes. 1. and grated if may desired. 1 tablespoon. % pound. then add Serve the tomato and okra. on platters on tablespoonful of boiled Garnish with . brown all together a few minutes . rice. 1 cup. add the protose and nuttolene. OKRA GUMBO. Tomatoes. Rice. Okra. Butter.

Form oven. 1 pound. Oil. % Mix thoroughly. form oven. and cut the cabbage into . Turnips. roll in gluten or browned flour. Carrots. carrots. 1 tablespoon. slice the onions. 2 cups. Salt. Cabbage. and brown in the NEW ENGLAND BOILED DINNER Potatoes. 3 teaspoons. Nuttolene. 1. 3 tablespoons. Eggs. 1 pound. Onion. 1 cup. VEGETARIAN SAUSAGE Boiled rice. into patties. 1/2 teaspoon. 1% 2% Cut the potatoes. iy2 teaspoons. Sage. 2. Protose. put a small piece of butter on top of each. cups. cups. 41/2 cups. into patties. 3 cups. grated.40 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK VEGETARIAN HAMBURGER STEAK Protose or nut cero. and brown in a hot Serve with tomato sauce. grated. Onions. Sage. pound. and turnips in three-quarter- inch cubes. Onion.

2 teaspoons. I/2 pound. Salt. i/^ cup. Salt. chopped. Bread crumbs. Butter. add BAKED STUFFED TOMATOES Tomatoes. 6 slices. Peel the eggplant. 6. 1 tablespoon. 3 cups. sifted toasted bread this the milk. - medium size.ENTREES pieces about one 41 and one half inches square. and cover with salt If it crumbs or sifted granola. cup. Boil the The carrots and turnips may also be cooked together in salted water. Parsley. chopped. add a little more milk. Protose. toasted. "When all are done. and cut in of an inch thick. too becomes dry. and bake. teaspoon. BAKED EGGPLANT A LA CREME Eggplant. Pour over and small piece of butter. and serve with slices of protose potatoes and onions together. The cabbage may either be cooked separately or be added to the carrots and turnips when they are partially cooked. slices about three fourths Place slices in a pan. Milk. % % . Onion. Sage. Bread crumbs. chopped. toasted. 1 teaspoon. mix together. or other nut food that has been braized in a tomato or brown sauce.

1 pint. Place all in layers in a granite pan. sprinkle chopped the bread crumbs. and mix with this Then add the other ingredients. until tender. 2 tablespoons. Celery. Drain the juice from the peas. 2. PLAIN Potatoes. POTATO CHOWDER. and Place a small fill the tomatoes. 2 quarts. 1 can. and bake in a hot oven. and bake until well set. minced. 1. piece of butter on each. Milk or cream. sauce. then the well-beaten whites. in oven. Parsley. cup. milk. Serve at once. and the beaten yolks. Onion.42 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Take out the inside of the tomatoes. pour into a greased pan. diced. minced. force them through a and add the salt. then add a pint of cream and serve. GREEN PEA SOUFFLlS Green peas. When nearly done. % Cream Salt. Salt. I/2 cup. and cook under cover. sliced. parsley over the top. until the tomatoes are cooked. Eggs. fine colander. piling mixture up on top. . sauce. adding a little salt with each layer. Cover with hot water.

Corn. . % Salt. Salt. into the milk. grated. add the and potatoes.ENTREES 43 CORN CHOWDER NO. medium size. and the sliced potatoes. Put the butter flour. Tomatoes. teaspoon. Butter. Potatoes. Grind the corn. Onion. lyo cups. and then with the cream. braided smooth with a onion. Protose or nut cero. . Tomato Salt. 2 quarts. Flour. sprinkled with salt. bake until the potatoes are done. little and bake under cover until the potatoes are tender. CORN CHOWDER NO. . granite pan. ^2 pound. sauce. 2 cups. 1^ cups. ESCALLOPED CORN Corn. 2 Corn. 3 tablespoons. 6. Cream. diced. 1 Milk. size of walnut. 3. and place half of it on the bottom of a Next add the protose or nut cero. pour into a granite pan. 1 can. and heat thicken with the cold millc. corn. which has been diced. Potatoes. cover with the remainder of the corn. salt. 2 cans. 11/^ cans.

cup. beaten. on this slice the peeled tomatoes. % % cup. Rich milk. Salt. 1. Mix the corn. 14 cup. bake. beat the egg. % Bread crumbs. 2. sprinkle with bread crumbs. Tomatoes. 1 cup. 1 can. Nuttolene or protose. ground. all together. the beaten eggs. Celeiy. minced. Oil.44 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK Grind the corn. % cup. GREEN CORN NUT PIE Corn. Now cover with the remainder of the corn. and then with the tomato sauce. Milk. cup. 1. strained. and place a layer of it on the bottom of a granite pan. minced. Eggs. Oil or butter. Egg. and bake until well set and browned. Flour. Braize the celery and onion . . 34 cup. chopped. 1 cup. and the salt. Water. mix Braid the flour with a portion of milk. the milk. Flour. three fourths of a cup of flour. Y^ cup. BAKED COEN Com. Salt to taste. Onion. 2 cans.

Bake a little butter or spoons of flour. 1 teaspoon. then mix with the other ingredients. and cover the bottom with one half of the corn mixture then put in the nut food mixture and on top put the remainder of the com. 1 cup. Onion. Cover with the pie paste.ENTREES in 45 oil. OYSTER PIE Vegetable oysters. 1 teaspoon. tomatoes. and minced nuttolene or protose. VEGETABLE OYSTER PIE Vegetable oysters. Parsley. and put in a shallow baking pan. 1 teaspoon. chopped. grated. Protose or nut cero. till nicely browned. Potatoes. Parsley. Parsnips. Cream sauce. Pie paste. Boil the vegetables separately until tender. 2^/2 cups. Oil a baking pan. 1 quart. 1 pint. . Salt. Salt. . 4. 1 cup. Pie paste sufficient to cover. Cream sauce. and bake a light brown. and add to them two tableand the water. Serve hot. % pound. Eggs. hard-boiled.

Parsley. 2 cups. drain. cooked. Onions. . 2 cups. which has been boiled down until there greased granite pan. paste. and chop have the eggs boiled hard and chopped fine. Cover all with a thick pie and bake. Cream gravy. Potatoes. 1 teaspoon. Cook the macaroni in salted water. sprinkle with toasted bread crumbs. 1. 3. Onion. and nuttolene to the cream gravy. sauce. mix well. 2 cups. Salt to taste. 3. Egg yolks. fine. 1 pint. FISH PIE Macaroni. add the salt and onion. remains only one cupful. mashed. and brown in the oven. Over all pour a cream sauce made of one cup of cream and the broth from the vegetable oysters. and pnt with the vegetable oysters. 1 cup.46 Slice VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK and stew the vegetable oysters. and protose or nut cero. y Cream sauce. eggs. grated. Eggs. Mix all together. Green peas. Serve with tomato Chili GREEN PEA AND NUTTOLENE PIE Nuttolene. 1 quart. Pour into a granite pan. diced. Add and the green peas flavor with onion if desired. and place in a Mince the parsley. and the onion grated. chopped fine.

put the sliced hard-boiled eggs over all. MOCK CHICKEN PIE Potatoes.ENTREES 47 and cover with a crust made of the mashed potatoes mixed with the egg yolks. 2 cups. Nuttolene or nut loaf. I/2 pound. protose or nut cero. Bake until a light brown. Cover all with pie crust. chopped. then a layer of sliced cero. BAKED POT Carrots. Thyme. % onion. Onion. and let set five minutes. Tomato. . 1 cup. boiled. % Milk. chopped. cups. pound. Eggs. and bake till done. minced. Substitute milk for tomatoes in the nut gravy. Pie crust. li/^ PIE Protose or nut cero. Parsley. 4 cups. nut chopped protose or nut little Pour the gravy over this. and over this a layer of nuttolene or loaf cut into thin slices. Sprinkle on a onion and parsley. into an oiled baking pan a layer of the thinly sliced boiled potato. and a little chopped parsley. Onion and parsley. 3. Protose or nut cero. then add potatoes. cup. Cook the carrots about one hour. 1 cup. strained. 1 pound. Potatoes. Nut Put gravy.

browned.48 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK in just enough water to keep from burning until Season with thyme and salt to taste. % % Eggs. Parsley. put in an oiled pan. 2. and cooking oil. cup. Carrots. bake. minced. and bake in a moderate oven till it is nicely the onion Brown other ingredients. 4 tablespoons. Salt to taste. mashed. a pinch some pan. and parsley in the oil. Bake thirty to forty minutes in a moderate oven. and of salt. and place in a small baking chopped parsley. Potatoes. Cooking oil. Peel and slice the tomatoes. Add the strained tomato. Pour over these a mixture made by beating one egg in one cup milk. TOMATO PIE Tomatoes. Nut food. Oil. Salt. . Simmer NUT AND VEGETABLE PIE Onion. Pie paste. chopped. 6. mashed. and add the and put in oiled pan. Parsley. 2 cups. 2 cups. minced. and cover with a rich pie paste. On top of this put Cover with thin pie paste. pound. potatoes are done. 1 cup. 3 tablespoons.

MOCK CHICKEN CROQUETTES Com. roll in crumbs. cup. form into desired bread crumbs. Dip the croquettes in the egg. CHICKEN CROQUETTES Potatoes. up with a ETC. Hot water. and break fork. Walnuts. cup. boiled. add a tablespoonful of hot water. Rice. 2 tablespoons.ENTREES 49 EGG MIXTURE FOR CROQUETTES. toasted. y^ cup. Egg. milk. 1. and mix shape. Nut butter. Lemon Eggs. Bread crumbs. % % . i/^ cup. juice. 1 cup. Sage. Walnuts. mashed. minced. 1/4 cup. but do not beat in too much air. Salt. Bread crumbs. cup. ll^ cans. 1. and bake. browned. Egg. 1 teaspoon. 2-3 cup. Grind the corn. and bake. Break an egg into a bowl or deep saucepan. chopped. chopped fine. chopped. Onion. FILLETS. beaten. 3. 2 tablespoons. and mix. Nuttolene. roll in all together . y^. Cream. hard-boiled. Salt. 1 cup. or cream to soften the albumen of the egg. 3 teaspoons.

1 tablespoon. Boil and 4. cooked. Salt. Sage. crumb. size. bread crumbs and egg. roll in browned bread crumbs which have been oiled or buttered. Butter. medium potatoes. Bread crumbs. Mix roll all the ingredients well. form into oblong croquettes . 1 cup. the yolks of three eggs. grated. 2 cups. Eggs. 6. 1 pound. mash the add the minced protose salt. 2. 2 teaspoons. form into desired shape. Onions. . 1% cups. Potatoes. Mix thor- egg.50 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Mix all together. and bake until nicely browned. and form into croquettes. in HASHED PROTOSE CROQUETTES Protose or nut cero. and bake. Rice. 1. Salt. DRIED PEA CROQUETTES Dried peas. Oil. NUT AND EICE CROQUETTES Nut cero. Eggs. and oughly. Salt. Egg. and bake. or nut cero. dip into beaten eggs and milk.

Wash. 2. boil- Drain. bread crumbs. Oil. Bread crumbs. into small rolls about three inches long. Mix thoroughly. with tomato sauce. and bake in moderate oven. Salt. Egg. Drain. press through a colander. Serve with tomato sauce. and bake. and cook in boiling water until tender. form into desired shape. % cup. and bake in a quick oven. Soak the beans overnight. 1 cup. and form salt. . press through a colander. Eggs. Cream. 1 level teaspoon. 1 tablespoon.ENTREES 51 Soak the peas overnight. and cook in fresh ing water until tender. Bread crumbs. drain. cooked. 2 cups. add roll into roll in salt and oil. Mix roll in all the ingredients well. and Mix thoroughly with other ingredients. 1. beaten. roll in bread crumbs. 1 cup. bread crumbs. Salt. or about an hour. BEAN CROQUETTES Navy beans. SWEET POTATO CROQUETTES Sweet potatoes. dip in beaten egg. dip into beaten egg. and Serve cylinder-shaped croquettes.

roll in egg and buttered crumbs. and add the chopped walnut meats. Onion. Eggs. Walnuts. 1 quart. 2 tablespoons. one egg. and bake. . Oil. 1 cup. Parsley. % Rub the lentils through a colander. cooked. WALNUT LENTIL PATTIES Lentils. Bake in a slow oven until nicely browned. Onion. Next add flour or gluten in sufficient quantity to form into shape. and a pinch of salt. form into patties. add salt and cream. 2. Eggs. Bread crumbs. cup. Serve with gravy. steamed. 2 cups.52 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK POTATO CROQUETTES Potatoes. chopped. hard-boiled. Granola or bread crumbs. chopped. Salt. 1 teaspoon. Thicken with bread crumbs or granola. LENTIL PATTIES ON MACARONI Lentils. 2 tablespoons. then the grated onion and minced hard-boiled eggs. Cream. Eggs. grated. Flour. Mash the fresh steamed potatoes. minced. 3/2 cup. 2. 2.

add flour. 4 tablespoons. LENTIL HASH Lentils. li^ cups. using pulp the rest add ander. Cook the lentils in six is tender and the water cups of water until they are quite almost dried away. and cook. cooked. Turn the whole into a bake pan. and put with the lentils and potatoes. . Salt.ENTREES 53 and put through a colof the ingredients. 2 tablespoons. Walnuts. minced. Oil. Grind the walnut meats. 1 tablespoon. with creamed the oven. Serve on a platter Cook the lentils until tender. Butter. 1^ cups. stiff enough to form into make bread crumbs to sufficient crumbs. Onion. in egg and and brown in Dip the patties patties. season with salt. 1 cup. 2 cups. and salt to taste. macaroni. cold boiled or baked. and put with the lentils. Add a little butter. put into one and a half cups of hot water. Then press them through a soup strainer. minced. and bake slowly. Flour. Heat the onions in oil. Potatoes. To this WALNUT LENTILS Lentils. add a few small pieces of butter.

Rice for Bananas: Cook the rice in fourth cups of water in a double boiler done. 3 cups. 1 cup. . a custard made of egg. Lemon or vanilla flavoring. % Bananas. Bring the milk to a boil. and serve with stewed prunes. Simmer the bananas in this sauce for half an hour. Milk. and boil in sufficient water until Drain the water off well. 1. Sugar. and serve the bananas on it. Fruit. Vanilla. peaches. done. or any other kind of fruit. Sugar. and sugar. stewed. 6. % ^Sg. the rice clean. and season with vanilla. Form into molds. press through a sieve.54 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK RICE MOLD WITH FRUIT COMPOTE Milk. Cook until set. till done. Flavor with lemon or vanilla. two and one The rice should be soft and each grain standing out separate when Make a layer of the rice. cup. Rice. while hot. cup. Wash RICE AND BANANA COMPOTE Rice. Add. thicken with a teaspoonful of corn-starch or flour. 2 tablespoons. and add sugar to taste. milk.

bread crumbs. 1 quart. and fill in the center with the protose mixture. line in the filling. 2 cups. Corn-meal mush. GOLDEN NUT CHARTREUSE Thick cream sauce. Eggs. sufficient to thicken. 1 quart. and press down gently. put as for protose chartreuse. 4. especially on the top of the loaf. and serve with jelly sauce in which the two eggs. . and cover with Make the the filling the same pan with the mush. cover with the rest of the rice. Protose. Eggs. or other nut food. Salt.ENTREES 55 PROTOSE CHARTREUSE Thick cream sauce. It may to the be found necessary to add a little cream gravy mush. Protose. Bread crumbs. Line "a baking pan with part of the rice. Rice. ^ pound. two and salt. remaining eggs have been mixed. cooked. to get it to spread well. To the cream sauce add the protose. Mix thoroughly. Bread crumbs. mush. 2. 2 cups. Salt. % pound. Bake.

1 tablespoon. Eggs. Oil. rice. 1 pint. With the finger press the cut edges closely together. . Cream. 14 cup. and add it. Chop the nut food fine. add the hot milk and salt. and when cool. not spread. 1/2 cup. cutting into ob- long pieces about two and one half by five inches. and bread crumbs enough that the mixture will flour. or other ingredients may be used instead of the nut food. Remove from the stove. when hot. % % Salt. Nuttolene or nut loaf. Put the butter into a saucepan. Milk. and let cook a few minutes. Sage. moisten the edges of the pie paste. Bake. coarse. work in the eggs one at a time. stir in the and brown. Roll out pie paste as for pies. VEGETARIAN BEEF STEAK Lentils. pound. Flour. % cup. pound. "Butter. 3 cups. Bread crumbs. cooked. 2. and serve with jelly sauce. Bread crumbs. and fold together over the filling. Lentil puree.56 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK MOCK CHICKEN RISSOLES Protose or nut cero. then cut in the form of a half circle. Salt. Place on one end of this a spoonful of the filling. The filling may also be seasoned with sage or grated onion. 14 cup.

Dip thin slices of bread in a mixture of one egg and a cup of milk. the oil. sliced. and the minced onion browned with the chopped celery in a little oil. Allow to cool. 1 tablespoon. Add salt and sage to taste. DRESSING NO. Add sage. 1 or 2. Thicken with granola or bread crumbs. 1 cup. Cold milk. Bread. mix well with the sifted lentils. or thin slices of nuttolene or nut loaf may be used instead. 1 German Walnut Salt. salt. one egg. 1 cup. Stale bread. 2. chopped. Eggs. Add the walnut meats. few minutes. meats. 14 cup. Celery salt. Eggs. Onion. Milk. Thoroughly wash the lentils. lentils. Make alternate layers of 1 and 2. and allow to soak for a MOCK TURKEY WITH DRESSING cup. and brown in an oiled pan. 1. boil slowly until tender. chopped. l^ loaf. i^ cup. and run through a colander. Granola or bread crumbs. and steam for two hours or more.ENTREES 57 and cream to the bread crumbs. 2 cups. Celery. 2. 1 . Butter. Sage. minced. then slice.

pour off some of it. If the bread up most of the milk. Butter. Milk. Salt to taste. chopped. Eggs. 1/4 cup. Parsley. minced. Drain. Soak the bread in milk until well saturated. 2. 1 cup. and the bread. sage. Serve a slice of roast dients together. and add the bread to the . Stale bread. then squeeze out with the hand. Soak the bread crumbs in the milk. % loaf. then mix Bake until set. 2. and soak in the milk. Sage.58 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Crumb Stir in does not take onions. DRESSING NO. crumbed. Serve with cranberry sauce. butter. 4. and season with salt. grated. Eggs. 2 tablespoons. Sage. 1 cup. and chop fine. with a spoonful of dressing on one end and cranberry sauce on the other. 2 Onions. cup. Onion. all the ingre- OLIVE PATTIES Olives. 1 tablespoon. large. Stale bread. beaten egg. Milk. % Peel and parboil the onions. beaten.

Protose or nut eero. and enough gluten that the mixture can be molded. Beat egg into hot mashed potatoes. drop in beaten egg. pound. onion. Proceed as for making sandwiches. and salt. and Seed the olives. Bake in a quick oven to a light brown. cut in two in the center. Trim the edges. Gluten. OLIVE AND NUT RAREBIT Olives. Nuttolene. and sage. into shape. Olives. l^ pound. grated onion. form OLIVE AND POTATO PATTIES Potatoes. olives. and well.ENTREES beaten egg yolis. 2 tablespoons. Sage. mix and bake. minced. and mix and mince with the protose or nut cero the sage. grated. mashed. Egg. Bread. Salt. nuttolene. roll in bread crumbs. 1. ^ Onion. . add the olives. 'Egg. % cup. Add cook as for cutlets. 59 well. 2 cups.

Salt. ^ pound. and bake for twenty minutes. Bread. Rice. and grated onion. olives. Mix well. Salt. Brown gravy. l^ pound. and cut through the center. cream. cover with a second slice as for a sandwich. protose.60 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK OLIVE FILLETS Olives. cooked. and spread on thin slices of bread. 1 cup. . Protose. sage. Onion. and seeded and add the salt. grated. sage. Add the salt. Sage. Oil. 1/2 cup. Mix well. Eggs. Nuttolene or nut loaf. and place the prepared sandwiches therein. 1 quart. leaving an inch or so between them. trim off' the crusts. bread crumbs. 1 tablespoon. Mince the nuttolene or nut loaf. Onion. Cream. Sage. 2. Press the lentils through a fine colander. and one egg. grated. 1 cup. Put a small amount of gravy in a granite pan. Cover with the remainder of the gravy. Bread crumbs. onion. 1 pint. LENTIL CHARTREUSE Lentils.

RICE AND EGG SCRAJMBLE Rice. Drop in spoonfuls on oiled griddle. 4 cups. and serve hot. Fill with the lentil preparation. and brown on both sides. Cook the a colander. Flour. I/4 cup. Scramble the eggs in the milk. 2 cups. and tin. salt when nearly . or bake in the oven. and cover with the remainder of the rice. Milk. 4. Rich milk. 1. butter. 1 cup. done. Egg. and press through Put with these the milk. and beaten yolk. and serve with marmalade or apple sauce. paper. drain. lentils until tender. Eggs. Butter. mix thoroughly. cooked. salt. 1 tablespoon.ENTREES 61 Line the bottom of a bread tin with a piece of manila and line all with mixed the remaining eg^. Bake until well set. grease this and the side of the a portion of the rice with which has been serve with jelly sauce. Garnish with parsley. flour. LENTIL FRITTERS Lentils. add mix with the rice. % cup. and add the stiffly beaten white.

in a little water. 2 cups. 2 tablespoons. Onion. strain. 2 tablespoons. onion. and one and a half cups of hot water. and add to the rice. Salt. Bay leaf. 1 stalk. minced fine. add two tablespoonfuls of flour. 1. in four tablespoonfuls of oil. and cover with sauce made as follows. Oil. until brown. and stir till brown. 1. and thickening with the flour braided SMOTHERED GARBANZOS Boil and drain garbanzos. and finish cooking in the following sauce: Sauce: Put in a saucepan the oil. minced. Tomatoes. . Boil the rice until about two thirds done. and stir occasionally to prevent burning. and brown. 1 cup. This sauce may be prepared by cooking the other ingre- dients in the tomatoes. Then add the flour. afterward cooking for at least fifteen minutes: Sauce: Cook one small onion. let cook a few minutes. smaU.62 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK SPANISH RICE Rice. and bay leaf. set over the fire. Pour in the tomatoes. celery. drain. Flour. Celery. then add two cups of hot strained tomatoes. minced.

1. onion. Walnuts. Mix all together with enough bread crumbs to make right consistency. grated. flavor. iy2 cups. make set stiff. chopped. 1 cup.ENTREES . hard-boiled egg . roll in and one egg for each egg and crumbs. chopped. and bake. Walnuts. Stale bread. Sage. and onions to gravy. Egg. Salt. 1-3 cup. 1% cups. Parsley. I/4 cup. 3 (1 hard-boiled). through a vegetable mill. add to equal quantity of thick cream form into shape. six croquettes. Milk. drain. add crumbs to and one egg to each roast. GARBANZO CROQUETTES Grind cooked garbanzos. 1 tablespoon. Mix with the lentil pulp. and grind through a mill. bread crumbs to thicken. Bake until well and brown. walnuts. HOLIDAY ROAST Lentil pulp. 2 cups.63 GAEBANZO ROAST Boil. Eggs. Onion. 1-3 cup. Butter. bake. Bread crumbs. chopped. IMPERIAL NUT ROAST Pea pulp.

Salt. Butter. to thirty minutes longer with the pot Eemove from fire. Bread crumbs. and bake forty-five minutes. size of walnut. 1 cup.64 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK minced fine. 1 (recipe given on page 57). large. press through a colander. 1 cup. and add a layer of dressing Na. or until nicely browned. When tender. Eggs. Bake in a moderate oven. and bread crumbs enough to make stiff. strained. Hot water. 1 pint. butter. then the remainder of the mixture. LENTIL ROAST Lentils. . small. place a layer of this in a roast pan. butter. 1 tablespoon. meats. Cook the lentils in sufficient water to prevent burning. 1. Onion. 1% cups. and eggs. NUT AND POTATO ROAST Walnut Eggs. 1 cup. 1 cup. Walnuts. 1. Tomatoes. Raw 1^ 2. Mix well. 2. two beaten eggs. cups. Salt. Cook for twenty-five closely covered. parsley minced fine. Onion. ground. and salt to taste. potato. Butter. 1. Granola. and put with the granola or bread crumbs. ground walnuts. add the sliced onion. small. press into a baking pan. drain.

Stir together. sage. and Thoroughly wash the beans. and mix with the hot water. toasted. and pour over the hot strained tomatoes. 1 cup. 2 teaspoons. or granola. bake. and salt. chopped. onion braized in oil. onion. li^ cups. butter. Egg. Make a layer in the center of a granite pan. 1/2 pound. and raw potato through a vegetable mill. Salt. 5 . Add the chopped walnuts. thoroughly. i^ cup. and salt to taste. Sage. Bread crumbs. Onion. 1. Serve with gravy. it should SCOTCH PEA LOAF Scotch pea pulp. bread crumbs. Nut food. egg. Thyme or sage. 1. be covered. basting occasionally to with the tomato. and bake. Walnuts. Butter. eggs.ENTREES 65 Grind the walnut meats. it is liable burn on top. Boil when done rub through a colander. and soak overnight. BEAN AND NUT LOAF White beans. Egg. Bake in a medium oven If for one hour. Put into an oiled pan. Thicken with granola or toasted bread crumbs. thicken with toasted bread crumbs or granola. 1 cup.

Have the three remaining eggs boiled hard. well beaten. then simmer as dry as and put through a colander. and bake. Cooking oil. 2 tablespoons.66 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK MOCK VEAL LOAF Nuttolene or nut loaf. then put the three hard-boiled eggs in a row through the center. Egg. 14 pound. salt to taste. all together. Serve with sauce imperial. Cracker or zwieback crumbs enough to make a stiff mixture. 5. raw. 1 cup. i^ pound. Cook the lentils until tender. possible. 14 teaspoon. Sage. small. minced. Press down gently. and the shells removed. Milk. Protose. and mix in enough bread crumbs that it will mold nicely. together with the protose or nut cero. Put one half the loaf mixture into a bread-pan. % cup. and bake in a deep breadGarnish with parsley or young celery hearts. 1. braized in the butter. Brown the onions in oil. HAMBURGER LOAF Lentils. size of an egg. . Protose or nut cero. Salt to taste. Onion. 14 pound. Eggs. 1. Onion. Butter. chopped. and add to the lentils. and two raw eggs. Mix pan. and cover with the remaining mixture. 1/4 cup. Salt. Bread crumbs.

boil again. broken and into inch lengths. CREAMED MACARONI Macaroni. of the and salt.ENTREES 67 BOILED MACARONI. butter. Cook the macaroni in plenty of boiling water until Turn off the water. to prevent sticking to the bottom. Mix well. 1. and MACARONI IN CREAM Macaroni. into a saucepan. and put with it the boiling milk then remove to a cool part of the stove. Boil the macaroni. PLAIN Put two cups of macaroni. and put into a gravy milk. Return the macaroni to the saucepan. Milk. and cook for . Butter. and wash the macaroni by done. Flour. boil till tender. and let it come to a Drain in a colander. 1 cup. 1 cup. Add enough cold water to stop boiling. 2 large tablespoons. made serve. Stir gently once or twice. . Rich milk. Boiled macaroni may be served with a gravy or fruit sauce. Egg yolk. Salt. 4 cups. flour. or about thirty minutes. 2i/2 cups. pouring two or three quarts of cold water over it. Cream. salted. cover with plenty of boiling water. 2 cups.

Milk. 4. made from rich milk sprinkle with bread crumbs. stir in the cream gravy. Break the macaroni into one-inch lengths. the boiling cream. and turn into a deep pan. add the beaten yolk and Shake the pot.68 thirty minutes. hard-boiled. Salt. water. sprinkle over it the hardboiled eggs chopped fine. Eggs. EGG MACAEONI Macaroni. VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Before serving. . and bake in a moderate oven thirty minutes. 3 cups. and boil in salted water thirty to thirty-five minutes. 2 cups. 3. Break the macaroni into inch lengths. Cream gravy. Eggs. cups. 1 tablespoon. II/2 cups. and salt. and boil Drain. 2 Bread crumbs. macaroni. and bake until in salted water . Granola. and wash with cold till tender. beaten eggs. Drain. MACARONI WITH EGG SAUCE Macaroni. to mix the egg with the Salt to taste. nicely browned. Stir as little as possible. Pour over this a custard made of the milk. Put into a baking dish. Sprinkle with granola.

Cream or rich milk. and pour into a granite pan. 2 cups. There should be enough kornlet and cream to cover the macaroni smoothly. Kornlet. macaroni. Tomatoes. 1 can. Corn. and salt. cup. MACARONI AND KORNLET Macaroni. Break the macaroni into one-inch lengths. and boil in thoroughly done. and add the kornlet. y^ cup. 1 cup. and it should not salted water be too moist when done. and boil in till tender. cooked. Boil the tomatoes. raw. % % cup. raw. Cream. 1 tablespoon. sprinkle with bread crumbs. Salt to taste. Mix thoroughly. and . Break the macaroni into one-inch salted water till lengths. ' MACARONI WITH CREAM TOMATO SAUCE Macaroni. Grind the corn. 1 cup. Drain. spread in a baking pan. and bake. 1 cup. Flour. Salt. and add to the cream and cooked salt to taste. Cream. 1 pint.ENTREES 69 MACARONI AND CORN Macaroni. stewed and strained. and bake a light brown. cream. Salt to taste.

sprinkle on this one half of the granola. remove from the range. season with salt. cups. pour the sauce over. 1 cup. Salt to taste. making two layers. Repeat with the remainder. Butter. turn out into pan. 2 cups. Flour. Egg yolks. and chop fine. drain. and salt to taste. Grranola. put one half in a baking pan. and The cream may be omitted if preferred.70 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK little thicken with flour rubbed smooth in a the macaroni. cup. Mix this sauce flat with the let macaroni. the beaten yolks of the eggs. Salt to taste. raw. and stir in quickly . % 2% Cook the macaroni till tender. raw. and . stir until thick. Bake until nicely browned. the cream. Milk. Heat the milk when boiling. 1 tablespoon. drain. water. and cover with one half of the gravy. 2 tablespoons. Boil the macaroni in salted water until tender. add the butter and flour. that have been rubbed together until smooth. Add Drain serve. MACARONI WITH GRANOLA Macaroni. mix well. MACARONI CROQUETTES Macaroni. which should be hot. 2 cups. Butter. 2. Cream sauce. 1 tablespoon.

diced. 3. in- MACARONI A L'lTALIENNE Macaroni. Protose. . 1 cup. 1 cup. raw. MACARONI DUMPLINGS Macaroni. Pour this dressing over the macaroni. and thicken with the till done corn-meal. Boil the milk. % gredients. and bake. and add the rest of the Let simmer thirty minutes. grated. Salt to taste. 2 tablespoons. When thoroughly cooked. cool. pound. Serve. Egg yolks.ENTREES 71 to When cold put with it sufficient bread crumbs form into croquettes. Salt to taste. . onion. Onion. 1 cup. cooked and strained. 2 cups. Tomatoes. cooked. Corn-meal. Salt. Milk or cream. MACARONI NEAPOLITAINE Brown gravy. Cook the macaroni. grated. Onion. and serve hot. 3 cups. 2 tablespoons. water Break the macaroni into one-inch lengths boil in salted drain. Sage. raw. drain. . 1 cup. egg. crumb. add the tomatoes. Macaroni. and salt.

Grate a little nutmeg over. or thick sour milk. seasoned with nutmeg. cooked. Sour cream. and add a layer of cooked macaroni. and about one cup Pour in (See egg sauce recipe. into boiling broth. Break the macaroni into inch lengths. dessert. Egg sauce. Season to taste. and salt. This may be served as a MACARONI AND CHEESE. finishing with the apple sauce.) of egg sauce. page 68. . 1 2% cups. till the apples are slightly browned. and boil in salted water until tender. a granite baking pan. Eepeat Bake till the dish is full. VEGETARIAN STYLE NO. and drop from a spoon Serve in the broth or with gravy. sage. Add the sour cream. Macaroni. and put in a layer of mashed and sweetened apple sauce. 1 cup. and bake. i/^ cup. MACARONI WITH APPLE Butter a deep baking dish. and sprinkle with bread crumbs. add the egg yolks. onion. Bread crumbs. Drain.72 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Press the macaroni through a fine colander. Serve with sweetened cream. and mix in a few bread crumbs.

salt. Butter. Cottage cheese. Milk. 2 cups. 2 cups. Butter. Oil. add to a and pour cold water over it. 1% cups. minced. Tomatoes. TOMATO MACARONI Macaroni. minced. strained. MACARONI BAKED WITH PROTOSE Macaroni.ENTREES 73 MACARONI AND CHEESE. and tomato sauce made of the hot strained tomatoes. 1 tablespoon. 1 cup. -^ Boil macaroni in sufficient water until tender. 1 tablespoon. 1. Flour. medium size. Add the cottage cheese and butter. 1-3 cup. butter. Salt. Onion. Break the macaroni. 1^/4 cups. empty into a colander. and mix thoroughly. and Cook five minutes. 2 Macaroni. 1 tablespoon. sprinkle with bread crumbs. and serve. flour. Milk. and simmer until done. and bake. 2 teaspoons. drain. VEGETARIAN STYLE NO. not cooked. Bread crumbs. 2% cups. Pour into a baking pan. about half done. Flour. pour over it enough milk to cover. 2 cups. Protose. . and cook in salted water until Drain.

Bake in a moderate oven till brown. Vegetable oysters. plant. 2 cups. Sage. season with butter. in a granite pan until well set and nicely browned. . previously salted macaroni into one-ineli lengths. 2. with salt. 2 tablespoons. Salt. mashed. Butter. Tomatoes. Season Break tlie . and sage. IVIACARONI SCALLOPED WITH VEGETABLE OYSTERS sliced. and enough bread crumbs to thicken properly. Butter. 1 tablespoon. and turn into a baking pan. then turn into a colander. cooked. Beat the eggs. Eggs. and braize till nicely browned then add the flour. Next add the milk.74 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK boiling water. 2 cups. 1^^ cups. Salt. 2. and put with the tomatoes and egg Add the macasalt. Bake roni. 1 cup. MACARONI WITH EGG PLANT Egg plant. strained. and sprinkle with bread crumbs. 2 cups. Bread crumbs. and drop into boil from one half to three quarters of an hour. Eggs. Macaroni. and stir until brown. Drain. . Sauce: Put the onion into a stew-pan with the oil. Flour. Rich milk. and pour cold water over it. peeled and Macaroni. 2 cups. . Pour this sauce over the macaroni. then the protose.

1. and chop roni. 1 cup. being thinner. these a gravy made of the milk. then place in alternate layers in a pan. Salt to taste. prepared from the same dough as are macaHowever. butter. bake in a quick oven till nicely browned. Put into till an oiled pan. Stir carefully so as to get the gravy thoroughly.ENTREES 75 Boil the macaroni and vegetable oysters separately. Milk. raw. beat thoroughly. Form and make stiff with the bread cutlets of any shape desired. 1 cup. nicely browned. 1 cup. crumbs. Bread crumbs. and bake tomato or cream sauce. 2 heaping tablespoons. flour. For its use. it will cook recipes for macaroni. protose. Flour. and thicken with the flour. minced. quicker. and drain. see . Sprinkle a few bread crumbs on top. Boil the milk. stir in the well-beaten egg. ^gg. and Pour over and mixed through salt. Serve with VERMICELLI Vermicelli is roni and spaghetti. drain. fine. Add the maca- and into salt. Protose. eggs. MACARONI CUTLETS Macaroni. Boil the macaroni in salted water till done.

to permit the custard to run through. When it is well drained. Make a custard of two eggs. Turn this custard over the pie. 2 tablespoons. strain. Cook the vermicelli fifteen minutes. and bake in a quick oven thirty minutes. Tomatoes. Eggs.76 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK VERMICELLI NUT PIE Nuttolene. Flavor with celery salt. y^ pound. and boil until . Vermicelli. y^ SPAGHETTI IN TOMATO SAUCE Spaghetti. Cook the nuttolene ten minutes in two cups of rich then rub through a strainer. Break the spaghetti into small pieces. two cups and a teaspoonful of salt. Flour. and cover with the other half of the vermicelli. of milk. making several incisions with a spoon. broken. 4 cups. bottom of a pie dish with one half of it. Pour over this the puree of nuttolene. 2 cups. Rich milk. Serve with or without sauce. 2 cups. cold water over line the it in the strainer. 4 cups. Salt. and pour milk. 2. SPAGHETTI Spaghetti can in most cases be substituted for macaroni in the recipes given in this book. Sprinkle a few bread crumbs over the whole.

1 tablespoon. Drain. add hot tomatoes. Sprinkle with bread crumbs. 1 pint. and drop into boiling salted water. and bake well. 1 pint. sprinkle with flour to prevent sticking. to make a very stiff dough. Flour. and boil down until there is one With this put one cup of cream. and salt to taste. When boilleft. made as follows: and oil. Eggs. narrow strip. 77 Mix Let flour boil. cup sufficient Place the ing. to the stove. Roll out thin. stiff dough. Spaghetti. SPAGHETTI AND VEGETABLE OYSTERS Vegetable oysters. salt. Cream. cooked. and roll up crosswise into a long roll. Whip the eggs until light. add the . and stew the vegetable oysters. and pour over them the cream sauce. and work in making a smooth. in a long. Salt. 1/4 teaspoon. add flour to make a thin gravy. Pour over this tomato sauce. spaghetti and vegetable oysters in layers in a granite pan. Then with a sharp knife cut into very thin slices. Flour. Cook about twenty minutes. the flour. Salt. 1 cup. 2.ENTREES well done. Slice return it NOODLES Butter. pour the melted butter over. Drain off the broth. and serve hot.

Sprinkle this with finely chopped onion and a little powdered sage. and served with the above garnishes without being cooked.78 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK PROTOSE OE NUT CERO Protose or nut cero jelly. the second against the first. % cup. Salt to taste. Tomato. vegetarian or mayonnaise. chopped. sliced may be served cold. Nut butter. then Place in a deep baking pan. or grated onion. sage. sliced. 1 pound. . minced parsley. and so on. smooth in a salt is little tomato. Onion. and pour over it a nut cream made of two heaping tablespoonfuls of nut butter emulsified in enough hot water to cover the protose. 2 tablespoons. strained. or pressed through a colander. A little celery may be used if desired. letting the first piece lean against the end or side of the pan. 1. Add to the whole the browned flour. Sage. Cut the protose lengthwise through the center. with chilli sauce. celery salt. browned. Cover and bake till the gravy thick and brown. and mixed with lemon juice. and formed in desired shape. ROAST OP PROTOSE Protose. lemon. Flour. or it may be mashed. 2 tablespoons. rubbed cut each half in six pieces.

and bake in a quick oven until nicely browned. NUT CERO AU GRATIN Nut Cero. and steam or boil until tender but not overdone. ENTREES 79 PROTOSE WITH BEOWNED POTATOES Peel the potatoes. - Bread crumbs. NUT FRICASSEE WITH BROWNED SWEET POTATOES Cut some nut food into half-inch cubes. Bake in the oven till the potatoes are done and nicely browned. 1 pound. grated. Serve with the it thick . 1 pint. and place in a granite pan. Tomato sauce. Cut protose in strips of the same thickness. fricassee. and bake. cero. Put them in a baking dish with a little butter or olive oil salt. Salt. and pour over them vegetable stock sufficient to cover. and pour over brown or white gravy sufficient to cover well. Place in a pan alternate layers of the potatoes and protose. Mince the nut . . Onion. if desired. and cut into slices three fourths of an inch thick.. Let this simmer about one hour. pour over it the thick tomato sauce add salt and onion if desired sprinkle with bread crumbs. Peel the potatoes.

1 cup. 1. then put in the flour. 2 cups. 3 cups. and serve.80 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK JAMBALAYA Eed Beans. " Onion. Protose. Add the above to one quart of gravy prepared as di- rected for tomato gravy. and cook a few minutes. 2 teaspoons. Rice. Celery. Add the other ingredients. and brown that. ^^ pound. minced. minced. cooked. minced. Tomatoes. 1 tablespoon. . or nut cero. i/2-inch cubes. 1 tablespoon. 1 cup. cup. 1 tablespoon. Rice. PROTOSE PILAU Water. Onion. Flour. Flour. strained. 2 cups. cooked. add the onion. Butter. add the tomato. stirring to prevent the flour from lumping. 1 teaspoon. Heat the butter in a saucepan. boiled. browned. Salt. minced. 1^^ cups. % % pound. 1 cup. PROTOSE OR NUT CERO JAMBALAYA Butter. Rice. Nuttolene. Tomatoes. and brown. Protose. Protose. minced. cooked. 1 cup. minced.

1 cup. Brown gravy. PLAIN Protose. have ready a salt. 2. 1/4 pound. Form into patties. If desired. Bake in greased pan till lightly browned. Tomatoes. -" Cook the beans ing. 1 cup. Thoroughly crush the protose. brown gravy. FRIJOLES WITH NUT CERO MEXICANO Red beans. strained. in just enough water to prevent scorch- When done. 1 pound. Salt. the tomatoes and with the nut cero. together and let simmer for an hour or more. and mix with the salt and one egg. Nut cero. I/2 cup. 6 to which add and pour over the beans. 3 tablespoons. thicken with two heaping. Roll in egg and cream. Bread crumbs.ENTREES 81 Let simmer ten or fifteen minutes. the crumbs may be slightly moistened with cream. and celery salt to taste. Eggs. Salt. diced. then in bread crumbs.teaspoonfuls of browned flour mixed with strained Season with salt tomatoes to consistency to pour easily. . Cream. PROTOSE PATTIES.

2 cups. 6. Brown gravy. and a pinch of salt. Onion. Put the butter in a saucepan. add the onion. Eggs. 1 pound. and use When as a garnish. Form into balls. Mince the onion and olives. PROTOSE STEAK A LA TARTARE Protose. add the mayonnaise. and cut into as many slices as needed. 3 tablespoons. Onions. 1. Bake until the eggs are done. % pound. Butter. With this mix the minced protose.82 VEGETABIAN COOK BOOK PROTOSE STEAK Split a pound of protose in two lengthwise. and drop an egg yolk into each depression. and set on the range. 1 tablespoon. 6. Cut the protose or nut cero into twelve slices. Broil in a pan and serve with brown sauce. minced. making a depression in each ball. Olives and onion mixed to garnish. hot. oil. Lay . Mayonnaise. Cooking Salt. i/^ cup. large. PROTOSE OR NUT CERO STEAK SMOTHERED IN ONIONS Protose or nut cero. and cook until brown.

3 cups. Sage. and Bake until the stock is reduced to a thick brown gravy. Vegetable stock. Broil the protose a nice brown (but do not burn). Butter. Cover. and watching carefully that the onions do not burn. Cover. 6 large slices. Butter a deep pan. minced. Bake until the stock is reduced to a rich brown gravy. Salt to taste. 12 slices. Onion. 1. 3 cups. On this lay the slices of protose. cut a little less than half an inch thick. turning the protose once. and put into the oven to brown. NUT LISBON STEAK Nut cero. Brown gravy. and drop into the gravy (any good brown gravy will do) let simmer an hour or two. BRAIZED PROTOSE Protose. pouring the brown gravy over all. and pour over the whole the vegetable stock. . return to the oven. . and sprinkle with the minced onion and sage. of the gravy.ENTREES half of 83 them in an oiled baking pan add the sliced onions and then the remainder of the protose or nut cero. Serve hot with a spoonful . medium size. Remove from the oven.

Celery salt. 1 tablespoon. Put all together except the flour. 1. Flour. strained. and let simmer thirty or forty minutes. Egg yolks. onion. Bring to a boil. Thicken with the and serve. Flour. 2. Hot water. cut into cubes of one half inch. Just before serving. flour. cut in irregular pieces. add the beaten yolks. flour. 1 tablespoon. PROTOSE FRICASSEE Tomatoes. minced. Vegetable stock. White Salt. 1 teaspoon. 2 cups. 1 cup. strained. Add the minced parsley. to the vegetable stock. 4 cups.84 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK RAGOUT OF PEOTOSE Protose. 1 pound. Onion. Protose. and strained tomatoes and add the protose Cook for a few minutes. Parsley. 1% cups. 1 pound. flour and thicken with a few spoonfuls of a ]ittle rubbed smooth in water. Salt to taste. adding enough boiling water from time to time to keep the original quantity. browned. Tomatoes. .

Mix the gravy with the strained tomatoes. strained. . NUT CERO POT ROAST cero. also salt and salt. tomato in a baking pan on this of protose. cero. Tomatoes. Tomatoes. Salt. Butter. and Cover. Protose. then remove the cover. pound. Cut the protose Put one slice into twelve slices. Sugar. then a slice of tomato on top. and bake until the tomato is Place a small piece of butter on each. 2 cups. 1 cup. Gravy. Brown gravy. PROTOSE AND RICE Rice. and brown very lightly. pound. salt to taste. Onion.ENTREES 85 PROTOSE SMOTHERED WITH TOMATOES Protose. Serve two tomatoes garnished with parsley to each person. which has been sliced and Bake one hour. slice of and cut each tomato . 12. % Salt. celery nearly done. Celery salt. and pour over the nut placed in a baking pan. grated. 2 cups. 2 tablespoons. put a so on. in halves. u Nut % Salt to taste. % pound.

SPANISH Butter. cups. and put with the well.cooked Add the grated onion and salt to taste. 2 tablespoons. Then stir in Stir the flour. cup. 1. and tolene or nut loaf. mix thoroughly. and cook ten minutes. Put the butter into a saucepan.86 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Break up the rice. chopped. 1 tablespoon. Thicken with a little flour worked smooth A little protose might also be added. small. Then add potatoes and nutand cook slowly until potatoes are done. cups. Mix in thoroughly a pint of brown or cream gravy. add the sliced onion and minced parsley. Parsley. 1 cup. with butter. 1% 1% Put all together except the nuttolene or nut loaf and potatoes. Tomatoes. Flour. STEWED PROTOSE. 4. . granite pan. Butter. protose. % % Salt. Celery. Salt to taste. Turnips. cup. Carrots. Onions. boil one hour. 1 tablespoon. strained. 1 pound. Bake in a NUT AND VEGETABLE STEW Nuttolene or nut loaf. Onion. Potatoes. minced. Protose. 4 cups. and add the tomatoes.

dip each slice in the cream or Cover with the brown gravy. Bake under cover until the potatoes are done. Salt and serve. grated. potatoes. Protose. and simmer in sauce ten minutes. small. Cream or milk. ^ loaf. % Bread.ENTREES well to free from lumps. Onion. Slice the protose. Rice. Brown gravy. pound. which should be sufficiently salt to season the whole preparation. and serve. 1 cup. Potatoes. and bread thin. and place successive layers of these and the rice in a deep greased pan. . PROTOSE AND POTATOES SMOTHERED IN ONIONS Place a layer of sliced raw potatoes in the bottom of a pan. Before using bread. 87 Cover. 1 pint. Slice the protose into small pieces. Salt to taste. 2 cups. milk. if desired. and stock. sliced onions. 3. and cook twenty to thirty minutes. cooked. and cover with protose. 1 pound. Bake PROTOSE IN TOMATO SAUCE Tomato sauce. until the potatoes are done. FRICASSEE OF PROTOSE AND RICE Protose. 1 cup.

flat Boil the tomatoes. large. Peel the eggplants. Nut eero. season to taste. STEWED PROTOSE. Salt to taste. slices. POTATO BORDER Place a spoonful of mashed potato on a platter. The corn-starch may be omitted NUT CERO BAKED WITH EGGPLANT Eggplants. 6 large slices. 2 cups. cooked and strained. and serve. Corn-starch. and lay in a protose. thicken with the cornsalt. form this into a hollow circle fill with the point of the spoon. starch. Cut the protose in rather thick baking pan. Salt. add the and pour over the slowly in a moderate oven. Brown gravy.88 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Dice the protose. chopped. protose should be nice done. if desired. medium size. heat. ^ Tomato. 1 teaspoon. Put a layer of the % . pound. Bake The and juicy with the tomatoes when Do not bake too dry. Cut the nut eero into twelve slices. PROTOSE BAKED IN TOMATO Protose. 1. Onion. and with stewed protose. and add to the tomato sauce. and cut into one-fourth-ineh slices. 2.

8. Brown the flour and onions in the oil. tomato may be used in place of the stock. If desired. cover. add two cups of Then add the remainder and bake until brown. FRIZZLED PROTOSE IN EGGS Protose. . and cook until done. Cut the protose into a stew-pan with a small. ll^ cups. % cup. cold. Oil. Salt. 1 pound.ENTREES 89 eggplant in an oiled pan. of the ingredients. PROTOSE HASH Protose. Bread crumbs. then a layer of nut cero. 4. size. thin. Salt and bake. SCALLOPED PROTOSE Protose. narrow strips put into and when hot pour the well. Onions. stirring constantly until the eggs are Serve hot on toast. medium Brown gravy. the remainder. and sprinkle with part of the onion. Eggs. little oil. chopped. 2 tablespoons. hot water. 4 tablespoons. sufficient to cover. Make another layer with and pour the brown gravy over all. it. to taste. beaten eggs over set. Potatoes. 2 cups. Oil. 2. Potatoes. boiled or baked. 1 pound. Flour.

into salted beaten egg the large one. 5. 1. on the crumbs pour over some of remainder of the inthe making two layers. NESTED PEOTOSE Proceed as for nested egg. using a filling of protose combined with rice. y2 pound.90 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Slice one half the potatoes in a baking dish. sprinkle one half the bread crumbs over them. to moisten. cut a circle. Brown gravy. or any other ingredient that may suggest itself as being appropriate. 1 quart. place the small one in quick oven. slices . the large one. should be sufficient gravy to cover and cook the potatoes put half the protose. . Split this inner Drop one of these pieces. on an oiled tin. macaroni. olives. and bake until it and the bread is a golden brown. Protose. RAW POTATO HASH Potatoes. NESTED EGG From a two-pound loaf of white bread cut a slice one With a cutter made by having the rough edges melted from a quart tin can. and circle with a sharp knife. and remove its center by means of a small cooky cutter. Onion. Add and protose. is well set and brown slightly in a Then drop in a whole egg. There gredients in the same manner. Bake until the potatoes are tender. Salt. cut into thin the gravy. inch thick. .

juice. Oil a granite pan. and place on the pan then mix the remaining bread crumbs with the milk. roll in bread crumbs and egg mixture. Mix crumbs all the ingredients well. onion. Bread crumbs. 1 tablespoon. sage. ^ Salt. and cut in desired shape. cover with the brown gravy. ^ pound. % cup. very thick. Sage. Serve with brown gravy. 3. and bake until the potatoes are tender. season FAVORITE PROTOSE CUTLETS Protose. mill. onion. Bake. 2 cups. and pour over the protose. teaspoon. . ll^ cups. and milk cut the protose into six slices. using sufficient bread to bring them to the consistency for forming into . and protose through a vegetable with salt. and sprinkle with a few bread crumbs beat the eggs. Lemon Sage. . Bread crumbs. chopped.. Rich milk. 1. Parsley. 1 pound. ENTREES 91 Grind the potato. and add salt. Egg. Onions. Cold cream gravy. Salt. NUT CERO CUTLETS Nut cero. Eggs.

cup. Do and bake in brown sauce about thirty six slices as for protose steak. minutes. Granose flakes. . pound. % % Egg.92 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK desired shape. roll in bread crumbs milk. in beaten egg and milk. ^ Salt. NUTTOLENE For instructions for serving nuttolene without cooking. Milk. Onion. Nuttolene. Brown sauce. Tomatoes. strained. see directions under "Protose. NUTTOLENE STEW Potatoes. Dip and roll in the granose flakes. putting a layer of diced nuttolene between two layers of onions. MOTHER'S PEOTOSE CUTLETS Protose. 2 cups. Cut the protose into this the second time. 3. 1. and egg beaten with loai Bake in a moderate oven." NUTTOLENE BAKED WITH ONIONS Prepare onions as directed in the recipes for onions au gratin. Nut may be used instead of nut eero. grated. pound.

Pour this over two beaten eggs. Put this sauce and the prepared nuttolene Salt . NUTTOLENE A LA CREME Nuttolene. grated. 1 pint. teaspoon. Eggs. teaspoon. to the boiling tomatoes. % Milk. Salt. Salt. hard-boiled. and mix with the hard-boiled eggs. sistency with a little flom* thickening. strained. Rub the flour smooth with water. and Thicken to proper con- boil until the celery is cooked. 4. and parsley. Mince the nut cero. W^ Water. i/4 cup. add and cook NUT CERO STEW Nut cero. season with onion and salt. Parsley. 1 pound. onion. Pastry flour. i/^ cup. chopped.ENTREES 93 in half-inch cubes. which have been chopped. pound. 2. Eggs. Onion. minced. add to the other ingredients. 2 cups. and add to the hot milk. Cut the potatoes and nuttolene until the potatoes are done. 2 cups. Tomatoes. Celery. Add salt. or forced through a food cutter or vegetable press. % % Break the nuttolene into irregular pieces with a fork.

and bake in a moderate oven until bubbling through and browned on top. NUTTOLENE IN CREAM Place sliced nuttolene in a granite baking pan. finishing with the sauce. over Pour little cream sauce enough grated onion. it to cover.94 in layers into a VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK pudding all dish. Sprinkle with fine bread crumbs. and bake. Season with a .



For weak stomachs they are more easily digested in the form of purees and soups. celery. as potatoes. all vegetables. They should be judiciously comGreen vegetables bined with nuts. lettuce. potatoes. or any other kind. Peas. begin to lose bulk and flavor as soon as re- moved from the ground. leaves." as here used. and give necessary bulk to the food. carrots. and in such a form as to be easily assimilated. beans. for notwithstanding anything that may be said to the contrary. plants Starchy vegetables. with the outer indigestilentils contain a large ble covering removed. nuts. Those which are most easily affected are cabbage. The kind that suffer least in this respect are beets. and others similar. and fruits excepted) as are cultivated and used for food. asparagus. Vegetables should be fresh when used. fruits. minerals in salts and other necessary to are rich potash the system. used in building and repairing tissue. and grains. Vegetables that have been touched with frost should be kept in a perfectly dark place for some days. supply energy and heat. 7 (97) . and are therefore used in place of meat.VEGETABLES The term "vegetable. is applied to such (grains. is The frost thus drawn out slowly. whether roots. and the vegetables are not so liable to rot. and amount of proteid. etc.

To judge when done. watch carefully. Most vegetables should be put into ing water. longer. they wiU retain a better color. and appearance are all impaired. Wash time before cooking. cover with cold water. lose some of their sweetness by standing. but unless wilted do not It is better not to prepare fresh green vegetables until they are needed. The time required to cook a vegetable varies with its age and freshness .98 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK GENERAL DIRECTIONS FOR VEGETABLES sible Fresh green vegetables should be cooked as soon as posafter being gathered. Cook the vegetables rapidly. etc. rapidly boil- cooked in uncovered vessels. thoroughly in cold water. celery. Delicate vegetables. Those containing sugar. as corn and peas. as the salt it hardens the outer covering of the skin. For peas and beans do not add salt to the water until they are nearly done. and makes tough. flavor. and in some instances destroys both color and flavor. In no instance permit them to steep in the warm water. as green peas. shelled beans. as this toughens them. but no If vegetables are cooked too long. as high heat destroys their color. and test by piercing with a fork. color. therefore the time-tables given for cooking serve only as approximate guides. Salt hardens water. till perfectly tender. but if they must be prepared some soak. Corn should not be boiled in salt water. and also sets the color in vegetables. should be cooked in as little water as possible. as they do not boil tender so readily in hard water. 'and if fresh. toward .

and they keep well during the Avinter. This bitter principle is set free by heat.. Potatoes are at their best in the fall. Strongly flavored vegetables. cooking saved. and squash. The solid matter of potatoes consists largely of starch. passing into the water Avhen the potatoes are boiled. the starch changes to dextrin or gum. and half a level teaspoonful of salt. and may be changed one more times. peas. To beans. Potatoes also contain an acid juice. POTATOES Preeminent among vegetables stands the potato. and escaping with the steam when they are baked. add a rounding teaspoonful of butter.: VEGETABLES the last the water being allowed to boil just 99 away till there is enough is left to moisten. In the spring. The general rule for seasoning vegetables is as follows To two cups small whole vegetables. as the starch grains are not fully matured. the water in which onions are cooked or should be cooked in a generous quantity of water. In this manner all the de- sirable soluble matter that may have been drawn out in etc. New potatoes may be compared to unripe fruit. when germination commences. the greater portion of which lies near the skin. add one half teaspoonful of sugar. onions. as cabbage. or two cups of vegetables mashed or sliced. with a small quantity of albumen and mineral salts. rendering the potato more waxy when cooked: and the sugar then formed makes them . Add milk or the vegetable liquid when additional moisture is required.

long undesirable. if of a good size. to prevent their being burned. press through a colander. MASHED POTATOES Pare and boiled. as thereby a great deal of the vegetable is scorched and They should be frequently turned rendered uneatable. drain boil or steam six or eight large potatoes. Never serve potatoes. At other times. as they thus become sodden and clammy. soaking improves them. BAKED POTATOES Potatoes are either baked in their jackets or peeled. shaking the kettle tender. whether boiled or baked. and allow the moisture to escape. in either case they should not be exposed to a fierce heat. tlie same change takes In the spring. occasionally to prevent scorching. when Mash with a wire po- tato masher. but cover with a folded napkin.100 sweeter. When pared. or if convenient. when potatoes are shriveled and gummy. . and should be served promptly when done. Soak about half an hour in the fall. and makes them soaking is less sticky. keeping them covered. one to three hours in winter and spring. They require about forty-five minutes to one hour to bake. place. and kept from touching one another in the oven or dish. while baking. they should be baked in a dish. and oil of some kind added. as the water absorbed dissolves the gam. If and let set in the kettle for a few minutes. in a closely covered dish. VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK When potatoes are frozen.

6. Butter. I/2 cup. SCALLOPED POTATOES NO. sliced. Milk sufficient to cover. 2 tablespoons. Salt. and bake a light brown. put in a baking pan. mixed with tablespoon of flour. Butter. boiled. Cream or milk. and bake till the potatoes are tender. put into greased pans. brush with beaten egg. NO. Mix and beat up thoroughly. Thin cream sauce. Salt. Cover. folding in the beaten whites Make into balls. and brown lightly. 2 cups. cold. Cut the potatoes into even slices. 2. Pour the milk and flour mixture over. melted. yolks and whites beaten separately. 1 medium size. and hot milk to moisten thoroughly. Crumbs. and add a layer of crumbs. or wooden spoon. prepared as for mashed potatoes. last. POTATO PUFFS Potatoes. 2 Potatoes. press a and send to the table hot. until light and fluffy. SCALLOPED POTATOES Potatoes. .VEGETABLES 101 sufficient add salt. Whip with the batter whip. Remove the cover. Eggs. a lump of butter. and sprinkle with a little salt and a few small pieces of butter. lump of butter into the top. Heap up on a plate.

hot but not boiling. potatoes. a little green parsley. and a very little finely chopped parsley. the fire until the potatoes are heated through. and add flour thickening and butter. boil briskly Scrape the potatoes. Bake until brown. if done. Butter. POTATOES A LA CEEME Potatoes. Parsley. and till done.102 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Place in alternate layers in a pan. and thick. finely chopped. Salt. and serve. cold. Heat the milk. 2 cups. Stir until smooth . 1 tablespoon. and add the potatoes. water a minute or two. Shake over sliced. Salt. and sprinkle the top with ground bread crumbs. and Drain the potatoes. Butter. Flour. add the mixture. the side of the kettle with a fork. Parsley. NEW POTATOES AND CREAM New Salt. and cream. put over hot salt. Pour into a deep dish. and serve. they will yield to In a saucepan have ready some butter gentle pressure. Cream. boiled. and drop into boiling water. Milk. but no more. Press against.



Cut the potatoes with a vegetable cutter into small balls Put them into stew-pan with plenty of butter and a good sprinkling of salt. Keep the stew-pan covered, and shake occasionally, until they are quite done, which will be in about an hour.
about the size of marbles.

Place in a greased granite pan a half-inch layer of


potatoes, sprinkle with bread crumbs,

and cover

with a layer of cottage cheese; sprinkle again with bread crumbs, cover with a liberal portion of thick cream, and

bake until well browned. A good method of using up cold mashed potatoes, is to place them in a pan as directed above, cover with bread crumbs and cream, and bake until well set.

Bake potatoes until done, cut in two with a sharp knife, remove the white portion with a spoon, add salt and cream, and mash well; refill, place the halves together, and wrap with tissue paper and twist the ends so as to hold the potato together tightly. The ends of the paper may be first cut in such a manner as to leave a fringe. Another way of serving them is to cut in two lengthwise, and proceed as directed above, with this exception, that instead
of placing the halves together, each half utes before

meringued with

the beaten white of egg, and set in the oven for a few minit is




Potato patties



made from




but such potatoes should be ground through a mill or forced through a colander before they are formed into



be rolled in


bread crumbs, or egg

and then bread crumbs, or may be browned in the oven
without either.







steamed), mash well, adding salt and only a small portion of cream.



add beaten


form into


and proceed

as suggested above.



size, 4.



Cream, 14 cup.

When the potatoes are steamed, mash well, and add salt and cream, then the beaten eggs. Drop from a spoon onto an oiled granite pan, and bake in a quick oven.

filling as





turkey, and

place in the center of a granite pan; put the peeled pota-


on both sides of this, and add a thin brown gravy. in a moderate oven, basting the potatoes occasionally

with the gravy.


cooks partially cook their potatoes

before proceeding as suggested above.



Mince cold boiled or baked potatoes, place in baking
pan, and cover with rich milk or cream to which has been

added enough

salt to season the potatoes;

allow to bake

slowly until well browned.

Prepare as for hashed browned, with the addition of minced parsley and onion,

Peel medium-sized potatoes, place in greased baking
salt, dredge with flour, cover with hot water, and bake until the water has nearly all evaporated and the potatoes are done.

pan, season with butter and



size, 6.

Tomatoes, strained, 1 cup.

Water, 2 cups.

Dice the potatoes, and place in a granite pan; add



and cover with the tomato and water;

bake until tender.



Potatoes, diced, raw, 2 parts. Celery, minced, 1 part.


Stew the celery and potatoes until tender, season with salt and cream, thicken slightly, and serve.

Boil or steam the

the juice, and add

new potatoes, stew the new potatoes and peas

peas, drain
to a


sauce; season and serve.




Steam the potatoes until tender. Add salt to the eggs, and beat until well blended. Drop the potatoes into the
eggs, then lift out, place in a greased pan, set at once in

a hot oven, and bake until well glazed.

Potatoes, medium size, 4 Carrots, medium size, 4.




Slice the carrots very thin, cut the potatoes in quarters,

and steam until tender mash butter, and serve.

together, season with salt


boiled, or



more frequently served baked,
also be steamed,


They may

turned into

a baking pan, sprinkled with oil or melted butter,



Small white beans, 2 cups. Protose, if desired. Molasses, 1 teaspoon.

Clean the beans, soak in cold water one hour, drain, add
fresh water, season with salt

and molasses, put into a


ered jar with plenty of water; bake overnight in a slow


done, the beans should be whole, dry, and

mealy, and of a rich brown color.
If desired, a

This can only be ob-

tained by baking the beans several hours in a slow oven.

chopped protose may be added.

Follow the directions given for puree of peas.

the required quantity of navy, lima, kidney, or

other beans,

and put

to cook in plenty of boiling water;


till till



they are swollen, then put them where they will cooked; season just before they finish cooking.

Prepare the beans as for plain baked beans; put into
the jars to bake; cover with a mixture of strained stewed

tomatoes and water in equal proportions; a
or oil




be added.

Drain the broth from stewed beans, press them through a sieve, add cream, and reheat.

Fresh shelled lima beans, 2 cups. Sweet corn, 2 ears. Cream, cup. Butter, size of an egg.



will cover

in a pot with cold water, rather more than them; cook from thirty to forty-five minutes. Scrape the kernels from two ears of young sweet corn, add to beans, and boil for fifteen minutes then season with Serve hot. salt, butter, and cream.

Put the beans




the ends of beans, and string; wash thorcut

if large,

them in two drop

into boiling water,




boil till tender.


and season with

or butter;

preferred, drain off the juice, salt to taste,
hot, rich milk,

and add


Shell, wash, cook in hot


sufficient to cover, sea-

son with cream and


Shell the peas, and cover with cold water skim off undeveloped peas which rise to the top of the water, and

drain; barely cover with boiling water, cook



then add



done, very


water should remain.
salt if

Season to


with butter, and add more





sometimes an improvement.


the peas are older, half a cup of milk or cream,

sufficient flour to thicken, is considered

an improve-


teaspoonful of finely minced parsley cooked with

peas imparts to them a very delicious flavor.

Being free from the outside hull, split peas cook very Wash, and set to cook in hot water; boil carefully, and watch closely that they do not stick season and serve. Split peas are usually used in soups and purees.



Peas, fresh, 2 cups (or dry, 1 cup).

Butter, 1 tablespoon.


or milk, iy2 cups.

Flour, 1 level tablespoon.
Salt, 1 teaspoon.

Put the peas to cook in cold water; boil until tender, then simmer slowly, cooking as dry as possible without scorching. When soft and dry, rub through a colander to Put the butter in a saucepan; when being careful not to scorch; pour melted, in the milk gradually, stirring all the time and when thoroughly cooked, add the salt and the pulp of the peas. Turn all into a double boiler, heat thoroughly, and serve.
remove the
stir in

the flour,


Lentils, 1 cup.

2 tablespoons.

Salt, 1 level teaspoon.

Rice, boiled, 1 cup.

Onion, finely shredded,



the lentils well, and cook in boiling water



Put the

oil into a

saucepan, add the onion,

and cook till the onion is soft, not brown. Add the lentils and boiled rice, mix, stir over the fire till hot, salt, and
serve hot.

and soak overnight cook in the same water in which they are soaked.VEQETABLES 111 LENTILS WITH ONIONS Lentils. Milk. Sea- son with butter and salt. for from six to eight hours. They may be partially cooked on the stove. winimperfect nuts. as for beans. 2. 3 cups. Butter. discard all . or until tender. if brown. in a cloth bag. more or less. BOILED PEANUTS Select fresh shelled peanuts. put to cook in a saucepan with the till onions in plenty of cold water. wash well in several warm waters. they make an excellent spread for bread. Butter. and serve. Put now out the chaff. 1 cup. i^medium oven Place in a long enough to loosen the skin but not long enough to and rub on a washboard. and boil tender. Passed through a fine colander and well salted. Wash the lentils. Onions. Sugar. . STEWED GREEN CORN Green corn. desired. and then be baked with tomato. Salt. 1 cup.

replace the husks. season and . and wrap the ear with twine. the corn is the than when the grains are cut close to the much more juicy cob. KORNLET Press corn that has been cut from the cob. With a sharp knife cut off the top of the grain. mill with a fine die. ing water. and when close to the cob . for if boiled too long. place in a medium oven. and cook ten to twenty minutes. cook from ten to fifteen Stir frequently. It may be found best to place a pan of water in the oven to add can be removed. Place the milk in a granite saucepan. put into fresh boilCook only till hardens. moisture. or until BOILED GREEN CORN Strip off the husk. and it loses its raw taste. Wipe with a cloth. remove the silk.112 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Husk and clean as for boiling com. add one fourth cup of sugar to the water in which it is boiled. season to taste. with salt and sugar. not very sweet. and bake until tender. NOVELTY BAKED CORN Strip the husks of the corn down so that all the silks Cut out any imperfections. minutes. or grind through a vegetable serve. boiling. through a fine colander. or canned com. add the butter and corn. and its done. remaining When cut in this way. the If the corn is com flavor is impaired. being careful not to cut too and with the back of the knife press out pulp. The addition of a small amount of milk or lemon juice to the water in which the com is boiled improves the color.

SCRAMBLED TOMATOES Tomatoes. stew slowly for a few minutes. cook in double boiler. wash. and heat. and bake under cover. on each tomato place a small piece of butter and a little grated onion. Salt. sprinkle with salt. and remove a from one end. peel. or add canned corn to stewed tomatoes. 6. Season and serve. "Wash. allow to stand few minutes for enough juice to run out in which to cook them. may be added to taste. in a granite stew-pan for a SCALLOPED TOMATOES Add or salt broken bread or crackers to stewed tomatoes . . or in granite pan in oven. place in granite baking pan. sugar. Eggs. season.VEGETABLES 113 STEWED TOMATOES and quarter the tomatoes. Butter. and serve. BAKED TOMATOES slice uniform size. Butter. 3. Select tomatoes of STEWED TOMATOES AND CORN Cut corn from the cob and stew with fresh tomatoes.

6. PARSNIPS ON BROWN GRAVY Peel young parsnips. divide all specks and blemishes. Wash thoroughly. When tender. Sliced may be added and baked with the . stir. and steam until done. White sauce. Add a little butter and salt. place in oiled granite pan. drain. them lengthwise into two or three pieces. beat up eggs. Cut the celery into half-inch lengths. CELERY Cut off all the roots and remove all the decayed and outside leaves. 2 cups. place in medium protose or nuttolene parsnips. Place base downward in a celery glass. turn them into the saucepan with the tomatoes. The liquid drained from the celery may be thickened. and used instead of the white sauce if preferred. When you suf- ficiently boiled.114 VEGETiiJElIAN COOK BOOK Remove the skins from six tomatoes. seasoned with a little butter. and pour over this the sauce. and serve. being careful to remove If the stalks are large. and bake under cover until done. STEWED CELERY Celery. and just before serve. hot oven. tender stalks. which should be nearly filled with cold water. and cut tliem up in a sancepan. cover with thin brown gravy. and cook in boiling salted water. and allowing them time to get thoroughly done. Heat well.

cut in slices about half an inch thick. and stew them until the water has cooked away. and boil till tender. put a few pieces of chopped butter or a sugar. slice them about half an inch thick put them in a saucepan containing barely enough .. they will be of a light straw-color. sprinkle lightly with cream to about half cover. and let simmer till done. When they are done. little cooking oil pour over sufficient on top. put in a shallow baking pan. season with salt. and deliciously sweet. and bake a rich brown. retaining all the nutriment of the vegetable. drain. VEGETABLES 115 BAKED PARSNIPS Scrape and cut in half lengthwise. add a tablespoonful of butter. Add a little butter season with salt. and until they are soft. boiling water to cook them . then cover closely. salt to taste. and pour over sauce to cover. pour over them some hot rich milk. CARROTS A LA CREME Clean carrots. stirring often to prevent burning. and parboil in salted water. and boil in a little salted sufficient water until tender. PARSNIPS IN EGG SAUCE Clean and cut into small dice. Drain. . egg STEWED PARSNIPS After washing the parsnips.

YOUNG TURNIPS Cut into half -inch dice. Serve as mashed potatoes. sauce.116 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK CARROTS WITH EGG SAUCE Clean carrots. HOLLAND BOILED TURNIPS Turnips. add egg and serve. Drain. 1 quart. Boil the turnips tender in just enough salted water to prevent burning. and season with a little salt and cream. where they wiU keep hot but not . . or with broiled or braized protose as an entree. till Lemon. cut in slices about half an inch thick. and set in a covered dish on the side of the range. and boil until tender. and MASHED TURNIPS toes. Butter. The addition of a little sugar is by some considered an improvement. drain. Egg. and boil till tender add a small lump of butter and a little salt. large. PUREE OF CARROTS Clean young carrots. cut into slices. 1. and boil in salted water until tender. Turnips may be cooked and mashed the same as potakeeping them as dry as possible. drain. drain. press through a colander. cut in %-ineh dice. % cup. 1.

like potatoes. tie in Wash well. and finish cooking. of water. or break the tough lower stalks as far as they will snap. drain. if preferred. spread with salt and butter. . Drain. add more hot water. water to cover. and boil till done. and serve immediately on toast. contains a bitter alkaloid. by parboiling the asparagus for four or five minutes. ful of this sauce over each order of turnip. add the beaten yolk of the egg. and often imparts This may be remedied to it a very unpleasant flavor. Serve a spoonthe juice of the lemon. and place on a cloth near the fire to dry. or till perfectly tender. Then ASPARAGUS NO. ASPARAGUS POMPADOUR Wash the asparagus carefully. and a little salt. place in a saucepan of boiling salted water. 117 Melt the butter. and cut into lengths of about two inches. ASPARAGUS NO.VEGETABLES burn. bundles. 1 Asparagus. which is drawn into the water in cooking. 2 off Scrape the stalk ends of the asparagus. and put into enough rapidly boiling salted Allow a teaspoonful of salt to each quart Cook uncovered from twenty to thirty minutes. Take out. The asparagus may be neatly arranged on hot toast and covered with white cream sauce. remove the string.

Bake until the eggs are set. boil about Cut the tender tops from a bunch of asparagus. lengths. and pour this over the asparagus. Drain. thicken with flour. ASPARAGUS WITH EGGS Asparagus. Butter. 2 cups. and serve. ASPARAGUS WITH GREEN PEAS Asparagus. add sufficient rich milk or cream . lengths. 4. Cream. Peas. Salt. let come to a boil. Boil till tender. add sufficient rich milk or cream to make a gravy. 2 tablespoons. Boil till tender. season with salt. and twenty minutes. and put into a baking butter tin with and salt. Salt. Beat the whites and yolks of the eggs separately. Rich milk or cream. Eggs.118 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK STEWED ASPARAGUS Break the tender parts of the asparagus into one-inch and put into enough boiling water to cover. 2 cups. to Break the tender parts of the asparagus into one-inch and put with the peas into boiling water enough cover. Flour. 1 tablespoon. add the cream.

the yolk of an egg. and. and bake. season with salt. scrape out the mside. Sage. and bake. bread crumbs. 1 Pare. strained. cook in boiling water until tender. EGGPLANT BAKED IN SHELL Cook whole in boiling water. SCALLOPED EGGPLANT NO. mashed. Bread crumbs. BAKED EGGPLANT Slice the eggplant thick. divide or quarter. Butter. roll in immerse in salted milk. flour. then buttered bread crumbs. Serve in shell. salt. 1 cup. drain in colander. in a SCALLOPED EGGPLANT NO. 2 cups. add cream. and bake with cut side up. Salt. thicken with to a boil. and beat up with a fork.VEGETABLES to 119 make a gravy. Tomatoes. add bread crumbs and cream. bake granite pan.refill the shell. sprinkle with oil. if desired. let come and serve. and an egg yolk. 2 Eggplant. divide. season with salt. Mix all together. and Place on oiled pans. .

a or remove with a skimmer. . SCALLOPED VEGETABLE OYSTERS Vegetable oysters. Salt to taste.120 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK STEWED SALSIFY. Cook in sufficient boiling water to cover. Sprinkle the top with sifted bread crumbs. Rich cream sauce. slice. Onion. quart. When ready to cook. drain. till of cold water light brown. to prevent discoloration. boil in enough water to prevent scorchBoil a few ing. and put into plenty ready to use. minutes longer. let them get salt. Salt. 1 head. sliced. let simmer a few minutes. Drain. and serve. cut in thin slices. Salt when they begin to get tender. add the milk and butter. 1 Salsify. but do not too in baking pan. then another layer of each. scrape. putting a layer then a little rich cream sauce. cut in %-inch Milk. Butter. When tender. Wash and scrape the salsify. and bake a Wash. 1 tablespoon. and put into cold water to prevent discoloration. Salt. 1. 2 cups. 3 cups. OR VEGETABLE OYSTERS slices. Sifted bread crumbs. STEWED CABBAGE Cabbage.

and put into a it stew-pan with enough chopped tomato to give tart taste. water. CABBAGE STEWED WITH TOMATO Slice and wash a good sound cabbage. and chop fine. and then pour in the cream. Salt. Butter. Flour. place stirring well. 2 tablespoons. Parboil the cabbage. and serve hot. I14 cups. Stir till the cabbage and cream are thoroughly mixed. 121 in a stew-pan and place salt. it in a stew-pan with butter . chop the cabbage fine. a decidedly Season with till salt. 1 head. CABBAGE AND CREAM Cabbage. cover with hot and cook until seasoned. . sprinkle with a and cover this with finely broken fresh bread crumbs. and pour over sufficient milk or cream to . Cook about thirty or forty minutes. and a little salt add the flour. let stew until tender. the cabbage in rather fine pieces. cool. Add and stew slowly used if desired. Cream. and add to the onion. Repeat. tender. Strained tomatoes may be sufficient SCALLOPED CABBAGE Wash and chop little salt.VEGETABLES Slice the onion veiy fine. 1 teaspoon. drain. Put a layer of the cabbage into a baking pan. water to cook.

Egg. 1 rather fine the required quantity of Put into a stew-pan with boiling water. and melted butter. and let stand a few minutes before using. Eggs. and cook easily burn. in a vessel that does not BAKED CABBAGE Wash and chop cabbage. Beat the eggs well. Cut the cabbage lemon juice. HOLLAND CREAM CABBAGE Cabbage. and cover with cream or milk to which has been added the beaten yolk of one egg to each cup of cream. Crumbs. pan. Brown sauce. put in a baking little salt. well-beaten. Mix this with the till tender. boiled. and boil twenty minutes. is Cover. NO. sprinkle with salt. cold. bake in a moderate oven till the cabbage More milk may be added if necessary. 2. fine. add a Drain.122 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK thorouglily moisten and cover the crumbs. NO. add water. . Lemon juice. browned. 2 cups. and well cooked. Butter. cabbage. Salt. Bake until the custard is nicely set. BAKED CABBAGE Butter. 2 Cabbage. 1. Salt. 2 tablespoons. Water.

and the well- beaten egg. and cook well heated through.VEGETABLES 123 Eub sufficient cold boiled cabbage through a sieve or colander. BRUSSELS SPROUTS BAKED WITH CRUMBS Prepare as for plain boiled. when done. Stir thoroughly. drain. arrange in a baking dish. fresh sprouts. Cook in salted water Pour off the water serve with butter or cream . season with salt. and boil till tender. sauce. Serve hot with mashed potato. add lemon juice and a little butter or oil. Butter a pudding dish of suitable size. Put in cold. season with salt. leaving enough juice to make the cabbage moist. when done. quarter. pour brown sauce around the base. and serve. and press dry. HOT SLAW heart. Mix with it a piece of butter. cut out the and shred fine. and serve hot. drain partly. drain and press dry. Clean a nice young head of cabbage. end and outand wash in cold water. salted water for half an hour. dish. line with browned crumbs. and moisten till with oil and rich milk. and bake in a moderate oven. drain. BRUSSELS SPROUTS SAUTfi Prepare as for plain boiled. Toss frequently. sprinkle with bread . BRUSSELS SPROUTS PLAIN Select nice. cut off the stem side leaves. put in a stew-pan. till tender. salt. press in the cabTurn out on a hot bage.

place in a bake Over this pour thin cream sauce. and pour over in the oven till a thin cream or egg sauce. When ready to serve. wash. and sprinkle with fine bread crumbs. cut the stalk one inch from split. serve . remove. Pour this over the cauliflower. cook or steam tender drain. Sauce Strain a pint of stewed tomatoes. rich milk or cream. re- move from the water.124 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK it crumbs. and serve. Prepare as for boiled cauliflower. to The addition of milk to the water will help keep the cauliflower white. and serve with cream or butter sauce. the outside leaves. let come to a and thicken with a tablespoonful of flour rubbed smooth in a little water. with tomato sauce. BROWNED CAULIFLOWER pan. drain. stew together for a serve. Bake nicely browned. salt to taste. and cook slowly in boiling water until tender. CAULIFLOWER WITH TOMATO SAUCE Prepare as for stewed cauliflower and when done. . STEWED CAULIFLOWER till Prepare as for plain boiled cauliflower. and BOILED CAULIFLOWER. : boil. and soak in cold salted water thirty minutes or more. few minutes. add a little oil or hot cream. and brown in the oven. PLAIN Remove the head. put in a stew-pan. and pour over it some .

until add hot water. BAKED ONIONS Onions. drain off before adding Select small onions. NO. 2 6. the onion jectionable as an article of food. Fill a baking pan with these. Flour. and thicken with flour. . peel. If there too much liquid on the onions.VEGETABLES 125 ONIONS Contrary to the opinion of many. This liquid is desirable for flavoring soup. any other seasoning. wash. Butter. In each make in the three diametrical incisions about half way down blow end. is and cook until add cream. parboil. 1 medium size. and bake tender. sprinkle with salt. Crumbs. place on each a small piece of butter. cream. Salt. large. Salt. leaving enough of the stem end on to hold the onion intact while cooking. as important a place in cooking as does salt or is not obit fills Judiciously used. cover with another pan. Milk. done. BOILED ONIONS Onions. Cream. BAKED ONIONS Peel and wash onions of NO.

Cover SUMMER SQUASH Wash and cut may be as dry as Cook in the steamer. granite pan. and fill the hole with a mixture of bread crumbs. drain. until the onions are all used. Finish with a layer of cream gravy and bread crumbs. work them up with a little butter into a paste. bread crumbs. beaten egg. in pieces. and place a layer in a little salt and a few with good cream sauce. When . add salt. ONIONS AU GRATIN Peel. and repeat v/ith other layers of onions.126 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Put onions into a saucepan of water. shaking it occasionally. and a little cream. Parboil in salted water. let it stand and drain a few minutes. and season with salt. Mash. and slice the desired amount of onions. and salt. Bake in to cut off the root end. and boil till tender. Cover with bread crumbs. butter. wash. possible. Season with salt and sage. oven until brown. or water and milk mixed in equal proportions. being careful not Take out the inside of the onion. On these sprinkle a this bread crumbs. STUFFED ONIONS Peel the desired number of onions. and a little milk. and bake in a moderate oven. When done so that they can be easily mashed. that it done.

VEGETABLES 127 MASHED WINTER SQUASH (HUBBARD) Cut the squash. and a little sweet cream. Serve . and serve. and the color will be impaired. BEET GREENS Wash drain. juice or season with butter or oil. strain. drain. young. and they all particles of dirt. Young beets will cook in are ready for use. They may be boiled an hour. and mash or press the steamer. in the shell or it may be peeled before baking. and serve with lemon cream. to remove or steamed. through a colander. according to age and size. Beat weU. beets. remove. and bake until done. cleaning thoroughly. Cut off the tops half an inch from the If cut too close. old beets require three or four hours. wash. put in cold water. pare. chop fine. sprinkle little sugar and salt. Wash and clean carefully with a brush. and put into Cook until soft. sugar. butter. cream sauce. remove seeds. rub off the skins. Season with salt. and add BEETS Select young red root. boil in salted and water till tender . remove seeds. . boil or steam. the roots will bleed. tender beet tops. When done. BAKED WINTER SQUASH (HUBBARD) with a Cut into pieces of desired size. CREAM SUMMER SQUASH to Cut the squash in cubes.

128 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK BEET STALKS WITH BUTTER SAUCE Take some beet three hours to stalks. cut off tlie leaves. Salt. serve as asparagus on a platter with butter sauce. BEET AND POTATO HASH Beets. cold. Put on the stove in a covered saucepan. and stir occasionally. 1 tablespoon. wash thor- oughly. tie in bunches. beets and potatoes fine. serve. and let soak in cold water two or make them fresh and crisp. boiled. and season with salt and Pour over a little cream. made by thickening the milk or cream with the flour rubbed in the butter. Serve with cream sauce. cold. and cut into dice. Flour. Butter. remove skins. Boil in salted water until tender. boiled. 2 cups. Potatoes. Beets. . 1 tablespoon. Butter. cut the band. When thoroughly Chop butter. 1 cup. and serve at once. 2 cups. Heat well. Cook the beets in salted water till tender. heated through. YOUNG BEETS Cream or milk. Cream.

2 teaspoons. 1 teaspoon. . BAKED BEETS Select young. and new potatoes separately until and put in alternate layers in a baking dish. and thickening the same with the flour braided with a little Add the coloring. Bake Boil young beets slice. and dress with lemon juice or cream sauce. remove the skins. STEWED YOUNG BEETS Beets. cut in eighths or quarters. Salt. 6 tablespoons. 2 tablespoons. when done. Water. Flour. red beets of uniform size. the water. clean thoroughly. season with salt. boil the beets until tender. and serve. Oil. and serve in a sauce juice. SPINACH remove the 9 Trim the spinach. pour over the beets. Peel. and moisten with rich milk. Red Steam or lemon coloring. 2 cups. and salt. made by heating water. and wash in three or four waters to Cook in boiling water about twenty mingrit. peel.VEGETABLES 129 BEETS AND POTATOES tender. bake in a slow oven from two to six hours. Lemon juice. oil. until nicely browned. smooth. 2 pounds.

with peas. CREAMED CHESTNUTS Boil or steam the chestnuts till tender. flour. set on the fire. Make a cream sauce of milk or cream. shape. drain. and slightly thickened with as a vegetable. Garbanzos belong They have a meaty flavor distinct to themselves. seasoned with butter. stirring it all the time. ARTICHOKES There are two or burr. cut off the tips. and make a desirable change in one's dietary. and cook till quite dry. and garnish with slices of hard-boiled eggs. one known as the globe. legumes. beans. They do not cook soft when done. Chop fine. cooking slowly until tender. cooking. Boil in salted water. and can be obtained by any to the etc. . and the other as the Jerusalem artichoke. and start to cook in cold water. flower. wash well in several waters. which will re- quire four or five hours. Serve with mayonnaise. To cook the former. round off the bottom. and press well. and remove the outer leaves. but should and finger. put into a saucepan with butter and salt. like other mash when pressed between the thumb Soak over night. wash well. purveyor.130 utes. VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK removing the scum. Serve STEWED GARBANZOS legume family. varieties. Pour this over the chestnuts. They are no more expensive than lentils. Turn into a vegetable dish. Do not cover tlie vessel while When tender. turn into a colander.

Etc. Entrees.SAUCES For Vegetables. .


Nut % Onion. 2. (133) . nutmeg. browned. Boil. Water. HOLLANDAISE SAUCE Butter. 1 tablespoon. Mix all together. minced. Flour. and after extracting fine. Egg yolks. flour. and add and the yolks of the eggs. 1 tablespoon. Salt. Flour. 2 tablespoons. 1% quarts. and salt together until smooth. Lemon juice. and add slowly one and one half cups hot water. Stew for two or three hours in water enough to cover well. one at a time. 3 heaping tablespoons. Strain through a colander. Nutmeg. 2 tablespoons. Brown together a little olive oil and flour. the stones. cup.OLIVE SAUCE Take one fourth cup of ripe olives. and bake of the desired consistency. Season with salt. stirring constantly. the lemon juice. Strain and serve. the same as for gravy. cover. Beat slowly and thoroughly together. chop BROWN REGENCY SAUCE (For vegetables and roasts) butter. Sage. and add the stewed olives. remove from the fire. 1 tablespoon. Salt. Rub the butter. till put in an enameled baking pan.

1. 2 tablespoons. Lemon. and cook until the onion stew half an hour. 1 rounding tablespoon. Salt. 2 cups. and let pan. and set on the side of the range it the sugar will melt and the sauce be hot. Flour. stewed. 1-3 cup.134 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK SAUCE IMPERIAL ^ Tomatoes. MINT SAUCE Mint. let cook a few minutes. juice. and onions into a stew- is a golden brown. Cooking oil. Salt. 14. then add the flour. 2. where must not Serve with protose or meat substitutes. but get too hot. set on the range. being careful not to burn. cup. Parsley. salt. % Lemon Mix all together. Put the oil. parsley Strain. chopped. add the lemon and tomato. Milk. bay leaves. 1 quart. medium. 2 tablespoons. if desired. Sugar. Onion. WHITE CREAM SAUCE FOR VEGETABLES Butter. 1 tablespoon. parsley. and serve. Flour. teaspoon. 2 rounding tablespoons. The chopped may be added just before serving. Bay leaves. % . I/2 cup.

add the flour. Protose. gradually. and add to the cream sauce. PROTOSE SAUCE -^ Water. Onion. browned. Tomato. and cook browned. 14 cup.SAUCES 135 until well blended but not Melt the butter in a saucepan. White Celery Salt. 1. Salt to taste. pint. heat the cream and remainder of the milk. Butter. . 1 rounded tablespoon. Mix the flour to a smooth cream in a little milk. 1 Egg yolks. EGG SAUCE Cream sauce. 1 heaped tablespoon Milk. and thicken with the flour. and stir until boiling well then salt. 2. 1 tablespoon. Half milk and half broth of the vegetables if may be used desired. minced. 21/2 cups. strained. Flour. enough to mix the flour smooth. as sometimes the case with asparagus. salt. Flour. CREAM SAUCE Cream. 2 rounded tablespoons. unless the broth has a bitter or otherwise obis jectionable taste. flour. small. the beaten yolks of one or two eggs may be added. mixing thoroughly. pour in the milk . Beat the yolks. minced. I/2 cup. If a richer sauce is desired. 2 cups.

and celery salt. Sugar. 1. . Strain through a sieve. and serve. Tomatoes. 1 teaspoon. stewed. When it boils. 1 quart. and put in a saucepan over the fire. being careful not to scorch. Mix all together. thicken with a little flour it rubbed brings smooth in water. tose. Nut butter. or nuttolene. strained. sliced. 1 tablespoon. 1 quart. Let cook a few minutes. IDEAL CHILLI SAUCE Tomatoes. then place where it will boil. broiled pro- NUT GRAVY cups. Salt to taste. add to the water. 1% Emulsify the butter in the tomato. Celery salt. and let simmer ten or fifteen minutes. iy2 teaspoons. butter. and thicken with the browned and white flour rubbed The thickening should be thin smooth in the tomato. 1 heaped tablespoon. Serve with croquettes. add the protose. Water. add salt .136 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK Put the water. Onion. as out the nice flavor of the sauce. and let simmer two or three hours. enough to pour readily. large. Salt. Use plenty of salt to season. Flour. and onion in a saucepan and set on the stove when they begin to boil.

add the flour. browned. Water. Salt. % Salt. 2 cups. with a Heat the milk in a double boiler braid the flour together little cold milk. browned. Flour. ground. Heat the oil. and . 1 cup. cup. 2 tablespoons. beating well. and add one fourth part rich cream sauce. 2 dessert-spoons. Flour. 2 tablespoons. 2 tablespoons. salt. water. and brown. 2 cups. WALNUT GRAVY Walnuts. CREAM BROWN GRAYY Rich milk. .SAUCES 137 CREAM TOMATO SAUCE Make a rich tomato sauce. Flour. and stir in the hot milk. 1 cup. Salt to taste. Flour. 2 cups. Water. BROWN GRAVY Oil. white. 1 tablespoon. add the hot and cook five minutes. Milk. cook well. Flour.

stirring till it browns and froths a little. Put the tomatoes into a saucepan over the fire add the onion and salt. Salt.138 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Put the water and milk in a saucepan. 2 cups. sprinkle in the flour. Pour half the cream into a round-bottom dish. boil about twenty minutes. vessels. and salt to taste. strained. stewed. TOMATO SAUCE Tomatoes. remove from . CREAM TOMATO SAUCE Cream. Flour. Heat the cream and tomatoes in separate thicken with flour braided with cold water is . Butter. 1 tablespoon. Tomatoes. In another pan melt the and as it melts. and when boiling add the walnuts. and it is ready for use. . 1 tablespoon. Mix the tomato pulp with it. Onion. and strain through a sieve. Salt. cook until flour done. PARSLEY SAUCE Add two tablespoonfuls of finely chopped parsley to two cups of cream sauce. Flour. minced. 2 cups. 1 tablespoon. Thicken with the flour. 1 quart. range. butter.

If it is desired to use skimmed milk. .SAUCES 139 and while beating. bro^^Ti. and mix with the hot tomato pulp and onion. Oil. add the flour. add butter after beating together. Salt and serve. then the remainder of the cream. 3 tablespoons. grated. 1 tablespoon. Flour. strained. Heat the oil. TOMATO GRAVY cup. 1 quart. slowly add the tomato. cook five minutes. ^ Tomatoes. Onion.




This salad may consist of a few or many kinds of vegetables. and ruin any dressing used. To make celery crisp. there is material for a delicious and economical salad. and wipe dry with a soft towel. beets. If they are not thoroughly dried. and a thick dice. then drain thoroughly. from each end. Pare tomatoes. but cooked deftly must be cold and perfectly tender. Remove a slice thick paring from cucumbers. are all well utilized in salads. Drain. The list of vegetables suitable for salads is so long that the question of kind is wholly a matter of choice. Freshly all cooked vegetables or left-overs vegetables may be used. or into half -inch and keep in cold water to which salt and lemon juice have been added.. string-beans. let it stand in cold water. until ready to serve. peas. allowing them to stand in cold or iced water until crisp. and oil. taking care not to bruise the leaves. Wash salad greens carefully. the water will collect in the bottom of the dish. and eaten raw. and keep in a cold place. Sprinkle with chopped ice at serving time. and they should always be served crisp and cool. any combination pleasing alike to the eye and ' ' ' ' (143) . Keep in a cool place till serving time. to which the somewhat aristocratic name macedoine salad may be given. By combining these left-overs with the favorite dressing. Asparagus.SALADS All green vegetables that are dressed with acid. cauliflower. are included in the list of salads. salt. etc. cut into thin slices.

of the most difficult things to prepare is a permayonnaise. and thus make more delicate salads. One essential point is to have all the materials cold. and it is for this reason that frequently made at the table. the former being the simplest and most commonly used of all dressings. and other vegetable salads. a little cream beaten stiff and dry. one may add to the dressing. it may To the dressing of salads one must give utmost care and attention. there are. the palate being permissible. till One Keep in a cold place mixed with other ingredients. cresses. While rules for dressings are innumerable. after all. Chill in the refrigerator both the bowl and In warm weather it is adoil an hour or more before using. tomatoes. Most cooked vegetables intended for salads are moistened with a French dressing and allowed to stand an hour or wanted. To tone down the taste of the oil. as upon its excellence the success of the dishes principally depends. This dressing.144 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK is taken in the be made a very attractive dish. if covered closely. it should not be added till moment of serv- ing. just before it is used. visable during the mixing to set the bowl in a larger one of cracked ice. generally known. will keep several days or longer in the ice-box. chicory. As the salad wilts if allowed to stand in the dressjust at the it is ing. and may be used with potatoes. but once the knack is acquired. as it liquefies as soon as . and if care arrangement. This dressing is used vsdth nut and fruit salads. and other vegetables. only a few really good The French dressing and the mayonnaise are most ones. failure fect afterwards is rare. celery. And it is quite the favorite for lettuce.

2 teaspoons. Force the nuttolene through a hard-boiled eggs and parsley. A mistake frequently is made much in preparing salad dressing acid. fine colander.SALADS more. 1 small teaspoon. grated. in a cold place. 2. % Mayonnaise. grated. Celery Salt. Mayonnaise dressing. is Just before servnot absorbed. chopped. Eggs. grated. grated. Onion. 2 tablespoons. mince the Mix all the ingredients and serve on lettuce leaf with a garnish of a small 10 . process the term "marinate" is 145 To this applied. well. VEGETARIAN SALMON SALAD Carrots. Nuttolene. or until well seasoned. hard-boiled. Mix all together. juice of 2. y^ cup. Serve on lettuce. salt. Radishes. adding mayonnaise dresssing last. ^^ pound. 2-3 cup. Nuttolene. Lemons. Parsley. chopped. Salt. 1 cup. chopped. The acid flavor should not predominate. 1-8 pound. pour off all the marinade that add the mayonnaise to the vegetables. Onion. VEGETARIAN CHICKEN SALAD Protose. pound. Celery. and that of using too ing.

and put with the diced nut cero add the lemon juice and salt to taste. Mix all with the mayonnaise. 2 sprigs. . Marinate for one hour. 2-3 cup. Salt. Radishes. Serve on a bed of lettuce and garnish with sliced tomatoes. ^^ pound. Celery stalk. Carrots. chop the onion fine. . Celery. hard-boiled. chop the watercress . Lemons.146 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK portion of the minced egg and parsley. garnished with the radishes cut in various shapes. Watercress. %. minced. Pecan meats may be used in the place of nuttolene. Salt. Eggs. Cook and very dice the carrots. 2. 4. Onion. 2. cut the celery in one-inch lengths and split fine. EUSSIAN SALAD Tomatoes. 1 pint. Mayonnaise. and then serve on a lettuce leaf. Mince the celery and eggs. 2. 1. NUT CERO SALAD Nut cero.

and Serve with mayonnaise. or it may be combined with nuttolene and served as suggested above. 1 cup. l^ package. then strain. TOMATO GELATINE Gelatine. and mold. Vegetable gelatine. 1 pint. and pea juice. Heat the beet. cup of water. and add to the gelatine after dissolving set it in one on ice to cool. When cold. Onion. Pea juice. strained. COTTAGE CHEESE SALAD Cottage cheese may be served as a salad when garnished with lettuce and mayonnaise. on lettuce leaf. Asparagus water. Salt. serve on lettuce leaf with salad dressing. Tomatoes. . Boil the onion and celery in the tomatoes until the flavor is obtained. Celery hearts. asparagus. 1 cup. and add to the which should previously be dissolved in one cup of water. y^ cup. i/4 ^ package.SALADS 147 GELATINE SALAD Beet juice. 1 cup. 1 slice. Add any desirable vegetable salad. minced. Pour in molds. gelatine. Water. 1 cup.

Scoop out the contents. 3 tablespoons. fill with a suitable salad. LEMON BEETS Steam or boil beets until tender. STUFFED TOMATOES Select well-formed tomatoes of uniform size. and serve. drop in cold water. and serve on lettuce leaf. The beets should be stirred occasionally. dressing or replace the portion cut off. form in desired shape. Chill. so that the ones on top will receive an equal amount of lemon juice. and cover the cut end with salad and slice off the stem end. beets will become well seasoned. . Salt. WATEECRESS Remove undesirable crisp parts. Wash and plates. Parsley. minced. they may be cut with any fancy cutter. Instead of slicing with a knife. and cold on deep salad drain well. Lemon juice. add the other ingredients. remove skins. Allow to stand long enough that the Salt the lemon juice.148 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK NUT CHEESE Nuttolene. 14 pound. a fine colander. and add lemon juice slightly diluted with water. slice thin. Serve Dress with French salad dressing. Press the nuttolene through. Wash.

If premay be cut fine before being sent to the CABBAGE SALAD Cabbage. Cabbage. 1 cup. CELERY AND CABBAGE SALAD Celery. lettuce dressing ferred. 14 cup. Dress with lemon. cup.SALADS 149 LETTUCE Separate the leaves. I/2 Mayonnaise. lettuce table. chopped very fine. Walnuts. which have been thoroughly mixed. Sugar. Mince the celery and cabbage very fine. A mayonnaise or may be provided for the table. with the lemon juice. Beat the cream. 1. and salt. and send to the table for each to prepare as preferred. and carefully wash to remove every particle of grit. and marinate Drain off the juice. Shake the water off the leaves. Lemon Salt. then pour over the walnuts. salt. 1 tablespoon. add the salt and the mayonnaise dressing. 3 cups. and serve. Cream. or olive oil. juice of Salt. and lemon juice together. Place on a plate or in a salad dish. cup. cup. . cabbage. chopped. sugar. II/2 cups. juice. % % Lemon.

boiled and drained. li/^ cups. . Salt. Mayonnaise. Dress with cream salad dressing. DANDELION SALAD Wash the dandelion leaves very clean. and when till tender. the asparagus. Wash long. garnish with sliced beets. 2 cups. and serve with a French dressing. ASPARAGUS AND PROTOSE SALAD Asparagus. cold. Season with salt. drained. 2 cups. 11/2 cups. Protose. put into salad dish with protose cut into dice. Boil in salted water ASPARAGUS AND CAULIFLOWER SALAD Asparagus tips. season with French dressing. ASPARAGUS SALAD Cut cooked asparagus tips into three-inch lengths. boiled. cut in small pieces. Cauliflower. Serve on a lettuce leaf with mayonnaise. dry well.150 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK ENDIVE SALAD Shred tlie leaves and cores of well-washed endive. and cut into pieces half an inch Drain. and serve on lettuce leaf with cream dressing. and serve.

Parsley. ENGLISH SALAD Lettuce. onion. juice of 2. and parsley. 1 tablespoon. 1 teaspoon. Cover with favorite salad dressing. Serve on MACEDOINE SALAD This is a mixture of any kind of cooked vegetables. 1 cup. salted lemon water if possible — for an' hour. minced. Mayonnaise. and lay in cold. grated. Steam the potatoes until tender. and mix well. — ice water Slice very thin. Put plain boiled Brussels sprouts into the ice-chest to Dress with olive oil and lemon juice. POTATO SALAD Potatoes. chopped. cut lengthwise and slice.SALADS 151 BRUSSELS SPROUTS SALAD get cold. in a cool place until ready to serve. Mayonnaise. chopped. and lemon juice thoroughly. 1 cup. lettuce. Celery. and serve on lettuce leaves. . Mix lettuce. Keep in quarters. 3. Onion. l^ cup. cool. CUCUMBERS Pare. celery. add salt. Salt. then add mayonnaise. Lemons. then fold in the mayonnaise carefully. 1 teaspoon. and salt to taste.

finely minced. serve on lettuce Mix thoroughly with mayonnaise. boiled. OLIVE AND ALMOND SALAD Olives. cold. and leaves. Celery. Potatoes. Lettuce or celery leaves. Onion. celery cut fine. . diced. 18. Add the almonds chopped. grated and celery cut into the same size as protose. cut into dice. 1 tablespoon. Salt. Celery. I/2 teaspoon. blanched.152 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK PROTOSE AND CELERY SALAD Protose. finely cut. 1 tablespoon. onion. Stone and chop the also the olives. 2. 1% cups. I/2 cup. Favorite salad dressing. Cut protose into half-inch dice add a little salt. Lettuce. Celery salt. 1 teaspoon. Onion. . Dress. PROTOSE SALAD Protose. l^^ cups. 1 pound. Almonds. Salt. Salad dressing. Crisp celery. and serve on lettuce leaves or garnish with celery leaves. Mix with salad dressing and serve on lettuce. grated. li/^ cups. cut in small dice. 21^ cups.

drop in cold water. EGG SALAD Eggs. 1 cup. and and Boil the beans until tender. pound. . Salt. add celery and a small amount of grated onion salt fold in favorite dressing.SALADS 153 LIMA BEAN SALAD Lima beans. 1 cup. raw. grated. Lima ^ Boil the beans till tender. 1 cup. minced. Dressing. minced. Eggs. peel off shell.drain cool. 1 cup. Hard boil the eggs. drain and cool. Serve with favorite dressing. Nuttolene. Dressing._4. Celery. finely minced. in the center place a spoonful of any sour salad dressing. and hard-boiled eggs finely chopped. and cut lengthwise in quarters. Celery. nuttolene cut into small dice. but not overdone. Onions. LIMA BEAN AND CELERY SALAD beans. lettuce leaf. 1 cup. place these quarters . hard-boiled. Lettuce. minced lettuce. on a points nearly touching each other. 1 cup. Add the minced celery.

Olives. Lemon juice. evening the cut portions with narrow strips of lettuce. add salt. and add lemon juice. peel. Sour cream. and slice in rings one fourth inch thick. % cup. 1 Salt. and will loosen. Refill the eggs. steam until about half done. grated. oil. mix well. Garnish with cut olives or mayonnaise. 2 tablespoons. Place hard-boiled eggs in cold water. so that the shells and remove yolks. fine and hard-boiled eggs which have been chopped and mixed with minced parsley. Onion. 6. . canned or stewed. Oil. Lettuce leaves. 6. Mayonnaise. with salad dressing. Protose. drained. cut crosswise. 2 teaspoons. to which and sour cream. 4 cups. grated onion may be used for those who desire it. ONION SALAD Peel. cool. fasten together with toothpicks. The halves of the white may be filled heaping full and served thus. minced protose. and one fourth cup of cottage cheese also may be included if liked. slice.154 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK STUFFED EGGS Eggs. PEA AND ONION SALAD Peas. serve on lettuce. and olives.

add the nuttolene cut very fine. Celery. Drain the peas. Drain the peas. NUT AND PEA SALAD Walnut meats. 1 can. ^ pound. and add the minced celery.SALADS 155 Set in a cold place. 1 cup. and the mayonnaise. Let the peas drain. and serv^e on let- tuce leaves. then add the onion. mix with any sour salad dressing. salt. pour over Mix all together lightly. peas. GREEN PEA AND NUTTOLENE SALAD Peas. Onion. . when ready to serve. 1 cup. Mayonnaise. Salad dressing. GREEN PEA AND CELERY SALAD Green peas. season with salt and grated onion. 1 can. 2 cups. Onion. minced. and a dash of grated onion. stir in the salad dressing. Salt. and serve. Nuttolene. and mix well. Salt. French Lettuce. Dressing.

Onion. cooked. Ponr mayonnaise dressing then mix with the walnuts. and pour mayonnaise dressing over. Mix the apples. and over MACARONI AND GREEN PEA SALAD Macaroni. Celery.156 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Drain the liquid off the peas. ^ Salt. cup. Mayonnaise. all. cut in dice. Pecan meats. and let them get cold. celery. Serve on lettuce. % cup. DATE AND CELERY SALAD Chop dates and dressing. and serve with golden salad WALDORF SALAD Apples. and lemon juice well together. 1 cup. white heart of the celery. peas. Mayonnaise dressing. . use only crisp. cut in dice. In making Waldorf salad. Green peas. mix thoroughly. tart The apples. chopped. and the tender. 1 cup. celery. Serve on lettuce. and serve. drain the mix all together. cooked. Lettuce. 1% cups. Lemon juice. I14 cups. grated. Cut the macaroni into quarter-inch lengths. white.

diced. Brazil nuts. cut in small cubes. Cut the strawberries and pineapples into small cubes. II/2 cups. chopped. diced. Lettuce. or it will ruin the mayonnaise. and add golden salad dressing one hour before serving. canned. 12. 1 spoon. and cover with a spoonful of mayonnaise or golden salad dressing. 1 cup. and add thinly sliced Brazil nuts that have been marinated in lemon juice. Dressing. fresh. . Use mayonnaise or white salad dressing. Oranges. Arrange lettuce in rose shape. Lemon juice. Nuts. blanched and thinly sliced. 1 cup. diced. NUT AND FRUIT SALAD Pineapple.SALADS 157 celery should be cut a little smaller than the apples. BRAZILIAN SALAD Ripe strawberries. Mix all together. Drain off the lemon juice before adding the dressing. 4 tablespoons. Dates. 1^ cups. 1 cup. 1^/^ cups. Pineapple. fill the crown with the above mixture.

the golden salad dressing. slices a few sliced and then strawberries. only. Lettuce. FANCY FRUIT SALAD Oranges. Oranges. garnish with a strawberry. next a layer of sliced bananas. In . Bananas. NO. Mix all together. 1 cup. NO. Bananas. STRAWBERRY SALAD Arrange large. and serve with golden salad dressing. 1 cup. cut in half-inch cubes. on these place of thin-cut oranges. cover with whipped cream. cut in half -inch cubes. and garnish with strawberries. cherry. Cream. FANCY FRUIT SALAD On on this a slice of apple. 1 cup. or some fruit of proper color. then a of orange cut the same this pour so that it way next three slices will run down one side slice of an banana over . 1 cup. 1 a select leaf of lettuce place a slice of pineapple. 3. cut in half -inch cubes. 2 Strawberries. well-washed strawberries around a butter chip which has been placed in a bread plate. . 4. Line the dish with lettuce leaves. cut transversely . 1 cup.158 VEGETAItlAN COOK BOOK FRUIT SALAD Apples.

and in Currants this sugar place a selected berry. Place a layer of fruit in the salad bowl. such as red and black cherries. and slice. then sugar. and keep on ice. 159 mound of powdered sugar. red and black berries. white currants. taste. anetc. Add lemon juice to Shake the bowl gently from side to side to draw out the juice. pineapples.SALADS the butter chip place a the same manner. Prepare two hours before serving. red and etc. may be served in BANANA SALAD Cut bananas lengthwise. other layer of fruit. . more sugar. and cover with the uncooked sweet salad dressing or the brown fruit salad dressing. NESSLERODE SALAD This salad is prepared by a combination of various colored fruits.




Cooking or Lemon Salt. Success oil making added. cooking drop is added. Continue this till the desired amount When stiff enough to cut with a knife. in is if set on ice. and thin again with lemon juice. put the lemon on ice for fifteen minutes before using. using another egg yolk. Into a saucer break the yolk of a fresh egg. oil salt. 1 tablespoon. and toward the two or three drops. add one is made. olive oil. and perhaps half a teaspoonful. and oil Should the mayjuice At at a time. with in the tablespoonful of sugar. Continue this process then thin it the mixture bejuice. To keep from curdling. (163) . juice. add more oil salt. with lemon and The salt helps to stiffen it. stir the yolk till it Gradually add to the yolk. dry bowl and batter whip. it. and the curdled mayonnaise as though it were oil. Thicken again same manner as before. add a drop at a time. 1. a drop at or olive stirring well after each till a time. and with a fork oil. put with it a large pinch of begins to stiffen.MAYONNAISE DRESSING Egg yolk. or afterward^ begin again with a clean. depends upon the care with which the first last. onnaise curdle while making. comes too stiff to stir. Sugar. This will keep a number of days.

1 tablespoon. cup. 1. Lemon Onion juice. put it knife rub it to a pulp. Add a teaspoonful of the lemon juice. six tablespoonfuls of oil. 3. Salt. as ordinary mayonnaise. 1^4 Lemon juice. % teaspoon. mash smooth. and then proceed as for the ordinary mayonnaise. . Oil. FRENCH SALAD DRESSING Oil. NUT OR OLIVE OIL SALAD DRESSING Oil. 1 teaspoon. Mix and pour over the salad. 3 tablespoons. beaten. Lemon juice. Eggs. Salt. add egg yolks. Make POTATO MAYONNAISE Potato. juice. 2. i/^ cup. 1/2 Water. Then add gradually to the mayonnaise. Steam the potato until tender. cup. Egg yolks. adding alternately the oil and the lemon juice.164 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK GREEN MAYONNAISE yolks and Use two light-colored Chop enough parsley into a bowl. 1 cup. and with a to make one tablespoonfnl.

FAVORITE SALAD DRESSING Butter. Melt the butter in a saucepan. Salt. Flour. When cool. stir this dressing through the vegetables. When hot. and stir constantly till thickened. set in hot water over the fire. diluted with one fourth cup water. stirring nntil is it cools. but be careful not to it. OIL SALAD DRESSING (SOUR) juice. stirring constantly. Water. Salt. As soon as it begins to thicken.SALAD DRESSINGS 165 Beat all well together. Beat in thoroughly the egg yolk. stir in the flour. Lemon brown juice. When it begins to thicken. 1 heaped dessert-spoon. and the hot lemon juice. salt to taste. and serve on a garnish of crisp lettuce. place in cold water and stir until cold. and set on ice till cold. It then ready for use. and place in a dish of cold water. . 2 teaspoons. 14 cup. Lemon % Eggs. teaspoon. remove from the fire. Oil. 2. 14 cup. 2 teaspoons. 11/2 dessert-spoons. and remove. Heat together in a double boiler.




butter, 1 teaspoon.

Tomatoes, strained, 1 cup.
Dilute the nut butter with a
a double boiler.
of the tomato




mixed smooth, add the remainder of the tomato

cook over

Nut butter, 2 Lemon juice,


dessert-spoons. cup.


yolk, 1.

Dilute the lemon juice with an equal quantity of water,



gradually into the nut butter as


preparing for

table use; cook over boiling water until


remove, and add salt and beaten egg yolk; beat smooth.
If to be used for fruit,

add sugar.

yolks, 5.

Butter, melted, Y^ cup. Lemon juice, 4 tablespoons. Salt, 1 level teaspoon. Sugar, 1 level teaspoon. Rich cream, 1 cup.

and sugar; beat with an then add gradually the melted butter and the lemon juice. Cook over hot water

To the yolks add the

egg whisk until thick and


until the mixture thickens


and falls away from the sides Take from the stove, put into a glass jar, and when cool cover closely. When ready to use, pour into it lightly the rich cream whipped to a stiff, dry froth. If whipped cream can not conveniently be obtained, plain sweet or sour cream may be used in the dressing, but it will not be so light and flaky.
of the pan.


yolk, light colored,


Cracked ice. Cream, whipped

to stiff froth, 6 tablespoons.

Oil, 6 tablespoons.


juice, 1 tablespoon.

Drop the yolk into a cold bowl, mix lightly, and salt; then add the oil drop by drop. The dressing should be
Stand the bowl in another containing a little you may be constantly reducing the Slowly add the lemon juice, then stir color of the egg. This dressing, if properly made, in the whipped cream. should be almost as white as whipped cream, while having the flavor of mayonnaise. Serve with Waldorf salad.
very thick.

so that




Cream, 1 cup. Butter, size of walnut. Salt, 1 level teaspoon. Lemon juice, 4 tablespoons. Corn-starch, 1 rounded teaspoon.
Eggs, 2. Sugar, 1 level teaspoon.




Put the cream into a double boiler. When scalding hot, add the corn-starch dissolved in a little cold milk, and cook about five minutes, stirring constantly. Then add the butter. With the yolks of the eggs put the salt and sugar beat till light and thick, then add alternately the lemon juice and the hot cooked mixture. Fold in the stiffly beaten whites, and set aside to become cold.
This dressing


be used the same as mayonnaise.

the same as cream salad dressing No.


the yolks of the eggs.

Cream, 1 cup.
Corn-starch, 1 tablespoon.



Egg white, 2 Lemon juice,


3 tablespoons.

Oil, 2 tablespoons.

Powdered sugar, 2 teaspoons.

Heat the cream in a double boiler, thicken with cornadd sugar, and remove from the fire; when partially cool, put in the beaten white; and when cold, the oil and salt. Just before serving, add the lemon juice.






Sugar, 1 tablespoon. Rich milk or cream,
Oil, 1 tablespoon.



Salt, 1 teaspoon.

Eggs, well beaten, 2. Corn-starch, 2 teaspoons.

Add the sugar, salt, and oil to the lemon juice; heat, and thicken with corn-starch braided with a little water stir in the eggs; remove from the stove, and add the cream!


Cream, 1 cup. Tomatoes, strained, 1-3 cup.



juice, 14 cup.

Beat the cream until
pulp, lemon juice, and


then fold in the thick tomato






1 tablespoon.

Sugar, 1 tablespoon.

To the thick cream add the sugar; stir weU, and then slowly add the lemon juice, constantly stirring. This should thicken at once.



Nut butter, 1 heaping dessert-spoon. Red grape juice, 1 cup.
Dilute the nut butter with the grape juice as


make nut cream.

Cook over a double remove, and cook on the stove



until of proper



^ cup.



14 cup.

Eggs, beaten, 2. Sugar, 1-3 cup. Corn-starch, 2 teaspoons.


After beating the eggs well, add the pineapple juice, Beat tojuice, sugar, and a small pinch of salt. gether and cook in a double boiler. Let cook about two

minutes, and add the corn-starch.




% cup. % cup.

Sugar, 14 cup. Butter, 1/2 size of walnut. Corn-starch, 2 teaspoons.

Stem and wash




make one


a cup of juice; add half the sugar, and crush well; allow to stand in a cool place for two hours; shake through a

fine sieve to obtain juice;


add to the juice the lemon juice and butter, bring to the boiling point, and stir in the remainder of the sugar, with which has been thoroughly mixed the corn-starch. Cook and cool, and add to the



Candied citron. bread crumbs. size of egg. Bread crumbs. Currants. butter. % pound. cups. and Beat well together. 4. i^ pound. l^ cup. Seedless raisins. Beat the eggs. seeded. and mix with the raisins. 1 cup. Bread crumbs. Butter. 1 cup. 1% Sugar. and sugar. yolks of the eggs. Raisins. PLUM PUDDING Eggs. Mix well. Cream. and steam about two hours. (175) . 6. Lemon Mince the apples crumbs. flour. 1-3 pound. from three to five hours. pour into a buttered pan. 3 cups. 1 cup. Sugar. and mix in the sugar and fruit. l^ cup. 4. flavor if desired. Flour. Fruit juice. chopped. add the cream. Eggs. bread Add the fruit juice and the beaten fold in the beaten whites. and steam fine. 1 cup.STEAMED APPLE PUDDING Apples. cover.

1 quart. 6. Eggs. 1 tablespoon. Seedless raisins. 1 tablespoon. melted. Salt. Bread crumbs. % cup. and bake in a pan set in a pan of water. and steam or boil for three hours. Serve with sweetened cream. Eggs. Milk. Butter. 4 cups. 1. Stale sponge cake. % cup. flavored with nutmeg. 1 cup. Currants. % cup. 1 cup. Vanilla. Mix all well together except the whites of the eggs. 2 cups. Grape juice. Seedless raisins. y^ teaspoon. Salt. Mix aU together. STEAMED FRUIT PUDDING Tart apple pulp. Sugar. 2 cups. 2^^ cups. Serve with a tart sauce. toasted. stiff which should be beaten and added last. cover.176 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK CABINET PUDDING Candied citron. . or steam in covered mold. Lemon rind. grated. Turn into a buttered mold. 2. Nutmeg.

and steam one and fig Mix one half hours. the butter with the corn-starch and flour. cover. Lemon. into a buttered pudding mold. Sugar. and mix in slowly the 19 . 11/4 cups. using date marmalade. cups. 1^ cups. Water. Sugar. I/2 cup. Over the beaten yolks pour a sirup made by boiling the sugar in the water. 1 teaspoon. % 1^ Eggs. 2 cups. together with the sugar and the yolks of eggs. and salt. Flour. 1 cup. and fold in quickly the well-beaten whites. 1. 1 Lemon extract. lemon extract. Flour. cup. Pour well. and stir in the first mixMix ture.PUDDINGS 177 FIG PUDDING Butter. 2 tablespoons. Fig marmalade. Cream. 1 teaspoon. Corn-starch. Beat up well. 4. 6. DATE PUDDING Make the same as fig pudding. grated rind and juice. mix the marmalade and the cream. NO. Add lemon rind and juice. Salt. ADELAIDE PUDDING Eggs. iy2 cups. Corn-starch. 1 cup.

Lemon Salt. and steam one and one half hours. and oil in Put in a greased pudding succession. Have the flour and starch well beat until very stiff. 1 cup. and steam one and one half hours. extract. Flour. Break the eggs in a mixing bowl. Cold water. Sugar. a little at a time. This can be baked as a cake if desired. 2 "Water. 2% cups. . 1 cup. Fruit. dish. water. then add these. 1 cup. Corn-starch. 1 cup. ADELAIDE PUDDING Eggs. and FRUIT TAPIOCA PUDDING Tapioca. % teaspoon. % cup. and add the sugar.178 flour eggs. 1 tablespoon. pour into Fold in the beaten whites of the a greased pudding dish. Set the bowl on a medium hot stove. Cooking oil. VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK and corn-starcli. 1 tablespoon. NO. 1 teaspoon. juice. Sugar. the flavoring. 1 cup. 1^ cup. mixed together. 6. and salt. Lemon Salt.

dessert it may be made into a good into beaten egg whites. and so on. % . then a layer of fruit. put all the seasoning into and put a layer a pudding dish. before pouring the tapioca. and mold in cups or pan. juice. Cook in a double boiler pan to cool. 1/2 Sago. If. and place in the bottom of the pan. If sliced pineapple is at hand. just before cooking into a flat dice it. or any stewed from which the into juice has been drained. Water. season.PUDDINGS Use fresh strawberries. Pineapple juice> 1 cup. when cooking by beating tapioca or sago for pudding. cup. 3 cups. it it should cook too long and get thin. PINEAPPLE TAPIOCA Tapioca. and soak add sugar and pineapple until transparent. Serve with a colored sauce. sliced 179 bananas. 1 cup. Serve with cream. Better results follow when the tapioca is soaked over night or for several hours. having the top layer tapioca. Wash in the water. Sugar. seeded prunes. 2-3 cup. clear. Orange juice. fruit diced pine- apple. 4 cups. Sugar. and pour in the tapioca. 1 cup. When the tapioca has cooked until it. Water. ORANGE SAGO MOLD cup.

% cup. CREAM SAGO PUDDING Sago. 1 quart. and allow to cool a little then pour in the eggs and sugar. Sugar. Beat the eggs very light. then turn into individual glass sauce dishes. Wash boiler. Eggs. the sago. 1 quart. PLAIN CUSTARD Sugar. set in a pan of water. Milk or cream. to cool.180 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Wash the sago. . Salt. 1 cup. and cook . Bake in a pudding pan set in a pan Bake until the center of custard is set. and bake until the custard is set. cup. and put away Garnish with a little bright colored jelly or jam. Put into a pudding pan. milk. beating all the time. Beat the eggs till light. and add th6 sugar and flavor. and put with the milk into a double until clear. and stir in the and salt. of hot water. Eemove the sago from the range. % 6. Lemon flavoring. 2. cover. Eggs. sugar. Milk. and cook in the orange juice and water with the sugar until transparent and thoroughly done.

stirring and cook until of a dark frequently to prevent burning. 1 quart. double boiler. and flavor with the vanilla. and put to cook with the milk in a stir occasionally. 1 cup. Sugar. Add the water. Water. and stir until the caramel (the browned sugar) is dissolved. color. cup. Salt. ^ Eggs. Beat till light. the flavoring. cup. Sugar. Stir in Let cook a minute. beat in the sugar and add to the tapioca. Beat up the eggs. and cook till clear. Pour into custard cups. If the caramel should get too brown. add sugar and . 1 cup. Butter. and remove from the range. % Eggs. 14 teaspoon. and brown . turn into a pan of suitable size. 1 tablespoon. Milk. and let Put the butter into a saucepan. Wash the eggs the tapioca. stir in the sugar. 3 cups. When brown melted. 6. only a portion of the caramel.PUDDINGS 181 CARAMEL CUSTARD Milk. Flavor to suit. Vanilla. and bake till the custard is set in the middle. which should be hot. set on the range. 4. and mix with the milk add this to the caramel. TAPIOCA CUSTARD (RICH) Tapioca. ^ teaspoon. set into a shallow pan of water.

and flavor- ing the same as for the custard. VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Serve cold. 2 tablespoons. 5. Make a custard of the milk. Drop spoonfuls of the whites on the custard so as to form islands. 1 quart. or it may be put on with a pastry tube or paper funnel. If desired. and pour into individual glass dishes. Flavor to suit. Drop a little jelly in the center of each island. and the sugar. The tapioca may also be flavored and colored. Milk may be substituted for water.182 in oven. but use bananas instead of pineapples. BANANA TAPIOCA Same as pineapple tapioca. with a sugar. . Sugar. The custard should be about the same consistency as cream sauce. Do not allow it to cook too long. and two eggs used if desired. "Whip the remaining three little whites to a stiff froth. l^ cup. Eggs. the whites of two. Jelly. which should be flavored the same as the custard. or it may curdle. the whites of two of the eggs may be used as a meringue. FLOATING ISLAND Milk. Cool the custard. the yolks of the eggs.

yolks. add the sugar in which has been mixed Bake slowly in a par pan of hot water. or milk. 2 tablespoons. Milk. Corn-starch. Mash the potatoes well. Vanilla. all cream. in a and thin them down with the fine sieve. then force sugar.PUDDINGS 183 SWEET POTATO CUSTARD Sweet potatoes. then add the milk. MALTED MILK CUSTARD Horlick's malted milk. 2. Sugar. Cream Eggs. and pour it gradually onto the well-beaten yolks. set in a Beat the eggs. the hot water to of the water. % 3. 1/2 cup. Bake in a pan set through a pan of water. II/2 cups. cooked. CHEAP CUSTARD Eggs. 1 quart. Sugar. 1 cup. 4 level teaspoons. Mix the malted milk with enough of make a smooth paste add the remainder . and add the and well-beaten eggs. vanilla. 4. Butter cus- . the corn-starch. Egg Salt. Hot water. cup. 2i/^ cups.

Sugar. ^ j Soak the gelatine for one hour or more in v^ater about one hundred and forty degrees drain. custard or whipped cream. GELATINE CUSTARD Milk. and put into one cup of hot milk. package. pour in the mixture.184 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK let it tard cups. cook until transparent. and pour into cold. cook thoroughly in double boiler. and pour into molds. Corn-starch. 2 tablespoons. add the boiling water and serve with soft slowly. Gelatine. flavor with vanilla. wet molds. 1 tablespoon. in which has been dissolved the sugar. Chill. 1 quart. Eggs. 14 teaspoon. and add to the custard. remove from the stove. HOELICK'S MALTED MILK BLANC-MANGE Horlick's malted milk. Beat all well together. . Vanilla. II/2 cups. which should be previously prepared by stirring the beaten eggs into the hot milk. Mix the starch and malted milk powder with a little cold water into a smooth paste. Salt. Sugar. 2. Boiling water. 2 tablespoons. and stand in a pan of boiling water in a moderate oven until the custard is set. y^ cup.

the yolks of three eggs. 4. Cake batter. Nutmeg. Corn-starch. A custard to be served with this blane-mange is made with two cups of milk. 1/2 cup. 1 quart. and half of a cup of sugar. Put three cups the fire. of milk into a double boiler. in which have been dissolved the sugar and the corn-starch. 2 cups. large. and set over scalding hot. Lemon flavoring. or pink with ture after it is A pleasing effect may cooked. Sugar. white. Sugar. and filling up with the other.PUDDINGS 185 CORN-STARCH BLANC-MANGE Milk. white pyramids capped with pink. 14 cup. take from the range. . and add the whites. APPLE WALNUT PUDDING Apples. When turned from the mold. Egg whites. 4 heaped tablespoons. chopped. and set in beaten a cool place to get be obtained by dividing the mixand coloring one half pink. Walnuts. Stir till it is thick and there are no lumps. lemon. then filling each mold one third full of one. l^ cup. Flavor the same as blanc-mange. they will look like small. When Flavor with stiffly Pour into molds. add the remaining milk. 3. Water. firm.

Eggs. The proportions given for Johnson's sponge cake are enough for three such puddings. and pour cake batter to a depth of one fourth inch. Thicken with the corn-starch braided with When the corn-starch is well cooked. together with one cup of the coconut and one fourth cup of sugar. until tender. cover. 1^ cups. Sugar. the full recipe could be made. and cook under cover. As it is difficult to make a small amount of cake batter. and place in a granite pudding pan. shredded. add three fourths cup of sugar. boiler. Add the nut meats.186 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Peel the apples. and water nearly to cover. sprinkle with nutmeg and over all sugar. and cook again for a eggs. pour a little milk. . 1 quart. nut. Coconut. 4. cut into half-incli cubes. stirring well. Milk. and that remaining could be baked as a cake. in a slow oven. APPLE COCONUT PUDDING Apples. Peel the apples. When cool. cover with water. Bake. 8. 1% tablespoons. Corn-starch. short time. the mixture over the beaten yolks and whites of two of the Return to the double boiler. meringue with the remainder of the egg whites in which has been sprinkled the remainder of the coconut. and serve with cream. cut into eighths. 1 cup. Sprinkle the apples with coco- and pour over them the custard. set in a moderate oven. and cook Heat the milk in a double until tender and quite dry.

Pour cover the apples. sufficient . and lay on a piece of pie paste rolled out about five inches square and as thick as for pie. For m PLUGGED APPLES Apples. and bake until the apples are done. Fill the holes made by removing the cores. Fill the hole in the apple with sugar in which has been mixed grated nutmeg. Put into a granite or enameled baking pan of suitable size. and water.PUDDINGS 187 APPLE DUMPLINGS each dumpling desired. being careful not to break the apples. Sugar. with the sugar. add a sugar. lemon juice. and bake until clear. Fold up the crust so as to cover. and bake until tender. peel and core. 6. 1 cup. Place granite pan. LEMON APPLE Tart apples. and sprinkle a little of the grated rind on each apple. Lemon. and remove the cores. Pare the apples. wash. Select large bellflower apples. water into the pan to half Cover. Sugar. 6. 3. Bananas. fill the hole in the apples little and remove the with small bananas. 1. Lemon. core. moisten the sugar with the lemon juice. select a medium-sized tart apple.

mince.188 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK APPLE PUDDING. Nutmeg. and bake. ground fine. Stir the butter and sugar to a cream. add the and the beaten yolks of the eggs. and bake. the juice and grated rind of the lemon. grated. Green tart apples. cup. put into an oiled pudding pan. bread crumbs. Bread crumbs. 2 tablespoons. flavor. Sugar. cup. Walnuts. Fold in the stiffly beaten whites. % 1^ cups. and beat weU. Eggs. make two cups. set in a pan of hot water. 2 cups. fold in the beaten whites of the eggs. APPLE NUT PUDDING Apple pulp. Lemon. BAKED Butter. SCALLOPED APPLES Pare and core tart apples. nuts. nutmeg. Sugar. 4.cient tart apples to sugar. Serve with sweetened cream or lemon sauce. 4. and cover the bottom of a pudding pan with a thin layer. then sprinkle . 6. 1 cup. Serve cold with One third of a cup of bread crumbs may be added if desired. cream. Grate suffi. % 1. add to this the well-beaten yolks of the eggs. and the grated apples. Eggs.

Next fold little cold water. Sugar. % Mash the strawberries with the sugar. toothsome dessert. and bake in a quick oven. and add to the unbeaten whites. PEACH FLUFF Peaches. beat well. Strain the apple sauce. thicken with the corn-starch braided in a Allow to cool. Serve with cream. 3 tablespoons. Serve cold. and can be prepared on short order. which should be in a deep dish. and add the peaches after they have been forced through a fine colander. 1 quart. add a little water. 1 pint. Corn-starch. APPLE SNOW Apple Egg sauce. and bring to a boil. Beat with an egg whisk until light and foamy. This makes a dainty. whites. 2. canned or stewed. Strawberries. STRAWBERRY FLUFF Egg whites. pour over the beaten whites. and add another layer of apples. and so on until the pan is three fourths full. Sugar. Drain the juice from the peaches. and sweeten and flavor to taste. and heat to boiling. while hot. 4. cup. Egg whites. 1/2 cup. 2. . add the sugar. 1 pint.PUDDINGS 189 with bread crumbs and sugar.

thicken with and pour over the beaten whites. fruits Other may be used instead of peaches. and sugar. Do not bake the meringue. STRAWBBREY SOUFFLE Eggs. Corn-starch. 1 quart.190 in the stiffly VEGETARIAN COOK: BOOK beaten whites of the eggs. Sugar. 5. with a teaspoonful of red jelly on top of each dish. Salt. 1^^ cups. 3 teaspoons. Egg whites. 1 cup. Garnish with strawberries. and sugar. Place strawberries in a glass dish. Vanilla to flavor. Water. Strawberries. SNOW PUDDING Milk. a custard ORANGE TRIFFLE Orange juice. the corn-starch. 3^ cup. Corn-starch. . Serve in glass. and allow to cool before serving. 1 cup. 3. Egg whites. 1-3 cup. and pour over them made of the egg yolks. Heat the water. orange juice. Cream or milk. milk. 1-3 teaspoon. Sugar. 1-3 cup. Cover with a meringue made of the whites and a little sugar. 4. Beat well. Sugar.

little till cold milk. Eggs. l^ cup. SPONGE PUDDING Milk. Serve in the cups in which it is baked. add the corn-starch mixed smooth in a little cold milk. 2 cups. BREAD PUDDING Milk. . and bake few minutes. and salt in a double boiler over the fire. and stir thickens. Stale bread. Serve with vanilla sauce. but be served immediately. place in the oven. Set into a pan of hot water.PUDDINGS 191 Set the milk. Pour Put pan of boiling water. Soak the bread in the milk. sugar. beat the yolks and one of and flavor. This should for a not be allowed to stand. or on hot plates if baked in a pudding dish. 1-3 cup. Mix stir the sugar and into the wellstiff. pour this into the scalding it milk. Put the milk flour with a into a double boiler. the whites of the eggs with the sugar. . when stiffly scalding hot. II/2 cups. then beaten yolks of the eggs into a add the whites beaten the mixture into buttered cups or a pudding dish. 3. Mix and put into a pudding dish. and flavor with vanilla. Sugar. When nearly cold. stir in carefully the beaten whites. Flavor to suit. Eggs. 1 quart. Sugar. Flour. 4. 1^ cup.

3 cups. or fresh fruit of some kind. Set in a pan of hot water. then add the rest of the bread and the remainder of the berries and sugar. in the bottom of a pudding Trim the bread. 1 quart. Huckleberries. which should have the juice strained off. cutting off all crusts. The raisins should be pressed down so that they will not burn. pudding may first be marked with jelly. 1/4 Eaisins. 1/2 cup. and bake If desired. stewed. Sugar. Milk. Over all pour the juice that has been drained. which is made of the two egg whites and two teaspoonfuls of sugar. and the meringue put over all. This may be covered with a thin layer of jelly or shredded pineapple before the addition of the meringue.192 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK until the custard is set. there should be enough to moisten the bread thoroughly. PRESSED FRUIT PUDDING Bread. first add the milk. 8 slices. and bake. be crumbled into a pudding pan. Eggs. and pour over the cake. . sprinkle over part of the sugar. 2 cups. Meringue with the whites. the top of the CAKE PUDDING Stale cake. If to be served the same . 2. put four slices pan cover with half the berries. marmalade. Beat which should the egg yolks. cup.

fruit first. chopped. finishing with bread crumbs on top. to press the pudding. Set the dish in a pan of hot water. 1 cup. Bread crumbs. and then press by placing another pan on top of it. Raisin or prune juice. and slice the remainder of the loaf very thin cover the bottom of a pan with a layer of these slices. Pour over it the fruit juice and melted butter.PUDDINGS day. Strawberries or other fruit the huckleberries. Being prepared the day would make a desirable dessert for a Sabbath Cut in squares. Raisins. 2 cups. and serve with cream. Butter. which should not be very juicy. Serve with sweetened cream or sweet sauce. may be used in place of BLUEBERRY PUDDING Remove granite the crusts from stale white bread. or a cream pudding sauce. if It is not necessary to it press the pudding not used the same day is made. 1 cup. Repeat these layers two or three times. it dinner. put another pan on top of the pudding. with weights in it. 1/2 cup. . and bake in a mod- — 13 . BROWN BETTY Apples. before. 193 with a weight in it. cover. chopped. 1 cup. This should stand for several hours. Fill a pudding dish with alternate layers of the fruit and crumbs. and cover these with stewed blueberries.

3 cups. Stir the granose flakes into the boiling milk. Thicken the milk with the corn-starch. and pour into molds. Sugar. Let boil two minutes. Eggs. Press lightly. pan of water until well set. boiling. 2 cups. PRUNE PUDDING Milk or cream. . then remove the cover. Granose flakes. then add the beaten eggs and sugar.194 VBGETABIAN COOK BOOK erate oven for nearly an hour. 4. and brown lightly. Corn-starch. Eggs. 1 quart. repeat till the pan is full. beaten. . and bake in a STRAWBERRY GRANOSE Put a layer of granose in a deep of crushed berries pan cover with a layer and sugar. Serve with vanilla sauce. 2 cups. add the prune flavor to taste. Serve with cream. Lemon extract. 1 tablespoon. 2 tablespoons. 3. GRANOSE MOLD Milk. marmalade and beaten eggs. Serve with sweetened cream or lemon sauce. Prune marmalade.

% Cream Eggs. then finish cooking in the Remove from the stove. and pour over the sliced bananas. 4. cream. Farina. stir in the vanilla. slowly add the double boiler. Heat the milk and sugar. Pour into a pan. when nearly done. Serve hot or cold with CREAM RICE PUDDING Rice. 1 quart. well beaten. 1 cup. or milk. . and set in another containing water. Stir the beaten whites of eggs with the and sugar. and cook on the stove until set. cup. and serve with BANANA FARINA Milk. Make a meringue of the whites. Cook the rice in the cream or milk. Vanilla. cup. and stir in the yolks of the eggs. 4. Egg Sugar. 3 cups. Sugar. or till the eggs are cooked. % % Bananas. 1/2 cup. cup. whites. and bake fifteen or twenty minutes. Bake till prune pulp lightly browned. farina. remove from the range.PUDDINGS 195 PRUNE PUDDING Prune pulp. cream.

and add it and the sugar to. 1% tablespoons.196 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK RICE PUDDING Rice. Serve hot with sweetened cream. when cold. flavored with nutmeg. Allow to boil five minutes. wash the rice. be added.the milk. Milk. pudding is to be served as soon as cooked. 1 tablespoon. well beaten. roll in beaten and then in bread crumbs. Butter. RICE PATTIES Rice. cooked. then set in the oven and bake under cover until done. milk will be required than when boiled rapidly on top Pour the cold milk in a granite baking pan and place on top of the stove. % cup. Bake. If the 1/2 cup. Gluten. Sugar. Sugar. sufficient gluten to form into patties. 2 cups. . 4 to 6 cups. add egg. and stir over the fire till well blended . and brown. remove cover. Nutmeg. less milk will be required. Seedless or seeded raisins may. also any other flavoring desired. 2. Eggs. if cooked slowly in the oven. stirring carefully occasionally with a pancake turner to prevent scorching. less of the stove. Mix.

cup. Milk.PUDDINGS 197 CEREAL PUDDING Milk. 4 cups. 1 cup. FRUIT NUTS PUDDING Fruit nuts. hot. FARINA MOLD Milk. . or rice flakes. whites. 1-3 cup. Sugar. 1. grated rind and stir in cream of maize. and cerealine. 1 cup. Lemon. Wash the raisins. Sugar. Farina. 21/2 cups. and add them and the fruit nuts to the hot milk. and set within another containing water. 1/2 cup. 2 cups. Meringue with the Heat the milk to boiling. 4. or rice flakes. allow to stand until cool. Seedless raisins. Cream of maize. Pour in a shallow pan. and bake till the custard sets. and stir in the yolks and sugar. Eggs. or cerealine. Set in double boiler and cook half an hour. Remove from the range. Sugar. % Salt. 1 quart. juice. Fold in the beaten whites. Eggs. then add the beaten yolks of the eggs and the sugar. and bake in a pan set in a pan of water. 14 cup. 2. Flavor with grated rind and juice of lemon.

sugar. Milk or cream. add the three cups of milk if not. set the inner boiler BAKED INDIAN PUDDING Corn-meal mush. whites. and then cover with another layer of the blanc-mange. Molasses. into molds previously oiled or dipped into cold water. and bake until well set. when scalding hot. . and then the and egg yolks. 5. 1^ cup. or sliced bananas used instead of the cake. % cup. cover this with a thin layer of cake. CAKE BLANC-MANGE Pour into a flat granite pan a small portion of blancmange. The corn-meal mush should be free from lumps. raisins. and fold in last. % Sugar. 3 cups. then set back in outer boiler and cook one hour. May be served with cream sweetened and flavored. or with fruit juice. Turn is set. Seedless raisins. Ginger. Pour into a granite pan. 1 quart. A good custard may be used instead of the blanc-mange. cup. on the range until the milk boils then Let boil till the farina stir in the farina. Eggs. If the mush has been cooked in milk. Beat the molasses. and salt. sugar. 198 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Put the milk into a double boiler. ginger. add cream. set in a pan of water. 1 teaspoon. ..

grated rind and juice of 1. juice. 1. beat the eggs. % cup.PUDDINGS 199 ORANGE FRUIT MOLD Orange Sugar. % box. V2 cup. cooking and stirring clear like honey. Egg Lemon. and let stand until cooled. sugar. and serve with fruit sauce. juice. and add and to them the grated rind of the lemon. and stir in the other ingredients. and let boil until thoroughly dissolved. water LEMON HONEY White sugar. 1 cup. and butter into a double boiler While these are heating. Oil. 3. till it is thick CREAM PUFFS l^ cup scant measure. white. Flour. juice. Pour into molds. Add this to the sugar and butter. 1 cup. Soak the vegetable gelatine in warm water. Then remove from the stove. 1 tablespoon. 11/4 1% cups. . and put the gelatine in one half cup of boiling water. Vegetable gelatine. cups. Eggs. yolks. Butter. Pour this off. Egg Put the over the fire. 3. which should be previously mixed and heated. then turn into sauce dishes. Lemon Water.

open one side far enough to fiR with whipped cream. onto greased pans.200 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Put the oil into one cup of hot water when boiling. rubbing the paste smooth . When cool. 1 tablespoon. carefully break STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE Cream. add the eggs. brush the top with melted butter. Warm salt. Mix thor- oughly. from a spoon. each time . with whole or crushed berries. into greased pans. Flour to make a medium soft dough. the cream to about seventy degrees. rise. leaving room for Bake in a moderate oven. one at a time. cover. let rise until and fill about double its original size. add the perfectly smooth. and about two cups of the flour. Put rest of the flour. which has been sweetened and flavored. and bake. drop this mixture in portions about the size of a walnut. is it is possible to any The method of preparation given in accompanying recipes. Yeast. Be sure . 1 cup. and beat rapidly until smooth. and knead until Roll out about half an inch thick. Split. when partially cool. Salt. them to expand. sprinkled with sugar. and served with or without sauce. and set in a risen warm place to When well and lively. add the flour. FRUIT GELEB With utilize the aid of vegetable gelatine bits of left-over fruit juice. and add the yeast. They can then be sprinkled with powdered sugar.

The juice should be heated before the gelatine is added. or until is no of small lumps appear. .PUDDINGS to cook the gelatine until it 201 transparent. 1^ cups of Soak the gelatine in water of the temperature of 140 degrees for an hour or two. pour out into a and when cool. gelatine use no For each package more than three quarts of liquid. The package book is gelatine called for in the recipes in this that prepared The ordinary gelatine by the Kellogg Food Company. which have flat pan. 1 pint. 1 cup. 1^2 package. % cup. 1-3 cup. including that in v^hich the gelatine is boiled. cook only until the gelatine disappears. Cream. 1 pint. Cream. been heated in a double boiler. MAPLE CREAM GELEE Sanitas vegetable gelatine. COFFEE GELEE Cereal coffee. cut into desired shape and size. and maple into individual molds. Milk. 2 cups. but no longer. Sugar. and add to boiling water. strain into the milk. Corn-starch. cream. 1 teaspoon. l^ package. or pour sirup. Maple sirup. is not to be recommended. strain. Gelatine.

MERINGUE usually used to denote a covering for desserts. 2 cups. and then the meringue skimmed off. and set in it into the milk cook. is to keep the cream from rising to the top while cooking. It can also be dropped on hot water.. or it may be spread on the dessert with a spatula. . or the hot water may is This term made by adding sugar be poured on it in a deep dish. . and set in a slow oven and browned. CHOCOLATE GELEE Cream. put and cream. 3 heaping teaspoons. Gelatine. which has been dissolved in one half cup of water mold. Cooked meringue will keep its shape longer. and sugar. coffee. 1 teaspoon. 1 cup. Corn-starch. and heat add the corn-starch and then add to the vegetable gelatine. Chocolate. Dissolve the chocolate in a few spoonfuls of milk. j cool place. . which have been This thickening it is thickened with the corn-starch. Sugar. Milk. ^ package. to beaten whites. 2 heaping teaspoons. 202 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Dissolve the vegetable gelatine in one half cup of water add the hot cream. powdered. This may be served without cooking. Add sugar in the proportion of one teaspoon to one egg white.

press together in such a way as to leave part of the nut exposed. remove th.PUDDINGS 203 STUFFED DATES Select unbroken seeds as carefully as possible. quarter ox wash in warm water. roU in powdered sugar. and serve. .e and place in the hole a a walnut meat or an entire blanched almond. dates.




the sauce until well frothed and thickened. where it will not boil. Fruit juice. %. and put into a saucepan with the water. Put the sugar then remove it in a saucepan with the fruit juice (prefer. pound. Juice of V2 lemon. HARD SAUCE Butter. ably cherry or strawberry) to the side. 1 cup. Corn-starch. bright colored. 1 rounding tablespoon. 1/^ cup. Stir in Whisk the well-beaten yolks. Egg yolks. 2. 2 cups. 1 pound. and add the lemon juice. % Nutmeg Rub the butter and sugar together until white and creamy. Sugar. then add the nutmeg. to suit. Water. powdered. Break the nutmeg into pieces. and remove from the stove. stir it over the fire till hot. Sugar. Butter. 1 cup. Sugar. boil and add the corn-starch mixed with (207) . GOLDEN SAUCE Nutmeg.GERMAN SAUCE Egg yolks. 12. 1 tablespoon.

VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK Stir over th. . Butter to suit. ^4 cup. Flour. 1 tablespoon. reheat. 2 cups. and stir in the beaten Cook a few minutes. then add the butter. ful of the sauce. strain. Coconut. and flavor with Thicken the cream with the vanilla.e fire until the eom-starch is cooked. add the beaten whites. add the sugar. cup. 1 cup. 1 tablespoon. Sugar and vanilla. 2. VANILLA SAUCE Cream. shredded. Sugar. % Steep the coconut in the milk for about twenty minutes. 3. Sugar. Strain and serve. Sweeten taste. ORANGE SAUCE Oranges. Eggs. as the yolk will curdle boiled. Lemon juice. yolks. When cool. and thicken. COCONUT SAUCE Milk or cream. 1 quart.208 the sugar. stirring all the time. 1 cup. Eggs. 2. to flour. and stir Beat the yolks with one tablespoonquickly into the remainder. Corn-starch. which if should be immediately removed.

one with the sugar into a saucepan. % cup. 1 cup. juice. for a few minutes to melt the butter and thorbutter. Serve hot or sauce for plum pudding. 1 cup. cold. then strain through a fine sieve to remove the rind. 2 heaping teaspoons. Lemon juice. when boiladd the flour braided in a little water cook five minj utes. when it comes to a boil. Butter may be added if desired. and heat. which have been thoroughly mixed together. oughly mix the eggs. 14 . Corn-starch. Put the jelly into the hot water. ing. This is a good JELLY SAUCE Jelly. set in a double boiler. Flour. lemon and and stir Before serving. and heat. put the lemon juice. STRAWBERRY SAUCE Strawberry Sugar. 2 cups. add the sugar and corn-starch. With the juice from crushed strawberries to which no water has been added. Add the beaten eggs. juice. Water.PUDDING SAUCES 209 Put the and juice of the oranges and the grated rind of Set on the range. 3 tablespoons. stir till the sugar is dissolved. % cup.

2. 1 cup. 1 Sugar. the sauce is ready for use. Sugar. For a richer sauce. This sauce serves well with a fig pudding. PLAIN PUDDING SAUCE Butter. Flour. 1% cups. previously mixed with a little water. Boil the sugar in the water for five minutes. then stir in the corn-starch.210 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK LEMON SAUCE NO. then add the grated rind and juice of the lemon and the butter. 1 tablespoon. Nutmeg. 1% cups. Lemons. Just before serving. butter is When the melted. 1% tablespoons. LEMON SAUCE Water. set on the range. juice of the lemons with the light. 1 cup. and cook slowly. add butter. 1 large tablespoon. grated. Boiling water. Lemon. 1. Lemon juice. 2 tablespoons. 2 Corn-starch. NO. add the boiling water. Eggs. but do not boil. 1 tablespoon. Sugar. and stir into the sugar. . Butter. 2. Put the grated rind and sugar beat the eggs until . 2 cups. Stir over the fire ten minutes. grated rind and juice. Hot water. 2 cups.

water. 1 teaspoon. cook they set. Eggs. I/2 cup. when it has melted. lemon juice. Corn-starch. and stir over the fire till well cooked. Heat cream and maple starch braided with a little sirup. . and then thicken with the com-starch little braided in a water. 1 cup. 1 cup. add a little butter. stir in . MAPLE CREAM SAUCE Maple sirup. the flour. and mix well then pour in gradually the hot water. Flour. 2. until Beat the pineapple juice and the eggs together. Cream. PINEAPPLE SAUCE Pineapple juice. 2 cups. Nutmeg. size of walnut. Corn-starch. Grape Hot Lemon juice. 1 tablespoon. desired to use milk instead of cream. Butter. and a small quantity of grated nutmeg. and thicken with cornIf it is milk. add the sugar.PUDDING SAUCES 211 Put the butter into a saucepan. GRAPE JUICE SAUCE juice. 1 cup.

CREAM PINEAPPLE SAUCE Prepare as for pineapple sauce. . and beat in an equal amount of thick cream. grated nutmeg. and flavor add hot grape juice and with a dash of lemon juice and butter. cook.212 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Stir the flour into warm water.



I/2 cup. and roll out. prune. Butter. a dash. Sugar. and the salt. ^4 cup. use spring wheat flour. 1 cup. 1 cup. and other pies that do not require baking after the filling has been added. Use the shells for lemon. Nutmeg. Flour. and bake between the tins. 2 tablespoons. mashed. 1 pint. stirring carefully with a fork. Work the pie paste as little as possible. press this into shape by setting another tin of the same size into it. add the water. 3 rounding tablespoons Salt. PIE SHELLS Cover a pie tin with good pie paste. add Sweet cream. . This recipe will make paste enough for two double-crust pies. This keeps the crust in shape. / Cold water. Lay a sufficient portion of this on a floured board. or oil.PIE CRUST Pastry flour. scant. as the gluten in the winter wheat flour makes it tough. — (215) . 8 tablespoons. into the flour. 1 teaspoon. PUMPKIN PIES WITHOUT EGGS Pumpkin. Rub the butter or the oil. For tender pie crust. trim. and when smooth. Mix together.

mashed. I/2 cup. 14 cup. Eggs. 2 teaspoons. The pumpkin is much sweeter cooked this way than when the shell is removed before cooking. 6. adding the milk last. 2 cups. remove the seeds cut up. 1-3 cup. 1 cup. 1 cup. Milk. Water. 2. SANITAS CHOCOLATE CUSTAED PIE Milk. Chocolate. . 1 teaspoon. 1 tablespoon. 216 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK PASTEY GLAZING Beat an egg to which has been added a small quantityeach of milk and sugar. Sugar. Salt. PUMPKIN PIES Pumpkin. Sugar. and put through a colander. Apply this with a soft pastry brush to the top of the pastry. Mix all together thoroughly. Cinnamon. Eggs. PUMPKIN FOR PIES Wash the pumpkin. 1 teaspoon.. Vanilla. cook. Molasses. Flour. but do not peel it . 1 cup. 1 quart.

Makes two large or three small MINCE MEAT FILLING For Six Pies Apples. % ^ Raisins. Corn-starch. the sugar. chopped. 4 cups. 1/2 cup. and stew until the apples are cooked. Dissolve the chocolate in the water. Figs. chopped. 1 cup. sugar. Blanched almonds. 3 cups. 14. and and bake. Walnuts. 1 tablespoon. 1 cup. 1 cup. when nearly cold. Egg yolks. Fruit juice. Vanilla. and the vanilla. . 1 teaspoon. Sugar. Salt. juice of 4. Mix all. seeded. Beat together the remainder of the eggs. i/^ cup. 5. chopped. chopped. cup. chopped. cup. and boil for three minutes. Lemons.PIES 217 Save the whites of three of the eggs for meringue. add to the eggs Put into a pan lined with good pies. Sugar and spice to taste. Cream. Caramel cereal coffee. medium size. Citron. Seedless raisins or currants. CREAM PIE Milk. 1 cup. 2 cups. 3 heaping tablespoons. pastry.

MINCE PIE Apples. which has been rubbed smooth in water. Nutmeg. Remove.218 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK Heat the milk and cream together in double boiler. 1 teaspoon. 1 cup. 3. 1 teaspoon. and let cook for fifteen or twenty minutes. put in the sugar. Flour. Sugar. minced. Prune juice. Stir this into the hot milk. Spice to taste. Eggs. 2 cups. Stew all together until thick enough for filling. Salt. 1 cup. 1 tablespoon. Mix . Molasses (good). 1 cup. Milk. 3 tablespoons. grated. grated rind and juice. Beat the yolks well. Lemon. then the well-beaten whites. Seedless raisins. 2 tablespoons. 4 cups. Put nutmeg. Butter. Fill into baked pie shells and allow to cool. vanilla. Protose. Vanilla. 2 cups. and add to the eggs. and add the vanilla. stir the flour in the thoroughly into the sugar. minced. Beat the yolks of the eggs to a cream. BAKERS' CUSTARD PIE Sugar. Salt to taste. and add the corn-starch. 3 cups. and salt. 1.

Mix the sugar. Trim. grate in the lemon rind. 3 cups. a pinch of salt. typical berry pie. and set on the range. pressing down the edges tightly. This pie is the . and add by degrees the milk. Cover with the top crust. Flour. when eggs. Bake from twenty-five to thirty minutes. Corn-starch. LEMON PIE (SUPERIOR) Lemons. Sugar. and turn all into a deep pie pan lined with rich paste. . and bake in a good oven forty-five minutes.PIES 219 well. 2 tablespoons. meringue with the whites of the cool. stirring to ensure even cooking.) When done. BLUEBERRY PIE Line a pie pan with pie paste. (See recipe for pie shells. 3. Water. stir in the mixture. and a little grated nutmeg. now and then Remove from the fire. flour. Put the water and butter into an inner boiler. that has been scalded and cooled (but not boiled). 4 tablespoons. 3. When the water in the boiler is scalding hot. Put in the berries half an inch deep and to one quart of berries add one cup of sugar in which has been mixed a teaspoonful of flour. and the beaten yolks of the eggs. 21/2 cups. Butter. and cook in a double till boiler of the consistency of cold honey. Eggs. 1 tablespoon. pour into deep baked pie shell. add the juice. and corn-starch together.

the quality of these pies is Put three fourths set greatly improved. and the remainder of the milk. filling. Beat till perfectly flour.: . \y^ teaspoons. Flour. . split each cake. and cook thoroughly when cool. cup. and kept on ice. Beat till smooth. Sugar. Vanilla. 2 teaspoons. Eggs. add the vanilla. Flour. and bake. stir in the mixture. 220 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK WASHINGTON CREAM PIE Crust: Eggs. and lemon juice. 2 cups. Divide this batter into two pie pans. Lemon juice. add the sugar. "When cold. 1 teaspoon. y<2. and on the range. very stiff. Beat the whites of the eggs vanilla. and put in the . 6. Sugar. If made a day or two before serving. fold half the whites into the yolks and sugar. cup. 1 rounded cup. then the remainder of the whites and the rest of the flour. 1 cup. Filling Milk. 2. Vanilla. % of the milk into a double boiler. and when the milk in the boiler is scalding hot. smooth. Beat the yolks of tlie eggs till very thick add the sugar. then half the flour. Beat the eggs very light.

% cup. The pan should be slightly rounding full. Sugar. put in the filling. according to . and butter melted. 2. 1 Egg. put into a pie pan lined with good paste. Sugar. and meringue with the white of the egg. Soak the coconut in the milk. PRUNE PIE Prune marmalade. Eggs. APPLE PIE Line a pie pan with rich paste. To the marmalade add the grated rind and juice of the lemon. and bake. 1/2 cup. pint. 1 cup. Lemon. Sprinkle over it a little more flour and sugar. sugar. add the beaten eggs. The white of one of the eggs may be used as a meringue. and bake till the crust is done. Butter. size of an egg. and the beaten yolk of the egg. 1. l^ cup. remove from the oven. Milk. if desired. Line a pie pan with rich pastry. 1.PIES 221 COCONUT PIE Desiccated coconut. and sprinkle over the bottom a little flour and sugar mixed. Fill with apples cut in thin slices. the sugar.

oven until the pie loosens from the dish. brush the crust with a bake about forty-five minutes. put on the upper crust. MOCK CHERRY PIE Raisins. 1 cup. press down the edges. and to a quart of rhubarb add a large cup of sugar mixed with a little flour.222 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK the tartness of the fruit. and bake in a quick of nutmeg. Flour. Add two tablespoonfuls of water. 1 large cup. 4 cups. make several perforations in the top to allow the little steam to escape. stalks into half -inch lengths. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and a grating Cover with a rich crust. Rhubarb. Flour. Sugar. Moisten the edge of the paste. little thicker than Strip the skin off the rhubarb. Nutmeg. . ^^ cup. and RHUBARB PIE Pie paste. Cranberries. Line a pie plate with paste rolled a a silver dollar. Salt. 1 cup. Sugar. and a few small pieces of butter. 2 cups. Water. Fill the plate and cut the an inch deep. milk. and trim. seeded. 1 teaspoon.

and when with strawberry fluff. and crancrust. Mix the flour in the sugar.PIES 223 raisins Grind or chop together the seeded berries. STRAWBERRY PIE Make cool fill a pie shell of tender pie paste. . and with one half fruit. bake. and serve. garnish with sliced straw- berries. cup of water add to the Bake in an under with crusty ornaments on top.


CAKE 15 .


Powdered sugar. 6. 1 cup. ORANGE CAKE Use boiled icing flavored with orange. sifted. 2 teaspoons. Flour. folding it in carefully. which should not be buttered nor lined. Vanilla. with the sides resting on two dishes. Test it with a broom splint. . carefully. Bake at once in a moderate oven about forty minutes. so that a current of air will pass over and under it. 1 cup. yolks. 2 teaspoons. Granulated sugar. (227) . Lemon juice. ANGEL CAKE Flour. grated. 1 cup. When done. Mix and bake flavor with — Rind of lemon. 2 teaspoons. stirring quickly and lightly. sifted 5 times. turning it upside down. Juice of l^ orange. as for favorite sponge cake . clean cake dish. 1 scant cup. let it remain in the cake tin. Egg whites. Lemon juice. beaten to stiff froth.SUNSHINE CAKE Egg Egg ^' whites. Fold the sugar into the beaten whites very lightly and adding the vanilla and lemon juice after which add the flour. 11. 3. Pour into a bright.

sifted. Hot water. and beat again. and remove from the pan as soon as done. 1 cup. 2-3 cup. beat for five to SPONGE SHEET Mix the ingredients the same as for simple sponge cake. add the sugar. This produces a delicious crust. letting it rest on . Sugar. 1 cup. 1 scant cup. gently. eiglit minutes witb a Dover egg beater. Break the eggs into a round-bottom basin or crock. thick When done.228 • VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK JOHNSON'S SPONGE CAKE Eggs. Corn-starch. Bake in a slow oven. Bake in a modsugar. Granulated sugar. folding it in and beat with a and light colored. Bake in a buttered and floured pan. the hot water and flavor. but bake in a sheet. Before baking. 4. then add. invert the pan. which have been mixed together. Now fold in the flour and starch. flour. 2 tablespoons. while beating. sprinkle a generous quantity of granulated sugar and chipped almonds on top of the batter. 1 tablespoon. Flavor. SIMPLE SPONGE CAKE Eggs. 6. Flour. Flour. To the unbeaten eggs add the wire egg beater till the mixture is Then add the erate oven.

or two out. When well . 1 scant cup. Boil the sugar in water till it will spin a thread. 1 teaspoon. 6. the well-beaten yolks of the eggs. Lemon Sift the flour juice. The quantity given will make a small loaf cake. add the vanilla and lemon extract.CAKE 229 two dishes till the cake is cool. and the flour. the cake is stretched by its own weight. Flour. Granulated sugar. English walnuts. Beat the whites froth add the lemon juice. pour into the yolks. 1 rounded cup. Vanilla. NUT SPONGE CAKE Eggs. which makes it lighter and more elastic than if left to fall by its own weight in cooling. . % cup. 14 cup. beaten. FAYOEITE SPONGE CAKE Eggs. Sugar. Flour. 7. ground. Lemon extract. Beat the yolks of the eggs tiU thick. fold in carefully in regular order the sugar. Water. i^ teaspoon. beating all the time till cool. 11^ cups. 1 cup. layers. Bake in a moderate oven. when it can easily be taken Thus suspended from the bottom of the pan. of the eggs to a stiff and sugar several times. 2 tablespoons.

Lemon. and lastly stir in the stiffly beaten whites. 1 cup. Mix the flour and the starch. Sugar. beaten very the grated rind. and bake in a medium oven. then one half of the flour. and heat. Beat the yolks till very thick . SPONGE JELLY CAKE Eggs. Fold in one half of the whites of the stiff . Starch. and two tablespoonfuls of lemon juice. Flour. in which the wellbeaten yolks have been folded. spread . trim the edges. 1. mix all together. and pour over the stiffly beaten whites. boil a few minutes. 5. 2 cups. 1 cup. Turn onto a cloth. Then add flour and oil alternately. Flour.230 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK the flour with the walnuts Mix . ANDERSON'S CAKE Eggs. 1 cup. 14 cup. flavor. Lemon Salt. then eggs. juice. 8. 1 teaspoon. Bake in a large dripping pan. Bake in tins lined with greased paper. 1/4 cup. Oil. the other half of the whites. Water. Sugar. 2 cups. Add the water and the lemon juice to the sugar. and lastly the remainder of the flour. stirring in carefully. add sugar gradually.

Sugar. Molasses. Flour. Eggs. grated. Drop onto oiled pans in pieces the size of a walnut. Bake a light brown. Wrap in the cloth. 1 scant cup. 1. l^ cup. 1 lemon. Care should be talcen to have a slow. allowing plenty of room between. and beat very stiff. MARGUERITES Egg white. 1 cup. Using the cloth makes and set aside to cool. mix. three or four inches long. put in the sugar. 4. Beat the eggs stiff. Ahnond meal. Stir together. 231 it roll and roll up. Smooth with a knife dipped in water. 1 quart. Cream.CAKE with the evenly. Sugar. even heat on the If the cake is overbaked it wiU not roll well. . 1 cup. ALMOND MACAROONS Egg Rind of whites. chopped. jelly. 14 cup. Walnuts. and add the flour and almond meal. oven. 2 tablespoons. partly beaten. 2 cups. 5. add the lemon rind. and spread on crackers one inch wide by Bake a light brown. CRmiB COOKIES Stale cake.

Seedless Lastly put in raisins or chopped nuts may also be used. the beaten whites. 1 Sugar. 6. and bake. the beaten yoLks of the eggs. 1 cup.232 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK add the molasses. 2 cups. and add to the well-beaten whites. Milk. Crumb CEEAM FILLING NO. stiff. gradually add the hot milk. 1-3 cup. the cake very fine . the cream. LEMON FILLING Eggs. NO. season with the vanilla. 2 Egg Beat the cream until whites. Mix the dry ingredients. 2. 2. spread with a spoon on a greased pan. Salt. sweeten. Vanilla. and spice if desired. Lemons. color. add the eggs slightly beaten. When cool. 1 scant cup. and cook in double boiler. . 1 cup. Flour. Sugar. and flavor to taste. CEEAM FILLING Cream. 2. Eggs.

1 cup. then pour it over the . whites. beaten whites. Cook in a double boiler. cup.CAKE 233 Beat the egg yolks until thick add the sugar. . Beat the egg whites stiff. all Maple sugar may be dissolved in water and The egg whites should be beaten is the time the sirup being poured on them. MAPLE FROSTING Maple Egg sirup. beating all the while. and the rind and juice of the lemons. Sugar. Water. which should previously be boiled until it will spin a thread when a drop of it is di^awn between the fingers. i/i 2. treated in the same way. stirring constantly until it thickens. and pour over them while hot the maple sirup. 2. 1 cup. Allow to cool before using. Boil the sugar in water until it will spin a thread. then pour slowly over the well-beaten whites. BOILED ICING Egg whites.




by the generation of gas within the mixture. when it is called to be a drop batter. beaten. for various reasons. two full measures of flour make a drop batter and three full measures make a dough of liquid . are of varying degrees of thickness. Still thicker batters. as a mixture heats in cooking. one full measure of flour to one scant measure makes a pour batter. to obviate and porous. these proportions are subject to many modifications. speaking. although. the resulting substances would be hard and compact.. may be poured in a continuous stream. Doughs. is accomplished by means of the to expansion of incorporated air. BAKERY AND BREAKFAST DISHES Thin batters are about the consistency of thin cream. we must resort This other processes. or by a combination of both methods. Consequently. It will remain a batter until too stiff when it becomes a dough. Hence. If the ingredients in batters were simply mixed and cooked slowly. Generally to those which may be rolled thin as paper. like batters. are called pour Any batter is a pour batter until it is made so batters. incorporated (237) . unfit for this. Thick batters are stiff that it breaks or drops in the pouring. supplemented by quick cooking before the gas has a chance and to make them light to escape. ranging from those just stiff enough to be handled. human digestion. Air at seventy degrees expands to about three times its volume when exposed to the temperature of a hot oven. which like cream.

as the material should not be allowed to localities reach more than 85 degrees ordinarily. quickest and surest way to become proficient in the art is to place yourself under the tutorage of a good bread maker. pure water. baking powders. giving the desired lightness. Experience altitude. in as in the use of order actually to incorporate and retain the air. may require a higher temperature. When eggs are added to the mixture. LIGHT BREAD In bread making it is necessary to have first-class yeast. and other conditions. and this can only be determined by the use of a thermometer. one must exercise care in beating. kind of flour. a good oven. climate. and by the gas obtained by the union of an acid with an alkaline carbonate. . Ten or fifteen cents will buy one which will record 120 degrees. Some An earthen bowl is better than tin or granite.238 VEGETABIAN COOK BOOK Air is incorair expands. Variations must be made according to locality. the temperature should be the same throughout the process. To insure the best results. as in popovers. The is a necessary teacher in this as in any other work. which is sufficiently high. as it is not so subject to change of temperature. by adding eggs to the beaten mixture. the glutinous consistency of the albumin they contain assists in retaining the entangled air. the best of flour. as in making whole wheat gems. and any amount of good common sense. porated or enclosed in batters by beating the mixture thoroughly. In batters made light by the admixture of air.

Return it to the warm bowl. If an extra fermentation is desired. the batter may be kept no room in the house is warm enough. A box of suitable size. and turned over to rise again. and partly filled with hay. is so stiff that it does not Beat until smooth. a pint or more of warm water to the sponge. Have the flour. Add to taste. or excelsior. tion. Cover the box with enough paper to insure success. bricks.— BAKERY AND BREAKFAST DISHES 239 fol- Of the many methods of making good bread. the lowing has been chosen by the writer: dry yeast cake. salt and add a spoonful of sugar. and keep it warm until it has risen to twice its original size. it may be lightly worked down. and the sponge is likely to fall before morning. straw. and your hands warm. Into a warmed mixing bowl put a pint of water at 95 degrees. irons. and knead it until smooth. Proceed to make a stiff dough. warm bottom of the box. the more the nutri- . Add the soaked yeast cake. and beat in warm in pieces one half of a . and keep it warm overnight. Some bread has a strong yeasty taste. kneading board. in the until morning. bound about with several thicknesses of newspaper. Break use a whole cake but it will be noticed that the (not hot) flour until the batter flatten readily. if but should not be removed until the room in which the kneading is to be done is warmed to at least 90 degrees. makes a warm closet for bread sponge. or flat- By means warm of a kettle of hot water. so it will clear the board without any sprinkling of flour. The sponge will be light and warm in the morning. The more fermentation. cover. thus deteriorating in both taste and nutriSoak the yeast a few minutes in a little tepid water.

hinders the action of the digestive juices upon them. it is ready for the bread. which are difficult of digestion and the addition of butter. When thoroughly baked. lay the loaves on a cloth in front of an open window. especially if butter is The hot bread forms into doughy pellets. . and be placed in contact with a hot part of the and warm. It is best eaten dry. Should any part of the loaf have a pale surface at the end of an hour. be eaten hot. have them oiled Very slightly knead and symmetrically form portions of dough half the size you wish your finished loaves to be. and continue to keep them warm. milk gravy. or any dressing desired. it may be removed from the tin. which melts and covers the food portions. and slightly oil the top of each. Dry and toast to a nice brown. but may be moistened and covered with fruit sauce. If the oven is hot enough to brown a spoonful of flour on its floor. CROUTONS Cut sliced stale bread into cubes. ZWIEBACK Cut bread that rather thick slices. oven to brown. The bread should not be packed away until thoroughly cold.240 tion is VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK lessened. or mnd. It should not it. is at least thirty-six hours old into and dry it in a cooling oven. the sunPut it in an oven of sufficient heat to shine. When ready for tlie tins. used with . The bread should be carefully watched. to use in soups. brown it through and through. and turned if necessary to insure even baking.

'° "*"' "^'^ ' ^'"^ ''''"' ^'"J "»•> in well: '"'"«'' Knead untU marker IS Cut into pieces ot conyenient size for handling and place on pans on which they are to be baked. Stir into it fourth of a teaspoonf ul of salt and one half of a teaspoonful Coyer with a clean napkin.) In a warm place. pu to nse at a temperature of 120 degi-ees F. form into a loaf. uake bZ . Cream.. and add to the rising.^*^ "'"^ ""''"' '" ""^ ''''i! % cup. and place in the baking tin. % Salt. about half-inch squares squares.. TZ^rT" the board. about ad/. m^'in wari white flour to make a of sugar. p" a e dmde them Wia into in a moderate oyen.BAKERY AND BBEiKPAST DISHES 241 SALT RISING BREAD put into the pitcher one pint of boiled water to cool by standing until it lowers to 120 degrees F. until twice its ongmal size. and bake one hour in a rather moderate oyen! dough stiff enough to clear COMMDNION BREAD Flour. ("Emptyings" is tt old^ashioned name. It will be light in SIX or seyen hours. 3 cups. Water. cup. and place on a "* ™'''' "°<^ '^^^P ''t 120 degrees P. Pour it into a warm crock rinse the pitcher with a cup of water as warm as 120 degrees F. TooTT "f ness.

bake. and rub well. and make a hole in the center by forcing the thumb and finger together while the dough rolling the by half inches thick. have the dough of double thickness. Add the oil and salt to the flour. These are usually Beaten biscuits are made dough out in a large roll about one and one and cutting transversely about one inch thick. then add enough water to make stiff dough. and cut in strips by using a pie marker (a scalloped wooden or metal wheel about the size of a twenty-five cent piece attached to a short wooden handle a cut . and jelly. 1 quart. Water. cut in strips. of this is represented elsewhere in this book) If rolls are desired. about half an inch square. or Beaten Biscuits Pastry Salt. Spread with crusts to be used for and invert one on another. using a coarse die. Oil. and roll with the hands until round. about % cup. The the top may be ornamented by cut- . served about three inches long. round out the edges. is held between them. . 2 tablespoons. Roll out on the molding board to the thickness of a lead pencil. JELLY TARTS Roll out good pie paste as for pie crust. cut with a cookie cutter. Grind in a vegetable mill.242 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK UNFERMENTED BREAD Sticks^ Rolls. perforate with a fork to keep from blistering. flour.

Gluten meal. cup. add the the ground corn. 1 2-3 cups. salt. Milk. Soak the bread crumbs for a few minutes. 3 cups. 6. fold in the beaten whites. Eggs. and the yolks of the eggs. Eggs. Bread crumbs. 4. Flour. add the beaten whites of the eggs. Salt.BAKERY AND BREAKFAST DISHES ting several holes with a thimble. li/^ cups. and bake in hot RICE GEMS Cooked rice. Beat the egg yolks. gradually lastly irons. gives an opportunity to 243 of tarts The preparation make use of scraps of pie paste. . % Salt. beat well. ing. salt. and bake in hot irons. Salt. beating all the time. 3. CORN GEMS Corn. GLUTEN GEMS Milk. 3 cups. and milk together until foamadd the gluten meal. 1/2 cup. 2 cups. 1 can. Eggs. Milk.

1 tablespoon. and beat thorBeat into this enough sifted flour to make a batter that will pile slightly when poured.. Salt. iy2 cups. flour. Bake in hot irons. but use one fourth corn-meal sugar. 1. Seedless raisins. add the milk. Sifted flour. 34^ cup. CORN-MEAL GEMS Make same and a little as plain gems. Milk. Only rice that has been so cooked that each grain is separate and distinct from each other should be used Add in this preparation. ll^ cups. Gluten. if desired. ^ cup. which have been previously mixed and lastly fold in the beaten egg whites. 244 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Beat the egg yolks. Break the egg into the milk. . A if tablespoonful of cooking is oil may be added to the milk a richer batter desired. GEMS OR PUFFS (PLAIN) Milk. 11/2 cups. GRAHAM FRUIT GEMS Graham Egg. gem irons in a brisk oven. about 2 cups. and beat until foamy. oil. Bake in hot greased oughly. Cooking Egg. 1. add salt. the rice and flour.

4 cups. gradually add- ing the flour. beating well. Butter. Bake in rather hot oven. well- buttered gem pans. . and beat in bake in hot irons. GRANOSE PUFFS Eggs. mix the seedless raisins with the gluten. Salt. . Beat vigorously for a few minutes. Use one fourth to one third whole wheat or graham and proceed as for plain gems. from twenty to thirty minutes. POPOVERS Flour. 14 cup. Eggs. Mix the salt and flour. one at a time. filling them about half full. add the eggs. 245 add milk. Granose flakes. . then turn at once into hot. % 3. and gradually the remaining milk. 1% cups. Sugar. and pour on slowly enough of the milk to make a smooth batter.BAKERY AND BREAKFAST DISHES Beat egg well. 4. and beat again. level teaspoon. Salt. Milk. WHOLE WHEAT AND GRAHAM GEMS flour. 2 cups.

Perforate with a fork. beaten biscuits. and form into sticks. filling them heaping fuU. salt. Sugar. or stiff dough. Cream. % To well-cooked corn-meal mush add the cream and and the three cups of flour. about 3 cups. % cup. and then make a stiff dough. 2^ cups. Cream. They may be iced. rolls. CORN-MEAL ROLLS White Salt. . and bake a light brown. then two more cups granose flakes. and bake. 2 cups. and lastly the Drop into an oiled pan or into round rest of the whites. Corn-meal mush. and a little shredded coconut sprinkled on top. gem irons. flour. Flour.246 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Beat tlie yolks of the eggs with the sugar until light. Salt. Add sufficient flour to the salt and the coconut to the cream. or enough to make a Knead well. COCONUT CRISPS Shredded coconut. cup. y^ cup. and bake. EoU out. Mix thoroughly. then add the salt and two cups of granose flakes. and cut in desired shapes with a pie marker. about 4 cups. and add half of the stiffly beaten whites of the eggs.

Salt. mashed. Beat the whites very stiff. separate the and mix the yolks with the other ingredients. 2 cups. eggs. New Mix Orleans molasses (good). and milk.1 j BAKERY AND BREAKFAST DISHES 247 POTATO ROLLS \ Potatoes. Graham flour. Flour. % cup. Milk. which should not be thick. Cream. flour. Put this in a covered dish immediately. or beaten biscuits. cream. % cup. Salt. enough rolls. 1 teaspoon. CRACKERS Crackers may be made from any of the unfermented bread mixtures by rolling the same out in sheets. and perforating well with a fork to keep them from blistering. 4. flour. the meal. and flour to make a stiff dough. White Eggs. molasses. and fold into the mixture. and bake. 1 cup. BOSTON BROWN BREAD Yellow corn-meal. . i/^ cup. 1 cup. Cut into desired shape. as desired. To the mashed potatoes add the salt. about 3 cups. Form in the shape of sticks. and steam for three or four hours.

Sugar as desired. . and bake. drop on hot greased pans. Salt. Coconut. 3 tablespoons. and add to the flour. and beat again then put in the corn . Corn flakes. Cooking oil. 3. Sugar. 6. Fold the whites of the eggs in last. and a small portion of shredded coconut. 1 tablespoon. cream. Salt. Flour. CORN FLAKE DROP CAKES Eggs. Serve hot. Mix the salt. Milk. Sweet cream.. Eggs. 5. package. % % beat well flakes Cream the eggs add three tablespoonfuls of hot water add sugar. 1 cup. and yolks together. 1 teaspoon. 1 teaspoon. VEGETARIAN HOT CAKES Bread crumbs. cup. . 2 tablespoons. Rub the oil into the flour thoroughly. 1 cup. Sugar. 1 cup. sugar. Bake in oiled wafR. Salt. 248 VEGETABIAN COOK BOOK RICE WAFFLES Eice flour. Eggs. irons four minutes. . 4 cups.

and bake as for hot and bake in the oven. and beaten yolks. fine sieve. or drop in hot oiled gem pans.BAKERY AND BREAKFAST DISHES 249 Mix thoroughly and sugar. Be careful not to have the milk scalding hot. Eggs. 1 cup. Milk. y^ teaspoon. and into this beat the yolks of the eggs. 3. 1 can. Cream. and bake on a soapstone sticky. and bake on a soapstone griddle. Mix thoroughly. beat into this cream. Drop on an oiled griddle. Eggs. Force the nuttolene through a the salt. as hot milk renders cakes soft and GREEN CORN GRIDDLE CAKES Corn. 3 tablespoons. salt. White corn-meal. cup. Flour. NUTTOLENE CAKES Nuttolene. 2 tablespoons. fold in the well-beaten whites. to make a thick pour batter. Butter. . Add the stiffly beaten whites. 4. Serve with jelly sauce. Salt. y^ cup. Salt. cakes . flour. heated to 140 degrees or 150 degrees. griddle. % % pound. together the bread crumbs. Add sufficient milk.

add a little cold milk. let cool. and lastly the stiffly beaten whites. . stir in the butter. size of egg. ficient boiling . 2 cups. Break the eggs. then the beaten yolks. add suf- water to make a stiff dough. 6. Boiling milk. NO. Mix together the meal. Bake in a quick oven thirty minutes. NO. and stir weU. CORN BREAD WITHOUT BAKING POWDER. pour the hot milk over all. Butter. Boiling water. Corn-meal. Flour. 2 cups. Salt. 1 tablespoon. and sugar. and if too stiff. 4. flour. salt. Put the meal into the mixing bowl. 1 Eggs. and add them to the batter. Butter.250 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK CORN BREAD WITHOUT BAKING POWDER. Let cool. Eggs. Corn-meal. 1 teaspoon. Salt. and beat five minutes. 3 cups. 14 cup. 1 cup. 2 Sugar. Beat the whites. and turn in the batter. Plave ready a hot oiled baking pan. and separate them add the yolks to the meal. put in the butter and salt.

2. till Put about nearly an half an inch deep in greased pans. Butter. Water Mix the corn-meal with a little salt. if not stiff will be sticky). 1 rounded tablespoon. Eggs. but soft and sugar if demake a stiff enough to spread easily with a knife. it is as stiff made too stiff. 2 cups. isfactory. A tablespoonful of melted butter may be added less if desired. let rise inch deep. 3 cups. or milk. Butter. Salt and sugar as desired. Add To this add a mixture of two flour until it and one third enough. Spread about one half inch thick or on a baking sheet . Sugar. the bread will be dry. melted. sired.BAKERY AND BREAKFAST DISHES 251 CORN BREAD NO. and bake in a moderate oven. Corn-meal. It may be made into deeper loaves. as will stir conveniently (if ready to mix up stiff. eggs. about 3 cups. 3 Sponge. but they are not likely to be so sat- HOE CAKE Corn-meal. measured thirds corn-meal set for making wheat when light. scald with sufficient water or milk to batter. 1 tablespoon. the sugar. Flour. Take three cups of the sponge as bread. and butter. 3 heaped tablespoons.

Boilmg milk or cream. Sift the meal with the sugar and salt. . Pour over these enough boiling milk or cream to make a stiff drop batter. 2 cups. drop in large spoonfuls on a cold buttered baking sheet. 1 tablespoon. GEORGIA PONES Southern corn-meal. it If the cake bakes fast on the bottom. Salt. Sugar. that the meal may not lump. may be turned over so that both sides will be evenly baked. 1/2 teaspoon. When perfectly smooth. Stir constantly.252 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK till or pan. and bake in a brisk oven. and bake slowly crisp clear through. The pones should be browned on top.



hominy. starch. they should whip so that the grains be introduced into rapidly boiling water. it may then be set into the outer boiler. place on the range. Put the water into a double boiler. stirring occasionally until the grain does not sink to the bottom. but hangs suspended in the water. as cracked wheat. this. 1 quart. The larger the percentage of cooking. boiling water. and when boiling add the oatmeal.CEREALS Grains portions. grains. OATMEAL Oatmeal. the shorter the time required in nicely with fruits. which should be placed on the range where the water will boil rapidly.. pearl barley. beating with a batter may be thoroughly mixed with the water and be free from lumps. Boil imtil it thickens. may be considered perfect food in themselves. and finish in a double boiler. 1 cup. Replenish the water in the outside boiler from time to time with The cooking should be continuous. and the length of time varies according to the varying proportion of gluten in the grain. If the inner part of a double boiler has been used. (255) . as they contain all the food elements in nearly right pro- Rice and corn are exceptions to the starch in the first and the protein in the latter being in excess. Grains combine either and may be cooked or served with fruit or fruit juices. Cook five hours. In cooking coarse etc. keep them boiling. Water. In cooking grains in the form of porridges.

Salt. 1% cups. pour over the rice first . Wash salt. place on when boiling add salt and cracked wheat. Cracked wheat. the range. the water through a colander. and cold and boil till tender. Cook four hours. 1 quart. 4 cups. 1 cup. and set into another pan. Place in the outer boiler. 1 teaspoon.256 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK ROLLED OATS Rolled oats. Drain off all and then hot water sufficient to wash off the starchy water and separate the grains. Water. add two or three quarts of boiling water. place on the range. Boil rapidly until the grains do not sink lifted when the dish is from the range. and finish in a double boiler. 1 tablespoon. Boil until it thickens. WESTERN STYLE Rice. Salt. and the bottom of the colander will not touch. and cook constantly for four or five hours. and Put the water into the inner double boiler. stirring once or twice to prevent sticking. RICE. . Leave in the colander. CRACKED WHEAT Water. 1 cup. and when boiling add the rolled oats. the rice. place in the oven a few minutes. Put the water into a double boiler. so that Cover.

% Put in an enameled pan. CORN-MEAL MUSH Salted water. Salt. seeded. 3 cups. Corn-meal. Boiling water. BROWNED RICE be browned in the oven until it is a strawadd three cups of hot water to one of rice. set in a double boiler. 1 cup. GRAHAM PORRIDGE Graham flour. or in another vessel con- taining boiling water. 2 cups. cover. 4 cups. Stir the flour into boiling water. the corn-meal. boil for five minutes. teaspoon. salted. Into the salted water stir till it stir . Water. and beat till perfectly smooth. 17 . i/^ cup. 1 cup. and steam one hour. and cook one hour. and finish cooking in a double boiler. Raisins. Care must be taken in browning that it Rice color.CEREALS 257 RICE WITH RAISINS Rice. then may does not scorch or get too brown. salt to taste. 1 cup. continuing to begins to thicken then cook three or four hours in a double boiler.

FARINA Milk or water. and the milk will boil almost immediately. Put the water Let it into the inner part of a double boiler. stirring all the time. In this way the mihi will not be so liable to scorch as if it was put on the range at first. and when boiling add salt and farina. Salt. BROWNED MUSH Cook farina. 1 cup. using four or five parts liquid to one of cream of wheat. If milk is used. two or three minutes. or com-meal as for thick mush. until done. Then place in a double boiler. then cook in double boiler about six hours. boil thirty minutes. and add pearl barley. Water. Thus rule will apply to all grains cooked with milk. Put cold water into inner boiler. 5 cups. boil for CREAM OF WHEAT Cook as directed for farina.258 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK PEARL BARLEY Pearl barley. place on the range. it should first be simmered or scalded in a double boiler. and cook one hour. Farina. cream of wheat. 1 cup. and then placed on the range. Heat slowly on stove. pour one and one half inches thick into . 6 cups. weU washed.

it seeded. place in the outer boiler.CEB£ALS greased bread tins. let cook half an hour longer. Croutons. Put the salt and the sage in the water. two thirds of which has first been ground in a vegetable mill next add the croutons. cut into slices. 1% cups. add the corn. and brown in oven. IV2 quarts. BROWNED KORNLET Water. lay in a greased pan. 269 and allow to cool at least ten hours. Empty out on a board. roll in bread crumbs. place in a greased pan. and cook thoroughly. 1 cup. When well cooked. and bring to a add the corn-meal as for mush. Serve with sirup. 1 can. after it has cooked one half hour. Corn. Sage. and serve. cool. and pour into an oiled pan to cool. sprinkle with or melted butter. and bake. stir in the desired quantity of washed. Salt. When thoroughly boil. Corn-meal. oil inch thick. GRAHAM PORRIDGE WITH DATES Set as for plain graham porridge. . and cut in slices about one half Roll in bread crumbs. Serve with maple sirup. chopped dates. Stir in well. When well set. .

Heat the liquid. Salt. Milk. 2 cups. rejecting any portion which have small or ill-formed kernels. cook until set. and sprinkle in carefully This does not need the gluten meal. V^ pints. 1 cup. add salt. 1 quart. in which has been dissolved may . and serve with cream. granola. Gluten meal. bright ears of corn. GEANOLA POEEIDGE Granola or fruit nuts. blow out the chaff. 1 pint. salt and granola. Mixed gluten and Cook fifteen minutes. Seedless or seeded raisins or chopped dates may be added as desired. stirring to cook after it is set. Salt. all the time. and put the corn into two quarts of cold water. GLUTEN POEEIDGE Milk or water. add the and serve. Shell enough to fill a quart cup. 1 quart. HOMINY OE HULLED COEN Select sound. Heat the milk.260 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK GLUTEN-aHANOLA MUSH Boiling milk or water.

Do Pour to not serve until the salt has penetrated each kernel. FRUIT DRESSING FOR CEREALS Such fruit juices as strawberry. 261 If wood ashes made from them will answer the pur- may be used. and rub the corn in the hands remove any hulls remaining. More of the soda than of the lye is required. or baking soda slip off. may Let stand overnight in plenty of water. Immediately remove the corn into cold water. the hull will readily pose as well. blackberry. Salt to taste. in several waters.CEREALS one level teaspoonful of concentrated are at hand. grape. thickened with corn-starch. and put into cold water. off most of the water. lye lye. Cook rather slowly until tender. but the consumer will decide what he will use for sauce. blue- berry. and served as a substitute for milk or cream on flakes or other cereals. If during the cooking more water hot. that all the hulls it Eub thoroughly be removed. is needed. or pineapple. Rinse. Cook vigorously until. let it be added taste of the Corn thus prepared is excellent eaten plain. if pressed between the thumb and finger. may be heated to boiling. .




the toast should be dipped quickly fruit.TOASTS Toasts are uniformly and properly regarded as a break- and when properly prepared are wholesome. on bakery and breakfast MILK TOAST Milk. Under this head a few kinds of toast will be given. and far more conducive to health than the fried mushes and griddle cakes with which fast dish. Zwieback should be used as the foundation of all toasts. not hard. although ordinary toasted bread can be used. While it is not an exhaustive list. 1 heaped teaspoon. and appetizing. 6 cups. Toasted bread or zwieback. In using zwieback for toast. nutritious. It should be toasted as far through as possible. it may be moistened with hot milk if for cream. many equally good. ZWIEBACK For directions for preparation of zwieback. Butter. In toasting bread. and should be crisp and brittle. it will include sufficient to suggest others so . 1 tablespoon. so as not to absorb too much liquid and become mushy. or egg toast or with hot salted water if for In either case. Flour. (265) . gravy. in and out again. Singed bread is not toasted bread. are prone to appease their appetites. see chapter dishes. do not expose it to such fierce heat that the bread will be burned or singed. inexpensive and otherwise.

remove from the fire. add salt and flour moistened with a little milk. cover. and send to the table hot. Let boil. Zwieback. and thicken with flour rubbed smooth cold milk serve on moistened zwieback. CREAM GRAVY TOAST Rich milk. 3 teaspoons.266 VEGETARIAN CPOK BOOK Heat the milk and butter in a saucepan over tlie fire. . and cut in two lengthmaking four pieces. when CREAM TOAST Cream. dip slices of zwieback into hot milk for an instant. 6 cups. Salt. Toast two wise. and cut again cornerwise. to boiling. Milk. Pour what remains over the toast. and serve with cream sauce. BOSTON CREAM TOAST slices of bread. pour hot cream and serve. a little Heat the milk. Arrange artistically on a platter. into long triangular pieces. Place these evenly on top of one another. in . place on saucers. boiling. Heat the cream over. 1 quart. Flour. and dip into this slices of toasted bread or zwieback. trim.

minced. heat. 2 cups. 1 cup. Egg whites. and add is to the cream gravy. LENTIL AND TOMATO TOAST Lentil pulp.TOASTS 267 NUN'S TOAST Eggs. gravy. Parsley. raw. and pour over moistened slices of zwieback. SNOWFLAKE TOAST Milk. Cream gravy. and thicken with the flour salt to taste. and pour over the beaten whites of the eggs. Mix well. CELERY TOAST Cream it Celery. moistened zwieback. 3 cups. press the celery through a fine colander. Drain off what juice left. Mince the hard-boiled eggs and parsley. hard-boiled. season. and pour over moistened pieces of zwieback. serve on . or 1 cup cooked. Heat the milk. 2 teaspoons. Flour. 2. strained. Salt. i*^" Tomatoes. 2 cups. 1 quart. . is Cook the chopped celery in water enough that when tender it will be almost dry. add to the cream gravy.

and add to zwieback moistened witli hot milk. season. Mix well. Lentils. ASPAEAGUS TOAST Prepare as for stewed asparagus. 3. Beat the eggs thoroughly. a piece of toast. allowabsorb some of the milk. lay four or five pieces of asparagus on pour a spoonful of white sauce on the bottom end of the stalks. little Slice light bread. 1 cup. and serve hot with jelly. NUT GRAVY TOAST •# Dress moistened toast with nut gravy as given under sauces. Bread. Then brown on a hot buttered griddle or thick-bottomed frying pan. .268 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK CEEAM LENTIL TOAST Cream gravy. and add the milk and a salt. and serve. Moisten and butter it. slice to ing each and dip into the mixture. AMERICAN OR FRENCH TOAST Eggs. 3 cups. Butter. Milk. 2 cups. Salt. strained.

and salt. Brown minced the flour in the oil. Flour. Press the hard-boiled eggs. 4 tablespoons. Protose. add hot water. or use strained tomatoes thickened with flour or corn-starch. hard-boiled. protose. sauce. . CREAM OF TOMATO TOAST Prepare dressing as directed for cream of tomato and serve on fresh toasted zwieback. and tomatoes through a fine colander. Hot Salt. 1 quart.TOASTS 269 TOMATO TOAST Dress moistened toast with tomato sauce as given under sauces. 2 cups. % cup. fine. 1 tablespoon. Oil. Eggs. PROTOSE AND TOMATO TOAST Tomatoes. Salt. strained. PROTOSE TOAST Protose. 2. water. Add salt to taste. protose Cook slowly for ten minutes. 1/4 pound. heat and serve.

Flour.270 VEGETAJEilAN COOK BOOK NUTTOLENE TOAST Nuttolene. Any canned fruit. and add with the minced parsley to the cream gravy. Salt. . Y^ pound. add cream and and thicken j add to moistened zwieback. Cream. 1 cup. Cream gravy. CREAM GRAVY PROTOSE TOAST Prepare as for nuttolene nuttolene. as may be used strawberries. Press the nuttolene through a sieve. EGG ON TOAST Prepare soft poached or scrambled eggs. heat. blackberries. Press the peas through a colander. salt. Parsley. 2 cups.. and serve on cream toast. 1 teaspoon. blue- for toasts. 1 quart. etc. toast. Strain off the juice. BERRY TOAST berries. using protose instead of PEA TOAST Peas.

BANANA TOAST colander. and slightly thicken with cornstarch and flour serve on moistened zwieback. and reheat till the berries are boil. thick. SULTANA TOAST little Stew sultana butter. . BANANA TOAST berry or cherry. but just so that the banana will appear suspended in the juice. Stir in the berries. NO. .TOASTS 271 and thicken with corn-starch to the consistency of cream. and serve on moistened toast. as strawInto Boil. beat NO. serve on moistened zwieback. Serve as other fruit toasts. 2 Take the desired quantity of bright fruit juice. well heated through. and thicken with corn-starch. and rub them through a fine up with a little cream. and raisins in a little water. season with a slightly thicken with corn-starch. Serve on moistened toast. sweeten. The juice should not be too this slice some ripe bananas. GRAPE TOAST Heat the grape juice. 1 Peel some nice bananas. Serve cold.

be poured into a saucepan and boiled into a sirup. toast. Serve a spoonful or two of APRICOT TOAST In making apricot marmalade. APPLE TOAST Fresh stewed apples. DATE TOAST Prepare as for apricot be steamed. . Sugar. 'v^Tien the apples are put into the colander. rubbed through a colander and make a nice dressing. using prune marmalade. PEUNE TOAST Prepare as for apricot toast. 3. and the toast moistened with the apple sauce over all. except that the dates should Walnuts may be added. not boiled. and pour over some of the sirup and some of the marmalade.272 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK PRUNE WHIPPED TOAST Prune pulp. save the juice by itself. Egg whites. 1 tai)lespoon. the liquid may sweetened. Beat the whites very stiff. The apples may be flavored with lemon. this. Serve on slices of zwieback which have been dipped in hot water. and stir in the hot prune pulp and sugar. and boil it down into a sirup. Moisten the toast. or mixed with grape or cranberry sauce. 2 cups.

and remove its center by means of a small cookie cutter. In serving this. sweeten. reheat. place the toasted bread on the dish. 18 . serve on moistened zwieback. and the juice around the outside. Toast these in a slow oven.TOASTS 273 CHERRY TOAST Seed and stew cherries. PEACH TOAST Stew peaches. and serve with whole fruit. and FANCY FRUIT TOAST slices. and pour the fruit into the hollow center. serve on moistened zwieback. the juice of which hgis been thick- From a two-pound loaf of white bread. press through a colander. cut ened with corn-starch. cut a circle. and slightly thicken. With having rough melted from by the edges a a cutter made quart tin can.




and add the soaked (277) . Crumb minutes . 2 slices. Milk. and let soak a few squeeze out most of the milk. Beat the whites until you can turn the plate bottom side up withPour the beaten whites and yolks toout their falling. II/2 cups. and add the sugar and a few drops of flavoring. 2 tablespoons. Serve at once. Flavoring. till hot oven. 3. beating just enough to whites. Put into an oiled baking dish. mashed. stiff. 1 tablespoon. Bake in a moderate oven till a golden brown. Eggs. gether. and bake done. and mix thoroughly. and dust with powdered sugar. 4. S0UFFL:E3 Powdered sugar. Salt. Stale bread. and add mix the yoUcs with the Turn into a hot oiled omelet pan. CARROT SOUFFLE! Carrots. put in a medium Serve quickly on being removed from the oven. or to a rich brown.OMELET SOUFPLi: Beat the whites of two eggs very the yolks. Beat the yolks of the eggs as light as possible. salt. the bread into cold milk. SWEET OMELET Eggs. Onion.

salt. the one third fold will be underneath. Salt. PLAIN FRENCH OMELET Break the eggs into a dish. beat lightly. 4 tablespoons. . . lift the edges of the run under next to and the bottom of the skillet. whip lightly with an egg whip or fork.278 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK bread to the egg yolks. then toss out on hot platter. PLAIN OMELET ^ Eggs. delicate souffle is made of whites of eggs beaten adding a tablespoonful of sugar to two whites. greased omelet pan cook on hot stove run knife or spatula . or cream. FRUIT SOUFFLE A very stiff. 4. Add the liquid and the salt to the eggs. and fold in. and bake in a moderate oven. and chopped apricots or peaches. "Water. so that the uncooked part can When light brown. As soon as they begin to set. Garnish with pars- Serve at once. ley or watercress. Put into an oiled pan. into a hot. Beat the whites of the eggs very stiff. carrots. Any kind of marmalade may be used in place of fruit. turn into a hot oiled skillet. turn. and pour enough of this to make one omelet. cook till light brown on the other side. and place on range. milk. and onion. Fold about one third over with knife. so that omelet.

salt. Flour. of the omelet.EGGS 279 under first one side. and serve. Boiling milk. greased individual dishes in a quick oven. sugar. at the same time tilting the pan to the side where the knife is inserted. sprinkle powdered sugar on the top. Corn-starch. 2. flour. Parsley. until smooth. spread lemon honey on half of each one. minced. see chapter and serve hot. fold in the beaten whites. Butter. Lemon honey. cup. invert on hot plate. and the boiling milk. Cream. % a thin oil. 1 teaspoon. 1 dessert-spoon. and fold over. PROTOSE OMELET Protose. thus allowing the uncooked portion to run underneath. Salt. and then another. slice. % Sugar. ten minutes. LEMON OMELET Eggs. beat the yolks of the eggs a . on puddings. For lemon honey. and cream. and bake in Mix the corn-starch. beat and add the beaten yolks of the eggs. 4. Cooking Mince the protose fine. Double one third part over. Eggs.

Beat the and stir into the protose. . only adding one tablespoonful ' of cooked rice to eggs and milk before beating. Serve with a tablespoonful of well-seasoned apple sauce. Put a little oil into an omelet pan. Serve on a hot platter at once. VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK and stir the minced protose into them. and when hot pour in the mixture. adding two tablespoonfuls of cream instead of milk. GRANOSE OMELET Same as plain omelet. and one or two tablespoonfuls of granose before beating. mixed with an equal amount of beaten white of egg on side of platter. not GLUTEN OMELET Same on a hot as plain omelet. adding one tablespoonful of Serve at once gluten to eggs and milk before beating. stiff. platter. Insert a knife between the omelet and the pan. APPLE OMELET Same as plain omelet. and with a sudden turn of the hand fold the omelet in two. Cook a few minutes. whites into a froth. Serve hot. RICE OMELET Same as plain omelet.280 little. add a little minced parsley. Cook in a hot oven two or three seconds.

OMELETS Onions. ASPARAGUS OMELET Make as for plain omelet. ONION OMELET Make as for plain omelet. folding in one tablespoonful of asparagus tips. as preferred. which have been nicely seasoned.. folding one tablespoonful of French peas with a little thick cream sauce over them. minced may be used in omelets. .EGGS 281 OMELET WITH TOMATO Prepare a plain omelet. fold. Serve on hot platter at once. nuts. granose. lentils. GREEN PEA OMELET Make as for plain omelet. placing one dessert-spoonful of lightly braized onion on the omelet just before folding. put a layer of baked ripe tomatoes on one half. rice. Serve at once on a hot platter. peas. gluten. and fold Serve with or without a tomato gravy. etc. olives. and when ready to the other half over it. Serve on a hot platter at once.

Serve at once on hot platters. as only fresh eggs poach them into a pan of hot water. minced. almost boiling. slightly whipping them with an egg whip or spoon. 1 tablespoon. using one teaspoonful of lightly braized onion in place of protose.282 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH SUGAR CORN Prepare as for scrambled eggs tender with. SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH PROTOSE Cream or milk. nicely. protose. Salt. Protose. SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH ONIONS Prepare as for scrambled eggs with protose. and serve at once on liot platters. scramble (soft. also to mix thoroughly the egg with Salt. Stir to prevent sticking to the bottom. POACHED EGGS Take fresh eggs. desired. medium. omitting and substituting minced parsley. and serve on hot platters at once. break Let the pan . then add protose. or hard) as the protose. 1 tablespoon (for one person). using nice. com in place of protose. SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH PARSLEY protose Prepare as for scrambled eggs with protose. Fresh eggs. break the eggs. Into an oiled skillet containing one tablespoonful of cream or milk. 2. Salt.

Serve on a platter. Serve in cups. and place poached eggs on top. and cook till set as desired. and leave for eight minutes. parsley. JELLIED EGGS Cook the same as curdled eggs. poach as desired. Meantime beat the whites . leaving in water minutes instead of eight. that has been slightly moistened. or water.— EGGS set 283 soft. POACHED EGGS ON TOAST Serve poached eggs on light browoi or fresh toast if slices of zwieback. two minutes. CURDLED EGGS Bring a kettle of water to boiling point. being careful not to break yolks. garnish with watercress or Serve while very hot. preferred. put a few spoonfuls on a plate. place them in a dish of boiling water. three minutes. on the range where it will not boil. four minutes for hard. hard. fifteen FLOATED EGGS Take two fresh eggs separate whites from yolks.— two minutes for . POACHED EGGS ON GRANOSE Heat granose in the oven a few minutes. medium. not soaked. with hot cream. set on back of range for two minutes. five minutes. then drop in eggs. milk. medium.

and bake in a moderate oven until the eggs are These may be if desired. Place them in an oiled granite baking pan. and serve. and bake Serve at once. seasoned with butter or grated onion Small granite or porcelain pans about half an inch deep are to be obtained in any first-class hardware store. and float the molds on boiling water two or three minutes till nicely set. These are made expressly for shirring eggs. medium-sized tomatoes remove the stems. salt. Serve at once.284 very VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK stiff. adding a small portion of thin tomato sauce before cooking. salt. mold them in a soup bowl. sprinkle with set. pour about one tablespooncream over them. and drop the eggs in. and add a small piece of butter. garnish with parsley. till the eggs are medium done. salt sprinkle with chopped parsley. . CREAM SHIRRED EGGS ful of rich as desired. BAKED EGGS IN TOMATO CASES From ripe. Set in a moderate oven. and bake . SHIERED EGGS Grease the shir pans. Prepare eggs as for shirring. and with a sharp paring knife or spoon remove sufficient of the centers to encase an egg nicely in each tomato. Then place them on a large platter. break an egg into each one. place a yolk in the center of each. set in oven. TOMATO SHIRRED EGGS Prepare as for plain shirred eggs.



Care should be exercised not to beat too long. lumps and a stringiness not altogether agreeable. the cream to be whipped must be quite rich. A short method is to pour boiling water into the lobbered milk. This may be flavored and sweetened as desired. just as the curd begins to form. and should be allowed to thicken. — squares.WHIPPED CREAM That satisfactory results may be obtained. The milk should not be stirred while cooking. and beat with a batter whip or a dover egg beater until of the desired consistency. may begin to COTTAGE CHEESE Cheese made from sour milk contains protein element. and is much of the preferable to the cheese of com- merce. and lose its The milk nutritive value. which to is more pleasing than have some parts hard and others soft. preferably in hot water or in a moderate oven. also spoil its palatableness. but an advantage is gained by passing a knife through it so as to cut it in fail signally in Many making this article. or the butter separate. and then be skimmed beHeat it slowly fore any attempt is made to heat it. with gentle stirring. Rapid cooking is likely to cause As soon as well curded. Cool the cream to a temperature of 64 degrees or less. it should be poured into a strong (287) . This helps to give uniformity of texture. until the curd forms and separates from the watery whey.

or in a warm to the buttermilk. and more curd will form.288 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Overnight is then have but loose cloth to drain without pressure. it is more wholesome than that article. until it and wheys off. place. that much the safest plan to sterilize it before using. parsley. Add the lemon juice warm water. If the whey is white and milky. or other herbs. 2 tablespoons. as minced onion. ness. set in Then drain in a cloth. One cup stirred into a gallon of warm milk will usually gather all the curd. Served with a garnish of lettuce or other green. the cheese will be vastly improved Ity passing through a colander or an ordinary meat mill. BUTTEEMILK CHEESE Buttermilk. it gives Used in place of common cheese with macaroni. Various seasonings may be added. and the whole formed into balls or other shapes. a pleasing variety. 2 quarts. and as much sweet cream or milk or sour cream as will be required to make it of the Should there be any lack of smoothdesired consistency. It may added to it a portion of salt. and proceed as for other cheese. STERILIZED MILK Milk it is is so liable to be infected with disease germs. none too long for it to remain quiescent. add a little more juice. Lemon juice. Sweet milk may be readily curded by the addition of lemon juice. Heat .

Flavor. seal tightly. It can be prepared for use by adding from one to five parts water.DAIRY DISHES the water in an outer boiler to the boiling point. CONDENSED MILK Condensed milk is prepared by a vacuum process by which much of the water is removed by evaporation. Sugar. If. heated. 1. the milk should be and cooled quickly. Remove. 'Egg. it 289 and set and cook over a hot fire until the albumen rises to the top in the form of little bubbles. Some Be authorities favor cooking the milk that as it may. for thirty minutes. as it has to be sterilized in the process of canning. Ice. Put aU at once. Such milk is usually wholesome. pour into glasses. in a two quart glass jar. 1 cup. For some purposes it has an advantage over ordinary milk. 1 pint. and cool rapidly. MILK SHAKE Milk. the cooked taste. it is poured from one dish to another for a few minutes. shake vigorously for several minutes. pour into shallow pans. it will be likely to have less of into the inner boiler containing the milk. when cool. 2 tablespoons. and serve 19 . finely chopped.

290 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK RENNET BLANC-]\iANGE Milk. tablet. 1/^ cup. 2 tablespoons. Rennet Sugar. Rennet tablets may be purchased at any drug-store. Egg Beat tbe whites of the eggs stiff. cover with a meringue. Let it stand until it thickens. 2. Flavor to taste. JUNKET Milk. tablets. . Then set in a cold place until time to serve. Rennet tablet. or 100 degrees. again. stirring quickly minute. Powdered sugar. do in five to ten minutes. 1 quart. add the sugar. Pour the milk into the dish and add one rennet tablet dissolved in a small quantity of water. and beat the jelly. haK which it will YOGURT Yogurt NO. 4 tablespoons. which should be at blood heat. 6. Currant jelly. 1 quart. pour and when firm put in a cool place. into a dish. and add the rennet. Before serving. from which for about a it is to be served. 1 quart. 1 Milk. 1. whites. which should be previously dissolved in a tablespoonful of water. i/^. which should be about blood heat. Stir quickly. then gradually beat into it Dissolve the sugar in the milk. Dissolve the sugar in the milk.



Bring the milk

to scalding heat,

and cook for ten min-

utes in a double boiler.

Cool to a temperature of 106 detablets

and add the yogurt
Set in a


place, cover

which have been mashed and wrap well, and allow

to stand

from eight

to twelve hours, or until it has thick-



in a cool place.

For a second batch use one tablespoonful of the yogurt
instead of the tablets.


NO. 2

tablets, 1.


milk, 1 quart.

Procure lactone tablets manufactured by Park, Davis and proceed as for yogurt No. 1.


Milk, 31/2 pints. Yeast, 3 tablespoons.

Heat one cup

of rich milk to 90 degrees; into this


three tablespoonfuls of

home-made or brewers'
place twelve hours.

yeast, cover,



stand in a


of that time,

will be thick like clabber.

At the end Beat well with

an egg beater until of the consistency of cream. Heat a pint of milk to 90 degrees, add four tablespoonfuls of this mixture, cover, and set in a warm place twelve hours;
then beat well.


this twice more,

always discarding


but what you add to the milk. You are now ready to make the lebben by using four tablespoonfuls of this starter to
a pint of milk, proceeding as for the starter.



barley well, and start to cook in cold water in
the proportion of about one of barley to ten of water. Boil slowly for several hours, seasoning with salt an hour or
so before it is done.



the broth, and season with


if desired.




Heat the water
batter whip.

flour, sifted, 2-3 cup.

or milk


add the


and then

sprinlde in slowly the flour, stirring all the time with a

Boil until well


then cool in a double
or milk

boiler for one hour.

Add cream


Water, 1 quart.
Rice, 2 tablespoons.


or milk, 1 pint.


the salt to the water,

and heat

to boiling;


the rice in


water, and add to the boiling water; boil

until the rice

very tender, pass through a colander, add

cream, reheat, and serve.



Corn-meal, 2 tablespoons. Milk, 1 quart.

Heat the milk to boiling, and sprinkle in the corn-meal, meanwhile with a batter whip when well set, place boiler, and cook thoroughly. outer in an

This gruel


be prepared as directed for corn-meal

gruel, using water instead of milk; or oatmeal



has been sufficiently cooked,


be thinned, stewed for

a few minutes, and then strained and served.

Sanitarium gluten meal, Milk or water, 1 pint.

% cup.

Salt the boiling liquid,



and stir in carefully the meal. peanut butter rubbed smooth may be added if de-


Mix one tablespoonful
with a

of Horlick's malted milk

tepid water to


a smooth paste


powder add three

fourths of a cup of water, hot or cold, stirring briskly,







be prepared with hot milk instead of water,


a little

cream added

if desired.

Horliek 's malted milk, 1 tablespoon. Boiling water, cup.


Currant jelly, Cold water, Cracked ice.

1 tablespoon.




the malted milk

ing water to


a smooth paste;

powder with a little of the boiladd the jelly and the

rest of the water,


stir till the jelly is dissolved.


the cold water and

and serve daintily in a glass or a sherbet cup, partly filled, and set on a small plate
ice, strain,

with doily.

Horliek 's malted milk, 2 tablespoons. Tamarinds, 1 tablespoon. Hot water, 14 cup.

Cold water, Cracked ice.

% cup.

hot water

a smooth paste of the malted milk powder and the

Strain and

add the preserved tamarinds and the cold water. chill, or add pure cracked ice.



spread on thin sliced bread. 2. Salt. invert the others on the lettuce leaves. Fresh tomatoes. press slices together. add salt. cook until set and remove add celery salt and lemon juice . on slices of thin and cut comerwise. and sprinkle of celery salt if and serve with a NUTTOLENE OR NUT LOAF SANDWICHES Prepare nuttolene as for nuttolene cheese. Bread. slice into the colander. NUT AND EGG SANDWICHES Prepare eggs as for scrambled eggs. on thin sliced bread. lay crisp lettuce leaves on half of these. Press the nut cero through a fine colander. and spread bread. desired. I/2 Lettuce. to taste. spread (301) . While cooking. and cut comerwise in four pieces. cero. Arrange tastily on a smaU plate on which has been laid a crisp lettuce leaf. add an equal quantity of minced protose or nuttolene.NUT CERO SANDWICHES Nut pound. press together. wash firm tomatoes. lettuce leaf in each sandwich. and press the pulp through into the nut cero.

Walnuts. 15. PROTOSE OR NUT CERO SANDWICHES Spread bread with nut or dairy butter. and . Spread thin slices of bread with nut or dairy butter.302 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK NUT AND JELLY SANDWICHES Very palatable sandwiches may be made by spreading bread with jelly. If the mixture is too stiff. and then sprinkling it with finely chopped nut meats. CRESS SANDWICHES NO. or minced may be added DATE SANDWICHES Dates. Grated onion. celery if desired. salt. add a little warm water. BEAN SANDWICHES Spread thin slices of bread with nut or dairy butter. Garnish with olives. and make a fiUing by grinding the dates and walnuts together in a vegetable mill. Spread thin sliced 1 bread with mayonnaise dressing. y^ cup. and fill with protose rubbed smooth with a fork and seasoned with salt and lemon olives juice. and fill with bean puree with which lemon juice has been mixed. Seeded raisins or figs may be used if preferred.

spread with made as directed for cut cornerwise. 2 Mince equal quantities of nuttolene or protose and and mix with enough mayonnaise to spread well. and serve. 303 well-washed watercress which has been cut in half -inch lengths. Remove the crusts from thin sliced bread. filling with cottage PEANUT SANDWICHES Dilute nut butter with water and lemon juice. CRESS SANDWICHES NO. watercress. add salt. slices. OLIVE SANDWICHES Mince seeded olives rather fine. COTTAGE CHEESE SANDWICHES Proceed as for other sandwiches. and spread on the bread. and spread with nut or dairy butter Press or mayonnaise. . and then with the minced olives. and serve at once. cheese. the slices together. salad. MOCK SALMON SANDWICHES butter.SANDWICHES add crisp. Cut the bread and add a nut or dairy mock salmon Place a crisp leaf of lettuce between each two filling in thin slices. or keep under an earthen dish or a moist cloth until ready to serve.

and mix weU. a nice way of using up small fragments that could not well be used in any other manner. 14 pound. seed the the almonds. or This is hot roast. Lemon oven. Almonds. % ^ Onions. add the sage. Protose. salt. trimming the crust from the edges. macaroni preparations. and toast to a light brown in the Mix with and grind in a vegetable mill with these the salt and lemon juice. juice. OLIVE ALMOND SANDWICHES Olives. I/2 cup. grated onion. Salt. Salt. . Nuttoiene. olives. olives. and proceed as for other sandwiches. Proceed as for other sandwiches. and serving on a platter covered with a hot cream or brown gravy. 1 cup. Seed the tose . Sage. These sandwiches may be fiUed with Spanish slices of rice. Blanch the almonds. pound. and mince with the nuttoiene and proand lemon juice.304 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK OLIVE NUT SANDWICHES Olives. Lemon Bread. chowders. cup. HOT SANDWICHES Prepare as for ordinary sandwiches. juice.

. 20 . using fruit salad for and golden salad dressing instead of mayonnaise.SANDWICHES 305 SALAD SANDWICHES Cut stale bread into thin triangular slices spread with mayonnaise and the desired salad. FRUIT SALAD SANDWICHES a filling. or vegetarian chicken salad. celery. macedcine. put a leaf of lettuce in each sandwich and over all pour mayonnaise dressing. beet. Proceed as for salad sandwiches. protose. lima bean. such as egg.




and (309) should be watched closely. The baking process is the easiest way. they brown very quickly. When nels begin to crack and pop. This can be accomplished if care is exercised. namely. They are easily blanched. is called blanching. hence can not be made in the home. The other varieties are difficult to The best variety blanch. Removing the skins from the nuts after they are shelled heated. but care should be used not to scorch them. boiling. baking or roasting. There are three ways of cooking them. Peanuts can not be blanched unless they have been thoroughly To properly cook peanuts is the essential thing to produce a healthful. palatable nut butter. Peanuts and almonds are the nuts most suitable for making nut butter. and do not make good butter. . of peanuts for making nut butter is the Spanish shelled. until they are a light brown or Shake the the ker- pan or stir the peanuts every few minutes.NUT BUTTER Nut butter can be easily made in the home. but nearly all the prepared nut foods on sale require expensive machinery and a steam plant to produce. PROCESS NO. and steaming. straw-color. '• 1 into Put a layer of peanuts about one half inch deep erate oven. a dripping pan. Scorched or burned peanuts are unfit to use in any form. and place on a perforated shelf in a mod- Allow them to bake slowly for about one hour.

or with a piece of cloth with the ends folded together. until they are tender. then grind them through a mill. The chaff can be removed by using a fan. PROCESS NO.310 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK A to satisfactory way to cook the nuts is to full. 2 Thoroughly heat the nuts in an oven. spread out on tins. Grrind butter when when left fresh cooked. they have become quite Rub them until the skins are loose. as they do not a make good day or two after they are cooked. in a coarse bag. fill a tight covered dish about two thirds place in the oven. Dry heat does not loosen the skins of almonds as it does Almond those of peanuts. they are not so bum. ALMOND BUTTER butter. but do not let Allow them to cool. To blanch almonds. When This can be done by rubbing them in the hands. spread them out at cool. forming a bag. and liable shake occasionally. blanch. have cooked sufficiently. Drain. them brown. and thoroughly dry them. removing defective ones and foreign substances. Cooked this way. When they once. soak them in boiling . and they retain their flavor better. 1. butter is more difficult to make than peanut on account of the difficulty in removing the skins. Another good device is a screen made of coarse wire. Look the nuts over carefully. Boil them from three to four hours. then blanch as described in process No. or what is better. or by pouring from one dish to another where the wind is blowing.

the skins will crack and the kernel pop out. bowl one half the amount of butter required and dilute with an equal quantity of water. until perfectly dry. PEANUT MEAL Heat the peanuts sufficiently to remove the skins. taking care to have them quite dry when Drain off aU the water possible. a time. oughly dry and taking care not to burn them. Boil or steam them until tender. If the mill is too tight it will grind the nuts into butter. If it is not fine enough. or in a slow oven with the door open. beating light. through a colander. When perfectly dry and hard.NUT PREPAEATIONS . £^ A good plan is to rub the meal through a NUT BUTTER FOR THE TABLE Put into a l^ for the meal. Then grind them through a loosely adjusted miU. grind through the mill loosely adjusted. Dry the kernels in a slow oven until they become thorcrisp. if the almonds are first-class. Put on tins suspended over the stove. and afterward pass through the mill again more tightly adjusted. it adding a until it is little at thoroughly with a fork smooth and Enough water should be used . taking care not to brown them. and put them done. flour sieve. spread out to dry. Place on tins or on a cloth stretched over the stove. but do not brown them. Blanch and look over. Then grind in the nut butter This makes excellent butter mill tightly adjusted. 311 water from two to five minutes then the skins become loose and can be pinched off by pressing on the nut with thumb and finger.

and turn again into the colander.312 to VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK consistency to spread nicely. then dilute with the remainder of water. make the proper A wire whip or potato masher is an excellent utensil for mixing. spread on a pan. 2 tablespoons. Nut butter does not keep long when mixed with water. A little salt can be added if desired. which should have rather sugar. then roll in sugar. NUT CREAM Peanut butter. 1 pint. set water to the peanut butter to emulsify it as for table use. it is then ready to serve. and let will not stand about ten minutes in a colander. Salt. and bring to a boil. . Add enough add salt. Use peanuts that have been baked enough that they have a raw taste. Egg. on the stove. Sugar. Beat the egg slightly with two tablespoonfuls of water. 1. . 1 quart. Hot water. 1 teaspoon. large perforations rub out all loose and dry slowly in a warm place. stir well into the peanuts. CRYSTALLIZED PEANUTS Peanuts.

and let the kernels stand in boiling water until the red skins will slip off fingers. using of sugar. and screw on the covers tight. when pressed . place in fruitsalt on the nuts.NUT PREPARATIONS 313 SALTED PEANUTS Prepare as for crystallized peanuts. salt instead Care should be exercised not to leave too much If not for immediate use. jars. TO BLANCH ALMONDS Remove between the the hard shells.




fast assist the reader in varying first at Fruits are usually served last at dinner. as salad. stewed. and sprinkled with sugar. break- and lunch. Peaches: plain. stewed. salad. Grapefruit. stewed . with cream. sauce. stewed. steamed. Melons broken — cantaloup. served. Pears: plain. seeds removed. baked. Cherries: plain.) Date^: plain. red. and sirup. and casabas: cut in suitable pieces. and musk. stewed. stewed. sliced with cream . stewed. and served with cream. and Spanish melons.FEUITS AND THEIR PREPARATION not the intent of this chapter to exhaust the consideration of the topic of fruit and its service. served plain. Grapes: plain. or white: plain. cut in halves. sometimes stewed. but to It is drop a few suggestions that wiU the bill of fare. black. and served with cream. Oranges: plain. sliced with powdered sugar. Nectarines: plain. and served with cream and Apricots: plain. Figs : plain . with cream. stewed. sliced or baked. sliced. puree. Huckleberries: plain. Blackberries: plain. Bananas plain : . filled with ice. baked. sliced with cream. sauce. Currants. (317) . (See strawberry salad. Apples: plain. sliced with cream. Green gage plums: plain. stewed.

318 VEGETABIAN COOK BOOK Plums: plain. crushed. . Strawberries: plain. : . No harm comes from cooking sound cores and skins. APPLE SAUCE Much time. effort. Water. diced. stewed. Pineapples: fresh sliced. MAPLE APPLES Apples. Prunes: fresh. bake under cover in a medium oven. Easpberries. the portion remaining in the colander may be moistened. with cream. and sweeten. and prepared as nectar. stewed*. 1 cup. and thus a trifle more of pulp be saved. red and black plain with cream : . Maple sirup. 4. stewed. Peel and water. Quinces: usually served as preserves. salad. . Pass through a fine colander. and material may be saved by the following method of stewing apples: Wash the fruit. canned. slice the apples. until tender and dark brown. stewed. re- move decayed portions. cut in quarters. and remove only a small portion of stem and blossom ends. 1 cup. mix the maple sirup and the and pour over the apples. or stewed with apples. grated. Pomegranates cut in sections and served plain seeded. If they were cooked in very little water.

and boil down and pour over the apples before BAKED APPLE SAUCE Pare. add sugar set . pan over them. and core tart apples or deep granite kettle. add water. core. place in a bean pot and water. remove cores. and bake in a slow oven Pears too green to be eaten raw. cover with an inverted pan. lay and cover with water. quarter. and cover.FRUITS AND THEIR PREPARATION 319 GEAPE APPLES Pare and core tart apples. sprinkle with sugar. remove the apples. BAKED QUINCES Pare. then place in a oven. and bake slowly until tender and dark red. . BAKED APPLES Wash and core apples which are free from defects. in granite pan. The amount of sugar and water and the length of time required for baking will depend upon the variety of apples. tender. and bake in a slow oven. medium on the stove until it comes to a boil. and thick sirup. BAKED PEARS Select firm tart pears. place in a granite pan. and proceed as for baked apples. invert another until tender. boil in grape juice until the juice to a serving. bake up very nicely this way. cut in halves. sprinkle with sugar.

PRUNE WHIP Prune marmalade. 2. the dirt is liable to settle to the bottom several hours. Add the yolks to prune marmalade. Vanilla. cups. of the kettle. or pouring prunes and water into a colander. latter with which to gar- Serve in . STEWED PRUNES Cover prunes with warm water. and allow to soak for Rinse well in several waters. the juice from stewed prunes. remove stones. force out the and then press through a colander with medium- sized perforations. enough of the glasses. flavor and sweeten to taste. stir well. well washed. 2 Eggs. and bake as directed for pears. and simmer slowly for several hours. PRUNE MARMALADE Remove seeds. and thus remain with the prunes. When an abuncold water. reserving nish. then fold in the beaten whites of the eggs. Serve with cream. place the prunes in a kettle with dance of If cooked too fast they will break up. Cover with meringue. If the water is simply poured off of the prunes. and brown. either lifting out of the water with the hands.320 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK BAKED PEACHES Pare.

sprinkle with powdered sugar. BAKED BANANAS Peel. slice thin. remove seeds. add sugar to taste. They may also be baked in their STEWED BERRIES Some make 21 a mistake in stewing berries too long. dig out the eyes. little Wash thoroughly. and remove reject a thin slice PINEAPPLE Slice off the outside. core. sprinkle with sugar.. also the pulpy core from each end. SLICED ORANGES all the white pulp. fill with sliced peaches. and serve. FBUITS AND THEIR PREPAEATION 321 MUSKMELONS WITH SLICED PEACHES filling Divide smaU muskmelons. sprinkle with powdered sugar. slice lengthwise. . add a skins. place in granite pan. and chill by with cracked ice. and allow to stand at least two hours. when sliced thin. Peel. and bake in a medium hot oven until tender. Just before serving. A little grape juice may be added if desired. and remove the add sugar. and but water. when cool. the remainder. little hot water. or break off with a fork. and set in a cool place for an hour or so. cover with sugar.

if to nothing worse. and pack in tight boxes or paper sacks. changing the water frequently. bring to as high a temperature as can be done without injury. may be slightly thickened with TO KEEP LEMONS If it is desired to keep lemons fresh. slice. and are exposed to dust and flies. peel. dried. which is sound and not and lay on racks in the sun or in a Turn occasionally. corn-starch. that the eggs of insects may be destroyed. Fruit dried at home should be carefully protected from dust and flies. pour into a colThe juice ander. Many dried fruits are in the market. and stew until tender. but they are open to at least two objections. They are usually sulphured to improve their appearance. When thoroughly very slow oven. cover with cold water. .332 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK STEWED EAISINS Soak the all dirt raisins in that warm water for a time. DRIED FRUIT When drying fruit. to remove may have adhered to them. and rinse well. and be thoroughly heated before storing. place them in a vessel of cold water in a cool place. it wiU require but little cooking. select that overripe. AU dried fruit should be washed before cooking. If soaked several hours.



and combine them just still. ' Fifty — drying and making ignored. It should be washed sufficiently to remove all sand and dust. put in A some fruit. FRUITS AND FRUIT CANNING Many if not all ripened fruits may be eaten uncooked but since they do not continue through. years ago there was the choice of only two common methods. etc. put into the jar. unless it were that access might be had to the fresh article the year round. Boiling the sugar with acid fruit. changes it to invert sugar. locality. the year. Slow cooking is much better than rapid boiling. Different methods are employed. and few movements of Always choose the best quality of fruit. the jar will mix them. than is necessary. thus lessening its sweetening properties two and one half times. canning fruit method of preservation. better then the required amount of sirup. according to kind of Frequently much more sugar is used fruit. though the fruit should reach the boiling point just before canning. ' This pound-for-pound preserves. or. this and still have the fruit sweet enough as they are to be make a sirup in one kettle. The (325) . This may ' ' be done in various ways. and it seems scarcely possible there can ever be any better. should be that it latter method requires so much sugar is the most popular In these times of improved methods. To overcome to be palatable. we wish to preserve them for use at such times as they can not be obtained fresh. and cook the fruit in another..

hence greater care must be taken to keep the fruit from spoiling. room is Moreover. one as a cover. It is well to replenish the jars while in the water. b¥it in high altitudes it is several degrees lower. and the fruit gradually heated to a thoroughly cooked condition. there need be little Be cautious about fragments of glass. folded cloth in a broad but shallow pan. A common wash-boiler. if cloth be laid in the bottom and between the jars to prevent breakage. sugar is usually less expensive in winter than in the height of fruit canning season. or two dish pans. but it must be gradually heated after the jars of fruit have been Be careful not to expose the hot jars to drafts. cracking jar. and thus can economized. and any deficiency be supplied from another jar. filled There are steam cookers in which the jars with the fresh fruit may be placed. seal them. covered wash-tub. It is well to set the jar on a wet. way to do this is to re-cook it once or laore One good on as many- successive days. Large jars are more economical than small ones. Not much water placed in it. In case of a "spill" or a waste. when the sirup may be added. is required in these vessels. though a few of the latter are needed for the re-canning of what left may is be from the large fruit funnel ones. The amount of sugar necessary for palatabiUty does not materially aid in the keeping of the fruit. and granite to be preferred.326 VEOETAKIAN COOK BOOK is boiling temperature at sea level 212 degrees . Sugar may be added a few hours before the meal. . answer the same purpose. is A a convenience.

they should laid on. which will retain the skins and seeds. Return to the stove. adding little or no water. the fruit should be removed from the can immediately on opening. TOMATO CANNING Probably no fruit is more abundantly canned than tomatoes. sliced. for they are only "air. Any uneven no leak. they are excellent. running something to the jar by using it round and round. Cut in two or three pieces. but do not be anxious about hubbies. Try this method of preserving tomatoes: Thoroughly wash. foamy appearance. not make a favorable combination. Acids and tin do supply." and that is sterilized if the work has been properly done. and cook. invert the jar of fruit on a clean dry shelf to remain until cold. be sure there is a crack or other break To make sure there is somewhere. and every household should have an abundant Tomatoes in glass are much superior to those in tin cans. Peeled. If tins must be used. and canned in the ordinary way. If any juice Should there be a exudes. and the If old ones are used. until just soft enough to pass through a colander or sieve. and remove all imperfections. and they supply a place not held by all fruits. lightly covers determine whether they are well examined to be critically or bailing may cover edges may be pressed like a knife-handle. fitted to the work. boil for a . attention should be given it.FBUITS AND FRUIT CANNING 327 and let them stand until partially cooled. The steaming be done with the rubbers in place.

and put in jars. Have the cork cut off even with the bottle. and to be used in many other ways. and fasten over it and around the neck of the bottle. Tomatoes canned in this way are always ready for soups. To prevent this. and pour on The string will be an assistance in rethe melted wax.328 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK few minutes. toasts. as a bottle. loop a strong but rather fine twine under the cork. Large bottles with well-fitted corks answer an excellent purpose if closed with sealingwax. moving the cork when the bottle is to be opened. and closed much the same . sirup cans may be filled. Occasionally the cork is drawn into a bottle. If one does not object to the use of tin. gravies.



Place the ice in a sack. more like wet snow. is advisable to test the mix- tures before all the sugar or sirup called for in the recipe is added. The sherbets are often so much like the cream ices. or pulp wh^ch have been canned jellies may Fruit may be dissolved in hot water and then frozen. or corn-starch have been added to more body to the preparation. occasionally turning the sack. may be used without the addition of any ice. that it is difficult to believe that there is no cream in give ice is often them. A freezing. it As fruits vary in sweetness. one should provide one 's self with a grain sack and something with which to break the ice. Or an iron pipe of the same length may be used. the pure fruit juice water.ICES AND SHERBETS fresh fruit is These are mostly made from water. mixture which seems sweet enough before found to be lacking in sweetness after is If a rich fruit ice or sherbet desired. The texture of fruit more or less granular and icy. egg whites. If the sugar is boiled with the water. When left (331) . but the one having a double motion is the most satisfactory. When not obtainable. There are many freezers on the market. feet long. will be freezing. and hold the open end in the hand while you strike with the bludgeon in the right. a finer grained ice will be the result. To prepare the ice. with one end prepared for a is desirable. juices be substituted. A 2 x 4 about two and one half handle. and the juice of fruit. Sherbets are practically the same as fruit only that gelatine. sugar.

If turned to the cover. although it may have become somewhat liquefied so do not think it necessary to refill the freezer because some water is seen with the ice and salt. Fine coarse is salt will accomplish the desired end. they are liable to dent the freezer. if the pieces are too large. Mix the coarse salt with the crushed ice in the box. others one of the former to Too much salt causes the finished seven of the latter. remove the paddle. but the cheaper and better. cover the can. oiled. When the mixture is frozen. product to be coarse-grained. Care should be exercised to keep the bearings. Always turn the freezer to the right. empty the ice into a tight box. It is possible to freeze a batch of fruit ice with ice and salt left from a former freezing. Better results and return them to the sack. the freezer should be turned continually and rapidly until the mixture is hard. and not in the bottom as some might suppose. Keep in a cool place until time to serve. place a cork in the hole in the and throw over all the wet sack in which the ice was broken. mil be obtained from finely crushed ice. gear. creamy texture. scrape off the ice. the freezer need not be packed its full depth. To produce a soft. pick out the pieces too large for use. it and from pack the freezer. 332 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK sufficiently beaten. Freezers which are properly constructed have an outlet for water just below the level of the top of the freezing can. . Authorities differ in refer- ence to the proportion of ice and salt to be used. and sockets of the freezer frequently If only a small batch of ice is to be frozen.. Some say one of salt to three of ice .

the freezer will and make further turning impossible. 1 cup. 4 cups. . Keep the paddle moving. if is allowed to stand for an hour or so after freezing. thias prevent turning it in the right direction. and scrape from the knife. If for any reason the freezer does become set.lOES AND SHEEBETS lie 3&3 left. or cookies. skim it off. Place the water and sugar in a stew-pan. some part of the freezer may break. Pack the cup in ice and salt as usual. and it will be found that it will turn readily. called curing. and set. kisses. and then repack. as the scum rises. SIRUP FOR FRUIT ICE AND SHERBET Sugar. in an effort to turn the paddle. axi- directions for the preparation of which are given in make is a very delicate and toothsome dessert easily and are very and quickly prepared when once the art mastered. other chapter. sides and bottom occasionally with a Fruit ices served with lady fingers. for luncheon. but take out the can. These frozen preparations will be found much improved This Fruit ice or sherbet can be made if no other utensils than a quart cup and a dover egg beater are at hand. Under such conditions. "Water. the contents which nearest the outside of the freezing can will freeze and adhere to the side of the can. If allowed to stand. and set in a kettle of hot water for ten seconds. and bring to a boil . do not bring too much strain to bear on it. When the fluid boils.

Water. and freeze until well coagulated. % Pick over and wash the berries. and finish freezing. 1 pint. Lemon juice. Add move from the STRAWBERRY SHERBET Strawberries. 1 quart. and bring to a boil. 1 pint. Reand add the lemon juice. the sugar to the water. stove. until nothing but the seeds are left. add the water. remove. Egg whites. then pass through a coarse colander. 3. LEMiON SHERBET Lemons. and force through a coarse cloth or fine wire strainer. and mash well. 5. 3. then add the beaten egg whites. Then add the beaten egg whites. Sirup. and sirup This sirup can be prepared m quantity and be bottled up ready for use. 14 cup. cup. 1 cup. Egg whites. This same may be served as a sauce for baked apples and other desserts. cool. and part of the grated rinds if desired. cover with the sugar. Sugar. strain. and freeze until well coagulated. 1 cup. Sugar. .334 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK cool. allow to stand for an hour or so. put in the lemon juice and sirup. Pour into the freezer. "Water.

jelly will alter the proportions of APPLE WALNUT SNOW Strained apple sauce. Egg whites. Egg whites. adding when the sherbet nearly frozen.lOES AND SHERBETS 335 CEANBBRRT SHERBET Cranberry sauce. tablespoon. is and add the lemon juice. Water. The nut meal may be obtained or ground nuts through a flour sieve. set on the and bring to a boil to dissolve the jelly. % Water. Place the jelly and the water in a stew-pan. Proceed as for strawberry sherbet. stove. 1 pint. 2. cup. 1 cup. by sifting chopped . 2 cups. Sirup. Lemon juice. y^ cup. The water and kind of and lemon juice. adding the beaten ^^g whites and wabiut meal after the mixture has begun to freeze. 2. 1/^ cup. 2 cups. cool. strain. Prepare as for apple snow. Remove. 1 pint. the beaten whites flavor and freeze. Sugar. 2 tablespoons. 1 Egg whites. JELLY SHERBET Jelly. 2. Lemon juice. Walnut meal.

2. juice. 1 pint. FULTON'S FAVORITE Lemon Eggs. 1 cup. This is not necessary. dried or fresh. It will for PEACH SHERBET Peaches. Sirup. be noticed that a different procedure is adopted adding the egg whites than in some of the other sherbets. 1 cup. and freeze. mix all together. and pour over them the other gredients. 1 pint. but is done to suggest another of the various methods that may be followed. in- Freeze as for other sherbets. Egg whites. MRS. 1 quart. Beat the whole eggs. 2. % cup. Stew prunes as for prune sauce. stewed. . and force the prunes through a fine colander. Press stewed peaches. Prune pulp. Pineapple 3. Sirup. 1 pint.336 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK PRUNE SHERBET Prune juice. Egg sieve. through a fine add the sirup. juice. Sirup. adding the beaten egg whites as for other sherbets. and freeze. whites. Whisk up the egg whites slightly with a little of the liquid. strain off the juice. 1 cup.

and set aside to chill. fill with crushed ice. Heat tlie juice to boiling. is given to show how corn-starch may be substituted for egg whites or gelatine in giving body to SHERBET IN CANTALOUPS Wash and divide small cantaloups. Peel the bananas. and press through a fine colander: add the sirup. BANANA SHERBET Bananas. 3 cups. Water. Pour into freezer and when add the egg whites. When cold. pour into the freezer. Egg 2a whites. and fill with fruit sherbet. starch. 2. 1 cup. This recipe the mixture. 5. remove the crushed ice. Corn-starch. 1 tablespoon. When cool. . and finish freezing. Egg whites. 2. and freeze. braided with a little and thicken with the corncold water. Sirup.ICES AND SHERBETS 337 CORN-STARCH SHERBET Fruit juice. 1 quart. partially frozen. remove all seeds and imperfections. HONEY SHERBET Strained honey. . 1 quart. the flavor of which should combine well with that of the cantaloup. and beat well.

and egg whites in the usual way. Beat the water into the honey. and Partially freeze. and adding five egg whites. WATERMELON SHERBET Cut melon in small slices. cool. while holding the center. place on one half of a portion of the sherbet. 2 cups. When ready to serve. Eggs. A piece of it greased tin will be found serviceable in accomplishing this.338 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK freeze. 3. building up the original shape of the cut melon. Prepare cereal coffee as for ordinary service. the other half of the fit press the rind well up against it. . down on forcing out all the sherbet that will not into the hollow of the rind. press tin. of the seeds in such a Press into this a few manner as to make it ap- pear like the original. 2 cups. adding the COFFEE SHERBET Cereal coffee. Add the sirup and the beaten whites. rind with one hand. proceed as for watermelon ice. and cover well vsdth cracked ice. yolks. Sirup. Double the tin in the then. fill the slices with the sherbet. and add the beaten This may be an agreeable change. remove the red portion. although not a favorite. Place the rinds in a pan.

1 quart. WATERMELON Watermelon Sugar. shells Remove the pulp. fill the with cracked ice. Egg whites. For others it will be im- proved by the addition of some sirup. is This recipe given for the benefit of those who find it inconvenient to use cane sugar. ICE juice. 1 cup. and set aside to cool. Cut the watermelon in such a manner that the edges of the halves are escalloped. MALTED NUT AND MELTOSE SHERBET Malted nuts. Add the beaten whites when nearly frozen. Add enough of the water to the malted nuts to make a smooth paste. dilute the meltose with a small portion of water. and squeeze it until as much juice as possible has been removed. Meltose. Crush the pulp so that the juice will separate from it.ICES AND SHERBETS 339 FRUIT SHERBET WITH MAPLE SIRUP AND WALNUTS Some sherbets may be improved by serving them with a dressing of maple sirup and chopped walnuts. 1 cup. 1 quart. Place the remainder of the pulp in a strong cloth. Strain off such juice as separates from the pulp. 2. Add the sugar . Water. 1 cup. mix all together. and freeze.

340 to the juice. and strain . remove the and fill with the frozen desired. or other fruit can be filled in the same manner. left in a GRAPEFRUIT ICE Grapefruit juice. . strain and freeze the Return the plug. 2 cups. ready to serve. with the spoon remove the pulp and juice. Divide the grapefruit. and freeze. and should be cool place until time to serve. invert the second to- These can be securely fastened gether by toothpicks. serve with other fruit as a surprise. Lemon y^ cup. 2 cups. shells. Sirup. half over the If a surprise first. muskmelons. OEANGE ICE Orange juice. and juice. remove the center portion and seeds . and serve in the half shells which have been preserved when removing the juice. Sirup. 2 cups. add the sirup. Another nice method is to remove a round plug from the stem end large enough to allow a teaspoon to be inserted. When is cracked ice from one of the preparation. Bananas. The shells should be chilled before filling. 1 cup. squeeze out the juice. and fill the shells with it. juice. VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK and freeze. Freeze as for other ice.

is ^ can. 2 quarts. Lemons. Press the apricots through a colander. and freeze in the usual manner. stewed. it and flavor of the very may it be thinned down with it is. Green gages. and proceed in the usual manner. 2 quarts. Apricots. 4. If sliced pineapple fine. used. the strength rich. sirup or water if not too strong. 1 pint. ice. GREEN GAGE ICE Lemon ice mixture.ICES AND SHERBETS 341 GRAPE ICE Much depends upon juice used. APRICOT ICE Lemon ice mixture. 1 quart. it should be minced very The juice alone is more desirable. may be frozen as PINEAPPLE ICE Pineapple pulp and juice. 1 quart. If it is . Add a small amount of . Mix all the in- gredients. Proceed as for apricot spinach coloring. Sirup. add to the other mixture.

and add this sirup and the lemon juice to the apples. When smooth. but of nut butter. Mix and egg whites freeze in the usual manner. 2 tablespoons. More or less sugar may be required MAPLE ICE Maple sirup. bring to a boil. sauce. and freeze.342 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK APPLE SNOW Apple Sugar. and mix as for table use. and bring to a boil then strain and cool. 2 tablespoons. cool and freeze in the usual manner. % Lemon Mix juice. water. 2 cups. Water. The addition of egg whites is of course an improvement. 1 quart. for various apples. strained. Sirup. add sirup. 3 cups. 3 cups. Hot Salt. may be enjoyed by some who are fond . 2 cups. the sugar and water. salt . Add This recipe is not a general favorite. cup. 1 pint. and a small portion of the hot water to the nut butter. dilute with the remainder of the hot water. Add two beaten if it is desired to make maple sherbet. "Water. PEANUT ICE Peanut butter. Set on the stove.

and proceed as for other preparations.ICES AND SHERBETS 343 YOGURT ICE Under some circumstances it may be found desirable to This will not be found serve yogurt in the form of ice. . difficult. Simply pour the yogurt in the freezing can.




EGG-NOG Milk. (347) . allow one cup of cold water. Work it briskly with an egg beater. then serve at once. Then remove to the side of the range. minutes. CHOCOLATE Sanitas To each two ounces of Sanitas chocolate. as it contains an injurious alkaloid. which in the Sanitas brand is removed by a special process. adding at the last moment a tablespoonful of whipped cream to each cup. and after it boils. use two spoonfuls of the cereal. 1 teaspoon. cook one minute. Sugar. Let it stand until the chocolate is soft.CARAMEL CEREAL A Substitute for Coffee table- For each cup of the beverage required. place over the fire. It is considered an improvement by some to use two thirds chocolate and one third malted nuts. and boil for ten to twenty minutes. 1/2 glass. Other chocolate is not recommended. and let steep a few The strength and aroma of cereal coffee are developed by long steeping.

sliced very thin. and let stand in a glass or earthen jar for two hours. STRAWBERRY NECTAR Ripe strawberries.348 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK Beat tlie white of tlie egg stiff. Mint sprigs. Flavor to suit. 1 cup. 4 cups. mix well. 2 cups. % Boiling water. Juice of 4 lemons. and add the yolk. MINT JULEP Sugar. cherry. and add the milk. and keep on ice until served. 4 cups. beat again. Strawberry juice. add one part of lemon juice. "Water. Water. crushed. FEUIT NECTAE For every eight parts of other fruit juice used. The nectar should be served ice cold. of fruit juices. Lemon. and sweeten to taste. % cup. Sugar. and added in its place. strain through a coarse cloth. 6. Raspberry juice. beat. A combination very fine nectar. 1 pint. 1. Ice. makes a Always include the lemon juice. Mix all together. 1 cup. cup. . and add the sugar. and garnish with a half spoonful of the white. Either part or fruit juice all of the milk may be left out. as grape. and raspberry.

Be and the inner white Let stand overnight. 2 Three lemons to a pint of water make a strong lemSweeten to taste. and lemon ice-cold. 1 sirup. Water. Bring the water and sugar to a boil. Let Serve stand five or ten minutes. Make thick sirup of white sugar. skin. taste. made from lemon Into the careful as they juice of twelve lemons grate the rind of six. 1 cup. To this add strawberry. LEMONADE The best lemonade to exclude all seeds is NO. Serve ice-cold. and when cold strain the lemon juice A tablespoonful added to a glass of water makes a perfect lemonade. 1 quart. % cup.BEVERAGES 349 Boil the sugar and water twenty minutes. NO. juices. . and pour over it one cup of boiling water. PINEAPPLE LEMONADE Lemon juice. crush the mint. and pour into the sirup. cool. impart a bitter into it. Sugar. LEMONADE onade. Pineapple juice. 1 cup. raspberry. and add lemon and pineapple juices. strain.

1 cup. and sugar to- and add Apollinaris water. Boil sugar and water together ten minutes to sirup. bottle. ice-cold. rind of the lemons. ice. Mix gether. 2 cups. Water. Sugar. Rind of 4 lemons. Cracked ice. 2 cups. it cool. make a When pour into goblets half filled with cracked ice.350 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK OEANGEADE Sugar. ^ Cracked ice. sliced very thin. Apollinaris water. and let cold. then add the orange juice. APOLLINARIS LEMONADE Juice of 6 lemons. the lemon juice. Orange juice. Serve in goblets of cracked . 2 cups.



Convenient Articles for the Kitchen Omelet Pan Flour Sieve 23 (353) .

354 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Frencli Enife Pastry Tubes .

UTENSILS 355 Batter Bowl Milk Pan Strainer .

Vegetable Slicer Pie Markers .

UTENSILS 357 Pastry Bag Feel mjim Scallop Knife .

358 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK Asbestos Mat Wire Potato Masher Batter Whip Scales Double Boiler .

They should be of such material as will not dis- color the food prepared in them and will stand a high temperature without becoming rough. list The better plan is and buy the others as occasion may demand. It is unwise to lay in a large stock of all possible articles The number of cooking utensils will just because there is a possibility of their being used at to secure the necessary some This time.KITCHEN UTENSILS No room in the house or institution requires more care and painstaking effort in the matter of furnishing than the kitchen. ficiently solid not to absorb flavors They should be sufand thus transmit them (359) to other preparations. articles first. A good kitchen outfit is one of the foundation stones of good housekeeping. should not be curtailed for the sake of display in some other department where less depends upon the reIt is true economy to buy the best quality and of sult. and be light enough to handle well and heavy enough to be durable. NUMBER OF UTENSILS depend upon the size of the household and the extent of work to be done. A large part of the health and comfort of the family depends upon the success of this all-important room. Kitchen utensils should have a smooth surface. simple construction. .

strainers. tho more expensive and at cheaper in the long run. salt shakers. articles as steamers. milk pans. potato mashers. but is liable to discolor the crust. measures. dust-pans. Where the granite is chipped it is irreparable. if It is not profitable to is purchase tin teakettles durability STEEL WARE Iron utensils can not be used for cooking fruit or any food substance containing acids. and boxes for meal and bread. spoons. chop- . we recommend granite pie pans. because of its practicability ties. of cooked salad dressings. funnels. while a steel kettle can be retrimmed at a small expense. as they discolor the food and destroy the first. articles made of wood are serviceable: rolling-pins. bread tins. strainers. For this and other reasons considered.. Steel ware. is flavor. A tin pie pan will render good service for a time. flour sieves.. molds for puddings. etc. cake tins.360 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK GRANITE WARE For the preparation of fruits. cake. WOOD The following molding boards. but in many eases aluminum displacing granite. can as well be of tin as of more expensive material. flour scoops. dip- pers. etc. cutters. graters. both in the home and in lasting quali- institutions. cooking granite ware is is very desirable. desserts. TINWARE Such.

first time. run the back of a vegetable knife around the edge to remove the rough solder. scales. that has been opened on the end not containing the inner After melting off the whole of the circular piece of tin. ice pick. fruit. roll bakers. beets. toasters.UTENSILS ping-bowls. egg beater. tablespoons. and be heated until they are This wiU give the food baked in them a better almost indispensable to a kitchen. and cake tins should be placed in the oven before using the tarnished. 361 pie markers. skimmer. batter whips. refrigerator. Use this chopper on food in a flat pan to keep the food from spreading. steel iron spoons. legumes. the small round piece on the other end can be melted off without removing the whole end. Bread. Experience has . corn for cornlet. While the can is still hot. can opener. as cold potatoes. stale bread. gem pans.. steels. brooms. jugs. For mincing such foods etc. knives. if it is set on a red hot stove for a short time. lemon squeezer. choppers may A smooth end. color. GENERAL UTENSILS NEEDED IN THE KITCHEN dish-cloth. A vegetable mill its is This with various dies may be used for grinding onions. etc. corkscrew. cake turner. saucepans. Stone jars for butter. pie. paddles for stirring. be made by melting off the ends of small can should be selected tin cans on top of a hot stove. iron apple corer. Some of the articles shown accompanying illus- tration should be found in every kitchen. in the nuts. rollers for towels. scrubbing and vegetable brushes.

tin The same however. tin The cake shown in the illustration desirable. can be used to strain thin sauces and soups. article The trough scraper is a convenient ping the dough from the board or table. A bakery brush such as is shown in the illustration is very handy for brushing up the flour from the molding board. ing the trough. will never be without one. of the uses of the pie marker. is very pracit. The spatula has The peel For one Rolls.362 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK have a tauglit US that it is to tlie advantage of every cook to reasonable number of labor-saving devices at hand. see Unfermented For beating large quantities of eggs and many other things. very convenient for removing gem pans. For family use the steamer here shown tical. the batter whip is is indispensable. finds out its value. and such articles from the hot oven. beresults. used to brush the tops of twois See Pastry Glazing. Double boilers of the shape shown in the cut are better . as well as for flour. The pastry brush crust pies. cause the cake can be so easily removed. can be obtained by placing in the bottom of the an oiled piece of manila paper. is so many uses that a person who once pies. but one simIt shown in the cut is the most practical. as it can be set over a pie tin with water in or over a large kettle. for scra- as well as clean- There are several varieties of flour ilar to that sieves.

The metal batter bowl for all-round purposes is is not so likely to be broken. and straining thin gravies. good results will be obtained. etc. it is an eight very handy for straining soups. and practical than the earthen more ware. The one The in the cut is a good one. It pushing the vegetables to be cut. The Chinese strainer is serviceable for such work as washing raw rice. peanuts. pans similar to those here shown. The vegetable mill shown also has a device for in the accompanying illustra- tion can be so adjusted as to cut fine or coarse slices. sauces. The milk-pan the right size to quart double boiler. and having a flare bottom. The asbestos mat is especially convenient where one is cooking over gas or oil fires. are preferable to the ones having flat bottoms. A soapstone griddle will be found a great aid in pro- Gem . tomatoes. or where one wishes some shown article to cook slowly. are placed in strainer is and vigorfit ously rubbed. There are many varieties of food grinders. toward the cutting knives. it is so dif- remove the stems. etc. and soups. because they take up less room on the stove. kitchen equipment is not complete without it. having several dies. ficult to If the seedless raisins from which this.UTENSILS 363 than those with more flaring bottoms. so that there need be no danger of cutting the fingers. The sieve represented in the illustration is very service- able for removing dirt from such articles as beans.

. and place the palm of the left over the back of the blades to hold the points in position then with rapid up-and-down motions of the right hand. balls of jelly or gelatine With the use of this scoop. grasp the handles of both in the right hand. By new the assistance of the vegetable scoop. made for one The pan should not be too large. and the A pan used for the preparation else. The vegetable brush is convenient for washing celery. are quite suggestive. 364 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK ducing desirable hot cakes or in broiling protose. French knife much more convenient for mincing vegetables and other foods than the kind that leaves no room for the hand between the handle and the cutting If one possesses two such knives. new potatoes. or the egg will spread out too thin. nnttolene. such as potatoes for baking. to such a griddle. Three brushes are shown on the page of illustrations. Food preparations are not so liable to stick like. . imitations of potatoes may be scooped out of large old potatoes. and other vegetables that are to be cooked with the skins on. An ice pick similar to the one shown will be found to ice. may be prepared for garnishing salads and desserts. beets. of omelets should not be used for anything Shir pans similar to the ones shown. The iron dish-cloth is also a desirable adjunct. therefore less oil need be used. These. etc. The other brushes will be found useful in the washing of pots. cooked and served with canned peas in the early spring. are or two eggs. save time and money is in cutting A board.

A a much wire potato masher will enable the cook to prepare better article in a great deal less time than with a one. wooden . celery. Much time is lost dull knives. and every cook because of know how to use it. and other vegetables will be found to be very easy.UTENSILS 365 the mincing of parsley. No kitchen should be without should its steel.




or that which builds muscle and other tissue. 24 (369) . and legumin. According to scientific research. fat and carbohydrates. which supply heat and energy. Carbohydrates include starch and sugar. in flesh. Ph. casein. found principally in wheat albumen. much of the carbohy- This is a matter all should understand. Atwater. in legumes. W. published by Prof.FOOD TABLES In the accompanying tables of food values. 0. are protein.D. it has been found that to nourish the body properly it must be . for thus much inconvenience may be avoided. the nutritive food elements are classified under four heads: protein. in a bulletin of the United States Agricultural Department. or mineral.. supplied with about five times as drates as of the protein. and the ash. in eggs and meat. Gluten. in milk. fibrin. which contains elements needed to repair bones and nerves.

.4 10.4 49.3 80.7 52.5 .3 Dairy products.4 6.4 33.4 58.1 36.2 11.0 Bread.2 48.4 14.8 2.4 .7 1.4 12.8 4.1 64.9 9.9 71.0 73.3 43.4 .0 12.4 66.4 26.9 86.5 7.8 .4 40.1 .9 .4 .6 88.1 10.1 75.0 26.0 10.3 5.8 2.1 4.9 13. Macaroni.9 2.7 6.7 16.9 44.9 23.7 75.5 53.3 54. Perct.1 13. ^erct.2 .8 36.9 9.5 21.1 11.0 10.7 36. salt 29.5 41.2 canned o5.8 1. .1 .5 27.9 3. 9.0 "h'.4 34.0 1.5 18.3 3.7 .5 Cod Fish.2 77.3 3.4 86.2 92.7 19.6 65.8 1.0 90.2 .2 .7 oil.1 1. High-grade and medium.0 3.0 3.3 1.9 74.6 12.1 1.3 18. Perct.1 4.3 12.8 25.9 22.6 88.3 9.7 Fisli 47.3 1.0 13.7 24.3 .1 71. shell.2 16.4 1.1 6.4 1.3 . etc.6 .9 .3 11.0 72.9 4.4 Wheat flour.7 7.8 9.1 .h .5 91.9 44.7 56.9 4.3 .5 8.8 .9 1.0 89.2 62.8 88.5 9.4 11.5 40.4 11.0 .1 17.8 13.7 12.0 .0 4.2 12.9 36. jjam Poultry 12.6 5.0 13.7 8.2 .9 . pastry.8 53. Perct.9 89.4 61.— AVERAGE COMPOSITION OF COMMON AMERICAN FOOD PRODUCTS rood materials (as purchased) 'S 1 ANIMAL FOOD Beef and pork Porterhouse steak 1 "A I Perct.0 1.1 14.1 34. .0 20.3 87.4 35.9 12.3 1.8 18.8 37.0 SheUflsh 12. roller process .1 47.2 1.7 40.8 3.8 23.2 5.7 30.0 27.0 88.3 71.1 26.4 19.0 7.3 1.1 88.6 23.7 VEGETABLE FOOD Flour. meal.5 7.0 1.0 9.1 15.3 13. Perct. etc.6 7.5 1.3 5.4 87.5 .7 8.2 74.0 88.7 1.6 11.2 63.2 79. 12.5 4. 2 1.1 12.7 65.6 90.7 .4 3.4 2.9 17.1 1.7 8.6 .7 90.2 10.4 . vermicelli.9 78.9 7.1 2. etc.1 75.6 13.1 87.8 .5 92.8 25. Whole milk 11.0 8. Brown bread aRefuse.1 42.8 42. Perct. Butter etc.5 4.0 2.3 85.2 19.1 2.7 52.7 25.2 16.7 88.9 5.9 .8 .0 75.0 87.7 35.7 .9 7. 13.7 1.0 90.

4 .6 22. Lima.7 70.1 Honey Sugar.2 95.6 . skin. bSuch vegetables as potatoes.1 .9 90.7 7.6 4.5 .9 1.3 69.0 Potatoes Rhubarb Sweet potatoes Spinach Squash Tomatoes Turnips Vegetables.2 .0 96 81.0 40.'6 Cucumbers Lettuce 15.4 .3 24.1 70.0 81. or chocolate.3 44.2 .8 .9 .1 49.0 18.5 1.4 1. green (sweet).7 53.1 4.8 .0 100.6 64.2 94.2 31. have a certain amount of inedible material.1 .9 .9 2.0 3.9 60.6 75.0 96.1 10.1 93. green Succotash .0 22.9 85.2 63. dried .5 1.5 83.4 .6 1.0 .3 61.8 19.0 12.5 74.4 1.8 5.1 1.8 2.5 73.3 9.6 13.7 .6 56.0 15.4 81.1 3.6 92.4 .2 .1 2.0 87 31 10 10 7 4 4 5 3 4 . etc.9 8.3 . Perct Perct Perct Perct Perct.6 9.7 2.6 2.0 50.§2 1 VEGETABLE FOOD 1 g 1 1.1 64.4 .4 1.9 94.1 14.4 87 17.1 78.4 7.9 .0 20.1 .1 .0 11.0 30.9 59.6 o 52. Tomatoes Soups Celery.2 1.3 9. .AVERAGE COMPOSITION OF COMMON AMERICAN FOOD PRODUCTS Food materials (as purchased) a '3 .5 7.0 20.0 71.0 'is .5 25.6 7.5 9.0 1. granulated Maple sirup Vegetables b Beans.6 1.4 1. and can not be accurately estimated.8 4.0 70.6 68.8 62.2 2.6 1.1 80.6 2.2 1.8 3.. shelled Beans.7 38.9 3.9 2.9 .0 20.8 2.4 .3 76.7 Cabbage Corn.1 1.5 1.3 1.0 2.7 68.9 4 5 11 9 11 1 13 6 1.6 90. edible part 7.1 5. 10.4 < — (continued) Perct Perct. fruits.5 1.9 5.1 1.1 1.8 14. etc.6 55.3 62.1 .1 . The figures given for refuse of vegetables.2 .0 6.0 6.7 5..4 .0 16.8 .7 4.8 24.8 .3 80.1 6.4 . Graham bread Whole wheat bread Rye bread Cake Cream crackers Sugars.9 24.5 1.2 4.7 23. seeds.1 75.0 88.7 .5 .4 35.9 66.0 . string Beets 70.3 . The amount varies with the method of preparing the vegetables.8 5.5 1.0 Mushrooms Parsnips Peas (Pisum sativum) dried Peas (Pisum sativum) shel'd Cowpeas.5 88.2 21.0 62.9 . dried Beans. are assumed to represent approximately the amount of refuse in these foods as ordinarily prepared.1 2. squash. canned Baked beans Peas (Pisum sativum) green 20.7 2.0 20. .5 aPlain confectionery not containing nuts.4 3.9 7.9 3.4 24 8 7.4 .6 19.7 75.2 2.7 19.0 21.5 1.7 .4 1.3 1.4 .1 10.9 9.7 1.0 3.2 1.0 77. cream of Beef Tomato 6.2 92.6 3. etc.7 19.8 8.9 10.8 9.9 6.7 .4 2.3 .4 9.9 . etc.7 2.1 .5 1. Molasses Candy a 35.2 94.9 1.0 12.5 3.0 100 71 4 3.1 5.7 9.7 11. beets. fruit.8 .5 6.8 .3 Com.

4 16. — (continued) Perct.2 9.6 Cereal coffee. is here classed with the refuse. The edible material which is thus thrown away.3 48.1 10.1 2.5 44.5 1.1 87. Pinon (Pinus edulis) "Walnuts.9 21.5 46.2 76.9 4. .3 6.0 25.0 2.4 .0 648.7 1. enter into the infusion. etc.4 . and should properly be classed with the waste.1 8.3 47.0 49.2 71.1 . and ash 4. Perct.4 56.7 .1 2..2 30.0 62.5 .0 .2 1.4 5.1 2.3 1.8 .0 83.7 .0 80.7 2.5 2.9 .0 27.2 9.5 12.9 57.0 2.5 70. carbohydrates 72.5 5. as oranges and prunes.5 .1 36.5 8.5 5.6 86.0 59.6 .4 .5 6.1 1.9 1.0 96.3 40.1 11.0 . The average in the table represents the available nutrients in the beverage.5 per cent.2 3.4 25.4 Fruits.0 . infusion (Ipart boiled in 20 parts water )c 48.0 .5 40.2 .8.6 57.0 11.2 53.8 5.8 63.3 29. Perct.0 66. _ 2)Milk and shell.3 .6 .2 "'\k ..2 1. Infusions of genuine coffee and of tea like the above contain practically no nutrients. the amount rejected in eating is practically the same as refuse.2 8.8 13.4 . In some fruits.6 .2 24.5 28.7 7.3 .4 1.0 Persimmons.9 6.3 14.4 1. dried 85.0 7.3 37.5 9.3 . fat 8.2 83.5 7.4 31.8 13.0 6. as apples and pears.6 74.1 62.6 1.2 94. more or less of the edible materal is ordinarily rejected with the skin and seeds and other inedible portions.8 Filberts 52.2 19.4 3. etc. 25.2 . the quantities ordinarily rejected.8 14.4 6.7 .i AVERAGE COMPOSITION OF COMMON AMERICAN FOOD PRODUCTS Pood materials (as purchased) J 2g 1 3 o u ll .7 28.3 10.8 . nutrients.9 5.1 .9 70.0 24.6 3.0 35.7 31.7 2.6 .4 13. seeds.6 52.6 26.7 8.8 14.4 45.9 12.6 1.4 .6 74.9 14.5 3. however.0 4. as nearly as can be ascertained.6 . In others.9 58. •which are properly classed as refuse.8 1.4 aFruits contain a certain portion of inedible materials.0 66.5 1.6 7.7 5.9 2.4.5 .0 Nuts 3.4 76.1 95.8 2.8 1.3 25.4 35.1 45.9 87.8 18.6 .3 7. The figures for refuse here given represent. fresh a Perct.4 1.2 68. 63.0 50.8 1. .9 30.2 2. protein Only a portion of the 13.2 8.8 4.1 29.7 . Perct. as skin.9 4.0 2. cThe average of five analyses of cereal coffee grain is: Water 6:2.7 16.3 .9 4.4 14.2 7.5 8.CI a 'A < VEGETABLE FOOD Fruits.5 12.6 8.8 85. Perct.0 10.2 81.5 10.5 44.3 2.1 36.1 58.4 68.6 1.0 46.6 76.6.2 4. edible portion.5 .9 1. Perct.5 33.5 5.1 17.4 1.3 25.3 4.9 .2 18.1 71. English Miscellaneous 62.8 5.8 .6 14.8 98.2 6. berries.5 "\i .7 1.6 10.8 31.



macaroni. such it. in diet. bringing in variety. but by varying from Therefore such foods as are placed on the table should be those that combine well. a fruit dessert such as berry pie should not be served with a vegetable dinner. much good will follow. and nut foods might accompany is If a careful study made of this phase of dietetics. GOOD COMBINATIONS Grains and fruits. not cook We who has the framing recommend simplicity by having many kinds meal to meal. Study the classifications given below. Milk and meat. it is foods as rice. The weights given in the following table are for one cup of the articles mentioned. For example. Grains and vegetables. in its place. Fruit and vegetables. OUNCES OUNCES Scotch peas 7 Graham flour White flour Whole wheat Seconds 4% 4% 4% 3% Granulated sugar Cane sugar Milk (375) 6% 4% 7^ . If Squash or custard pie might be served desired to serve a fruit dessert.FOOD COMBINATIONS If one would obtain the best its all. Grains and eggs. certain rules in regard to combination should be observed. at one meal. result from food. BAD COMBINATIONS Sugar and milk. This instruction applies to but more particularly to the of the bill of fare for the home. Milk and grains. Fats with fruits or vegetables.

0 Water 88.8 1.8 BUTTEEMILK Protein 4.1 3.7 Fat Sugar of milk Mineral matter Fat Sugar of 26.376 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK OUNCES OUNCES Seedless raisins Eye meal Corn-meal 3% 6 6% 4 Granola Oatmeal Eolled oats Eolled wheat Cracked wheat Qrits 5% 3% 3% 5% 5 7 Popcorn Prunes 6% 7 Almonds Hickory nuts Pecans Brazil nuts 2% 4 4 3^^ Eiee Farina 5% 7 Hominy Sago Tapioca Pearl barley 6% 5% 6% 6 7 Pine nuts Dates Pigs Broken macaroni Vermicelli 6% 6% 8 4 Lima beans White beans LentUs Corn-starch 3% 4^ 2 Shredded coconut 6% tables The aceompanying milk and its showing the composition of by-products wiU be of interest to those study- ing the subject from a scientific standpoint: MILK Protein 4.8 Fat Sugar Mineral matter 3.0 SKIM MILK Protein 4.0 7.9 5.8 Mineral matter Water 86.0 Water 66.8 Fat Sugar Mineral matter Water 88.8 0.7 3.1 0.6 0.8 0.7 mUk 2.0 .2 CEEAM Protein 2.

1 ounce. It is not to be accurate. will require the same amount of water. 1 pound. as good judgment will tell one that various grains of the same nature. the following our purpose to make this list an extensive one. for instance.FOOD COMBINATIONS 377 The following table of weights and measures may be helpful in case no scales are at hand: 5 heaping tablespoons of flour 5 heaping tablespoons of sugar 2 rounding tablespoons of flour I heaping tablespoon of sugar 1 cupful. any given amount For the benefit of be- ginners and any table is who wish given. pound. QEAIN WATBE 4 parts 3 5 Oatmeal Eolled oats 1 part 1 1 1 1 Pearl barley Cracked wheat Eolled rye " " " " * * ^V^ 3 Coarse hominy 1 1 5 4 Corn-meal " * * Cream of wheat 1 4 . By to the practise one is enabled to guess quite accurately as amount of grain to be used with of water in the cooking of cereals. 1 pint. 2 cups of sugar 10 tablespoons of oil % cupful. 1 pound. i^ cupful. 3% 2% cups sifted flour cups of flour 1 pound. 1 ounce. 9 eggs II eggs 1 pint of liquid 1 cup % 1 pint. 2 cups of butter 1 pound. 1 pound. rolled oats and rolled wheat.

The last four will cook cereal. The first seven given in this list are more wholesome when cooked from three to five hours.378 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK GRAIN WATER 3 parts 2 3 Graham Steamed riee rice 1 part 1 1 Browned " " " * * The time required for cooking depends on tlie kind of and upon the method by which it is cooked. . properly in one half to one hour.

' PECUNIARY ECONOMY OF FOOD Amounts of Actually Nutritive Ingredients Obtained in Different Food Amount of Protei.40 OfWi ^ . .fiOwnd aPgfc^. 1.50 &<xhnea£ J^eoad.fe5 (^44^..45 .00 ?. 60'^-&ualie^ 0)1. xoRoufeg/I/ .00 Jilce d&faJbea.^^(VI/ lOOO 1.:^^^^ 2.s of Fuel Value Iti FOOD MATERIALS t'Ai lO cents Worth.. MaJlOViX- 14 . li^£t^. ^cJiZ. Bl> Qrjyi/l^. t«miJ!0. Materials for 10 Cents . \£x^ .: 5.71 20 12 16 .00 Lod-^i^.dAmecl 10 56 1.^a&ed &u&l[e/oi>. nutrient in pounds fuel value in calories Kielliz/ue Fats Carbohydrates cSlls Pounds oF Nutrienij and Ca/oHe.56 bcM\X(>iOMa'A s: l>2ib ^jMe/o 25 Ife • . fat . ^tc<m.53 n 4.65 <^ (I . 2>b^<ii^iJ0Jtl i.85 Stanh. 24'^ciQ^m.> 1(0 .ck<£c? » ztizzzzm: ^^y?^$.65 \Xj\wa)b%^izad IT 2.67 (379) . eoooCai.50 jp££|-.00 [Mneai ^iou/i/ i^otn^m&cvL/ Hit.85 dlfjudXarv. Mnanic! Ccuj^ftw.




grease To make water bottles. cool place. and the like look clear. will have off one end. drop them in cold water. Wrap melting. To prevent new enameled ware from the inside with butter before using. The addition of a small amount of sugar to field peas improve them and make them almost like garden peas. cut cloth. it will be found convenient to use an iron dish-cloth to separate the two pans. vases. They will then come out more mealy and dry. so that the steam an opportunity to escape. To remove the disagreeable odor of onion from the hands. If by mistake eggs are boiled longer than intended. ice with paper or flannel sheet to keep from (383) . and allow to remain for half a minute. Keep in a dark. rub them with freshly mixed mustard. To keep celery. A novel method is to cut off a narrow paring all around the potato. add cut lemons to the water. Allow raisins to stand in boiling water for a few minutes if you wish to remove the stones.GENERAL SUGGESTIONS Add corn will is "'^ a little milk or lemon juice to the water in which to be cooked. In baking custards and other preparations where it is desired to set one pan inside of another with water between them. cracking. and then rinse well. roll it in manila paper and then in a In baking potatoes. and shake well.

and to impart a delicate flavor. may be dropped on the butter chips from a pastry tube in a very attractive manner. Mayonnaise or other salad dressings may be added to salads in the same way. Fit your pie paste to the tin by using a chunk of bread dough instead of your hand. Use these in garnishing desserts or sweet entrees. Nut butter. It saves time. Roll it out about one half inch thick. Each dish should be sufficiently garnished. place an orange or a cut apple in the box with them.384 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK To preserve the freshness of a cake or batch of cookies. and mark it off with a pie marker. With a potato ball cutter. The attractiveness of a roast is much enhanced if garnished with fresh mashed potatoes as it can be tastily done by forcing them through a pastry bag and tube. or the crust will be tough. Don't put the filling in hot. when thick. Bake your pie shells between two pie tins to keep from blistering. GARNISHING Garnishing of dishes has a great deal to do with the appearance of a dinner table. . scoop out balls from gelatine mold or jelly which is solid enough to hold its form. yet not done to excess. Bake meringue in a slow oven and it will be thicker. Grind dough for sticks in a vegetable mill instead of pounding or pulling it.



For this reason good table etiquette should be insisted upon at the family table. GENERAL TABLE ETIQUETTE When giving a dinner. to- Guests should remain standing until the hostess seats herself. given before the and never afterward. avoid crowding the table. are nowhere more clearly revealed than at the table. and will probably be looked upon as ignorance and lack of culture. The following suggestions on table etiquette are of fundamental importance. Carelessness in regard to good table manners shows thoughtlessness for the feelings of others unfortunate enough to be dining at the same table. When his a gentleman has accompanied a lady to the dinis first ing-room. This will insure good manners in the presence of guests or when entertained away from home. and the nature of the home training. as the serving can be done more effectively and with less annoy- ance to the guests where the chairs are not crowded gether. level of the (387) The napkins should be unfolded below the . he should see that she seated before taking own place. Necessary introductions should be guests are seated.TABLE ETIQUETTE The refinement of an individual. and will be found applicable to all occasions.

Keep your around its legs feet in front of the chair. and in rising do not push the chair back from the table before attempting to rise. In serving. It is never the face and the head.. always remove the knife fork. without leaning back in the chair or forward against the table. and . without dragging the chair forward. Do not toy with the fork. In passing the plate for more. Keep the hands away from when possible avoid coughing. gentleman places bis half unfolded napkin over the It should never be tucked under the chin or at home. and do not continue eating until the plate has been returned.388 table VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK . or anything about your plate.. should be used as inconspicu- ously as possible. Unless one is at the close of the meal. do not lean over the plate nor incline the head «. spoons.w to meet every mouthful.—-.. nor extended too far under the In eating. knife. andy good manners to read at the table when others are present. Sit in an upright position at the table. plates.»--™— . A left knee. Seat yourself quietly at the table. Never sit with the elbows on the table nor extended from the body when eating. and not twisted table. the napkin should not be folded in the waistcoat. do not heap the Always serve ladies first. and in wiping the lips.

If anything objectionable is found in the food. . the food with the mouth closed. nor offer apologies for them. Do not embarrass hostess or guests by appearing to notice accidents. is do not hesitate to pass lifting the dish in doing so. supposed to be more. and the laws of health as well. Be careful not to soil the table-cloth. When not pass is offered to you by the one serving. nor use them at the table. to reach for any- Never take so large a mouthful that you can not con- veniently speak. Rapid eating is a violation of good manners. Never urge a guest to eat food which he has declined.TABLE ETIQUETTE In asking for anything at the the one table. nor reach in front of others. it. as there desired by another. The last bit of food in the mouth should be swallowed before leaving the table. never betray the fact to others. Never speak about the exceUenee of your own food or dishes. No waste matter should be laid on Salt should not be put on the table-cloth. Chew possible. Never put toothpicks on the table. address 389 by name who can most conveniently a plate it serve you. Never lean forward across the table thing. to some one else unless Do is not refuse to take the last piece on a plate. do asked to do so. Should you observe that something it. and as quietly as Eat slowly.

Do not hold the handle of the spoon in the palm of the hand. rest and in using a knife. Never carry food to the mouth with the knife. all At a private table. Carry the food to the mouth with an inward movement of the hand. Knives and forks should be held so that the handles in the palms of the hands finger rests on the . When knife is it is necessary to use both knife and fork. or spoon is accidentally dropped. to the Never substitute a spoon where the fork can be used. nor overload the fork. Do not use the back of the fork to carry food mouth. Do not entirely fill the spoon. the held in the right hand and the fork in the In this case the food should be carried to the mouth with the fork in the left hand. but it should be used with ease in either hand. ladies as well as gentlemen al- rise from the table if another stops to speak to them. Hold the fork knife is in the right hand in courses where no required. the fore- upper part of the blade. Hold the fork or spoon in a sidewise position when eatand not with the handle pointing toward the opposite side of the table. . left. If the knife. fork. It is never proper to transfer the fork from one hand to the other. in- stead of reaching for it. ing. never leave until have finished. ask for another.390 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK At a ways public dining-room. Ladies should pass out of the dining-room before the gentlemen.

and fresh fruits served with cream. remove the spoon before lifting the cup to the lips. When drinking coffee or any beverage served in cups. always wipe the lips. When PROPER MANNER OF EATING VARIOUS FOODS Soup should be eaten from the without the noise of sipping. cooked fruits. Vegetables and made dishes are eaten with a fork. and butter each piece as it is needed. The spoon is used for soft desserts. look into the cup or glass. To butter the bread. . Thickening the soup with crumbs When drinking.TABLE ETIQUETTE 391 through using the knife and fork. Never blow into a cup or soup dish to cool its contents. the spoon is used until only a little liquid is left. do not hold it in the hand. This remaining portion may be drunk from the cup. In eating bouillon. lay them on the plate parallel to each other. Never drink from a saucer. which is lifted by one of its handles. the knife being on the right. is bad form. Do not cut the bread. Place the spoon in the saucer when not using it. Before drinking from a glass. Never tip up the plate in eating. Remove bread from the plate with the fingers. but break it. and never with a fork. side of the spoon. with the sharp edge next to the fork. but lay it on the side of the plate. and the tines of the fork down. and It should be dipped up with the side of the spoon toward the farther side of the plate.

and napkins on the table in their proper places.. . that the corners are at equal distances from the 2. are clean and well 3. etc. nor tip the glass or cup too much. and be required to become familiar with them. peaches. filled. salt shakes. if soft may be eaten with a spoon. and large fruits should be cut with a knife. being careful floor. Each waiter should have access to the rules. GENERAL RULES FOR WAITERS This chapter has been prepared after years of experience and includes instrucwhich will greatly aid in the training of inexperienced waiters and in reducing their work to a system. in conducting public dining-rooms.392 Lift a goblet VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK by the stem. Olives should be eaten with the fingers. and not eaten whole. See that the sugar bowls. and take bold of tumblers just below the center. may be eaten with a spoon or ice-cream fork. Place the table-cloth on the table evenly. Do not bend the head backward all when drinking. Ice-cream Melons. Remove seeds from the mouth with the them on the plate. enough. oil cruets. tions SETTING THE TABLE 1. Unstemmed Pineapple strawberries are eaten with the fingers. Place the silver. and lay Artichokes are eaten with the fingers. china. may require the use of both knife and fork. fingers. Apples.

Coffee. complaints to the one in charge Never have any dispute with a guest. 2. 9.TABLE ETIQUETTE 393 RULES FOR SERVING 1. In placing drinking glasses on the table. on the part of the guest. 5. or other beverages. it by the edge with thumb but never place the hand over the dish in grasp- ing opposite edges. of the work. . 7. Main- tain a pleasant and polite attitude. should be served side. Place cold foods on your tray so as to serve the hot foods as hot as possible. to avoid dis- satisfaction possible. 4. or in removfilling. 11. and all In filling orders. removing them in the same manner. and all and removed from the right In handling a dish. first. 6. and be as prompt as hot dishes for hot foods. Remove soiled dishes from the table after each course. but grasp firmly on the outside. liquid foods. place dishes carefully on the table from the left side. and pay strict attention to the order given. select cold dishes for cold foods. milk. do not place your fingers inside the glass. 8. 10. Always turn the handle of a cup toward the guest. 3. Always change an order that Report all serious is not perfectly satis- factory. Never put a spoon in the guest's soup or coffee. Deliver the order exactly as called for. grape juice. Step to the left of a guest in taking an order. In serving. ing them for 12. grasp and finger.

remove aU remaining soiled dishes. 3. PERSONAL SUGGESTIONS TO WAITERS 1. and bility of embarrassing accidents.394 13. 2. 8. Be constantly on the alert to supply every need of the so far as possible anticipate his desires. As soon as the guest has left the table. Be careful to give your order to the cook clearly and distinctly. 6. use good judgment. and keep cool. being careful to keep them from falling into the chair or on the floor. so as to avoid delays that would come from a so avoid all possi- misunderstanding. . and Es- where you are dealing with sick people. TBGBTARIAN COOK BOOK Always offer the finger-bowl after fruit and at the close of the meal. Avoid a loud tone of voice in giving an order in the kitchen or pantry. Train your mind to act quickly. or in speaking to any one in the dining- room. In placing dishes on the table. 7. but handle as possible. them with Give the same courteous and prompt attention to each guest. 14. Handle the dishes carefully. guest. 5. Always be pleasant and courteous. show them every consideration. and brush crumbs from the tablecloth. do not push them as little noise against one another. 4. and strive to please pecially in sanitariums. them.

TABLE ETIQUETTE 9. the wall or leaning on the backs of chairs. Don't stand in ungraceful lounging attitudes against 1. but keep your eyes open to anticipate them. Carry the tray on the left hand. 11. or visit familiarly with them in the dining-room. Don't annoy guests by staring at them or standing so close as to interfere with their conversation. 3. DON'TS FOR WAITERS Don't make the guests call for everything they need. 4. 2. Don't dictate to guests. Don't offer to shake hands with guests. even though the food may be of the plainest. Don't refuse to help one another if doing so will give better service. 6. 8. 5. 395 Do not engage in conversation with one another while on duty. To this end everything upon the table should be scrupulously clean — the to be used cloth . nor scratch your head in the dining-room. and do not rest it on the backs of chairs while removing or placing dishes on the table. Personal cleanliness and neatness in appearance are essential to every waiter. pick your teeth. Don't fish for tips. Don't clean your finger nails. 7. 10. FAMILY DINNER WITHOUT SERVANTS The aim of every housekeeper should be to set a table that will be attractive in appearance.

with the for other courses are placed on tines up. On the left of the plate place the dinner fork. and next to the knife the soup spoon. As a matter of economy as well as appearance. the dishes carefully washed and polished. . Carelessness in these matters encourages carelessness in table manners. A centerpiece of flowers or ferns is a desirable addition for all occasions. LAYING THE TABLE Cover the table with a silence cloth. and may be tastefully arranged with almost endless variety. This may be of canton flannel. a cloth of good quality will be found most satisfactory. with the bowl up. Place the desired number of service plates around the table in symmetrical order. The forks and spoons the table as needed. and serves as a protection to the polished table. with the sharp edge turned toward it. and with center exactly in the center of the table. and the silver bright. Place the knife on the right of the plate. Neatness and order in arranging the table appointments are essential. Place the linen cloth over the silence cloth smoothly. adds to its wearing qualities. be laid about one inch The plates and silver should from the edge of the table. improves the appearance of the table-cloth.396 VEGETARIAN COOK BOOK should be fresh and smoothly ironed. and deadens the sound made felt or by setting down its the dishes.

should be placed on doilies on the dessert plates. with dessert- bowls. a SIMPLE FAMILY DINNER MENU Cream of Corn Olives Soup Vegetarian Eoast Green Peas Fruit Juice Zwieback Salted Almonds Mashed Potatoes Browned Cauliflower Mock Chicken Salad Caramel Custard White Crisps Coffee . place the glass. fork. and a bowl of cube sugar with the tongs. or a plate and napkin for that purpose. THE SIDEBOARD After laying the preferred. a tray covered with a doily. and those for salad and dessert should be chilled. extra silver in case of emergencies. a carving knife napkins and crumb tray and scraper for removing crumbs. Plates for the hot courses should be kept M^arm. two thirds full of tepid water. spoons. SIDE TABLE On and the side table place tablespoons. forks table. see that the sideboard contains it the fruit juice. At the right of the plate and opposite the point of the knife. should also contain fingerThese. Place the olives and salted almonds on the table on either side of the centerpiece and in line with it. and a pitcher of water in case should be and spoons for It later courses.TABLE ETIQXJETTE 397 Place the folded napkin squarely on the table to the left of the fork.

with carving set. who In serves first either the guest of honor or the hostess. SECOND COURSE Place the roast. and dinner plates. etc. Reniove everything belonging to this course. and cauliflower. tablespoons. serve the soup in plates Place the soup plate on the service plate. who in at either the right or left of the hostess. fill- Olives and nuts are also served now. Set a plate of zwieback on the table to be passed at the beginning of the soup course. to be passed throughout this course. serving passes them in regular order to those at the table. Jijst before previously heated. "When this course has been finished. potatoes. this latter case others at the table are served beginning Place the peas with side dishes and tablespoon before the hostess. taking first the platter. vegetable dishes. remove the soup and service plates. Individual plates and side liquid dishes are removed from the right side. in front of the host. Set the bread on the table. taking them from the right side. ing the glasses three fourths full.398 VEGETABIAN COOK BOOK FIRST COURSE announcing dinner. THIRD COURSE Serve the salad prepared for individual service by . and may be passed between any of the courses. Serve the fruit juice at the beginning of the course.

FIFTH COURSE Serve the coffee. the salad course. Breakfast and proper silver wiU be substituted. and brush the crumbs from the FOURTH COURSE Serve the dessert as iu the other courses.TABLE ETIQUETTE placing it 399 from the right side. or are set on with the dessert plate. leaving the dessert plate in readiness for the dessert course. with dessertspoons placed on the dessert plates. and set the plate of white crisps on the table to be passed during this course. . Place salad forks. may then be placed on the table. SUMPLE FAMILY BREAKFAST MENU Baked Apples with Cream Steel-Cut Oatmeal Baked Potatoes Poached Eggs Com Bread Coffee The same general plates rules for setting the table may be followed for the breakfast as for the dinner. Remove table. and removed with the doily to the side of the plate. and place the sugar bowl and tongs on Individual finger-bowls the table to be passed as needed. being placed on it on a doily.

served by the hostess. and place the potatoes and eggs.400 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK is The baked apples may be already served when breakfast The cream is passed as desired. The serving is done in the same manner as with the second announced. Coffee is course in the dinner. Remove the dishes for this course. The fruit course is removed from the right. . Milk or cream is passed. and also the plates. in front of the host. and the oatmeal is served.

Bakery and Breakfast Dishes
Boston Brown Bread Coconut Crisps
247 246 241 251 250 250 248 243 244 246 247 240 244 252 243 244 245 249 251 242 238 249 245 247 243 248 241 242 248 245 240

Communion Bread
Corn Bread No. 3 Corn Bread without Baking Powder, No, 1 Corn Bread without Baking Powder, No. 2 Corn Flake Drop Cakes Corn Gems Corn-Meal Gems Corn-Meal Eolls
Crackers Croutons


or Puffs (Plain) Georgia Pones Gluten Gems

Graham Fruit Gems
Granose Puffs Green Corn Griddle Cakes Hoe Cake Jelly Tarts Light Bread Nuttolene Cakes Popovers Potato Eolls
Kice Gems Eice Waffles Salt Eising Bread

Unf ermented Bread
Vegetarian Hot


Whole Wheat and Graham Gems

Apollinaris Lemonade Caramel Cereal Chocolate

Fruit Nectar

350 347 347 347 348




— Continued
349 349 348 350 349 348

Lemonade No. 1 Lemonade No. 2 Mint Julep
Pineapple Lemonade Strawberry Nectar





Almond Macaroons Anderson's Cake Angel Cake
Boiled leing
Filling, Filling, Filling,

Cream, No. 1 Cream, No. 2

Cake, Favorite Cake, Johnson's Cake, Nut Cake, Simple



Orange Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge Sponge



Sunshine Cake

231 230 227 233 231 232 232 232 233 231 227 229 228 229 228 230 228 227

Browned Kornlet Browned Mush Browned Eice

Corn-Meal Mush Cracked Wheat

Cream of Wheat
Fruit Dressing for Cereals Gluten-Granola Mush Gluten Porridge Graham Porridge Graham Porridge with Dates Granola Porridge Hominy or Hulled Corn

259 258 257 255 257 256 258 258 261 260 260 257 259 260 260



— Continued
255 258 256 257 256

Oatmeal Pearl Barley Eice, Western Style
Eice with Baisins EoUed Oats

Dairy Dishes
Buttermilk Cheese Condensed Milk Cottage Cheese Junket

Lebben 'Milk Shake Eennet Blanc-Mange
SteriUzed Milk

Whipped Cream Yogurt No. 1 Yogurt No, 2
Apple Omelet Asparagus Omelet


288 289 287 290 291 289 290 288 287 290 291



/^. .281


Baked Eggs

in Souffle

Tomato Cases


-284 .277

Cream Shirred Eggs Curdled Eggs Floated Eggs
Fruit Souffle Gluten Omelet

284 283 283
278 280 280 281 283 279 281 277 281 281 278 278 282 283 283 279

Granose Omelet Green Pea Omelet
Jellied Eggs Lemon Omelet

Omelets Omelet Souffle Omelet with Tomato Onion Omelet Plain French Omelet Plain Omelet

Poached Eggs Poached Eggs on Granose Poached Eggs on Toast Protose Omelet



— Continued
280 282 282 282 282 284 277 284

Eice Omelet

Eggs with Onions Eggs with. Parsley Eggs with Protose Eggs with Sugar Corn. Shirred Eggs
Scrambled Scrambled Scrambled Scrambled

Sweet Omelet


Tomato Shirred Eggs


Baked Corn Baked Eggplant a la Creme Baked Pot Pie Baked StufPed Tomatoes Bean and Nut Loaf Bean Croquettes
Boiled Macaroni, Plain Braized Protose Chicken Croquettes Com Chowder No, 1 Corn Chowder No. 2

44 41 47 41 65 51 67

Creamed Macaroni
Dressing No. 1 Dressing No. 2 Dried Pea Croquettes

Egg Macaroni Egg Mixture for

Croquettes, FUlets, etc.

Escalloped Corn Favorite Protose Cutlets Fillets of Vegetarian Salmon Fish Pie Fricassee of Protose and Eice Frijoles with Nut Cefo Mexicano Frizzled Protose in Eggs Garbanzo Croquettes

Garbanzo Eoast Green Corn Nut Pie Green Pea and Nuttolene Pie Green Pea Souffle Golden Nut Chartreuse Gumbo Stew

Hamburger Loaf Hashed Protose Croquettes

49 43 43 67 57 58 50 68 49 43 91 37 46 87 81 89 63 63 44 46 42 55 39 66 50



— Continued
63 63 80 60 61 53 52 64 71 72 73 69 69 73 70 75 71 67 71 74 72 69 74 68 70 49 47 56 57 66 37 92 90 90 40 77 64 50 48 86 79 88 91

Holiday Eoast
Imperial Nut Eoast

Lentil Chartreuse Lentil Fritters Lentil Hash Lentil Patties on Macaroni Lentil Eoast Macaroni a 1 'Italienne Macaroni and Cheese, Vegetarian Style No. 1 Macaroni and Cheese, Vegetarian Style No. 2

Macaroni Macaroni Macaroni Macaroni Macaroni Macaroni Macaroni Macaroni Macaroni Macaroni Macaroni Macaroni Macaroni Macaroni

and Corn and Kornlet Baked with Protose

Dumplings Cream

Mock Mock Mock Mock Mock Veal Loaf Mock White Fish

Neapolitaine Scalloped with Vegetable Oysters with Apple with Cream Tomato Sauce with Eggplant with Egg Sauce with Granola Chicken Croquettes Chicken Pie Chicken Eissoles Turkey with Dressing

Mother 's Protose Cutlets Nested Egg Nested Protose New England Boiled Dinner

Nut Nut Nut Nut Nut Nut Nut

Potato Eoast Eice Croquettes Vegetable Pie Vegetable Stew Cero au Gratin Cero Baked with Eggplant Cero Cutlets

and and and and



— Continued

Nut Cero Pot Eoast Nut Cero Stew Nut Fricassee with Browned Sweet Potatoes Nut Lisbon Steak
Nuttolene Nuttolene Nuttolene Nuttolene Nuttolene

79 83 92 93 92 94 92 39 59 59 60 58 45 42 52 85 87 88 55

a la Creme Baked with Onions in Cream

•• Stew Okra Gumbo, Vegetarian Style Olive and Nut Earebit Olive and Potato Patties OHve Fillets


Olive Patties

Oyster Pie Potato Chowder, Plain Potato Croquettes Protose and Eice Protose and Potatoes Smothered in Onions Protose Baked in Tomato Protose Chartreuse Protose Fricassee Protose Hash Protose in Tomato Sauce Protose or Nut Cero Protose or Nut Cero Jambalaya Protose or Nut Cero Steak Smothered in Onions Protose Patties, Plain Protose Pilau Protose Smothered with Tomatoes Protose Steak Protose Steak a la Tartare Protose with Browned Potatoes Eagout of Protose Eaw Potato Hash Eice and Banana Compote Eice and Egg Scramble Eice Mold with Fruit Compote Eoast of Protose Scalloped Protose Scotch Pea Loaf Smothered Garbanzos Spaghetti

89 87 78 80 82 81 80 85 82 82 79 84 90




54 61 54
78 89 65 62 76



— Continued

Spaghetti and Vegetable Oysters Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce Spanish Eice Stewed Protose, Potato Border Stewed Protose, Spanish Sweet Potato Croquettes

Tomato Macaroni Tomato Pie
Vegetable Oyster Pie Vegetarian Beef Steak Vegetarian Hamburger Steak Vegetarian Sausage Vegetarian Tamales




Vermicelli Vermicelli Nut Pie Walnut Lentils Walnut Lentil Patties

77 76 62 88 86 51 73 48 45 56 40 40 38 75 76 53 52

Fruits and Theie Preparation

Apple Sauce Apple Sauce, Baked Apples, Baked Apples, Grape Apples, Maple Bananas, Baked Berries, Stewed
Dried Fruit Lemons, To Keep Muskmelons with Sliced Peaches Oranges, Sliced
Peaches, Baked Pears, Baked


Prune Marmalade Prunes, Stewed Prune Whip
Quinces, Eaisins,


318 319 319 319 318 321 321 322 322 321 321 320 319 321 320 320 320 319 322

Fruits and Fruit Canning
Fruits and Fruit Canning Tomato Canning

325 327



Hygiene of Cooking
Boiling Braizing Broiling


Milk Steaming Stewing
Ices and Sherbets

12 12 11 11 12

Apple Snow Apple Walnut Snow

Banana Sherbet
Coffee Sherbet Corn-Starch Sherbet Cranberry Sherbet Fruit Sherbet with Maple Sirup and Walnuts Grapefruit lee

Green Gage lee Honey Sherbet
Jelly Sherbet

Lemon Sherbet Malted Nut and Meltose Sherbet
Maple Ice
Mrs. Fulton's Favorite

Orange Ice Peach Sherbet Peanut Ice
Pineapple lee Prune Sherbet Sherbet in Cantaloups Sirup for Fruit Ice and Sherbet Strawberry Sherbet

Watermelon Ice Watermelon Sherbet Yogurt Ice
Liquid Foods
Barley Broth Corn-Meal Gruel Gluten Meal Graham Gruel Malted Milk

342 335 341 337 338 337 335 339 340 341 337 335 334 339 342 336 340 336 342 341 336 337 333 334 339 338 343

295 296 296 295 296

1 Adelaide Pudding No. isil ...!!..!.*...220 [ Puddings Adelaide Pudding No. .*.\ 313 1 Apple Pie Bakers Custard Pie Blueberry Pie Coconut Pie ' Cream Pie Lemon (Superior) Pie Mince Meat Filling Mince Pie Mock Cherry Pie Pastry Glazing Pie Crust Pie Shells Prune Pie Pumpkin for Pies Pumpkin Pies Pumpkin Pies without Eggs Ehubarb Pie Sanitas Chocolate Custard Pie Strawberry Pie Washington Cream Pie 221 218 .!! 222 ! [ . .'. 310 [312 Nut Butter Nut Butter Nut Cream for the Table Peanut Meal Salted Peanuts Pies 309 ... 221 !!!!!! 217 219 217 ... 2 Apple Coconut Pudding 177 178 186 187 ..'! 297 !'..".....216 223 .INDEX Liquid Foods 409 — Continued 297 296 295 !!..*.'!!..'..219 ." 312 ...'!!.!.! 218 222 216 !215 /[ 215 221 216 216 ..[.'.!!!.[[..215 ]*."'...!.! 188 igg * Apple DumpHngs Apple Nut Pudding Apple Pudding. Baked ..!. .*! Malted Milk and Currant Jelly Oatmeal Gruel Eice Gruel '/' Tamarind Malted Milk Nut Preparations Almond Butter Crystallized Peanuts [] '.311 ...[].

410 Puddings VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK — Continued 189 185 198 Apple Snow Apple "Walnut Pudding Baked Indian Pudding Banana Farina Banana Tapioca Blueberry Pudding Bread Pudding Brown Betty Cabinet Pudding Cake Blanc-Mange Cake Pudding Caramel Custard Cereal Pudding Cheap Custard Chocolate Gelee CofPee Gelee Corn-Starch Blanc-Mange Cream PufPs Cream Eice Pudding 195 182 193 191 193 176 198 192 181 197 183 202 201 185 199 195 180 177 197 177 182 200 197 178 184 194 184 187 199 183 201 202 199 179 190 189 179 180 187 175 Cream Sago Pudding Date Pudding Farina Mold Fig Pudding Floating Island Fruit Gelee Fruit Nuts Pudding Fruit Tapioca Pudding Gelatine Custard Granose Mold Horlick 's Malted Milk Blanc-Mange Lemon Apple Lemon Honey Malted Milk Custard Maple Cream Gelee Meringue Orange Fruit Mold Orange Sago Mold Orange Triffle Peach Flufle Pineapple Tapioca Plain Custard Plugged Apples Plum Pudding .

1 Lemon Sauce No. 195 Pressed Fruit Pudding Prune Pudding Eice Patties Kice Pudding Scalloped Apples Snow Pudding Sponge Pudding Steamed Apple Pudding Steamed Fruit Pudding Strawberry Fluff Strawberry Granose Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry Souffle Stuffed Dates Sweet Potato Custard Tapioca Custard (Eich) 196 196 188 190 191 175 176 189 194 200 190 203 183 181 Pudding Sauces Coconut Sauce Cream Pineapple Sauce German Sauce Golden Sauce Grape Juice Sauce Hard Sauce Jelly Sauce Lemon Sauce No. 2 Maple Cream Sauce Orange Sauce Pineapple Sauce Plain Pudding Sauce Strawberry Sauce Vanilla Sauce 208 212 207 207 211 207 209 210 210 211 208 211 209 209 208 Salads Asparagus and Cauliflower Salad Asparagus and Protose Salad Asparagus Salad 150 150 150 159 157 151 149 149 Banana Salad Brazilian Salad Brussels Sprouts Salad Cabbage Salad Celery and Cabbage Salad .INDEX Puddings 411 — Continued 192 194.

2 Fruit Salad Gelatine Salad Green Pea and Celery Salad Green Pea and Nuttolene Salad Lemon Beets Lettuce Lima Bean and Celery Salad Lima Bean Salad Macaroni and Green Pea Salad Macedoine Salad Nesslerode Salad Nut and Fruit Salad Nut and Pea Salad — Nut Cero Salad Nut Cheese Olive and Almond Salad Onion Salad Pea and Onion Salad Potato Salad Protose and Celery Salad Protose Salad Eussian Salad Strawberry Salad Stuffed Eggs Stuffed Tomatoes Tomato Gelatine Vegetarian Chicken Salad Vegetarian Salmon Salad Waldorf Salad Watercress 150 151 158 158 158 147 155 155 148 149 153 153 156 151 159 157 155 146 148 152 154 154 151 152 152 146 158 154 148 147 145 145 156 148 Salad Deessings Cream. 1 Cream. 1 Fancy Fruit Salad No. 2 167 168 .153 Cottage Cheese Salad Cuemnbers Dandelion Salad Date and Celery Salad Egg Salad Endive Salad English Salad Fancy Fruit Salad No. No. No.412 Salads VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK — Continued 147 151 150 156 .

Brown Gravy Brown Eegency Sauce Cream Brown Gravy 137 133 137 . No. No. 1 Cress. 2 Date Fruit Salad Hot Mock Salmon Nut and Egg Nut and Jelly Nut Cero Nuttolene or Nut Loaf Olive Olive Olive Almond Nut Peanut Protose or Nut Cero Salad 302 303 302 303 302 305 304 303 301 302 301 301 303 304 304 303 302 305 Sauces for Vegetables. etc. Entrees.INDEX Salad Dressings Favorite 413 — Continued 169 165 164 170 164 169 163 166 166 170 164 165 164 170 169 166 167 168 Cream Tomato Frencn Golden Green Mayonnaise Johnson 's Cream Mayonnaise Nut Nut and Tomato Nut Fruit Nut or Olive Oil (Sour) Potato Mayonnaise Oil Eed Uncooked Sweet Whipped Cream White White Cream Sandwiches Bean Cottage Cheese Cress.

138 Cream Sauee Cream Tomato Sauce Egg Sauce HoUandaise Sauce Ideal Chilli Sauce Mint Sauce Nut Gravy Olive Sauee Parsley Sauce Protose Sauce Sauce Imperial Tomato Gravy Tomato Sauce Walnut Gravy White Cream Sauce Soups 135 133 136 134 136 133 138 135 134 139 138 137 134 Bean Broth Bean Tapioca Soup Bean Tomato Soup Celery and Tomato Soup Cereal Soup Clear Tomato Soup Corn and Tomato Soup 19 18 19 20 21 Com Cream Cream Cream Cream Cream Cream Soup 25 21 21 20 21 27 25 34 20 16 17 17 34 16 34 29 29 32 15 28 19 Celery Soup Corn Soup of Tomato Soup Pea Soup Potato Soup Kice Soup Croutons for Soup Egg Balls for Soup Egg Dumplings for Soup Eamily Favorite Foundation of Cream Soups Fruit Soup Fulton 's Favorite German Lentil Soup Julienne Soup Kinds of Soup Lentil and Tomato Soup Lima Bean Soup .414 Sauces VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK — Continued 135 137.

1 Tomato Bisque No.. [ White Bean Soup White Soubise Soup White Swiss Soup . Family Dinner without Servants General Eules for Waiters General Table Etiquette Laying the Table Personal Suggestions to Waiters Proper Manner of Eating Various Foods Setting the Table Side Table Simple Family Breakfast Simple Family Dinner Table Etiquette The Sideboard _ .* Table Etiquette Don 'ts for Waiters .[ . .' 395 .387 *396 394 391 392 397 . ^387 397 .*.395 392 .*!!.*!!! !399 397 . 2 Tomato Sago Soup Tomato Vermicelli Soup Vegetable Vegetable Vegetable Vegetable Bouillon Oyster Puree Oyster Soup Stock Nut Nut Nut Nut Nut Nut .INDEX Sorrps 415 — Continued 30 17 23 22 24 23 22 23 22 31 26 32 24 24 28 33 26 26 25 27 18 31 31 16 ig 30 33 Mock CMeken Soup Noodles for Soup Nut and Asparagus Soup and Olive Soup and Pea Soup and Tomato Soup Chowder Soup Meat Broth Noodle Soup Okra Soup Plain Tomato Soup Plain Vegetable Soup Eice and Nut Soup Eice and Vegetable Soup Swiss Lentil Soup Swiss Potato Soup Tomato Bisque No.

1 Banana. No. 2 Berry Boston Cream Celery Cherry Cream Cream Cream Cream Cream Date Gravy Gravy Protose Lentil of Tomato Egg on Fancy Fruit Grape Lentil and Tomato Milk Nun's Nut Gravy Nuttolene Pea Peach Protose Protose and Tomato Prune Prune Whipped Snowflake Toasts 268 372 272 268 271 271 270 266 267 273 266 266 270 268 269 272 270 273 271 267 265 267 268 270 270 273 269 269 272 272 . No.416 VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK Toasts Ameriean or Trench Apple Apricot Asparagus Banana.267 Tomato Sultana Zwieback 265 269 271 265 Utensils General Utensils Needed in the Kitchen Granite Ware Kitchen Utensils Number of Utensils Steel Ware Tinware Wood 361 360 359 359 360 360 360 .

Stewed 130 117 117 117 118 118 118 107 108 108 107 107 128 127 129 129 128 123 123 123 121 122 122 122 121 120 121 115 116 116 124 124 124 124 114 114 130 112 119 119 119 119 130 27 . Plain Cauliflower. Puree of Beans.INDEX Vegetables Artichokes 417 Asparagus No. Puree of Carrots with Egg Sauee Cauliflower. 1 Asparagus No. Browned Cauliflower. 2 Asparagus Pompadour Asparagus. Baked Eggplant Baked in Shell Eggplant. 2 Holland Cream Scalloped Stewed Cabbage Stewed with Tomato Carrots a la Creme Carrots. Scalloped. No. 1 Eggplant. Stewed Chestnuts. Stewed Beet and Potato Hash Beet Greens Beets and Potatoes Beets. Brussels Sprouts Plain Brussels Sprouts Saute Cabbage and Cream Cabbage. Cabbage. 1 Baked. No. Boiled. No. Stewed Cauliflower with Tomato Sauce Celery Celery. Scalloped. 2 Garbanzos. Baked Beet Stalks with Butter Sauce Brussels Sprouts Baked with Crumbs Beans. Cabbage. Mashed Beans. Cabbage. Novelty Baked Eggplant. No. Stewed Asparagus with Eggs Asparagus with Green Peas Baked Beans Baked with Tomato Sauee Beans. Baked. Cabbage. Creamed Corn.

Glazed Potatoes. Lyonnaise Potatoes. Stuffed Potato Patties Potato Puffs Salsify (Vegetable Oysters) Stewed Slaw. Hashed Browned Potatoes.104 106 105 105 100 105 101 101 106 103 104 101. 1 Onions. 125 125 125 126 99 115 115 114 115 Ill 109 110 109 102 103 103 100 . 2 Onions. 104 120 123 Baked Potatoes Browned with Eoast Potatoes. Split Potatoes a la Creme Potatoes a la Delmonico Potatoes au Gratin Potatoes. Scalloped. Baked. No. » New Lima Beans New Potatoes and Cream New Potatoes and Peas Onions Onions au Gratin Onions. Stuffed Potatoes Parsnips. Puree of Peas. . Baked. Boiled Green Corn. Scalloped. 2 Potatoes Stewed with Celery Potatoes. Oriental Style Lentils with Onions Mashed Potatoes and Cajrots . . Mashed Potatoes. . Roasted Potatoes. Stewed Peanuts. Boiled Peas. Boiled Onions. Hot . No. Baked Parsnips in Parsnips on Egg Sauee Brown Gravy Parsnips. Green Peas. No. 1 Potatoes.418 Vegetables VEGETAEIAN COOK BOOK — Continued 98 112 Ill 112 110 Ill 106 109 102 106 125 126 General Directions for Vegetables Green Corn. Stewed Kornlet Lentils. . No.

Stewed Young Turnips . Scrambled Tomatoes.INDEX Vegetables 419 — Continued 129 113 108 108 126 127 107 113 113 113 113 105 116 116 120 97 127 127 128 129 116 Spinach Stewed Tomatoes and Corn String Beans. Cream Sweet Potatoes Tomatoes. Young Beets. . Baked Tomatoes. Stewed Tomato Hollandaise Potatoes Turnips Holland Boiled Turnips. Mashed Vegetable Oysters. Scalloped Vegetables Winter Squash (Hubbard) Baked Winter Squash (Hubbard) Mashed Young Beets . Scalloped Tomatoes. Plain Boiled Succotash Summer Squash Slimmer Squash.

it and a most remarkable proportion. PROTOSE: A substitute for meat. Mich. Ilie mm food (0. . " Healthful Living. write us. sending his name and address. made from Rice is If your grocer does not carry these in stock. this paragraph. has been used for thirty years as a substitute for the real coffee. the first The original Cereal thing of its kind ever developed in Battle Creek. mail to The following foods compose only a small part of the Battle Creek Diet System. arranged in about the same much . but never before has it been served in such an attractive form. cut out us with your name cind address. nourishment."He Buttle (reek Diet System" a quarter ^This system. Battle (reek. ^ If you w^e w^ill desire information about this unique system. what to eat and hov/ to eat so as to live and enabled It tells you twice as long and twice as well. and proven by to health. has restored many thousands of invalids many thousands more to double their efficiency. with a total preparation in that nutritive value possesses greater all the food elements found in beefsteak. and send you our illustrated booklet. KELLOGG'S CARAMEL CEREAL: Coffee. food rice." w^hich tells about our diet system and toothsome delicacies. KELLOGG'S TOASTED RICE FLAKES: cereal The universal used by almost every nation under the sun. w^here it It has the endorsement of the Battle Creek Sanitarium. a surprise to the eater on account of its superior qualities of flavor. based upon the search in relation to latest findings of scientific re- human nutrition. of a century of experience at the Battle Creek Sanitarium. and digestibility.

of the best lean beef in nutritive value.. BREADS No-Soda (White) Crackers Fruit Crackers BEVERAGES Sanitarium Carainei Cereal. Cal. 2 Gluten Meal No. being easily digested.„. The high percentage of nutrition (49 calories to the ounce) makes equal to about I -3 lbs. guaranteed absolutely pure — The very best and purest obtainable i I postal addressed lo the house nearest Jiou will bring price list of these and a large assortment of foods suited to the needs of all classes. we are pleased to offer CARAMEL CEREAL as being harmless as a beverage. Helena. la. College View. the leading coffee substitute on the market.^^ SANITARIUM FOOD OOMPANY Boulder. yet meeting the desire for Mocha or Java. Des Moines. College Place. Ore... 1 Gluten Meal Sanitarium Meal MISCELLANEOUS Sanitarium Baked Beans Olive Oil Sanitarium Cooking. to those who feel they must have something. Wheat Flakes (Toasted) Wheat Flake Biscuit (Toasted) Zwieback — Twice baked Graham Crackers bread a very palatable and nutritious granular breakfast food thoroughly cooked and ready to serve vi^ith cream or fruit juice. St. Malted Nut Meal Very nutritious for invalids or children Unfermented Grape Juice Two kinds Zinfandel and Muscatel — — — DIABETIC FOODS No. baking powder. is manufactured under medical supervision. Neb. No soda. meets the needs of invalids and children.^ . Especially adapted to the use of brain workers. The following are a few of our leaders ^(Bi* MEAT SUBSTITUTES Nut Cero a combination of nuts and grains scientifically prepared as a substitute for meat. Portland. its digestibility and entire absence of poisonous animal products make CEI^O an ideal proteid food.^ . . O Jt — With or without Tomato Sauce — Sanitarium Brand. alum. Colo. as an article of diet. Wash. is NUT CERO I NUT CERO NUT CEREAL AND BREAKFAST FOODS Fruit N uts. While we advise against drinking at meals. Its relative cheapness. and. lard or other animal fats (excepting butter and cream) used in the manufacture of our products.: VEGETARIAN FOODS Used and endorsed by the leading Sanitariums and Health Institutions in the world.

. Practical Guide to By Health -^ on the building and the of the home in harmony with sanitary laws.00. S. Eossiter.. Stories histories of the author's boyhood friends. 544 pages. Very interesting. garden making. camping. How F. The author shows that Elo the Eag'le and Other life Contains stories of ten animals. price $3. and the home treatment of the more simple ailments and diseases by use of natural. 104 pages. Mo.- Calgary. Physiology. instead of drugs. and Hygiene. to Keep Eichards. Ore. price $3. Home and A Health. B. Dr. price 60 cents. Cloth.50.Health and Nature Books Ministry of Healing trated. 222 pages.00. specially designed for the home and for the instruction of nurses. masterly treatise on Anatomy. Alberta Kansas City. 589 pages. M. price $3. Out-of -Doors By M. 659 pages. A Frederick M. Health How to Find It's It When By Lost. and other forms of open-air recreation are really remarkably effective remedies for common physCloth. Olsen. B. D. rational remedies Cloth. E. California Portland.. Eiis. — Pacific Press Publishing Association Mountain View. ical ills. consistent living. Cloth. and helpful presentation of beautiful Christ's example in relieving humanity of its spiritual and physical ills. Price $1. with a scientific description of diseases.00. their causes and treatments. price $1. the preservation of health by clean.00. Beautifully illusCloth. household manual '^^'^ It When It's Found. with an introduction by Jacob the morning walk.

• MH . to Cat.One copy JUN del. Div.

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