Redesign Plan

Product Name: Shasta Target Group: Teens and Adults Brief History: The comany was founded in 1889 and is inspired by a mountain in Cascades near the California/Oregon border. The mountain is named Shasta which means white and pure in an indian language. A group of businessman saw an opportunity of carbonating the natural spring water from that mountain. 1928, the brand became under new management renaming the company, Shasta Water Company, making flavored cabonated water. Throughout the 50s and 60s, big changes occured with packaging into cans, making low calorie drinks, and shipping to grocers using wholesaler channels. 1960, the company was renamed Shasta Beverages. in 1985, the company was bought by the National Beverage Corp., and the company continued to innovate with new flavors and designs. + Big Idea: The Shasta label has never been appealing to me and it always rubbed off as being a store brand. It is not a store brand, it is just a low-end soda brand. I think that if they were to redesign their label and brand image, the company could have more success. The brand has always seemed old to me, somewhat of a vintage feel. I decided to redesign the product into a vintage style using an old masters color scheme and vintage type artwork. If it is done in a new fashion meaning, making it feel new and exciting with a vintage label, it could do well. The vintage scene is coming back, and has been for a couple years, so I think it could be a hit. It would definitely be a hit with those who like vintage things, hipsters, and teens looking for somthing fun and exciting.

Style Guide

Pale Kiwi CMYK: 40 0 81 0 RGB: 163 213 95 Pantone: 367 C Hex: #a3d55f

Strawberry CMYK: 16 98 99 5 RGB: 198 65 40 Pantone: 7598 C Hex: # c64128

Dark Kiwi Dark Strawberry CMYK: 71 30 100 14 CMYK: 22 96 100 15 RGB: 84 127 35 RGB: 173 39 13 Pantone: 364 C Pantone: 7626 C Hex: # 547f23 Hex: # cb3725

Title Font:
ARB 85 Poster Script The font size should be quite large, approximately 72 pt on the product label.

Body Font:

Bellarose Bellarose Bold Bellarose italicized The font size should be approximately 28 pt on the body of the product label.

Style Guide
This is the original Shasta logo. This will not be used anymore due to the new logo design.

The logo is as pictured below is the newly designed logo. This logo should be used on all products. The size on te product in 2 liter form should be 5 inches long. It should be placed on the front of the product near the top of the label. In print, variations in color may be applied as solid colors.

Package Design
Primary Packaging:

Product Photos

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