Afghanistan Human Rights Film Festival

Kabul, Afghanistan - 2013

To all filmmakers and artists!
After successfully organizing the first edition of AHRF in 2011, now we are delighted to announce the call for entries of the second edition for 2013. For the past two years, there have been diverse human rights challenges in Afghanistan as well as many other parts of the world, such as war, revolution, terrorism, rape, arrest, incarceration, violence and many other humanitarian challenges. Artists’ activities have increased as the dilemmas have grown and expanded. As we pointed out earlier, AHRF is a platform for artists who want to work on visualizing the painful effects of war, violence, discrimination and injustice and whose works have been forbidden to be screened by dictatorial regimes. It is an opportunity for those who want the world to be a better place. The second edition of the AHRF will be held in Kabul, Mazar-e Sharif (north Afghanistan) and Bamian (central Afghanistan). In addition to the normal programs of the festival, there will be a special segment about the Arab spring. Films that have been produced during the past 3 years related to revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa will be screened in this special package of the second AHRF. The festival welcomes films from any genre, short or long, documentary, feature and animation, which have been produced in 2005 and later. Submissions from any part of the globe will be accepted and referred to the selection committee, as will any kind of human rights orientation, including but not limited to: women, children, war, freedom of expression, tribal dilemmas, discrimination, injustice, violence, human trafficking, abuse, deprivation, poverty, addiction, militarism, rape, etc. The films will compete into two categories: national and international, which will be judged by a committee of Afghan and international filmmakers and human rights activists. Four films will be awarded as winners at the end. Interested filmmakers can send entry form and all other materials to : for more info: +93(0)7000 83 908

June 30, 2013

Please enclose:

Short biography and filmography of the director Please mail the completed entry form along with copies of the film to: Abdul Malek 7155 Kingsway PO Box 54550 HIGHGATE PO Burnaby BC V5E 1E0 Canada OR: P.O.Box 4018, Karte-Char Post Office The postal package should have the below phone number on its cover: +93(0)7000 83 908 Filmmakers based in India and South Aisan countries can post their films to below address: D3/4-3404 Vasant Kunj New Delhi - 110070 phone: +91-9999799985 Like our webpage:

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