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Gay Adoption

Iesha Clark English 111 TD6 Oral Report

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Adoptions Rise by Same Sex Couples, Despite Legal Barriers The Morality of Gay Adoption

Adoptions Rise by Same Sex Couples Despite Legal Barriers

Point 1 Same- sex couples are explicitly prohibited from adopting in only two states-- Utah and Mississippi-- but they face significant legal hurdles in about half of all other states, particularly because they cannot legally marry in those states. Point 2- About 19 percent of same- sex couples raising children reported having an adopted child in the house in 2009, up from just 8 percent in 2000. Point 3 Same- sex parents who adopt tend to be more affluent and educated than the larger population of same- sex parents.

The Morality of Gay Adoption

Point 1 Now, Rosie has a media microphone and can fend for herself . But I think about all the other gay adoptive parents who are under assault as being illequipped to adopt. We've heard all the arguments: gay parents who adopt will make their children gay (offensive and stupid); every child deserves a mother and a father ( I addressed this above); being gay is a abomination, to which I would respond that leaving a child to grow up in an orphanage where nobody wants him might be an even greater act of sacrilege. Point 2- To my fellow straight people I offer the following challenge. You have every right to oppose gay marriage; it's a free country. We don't suppress

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Q: Does Adoption by Gay or Lesbian Couples Put American Children at Risk? Justices Leave Fla: Ban on Adoption by Gays Intact

Q: Does Adoption by Gay or Lesbian Couples Put American Children at Risk?

Point 1 Clinical reports of psychiatric disturbance of children with homosexual parents. Point 2 Testimonies of childrenn with homosexual parents concerning their situation. Point 3 studies that have compared the children of homosexual with the children of nonhomosexuals. Point 4 children in 48 of the 52 families (92%) mentioned one or more problems. Of the 213 problems which were scored-- hypersexuality,

Justice Leave Fla. Ban on Adoption by Gays Intact

Point 1 Lawrence vs. Texas, invalidated a Texas law that banned sex between homosexuals. Lower court judges have differed on how the rationale of the Lawrence decision, which is tied to the right of privacy, should apply to other laws that discriminate based on sexual orientation. Point 2 The Florida ban on gay adoptions was passed by the state Legislature in 1977 amid a backlash to a Dade County ordinance-- one of the first of its kind-- that prohibited discrimination based sexual orientation.