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| Zi HOUSEWIFES | eee This book was created to help you keep healthy and happy. It outlines a healthful way of living — points out a common source of illealth — sugs gests sife and proven method of avoiding this pitfall of unhappi This book. was carefully planined to be of service to you every di year. It isa complete daily alma gives information on health and beauty — tells what to do in ea ac It contains housekeeping dents — offers ideas for home enterainment and amusements. You ean nly discover how very valusble itis by reading it thoroughly. Then you will want to keep it in a handy place for daily reference This book was prepared by recognized authorities and at considerable expense, It is given, 0 you enticly without cost in the hope that its advice will help you and your funily to greater health and happiness. Tit does that we shall be well repaid. Kilillogy Being, until July 4th, the r6rst Year of American Independence and Containing Meal Planning; Housekeeping; How to Gain Weight; How to A Calendar for the year with Tmportant Historical Events, Astronomical Dat 1d _-Reduce; Horoscopes; Games for ‘Moon Rise and Set 7 lus Childrens Home Enterta able Advice on Food and ts Re- ment; First Aid; and much lation to Health; New Recipes; other asful information Published by KELLOGG com PANY eth Comoran 8, tue Ca Prin aL The ZODIAC “ie Zodiac ay tainty tad scr the Reaves a TL wey oe et Lee TS ge he Pee Tgonrhe at Raa tt ae ont yh ia the woe oer A ee iy cnet peg pe mene = ene sient es she ATR a tte cin arr erm of eta Pieter eters oe hie ae. SM th tlh aie ehten te lear of ews who abot ‘god of war, centaur (henson) CANOES Rete’ St te wae tro ay rie CRI Clee Gag tues tom the. pone soln Me amcclated with the bucksand legend ofthe goat that nurwed the Youn woe Of ALMANAG CALGULATIONS FOR 1957 IEA Baa elle fe Sen, June seth pati of aly xvi trot the Cental P cots Yiathe GARE eens Sehwsteratpar oe Ue Sa ne sqrt nrsrera rts Habe ia a ini Arce Goran the North Atlantic Orca exept meth rt Neri Ameri, Chine Mr eacets par tc Foc teas eae Anche nad peitesrese aad sted pai an mail mera omies We Sear ae en ae Bees tesa eat rene ne oe a PLANETS BRIGHTEST, 1937 racyre—amary 1 Art, Jay 2, Oster 24nd Decemir S._ vast March 12 und May 28, Se NEES LE Stee RO chante Novae nee kes so Sa Si fae crc wet oe Mean ec nd ie Sse ertioie ses ior ca ah ane ote ne eesti <>. NEGLECTED AILMENT “The American people sifer mace from 2 to have the pimples or blemishes, the dal ie alment than fom all ethers fut tor exe the tale wrinkles that impeopet ether. It cost them, tillions of llary, clinination 30 oben bien, People who fel makes them unhanpys affects thee socal and ike a "picture ot of focus” woo often do pot Tassie ey may fend te the most serous KAW the real cae ef et toubles oF Gass Co dancer eh de alot i ie neplec. Yer it. Gay and ietpemsire © present and ekeve. THE GREATEST DANGER. Common Constsaint. many medical et tye the. greatest danger of Coinon Con- ‘5 is dietly and inivetlyrespomnile {0 Geition eo these annoying ee tother- 2 Tage par of all our sickness. Tha hardy nas Tippee ages ee ly Goa sytons, The eats danger sec pomle wal you thiek & over= Yet they yl he Aegected, Thea Common Cane Ales you are the rite exertion, you have ipa tncenen tring mater Tk may aifred many mes from constipation, whe Fedace the bodily restace to » point where you hue, an wie ae muny tines when TRowee e¢ caapuan Geese ca ba ow did et Anow the weal cose of YO" iy eayfotbnld I ny. sev to ales trou ‘hich ae wey sero, ery pail al very expensive to where your poctor KNOWS You can easly oid the annoyances and anges of coosiptian, tf you are Wise, FREI et ete tie devecrom Nar tes ibenen Coueen toa {Come Constipation i and haw often feo principally to hrs ton low i “bale” Lack fe vegkct it. He knows that many penom Gf bul has preven the inetinal ses Miho fel ack, an donot knew whit lon working coll, They have net bad ralfering (rom Com enough ener. ‘They have become “Taz a low aja ar any Unenerched icles Al ‘ine. tts. out of sqetoe he aks concerns constipation cake P RULK Pel eet crie wb os : Bee euwie 9 cme pach a aoe mall wn JS nea ls er on funy fee Common Contain Kalo esi the i ito Comm Conte a tata eee eee oe Ye ray tik at the Neches decent Soma sc ees ie fh die pre Ts ot Sa there" feeling, which are mos frequently due aa ae cee ae ete Se eee CEST, a remy, kek and rea eeeeaal oe Feces sick Cannon Corps free Coes Comin aaa BGs Grit oe pak ret. dtemed ia gener cl oe ake eee SGioncit docu Tyee sac dnbekee AM eS! iB Important Information {lh about the