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15. On a night when you go out to Liverpool city centre, on average how much of the following do you usually drink whilst in the city (E.g. 3 bottles): Beer/Cider/Lager Wine (glasses)

Spirits (singles) Alco-pops (bottles)

1.Age 3.First part postcode 4.Occupation



Other (specify) 16. In general, is this about the same, more or less as you would drink when going to pubs and clubs elsewhere?

1-3 days a month

2-4 days a week

< once a month

Once a week

5+ days a week

5.How often do you go out to pubs and clubs? 6.How often do you go out to pubs and clubs in Liverpool city centre?

18. Which parts of Liverpool city centre do you most associate with violence? Why?
Pubs/Clubs (Specify) Other areas (Specify)

7. Which three venues in the city do you visit most frequently? 1. 2. 3. 8. Do you visit Liverpool city centre at night for any purposes other than going to pubs and clubs?


19. Of the three venues you most frequently visit, how would you rate the levels of violence?
Very high Fairly high Fairly low Very low Don’t know

9. What method of transport do you mostly use to get in and out of the city for a night out?
In Out

1. 2. 3.
Frequency Last night

10. How safe do you feel in Liverpool city centre at night?
Very safe Fairly safe Fairly unsafe Very unsafe Don’t know

20.During the last 12 months, how often have you witnessed the following in 11. How do you rate levels of violence in Liverpool city Liverpool city centre while you centre at night? have A fight in a pub/club Very low Don’t know been out at night? Very high Fairly high Fairly low Someone being sexually molested (e.g. groped) 12. In the past 7 days, on which days did you drink alcohol, circling the day on which you drank the most alcohol?
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

A fight in the street Someone too drunk to walk Someone being verbally abused 21. Thinking about the most serious fight you have witnessed whilst out at night in Liverpool city centre in the past twelve months, where did it occur?:
Pub/Club Other

13. How often do you drink alcohol on a night when you're going out in Liverpool city centre?



22.If you witnessed a fight in the city, would you consider reporting it to the police?
Why (Specify)?:

Yes No


Last night

23.During the last 12 months, how often have you been involved in the following in Liverpool city centre while you have been out at night? Been verbally abused Been too drunk to walk Being sexually molested (e.g. groped) Been involved in a fight in the street Been involved in a fight in a bar Had your drink spiked

Yes (Somebody No Yes (I 36.Was the incident reported) else reported) reported to the police?

Don’t know

37.Why did you choose not to report the incident to the police?

38. Have you had any contact with Liverpool City Centre police at night in the past? Yes No Why?
1 Approachable Too many Calm Helpful Trustworthy 2 3 4 5 Unapproachable Too few Aggressive Unhelpful Dishonest Unsympathetic Unresponsive to violence Contribute to violence

If participant has not been involved in a bar or street fight in the past 12 months in Liverpool city centre whilst on a night out go to Q38

39.Do you think the police patrolling Liverpool's nightlife are:

24.Thinking about the most serious incident of violence you have been involved (participant) in whilst on a night out in Liverpool city centre in the last 12 months where did it occur?:
Pub/Club Other Specify: Street Transport

Understanding Prevent violence

25.How many people were involved (excluding yourself)? 26.How many were on your side? 27 Was your attacker (s): A stranger Other (specify) A partner A friend

Responsive to violence

40.Do you think the door supervisors working in Liverpool's nightlife are: 2 3 4 5 1
Approachable Calm Helpful Unapproachable Aggressive Unhelpful Unresponsive to violence Contribute to violence Contribute to underage entry to licensed premises

28 Was your attacker (s): Male Female Domestic Both Was pushed

Responsive to violence Prevent violence Prevent underage entry to licensed premises

29 Why did the fight start?
Insult Other
Respondent Opponent Don’t know

Ongoing argument

41.What ideas do you have for reducing the level of violence in the city centre at night?

30.Who started it? 31.Was alcohol consumed prior to the event? 32.Were any injuries sustained?
Specify: Respondent Attacker


Ask the participant if they would be happy to answer a question about drug use? 42. Do you take illicit drugs on a night-out?
Never Occasionally Usually Always

33.Did you receive any medical treatment? No, go to Q34 Yes
GP Hospital Paramedic Other

If so, what drugs do you usually take? Cocaine Ketamine Ecstasy GHB Cannabis Other Amphetamines

Accident and Emergency Walk-in Centre

34.If not, do you think you needed medical treatment? Yes 35. Did the police attend the scene of the incident? Yes No (go to Q36)


Thank you

Don’t know