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Lesson Plan
Level: Beginners Topic: sing a song, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

Objectives At the end of the class the students will be able to: Analyse the message of a song Distinguish the meaning of a listened text Understand the lyrics of a song and make up sentences by using words Materials: Record of the song

Record of the video Lyrics of the song written on the board Copies of the lyrics – to be given to the students Pictures


Time T’s and Ss’ activity

Inter action Focus

Teaching aids



As they enter the class, the students are able to listen T-Ss to music (the teacher welcomes them with music, a different song from the one they are going to learn about ) T invites Ss to take their usual seats and stops the music

Listening Music player (computer)

Lead-in Presentation

2’ 5’

T-Ss T lets the Ss know that they are going to learn a new song T-Ss T shows on the electronic board several pictures with lions sleeping, a village and with the jungle. Ss are asked to guess what the connection between these T-Ss might be. Ss answer. Before listening to the song, T writes on the blackboard words that might be unfamiliar to Ss (mighty, quiet or peaceful village, hush) Ss are given task sheets with the lyrics of the song but Ss-T without any spaces between the words. Ss will have to Reading Electronic board&

Speaking Electronic board

Before listening




While listening


make the necessary divisions between the words. The text with words without spaces between them will also appear on the electronic board. Ss listen to the song Ss-T and check their answers. As they listen to the song, the Ss are asked to underline in their notebooks words that they understand. In this way, T finds out if there are other words that they didn’t Ss-T understand.(T checks the words underlined by the Ss) The Ss are given new task sheets, this time with gapped filled lyrics (the gaps are adjectives or verbs)

Computer Listening Computer

5’ Practice


4-5’ Practice

After they finished and the T listens to their version, the correct words will appear on the electronic board and Ss will detect the possible mistakes. In order to check Ss’ understanding of the song, they Ss-T are presented (on the board) a set of sentences which are left unfinished. Ss are given the number of words they have to add: The lion sleeps in the jungle. The jungle is mighty and quiet. The baby doesn’t fear because the lion sleeps tonight. The Ss listen to the song again and this time they are encouraged to try to sing together. At the end of the class, T has a surprise for the Ss: they will watch the video of the song (funny hippo and dog dancing). Ss Listening Writing

Electronic board

5’ Practice

5’ Listening Enjoying 2’


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