Publications, Performances, Teaching Experience, etc.

as at 2013
[Ian Irvine also writes as Ian Hobson & Ian Irvine (Hobson)]
Ian is a poet/song-writer, fiction and non-fiction writer, cultural psychologist and writing teacher currently based in Bendigo, Australia. Born in the UK, Ian has also lived for long periods in Australia and New Zealand. Areas of Interest/Activity include: 'Contemporary Australasian and International Poetry', 'Ennui in History', ‘Creativity and Culture’, 'Transpersonal Relational Poetics', 'the Quantum archetypes', 'Contemporary Jungian Psychology', 'RelationalCultural psychology', 'Eco-poetics', 'Contemporary Fiction', 'Biosemiotics & Creativity', 'Groffian Psychology', ‘Cultural Psychology’, 'Scintillae 2012', 'The Animist', 'Interstitium' (band) & 'Goya's Child 1 (band)'.

A) Published and Partially Published Full Length Works and Chapbooks
Poetry Collections 1) 'The Alchemical Sequence' (a digital chapbook) (55 pages). Mercurius Press and Scribd online, 2013. 2) The Vietnamese Sequence (a digital poetry chapbook). Mercurius Press and Scribd online, 2013 3) 'Coral Reveries: Pt.1 of 'Darwinian Poetics' (a digital poetry chapbook). Mercurius Press and Scribd online, 2013.

4) 'Poems of the Interstitium' (a digital chapbook) 23 poems. Mercurius Press and Scribd online, 2013. 5) Hermes and the Philatelic Construction of the Multiverse (a digital poetry chapbook). Mercurius Press and Scribd online, 2013. 6) Facing the Demon of Noontide: Poems by Ian Irvine, print, Booksurge (c) 2000. Non-Fiction – Academic and Creative N/F 1) The Angel of Luxury and Sadness: the Emergence of the Normative Ennui Cycle, print, Booksurge (c) 2001. 2) Muse of the Long Haul, (extracts published Mercurius Press/Scribd, 2013). 3) Hermes (Unheralded) God of the Postmodern Transition, (extracts published Mercurius Press/Scribd, 2010-2013). Novel 1) Dream-Dust Parasites, by Ian Hobson, I-Universe (c) 2003.

B) Inclusion in Victorian, National and International Anthologies and Compendiums
* Australian Poets:'Agenda' Anthology of Contemporary Australian Poets (2005, UK) [Note: The Australian edition is detailed about half way down the page]. [Poem] * Australian Poets: 'Best Australian Poems, 2005', by Black Ink Books (edited by Les Murray). [Poem] *International Poets: 'Fire' (UK) 'Special International Double Issue' (March, 2008, Nos. 29/30). This anthology features poetry by contemporary, modernist and canonical poets (many in translation) from over 60 nations (available through Amazon, UK). [Poem] * Scintillae 2012: 52 Central Victorian Writers, Poets and Creative Thinkers'. Published August 2012 and launched at the Bendigo Writers Festival. [‘Introduction’, 2 poems (Europe After the Rain & Hiroshima Dance) & 'Interview with Clayton Eshleman']. * The Price of Experience, a compendium of poems, interviews, translations, reviews, essays, etc. by US National Book Award winning poet, Clayton Eshleman. Contains: 'An Interview with Clayton Eshleman' conducted in 2007-08 by Ian Irvine. Black Widow Press, US, November 2012.

C) Internet and Magazine Publications
1) Poetry i) Ozlit (Australia, online). Three poems: 'The Poppies of Forgetfulness', 'The Giant' and 'The Giant Two: Women Who Smell of Dead Flowers.' ii) Gravity 22 (US, Online). 'Notes Scribbled on a Supermarket Bag' (poem) iii) Grape Poetry (US, Online) 'After the Winter a Marriage'. Bin Select Poem of the week for week #83.

iv) Apollo Online (US, Online). 'Sex - Do Not Feel Guilty' -(poem) v) 'Sex is an Unparalleled Darkness' and 'Courtly Love be Damned' were performed and recorded at a Central Victorian radio station in 1996. vi) Paradigm Shift (US, Online). Three poems: 'Triple Whiskies', 'Persephone's Flowers' and 'Naive' vii) Flies on the Ceiling (US, Online) 'Onlooker to the Body' (poem). viii) The Rose and Thorn (US, Online) 'Passion is a Dying Bird' (poem) ix) Conspire (New York, Online). Three poems: 'The Cemetery by the Coast (Robe South Australia 1995),'After the Winter ...' and 'The Ocean: Maladies of the Postmodern Soul' November 1998 issue. x) Oblique Magazine (US, online) 'Nu-Clear Mind' (poem) in its November 1998 edition. xi) Chaos Theory (UK, online) . Three poems: 'Birth,' 'Letters' and 'Dibbuk and Man'. xii) Kinte Space (US/UK/Australia, online) Two poems: 'Insecure Sex' and 'Too Many Times' (November 1998). xiii) Eclectica Magazine (US, online) published 'The Dragon Sleeps', 'The Ghost of Sanur Beach', 'Tuyul (Bali Mother)', 'On Bali: Third World Blues', 'The Weeping Idol' and 'Bird of Memory' for its October-Nov 1998 edition. xiv) Lotus Magazine (Australia, print) published a number of poems in various editions. xv) The Australian Writers' Journal (Australia, Print) (poem) 'Unfettered' in its November 1998 edition. xvi) Bonfire (Scotland/UK, Online). Four poems: 'La Neant', 'The Method', 'Mr. Newton's Universe' and 'Newtonian Physics' in its February 1999 edition. xvii) Freezone (US online). Four poems: 'Womb Decay', 'New Age Quacks', 'They Wanna Jab Her Full of Drugs' and 'X - Administered to Death' in its March 1999 edition. xvii) Papyrus: A Post-Contemporary Journal of Poetry and Art (US, Online). 'Fluid Nightmares' May 1999 edition. xviii) A special edition of Salt (edited by John Kinsella) included a poetic contribution to the Interactive Geographies Project, 1999. xix) ACME Poetry and Plumbing Supplies (Kansas City, online) Four poems: 'Sex is an Unparalleled Darkness', 'The Giant (I&II)', 'Inspiration' and 'The Poppies of Forgetfulness' in its 1999 revamp. xx) Bluff [formerly Island Life] (Milwaukee, online). 'The Circular House' (poem) in its October 1999 edition. xxi) Works on Paper, (Australia, print). 'Triangles and the Avant Garde' (poem) October 1999 edition. xxii) Riot Magazine, (Australia, print). 'Narcissism and Simulacra' (poem), October 1999 edition. xxiii) Writer's Hood (US, online). 'Postmodern Pioneers' (poem) June 2000 edition. xxiv) Vernacular, (South Australia, print). 'The True Colonial' (poem) June 2000 edition. xxv) Sunshine Coast Writers' Group (Australia, print/competition).

2nd prize, 'Passion is a Dying Bird'; Highly Commended, 'Goddess of the Spring'; Commended 'The True Colonial' and Short-Listed. June 2000. All three works published. xxvi) Writer's Hood (US, Online). 'Undeveloped Film' (poem) September 2000 edition. xxvii) Cyberpoets, (part of the Victorian Poets' Database, online). 'Sex is an Unparalleled Darkness', 'The Ghost of Sanur Beach' and 'Venice Beach/Marina Del Rey' (three poems), December 2000. xxvii) Agenda (UK, print) 'The Giant I' published as part of its contemporary Australian poets anthology, June 2005. xxix) 'The Giant I' (poem) appeared in Black inc. Books 2005 anthology of Australian poetry, Best Australian Poetry, 2005. (Australia, print). October, 2005. Edited by Les Murray. xxx) 'The Pale Moon Left us Here' won first prize in the poetry section of the Alva Probert Memorial Writing Competition, U3A, Knox, 2005. xxxi) 'A Poet Shakes the Silver Branch' highly placed in the 2005-2006 Spud Poetry Award held at Koroit, Victoria Australia, January 2006. xxxii) 'The Poet's Super' (poem) Tarralla (no. 4), November 2005 (Australia, print). xxxiii) 'The Paper Icon and the Genie' and 'The Guardian of Literary Culture' were commended and highly commended, respectively, in the Summerland Poetry Competition, 2005. xxxiv) 'My Precise, Precious Image, She' (poem). Oban '06, published by the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre in conjunction with Auckland university (NZ, online). xxxv)' Spine of a Country' (poem). Vol. 14. no 4 (February 2005) of Tirra Lirra (Australia, print). xxxvi) 'By Airmail' (poem) Tamba (Autumn/Winter 2006). (Australia, print). xxxvii) Verandah 21 (Australia, print) poem - 'De Speratis and the Peasant Roo'. August 2006. Launched at the 2006 Melbourne Writers' Festival. xxxviii) 'The Great Mother' and 'The $10 Utopia' (poems). Edition 33, nos 1&2, 2006) of LiNQ literary journal (James Cook University, Qld. Australia, print). xxxix) 'The Pale Moon Left us Here' (poem). Edition 44, November 2006 of Tears in the Fence (UK, print). 40) The Mozzie. 'To the Reader' (poem). Vol 14. Issue 9 (October 2006) Australia, print). 41) The Bendigo Magazine 'Spine of a Country' (poem and interview). December 2006 edition of the magazine. Australia, print) 42) Idiom 23 (Central Queensland University, Australia, print). 'The Paper Icon and the Genie' (poem). Vol. 18, November 2006. 43) 'The First Hint of A Realist Sun', (poem) appeared in Vol. 16 No. 1, 2007 edition of Woorilla. 44) Mascara (online, Australia), three poems - 'Soft Breeze of a Temporal Implosion', 'The Pomegranate' and 'Hospital Cave and the Super-Power'. January 2008, online. Edition 3.

45) Takahe (New Zealand) (poem) edition 63, April 2008, 'The Neoliberal book of Fairytales' 46) Pennine Platform (United Kingdom): two poems - 'Vivid Turquoise Leaves' & 'McKenzie Falls, 2007', edition 63, 2008. 47) Envoi (including Coffee House Poetry) (Wales, UK): two poems 'But Our Ocean was Dark That Night' and 'Europe after the Rains', 150th edition, June, 2008. 48) The Mozzie (Australia) poem - 'To Rest Your Ghost', July 2008 edition. 49) Fire (UK) Nos. 29/30, 'Special International Double Issue', March 2008. Anthology of contemporary and twentieth century global poetries. Poem - 'The Refugee Fund'. 50) Poetry New Zealand (NZ) poem - 'The Fifth Eye of Dharma', September, 2008. 51) Verandah 23 (Australia) poem - 'Proud Tilt of the Masses', August 2008 (launched at the 2008 Melbourne Writers' Festival). 52) The New England Review (Australia) poem - 'The Giant II: Women Who Smell of Dead Flowers', Summer 1998-1999, No.9, pg.12. 53) Bendigo Writers Council website (Australia) poem - 'Words From a 22nd Century Poetry Machine ...' 54) The Seventh Quarry (Swansea, Wales) poem - 'The True Colonial', Summer/July 2009, Issue 10 [in conjunction with CrossCultural Communications Publishers (US) and The Poetry Library (London)]. 55) Scintillae 2012 (Anthology of Central Victorian Writers, Poets and Creative Thinkers). Published (Bendigo, Australia ) - 2 poems ‘Europe After the Rain’ & ‘Hiroshima Dance’, August 2012. 56) (UK/Spain). Three poems from ‘Coral Reveries: Darwinian Poetics’ (A Power Denuded the Granite, The Devil's Confervae and the Work of Minute and Tender Animals). Text version: Text of Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle. Audio recording of the poems is at: Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle Revisited. (2013) 57) Poetry Life and Times (UK/Spain). Three poems (plus Audio file) from 'Coral Reveries: Darwinian Poetics' (To Inhabit the Fields of Time, The Noble Love of Freedom and Their Massive God). (2013). 2) Essays, Articles, Reviews and Interviews i) Cougar Webworks (now Alternative Culture) (Canada) published 'The Cyber Editor: Musings on a Citizen of the World' in September 1998. ii) Dead Letters (US) published ‘Human Rights for Artists’. iii) Healing Arts Magazine (US) recently published 'Primal Therapy Into the New Millennium'. iv) Ozlit (Australia) published Ian's review of Peter Goldsworthy's book Navel Gazing: Essays, Half-truths and Mystery Flights in May of this year. v) VICE magazine (Vic, Australia) published 'The Great Questionnaire' in its combined Victorian Universities 1996 publication.

vi) Amazon Books Five Reviews: Cheyne The English Malady, Healy Boredom, Self and Culture, Kuhn The Demon of Noontide: Ennui in Western Literature, Patricia Spacks Boredom and Morris Berman The Re-enchantment of the World, May 1998. vii) The Resistance (NY) published 'The Metaphysics of Money' in its January 1998 combined online/hardcopy edition. viii) Lotus Magazine (Australia) published an interview with Ian and an interview by Ian with Sean Stanyer in its 1st (Dec 1993) and 4th editions (1994) respectively . ix) A Writer's Choice Literary Journal (US) published 'Rethinking the Poetic in a Postmodern World: Sacrality, Marginalisation and the Revitalisation of the Poetic' in its November 1998 edition. x) Cyber Oasis (US) which is both a literary e-zine and a writer's resource site, published Parts 1 and 2 of 'Modern Literary Criticism as a Symptom of Cultural Ennui' in its November 1998 and January 1999 issues. xi) 'Postmodern Ennui and the Maladies of the New Fin de Siecle', gained the award of Certificate of Commendation in the 1998, Todhunter Literary Award (sponsored by Victoria Park Public Library Inc., Perth, Western Australia). xii) The Antigonish Review (TAR) (Canada) published 'Postmodern Ennui and the New Maladies of the Psyche' in its Summer 1999 (116) edition. xiii) Babushka contained an interview with Ian entitled 'Window to the World' in its Winter 1999 edition. xiv) A review of Sandra Bloom's book 'Creating Sanctuary: Toward the Evolution of Sane Societies', was published by Amazon Books (August 1999). xv) The Australian cultural studies magazine Media and Culture (Qld.) features an interview with Ian in its September 1999 edition. xvi) Riding the Meridian (US), featured an interview with Ian (among other poets and writers) in its October 1999 edition - see "Round Robin Discussion Series". xvii) Humanitas (put out by the National Endowment for the Humanities, Washington D.C.) published the essay 'Acedia, Tristitia and Sloth: Early Christian Forerunners to Chronic Ennui' in its late1999 edition of the journal. To go to National Humanities Institute (Washington D.C.) and to Humanitas.] NB: This essay is also available for download for around $6US from xviii) An interview with Ian entitled "Dennis Lillee, Spinal Tap and the Nomadic Life: An Interview with Ian Irvine" was published by the Booksurge/GU publishing site in Sept. 2000. xix) 'Reassessing the Jindyworobaks', an essay, was accepted for publication in Tirra Lirra literary journal - unfortunately the journal folded before the piece was actually published. xx) The Bendigo Magazine published an interview with Ian in its December 2006 edition. xxi) US religious group published 'Acedia, Tristitia and Sloth: Early Christian Forerunners to Chronic Ennui' as part of a monk's workshop, California, US, 2003.

xxii) Jacket Magazine published an interview conducted by Ian with US poet Clayton Eshleman in its late 2008 edition (online). xxiii) The Price of Experience, a compendium of poems, interviews, translations, reviews, essays, etc. by US National Book Award winning poet, Clayton Eshleman. Contains: 'An Interview with Clayton Eshleman' conducted in 2007-08 by Ian Irvine. Black Widow Press, US, November 2012. 3) Short Stories/ Anecdotal Non-Fiction Stories i) Ngapartji Writers Site (South Australia), featured the short story ‘The Orpheus Plague’ (currently being extended as a novel). ii) Curiosity's Escape (US) featured 'The Artist and the Phoenix' in its November 1998 edition. iii) Southern Ocean Review (NZ) featured ‘Theresa Jones’ in its July 1999 edition [print and online]. iv) Baacchor Magazine (Los Angeles), featured 'The Phantom Library' in its November 1999 edition [print]. v) The anecdotal story 'Dennis Lillee, Robert Burns and the Big Centre Forward', featured in the print anthology Dad Stories published by Dokter Press, August 2007. vi) Southern Ocean Review (NZ) featured 'Trevor Franklin Refuses to Allow me to Impress my Teacher', January 2008, edition 46. [print and online]. D) Conference Papers, Public Talks/Performances,

Symposia, etc. (sample)
* Judge of 'Bendigo Poetry Slam' (with Tru Dowling, Kevin Brophy and Emilie Zoey Baker), at the Bendigo Writers Festival Aug. 12th 2012. * Launch of Scintillae 2012 at the Bendigo Writers Festival, Aug 11th 2012. * 'Interview with grunge writer and poet, Neil Boyack', Bendigo Writers Festival, Aug 11th 2012. * 'Trickster Gods and the Quantum Muse: Creativity in a Quantum Universe (Philosophy in the Library series, Central Goldfields Library Corp.) - June 2012. * 'Poetry Performance' Newstead Short Story Tattoo [With Dr. Sue King-Smith], 2011. * Poetry contributor to 'Tongue-a-torium' a symposia of visual artists, poets, writers, etc. held at the Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford on February 7th 2010. [Organiser berni m janssen]. * Contributor to 'Contemplating Gold' (in conjunction with Punctum Inc.) a multimedia performance featuring images of the landscape of the Central Victorian goldfields as well as reflections by local people on the role of money in their lives. Venue & Date: Castlemaine, on the evenings of Saturday, December 5th and Sunday, December 6th (4 public performances/screenings), 2009. * 'Undue Voice: Tremor' - a conversation in poetry and sound

between: Emilie Collyer, Ian Irvine, John Jenkins, berni m janssen & Daniel Buess and James Hullick (Buggatronics, Switzerland). Organised by Punctum : Undue Voice. Castlemaine, August 2009. * Poetry Performance - 'Static' (part of the Going Down Swinging launch) - with Alicia Sometimes, Nathan Curnow, Sean M. Whelan among others. November 2008. * 'Hermes Leads the Way: Active Imagination and the Philosopher's Stone' (Bendigo Writers Council) - August 2008. * 'The Jindyworobaks' ('Spectres, Screens, Shadows, Mirrors, ASAL conference, University of Western Australia, Perth) - July 2006 * Chair for the panel: 'Music and Traditions in Australia' (Panel participants: Gerry Gill, Kutcha Edwards, Therese Virtue). Part of 'Music, Community & Justice' conference hosted by La Trobe University (Bendigo) and convened by Dr Sue Gillett. September 2006. * 'Ghost Poem: A Case of Upper Paleolithic Deja Vu': talk and performance meditating on the work of US poet Clayton Eshleman, (Melbourne University, for 'Antithesis' 'Deja Vu' conference) - July, 2006. * Performance of the poem 'A Poet Shakes the Silver Branch' at the Spud Poetry Award announcement night held at Koroit, Victoria, Australia, January 2006. The poem was short-listed for the award. * 'How Universal the Rights of Humans? - Politics and Poetics in John Kinsella's Seven Essays on Linguistic Disobedience' ('Alchemy' conference, organised by the AAWP, as well as Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and Curtin Univerity. Perth Western Australia) - November 2005. * 'Writing and the Unconscious' (Bendigo Writers Council) November 2005. * 'Panel of Writers [Discussing various genres]' (Bendigo Writers Council - 2003) [with Dianne Dempsey, John Holton, Lorraine Marwood and Estelle Randall. * 'Publishing on the Internet' (Ballarat Writers Council 2001 & Bendigo Writers Council, Sept. 2000). [With Dr Sue King-Smith] * 'The Impact of the Digital Revolution on the Humanities' (for The Bendigo Shakespeare Society) [With Dr Sue King-Smith] 2000. E) Music and Radio i) Recording of 6 new songs with experimental band Interstitium: Golem, See How Still She Sleeps, Red-brick Graveyard, Cosmic Suicide, Fallen Woman & Gift of Pace. Recorded performances of around fifty songs with the alternative rock band Goya's Child. In 1993 the tape/album Goya's Child (Self Titled) was released, and featured the songs 'Haunted Lullaby', 'Evil', 'With the Muse' and 'The Arabian'. Recordings of 'She Must be Sleeping' and 'Words of Warning' were also played on various Australian radio stations.19911994 [The Australian cybergrunge movie Freedom Deep







featured a sound track by Goya's Child (recorded after Ian left the band) - 5 or so reworked versions of songs Ian had previously co-written and performed live with the band appear on the movie soundtrack – distributed internationally in Video and DVD editions.] Along with Di Dempsey Ian appeared a number of times (between 2001-2002) on ABC Regional’s Drive Time Show discussing such diverse topics as Postmodernism, Literary Movements, Can People be Taught to Write? and so on. Phoenix FM Central Victoria (89.5FM) - January 2008 (8pm9pm), 'Experimental Literatures', test broadcast for possible radio show hosted by Ian Irvine. Pilot featured discussion of the L=a=n=g=u=a=g=e Poets and an interview with Victorian poet Sue King-Smith. Phoenix FM Central Victoria - (89.5FM) October 2008 (12am4am) James Roberts (on his show Crazy Words: talking writing) interviewed Ian. 2 songs with music and/or lyrics by Ian were played during the interview: 'Haunted Lullaby' (1993 recording by Goya's Child) and 'Cosmic Suicide' (by Ian Irvine/Lethe). Ian also read his poems 'Karuna' and 'Stall the Enigma' during the show as well as poems by a number of poets. Another of his songs, 'The New Australia', was played several times on the Crazy Words show during October. Phoenix FM Central Victoria - (89.5FM) July 2009 (10pm1am) James Roberts (on his show Crazy Words: talking writing) interviewed Ian who read a number of his poems including: 'Josephus Speaks of the Christ' and 'The White Goddess in the Sybil's Cave' from Translating the Classics, as well as 'Literary Theory', 'Poem for Georg Trakl', 'Infinite Poetry in Full Manifestation', 'What is Poetry? Poetry is ...'and 'The End of the World'. Phoenix FM Central Victoria - (89.5FM) several appearances on Crazy Words leading up to the inaugural Bendigo Writers’ Festival. Discussions re: ‘Trickster Gods and the Quantum Muse’ talk, the Bendigo Writers’ Festival line-up & performance of poems from ‘Coral Reveries: Darwinian Poetics’ (June and July 2012).

F) Journal Co-Editor
* Co-editor of Scintillae 2012 Literary Anthology - launched at the inaugural Bendigo Writers Festival (August 2012). Contains 75 works by 52 contributors. The journal celebrates innovative writing in Central and Northern Victoria. Co-editors: Dr. Tom McWilliam, Tru Dowling and Peter Wiseman (Designer). * Coeditor 'Painted Words' (2005-2012) - poetry, short stories and creative non-fiction by students studying towards the Cert IV PWE or the Diploma of PWE at Bendigo TAFE. There have been seven editions to date. Ian has shared coeditor duties over the 8 editions - most recently with: Dr Tom McWilliam, Peter Wiseman (also the journal's Designer), Tru Dowling, Penny Sell & Sharon Kemp. Ian also co-edited of 'Brit Bits' (2002) an earlier

PWE journal. * Co-editor of the international literary ejournal 'The Animist', 1998-2001 (7 Editions). Note: The Animist is archived by the Australian National Library, Canberra under the Pandora e-text preservation program. Co-editors: Dr Sue King-Smith& John Holton.

G) Published Articles, Reviews, Poems and Stories for The Animist (1998-2001 – 7 editions)
(Archived by The Australian National Library Canberra under the Pandora e-text preservation program)

i) 'Notes Toward a New Paganism', April 1998, (article/essay). ii) 'A Sympathetic Critique of Reichian Theory', April 1998 (article/essay). iii) 'Clouds Over Indonesia: Political Change and the Asian Economic Crisis', April, 1998 (anecdotal piece). iv) 'The Australian Disease', April, 1998 (article). v) 'The Problem With the Word Culture in a Postmodern Age', April, 1998 (article). iv) Review of Boredom: The Literary History of a State of Mind by Patricia Spacks, April 1998. vii) 'How Haggis of Karunga Became an Artist', April 1998 (anecdotal piece/story). viii) Three poems: 'Seymour Krim's Madness: Apple Sauce and Pork with Attitude', 'Coming Down from Borobudor' and 'Golden Angels', April, 1998. ix) 'Towards an Ethnopoetics of Multimedia Writing', July 1998 (editorial/article). x) Review of Bernard Cohen's novel Snowdome, July, 1998. xi) 'Fantasies of a Postmodern Feudal State: Of Chickens, Eggs and Turnips', July, 1998 (article). xii) Five Reviews (Reworked): Cheyne The English Malady, Healy Boredom, Self and Culture, Kuhn The Demon of Noontide: Ennui in Western Literature, Klapp Boredom and Overload and Berman The Re-enchantment of the World, July, 1998. xiii) 'The Jungian Archetypes as Projected Anthropomorphic Needs Expectations', July 1998 (article). xiv) 'An Interview with Sherry Anne Jacobs (Shannah Jay)', July 1998 (interview). xv) 'Unfinished Business: Notes Toward a new Utopianism', October 1998 (editorial/article). xvi) Various social/anecdotal pieces including: 'The Mother of all Epiphanies', 'Stocking up on Compassion: Avoiding the Blood Tide', 'Do Not Tresspass in the Dragon's Lair', and 'Twenty Five Year Old Children', October 1998 (anecdotal/articles). xvii) 'The Vision Quest in a Postmodern World', February 1999 (editorial) xviii) 'Interview with Australian Writer and Academic Sara Douglass', February, 1999 (interview). xix) 'Black Melancholy: Medieval Premonitions of the Modern World'.

February, 1999 (essay). xx) 'The Age of the Geeks', a review of Damien Broderick's The Last Mortal Generation (July 1999). xxi) 'Notes Toward a General Theory of Alienation: Alienation as a form of Chronic Ennui'. July 1999 (essay). xxii) Text to accompany 'Parts is Parts' - images by David Wagenfeld. (July, 1999). xxiii) 'Vertigo: Staring Into the Abyss of a New Millennium'. July 1999 (editorial).

H) Miscellaneous Longer Academic Works and Unpublished Works in Progress
1) Academic Works (Completed for Assessment Purposes): i) Uncomfortably Numb: The Emergence of the Normative Ennui Cycle, Phd. Thesis/ Non-fiction book, copyright (c) 1994-1998 all rights reserved. [Copies available from University Library, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia.] ii) The Fall of the Sacred Poet, non-fiction work (longish essay), copyright (c) 1993 all rights reserved. (Honors thesis – Grade: First Class). iii) The Development of the Witch Archetype in Medieval Europe. Longish essay, begun 1992. 3rd Year research paper. 2) Current Print Work in Progress * N.E.F. Therapy: A Relational-Quantum Approach to Psychology, non-fiction academic. * The Isle of Ruins, novel, copyright (c) 1996- all rights reserved. * The City of Quartz, a novel. * Lovina Beach, play, copyright (c) 1996-98 all rights reserved. * Objects, play, copyright (c) 1996-98 all rights reserved. * Selected Poetry of Ian Irvine 1984-2013, poetry collection. #An article about e publishing and Ian’s book, by Dianne Dempsey, appeared in The Sunday Age (Melbourne Victoria) in September 2000.

I) Employment - Lecturer/Teacher Creative Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences [1994 to present]
* Qualifications Coordinator (Assistant Head of Department) for various courses in the Department of Creative Arts, Music and Writing, Faculty of Design and Sustainability, Bendigo TAFE (Bendigo and Castlemaine campuses). Also teacher in PWE program. [Date: 2010-present]. * Part-time teacher in the Professional Writing and Editing program at Victoria University (St Albans campus, Melbourne, Australia). [Date: from July 2012] * Teacher Diploma of Community Services (Subjects: Psychology 1 & 2) Bendigo TAFE. [Date: 2000-2012].

*Program Director/Teacher, Professional Writing and Editing (Advanced Diploma, Diploma and Cert IV levels). Subjects taught: Novel, Poetry, Culture and Creativity, Myths and Symbols for Writers, Creative Non-Fiction, Popular Fiction, Short Story, Editing, etc. BRIT, Bendigo and Castlemaine campuses. [Date: 2000-2010]. *Course coordinator (Assistant to the KLO) and teacher various courses to Cert IV level - BRIT Koorie Unit. [Date: 1999-2003]. *Lecturer/Tutor in Medieval History, Early Modern History and Contemporary Social Issues, La Trobe University (Bendigo, Mildura & Shepparton). [Date: 1994-1999]. * Festival Organising Committee member (representing Bendigo TAFE) for the inaugural and highly successful (after 160 years) 'Bendigo Writers Festival', August 10th to 12th, 2012 [Fellow committee members: Rosemary Sorensen (of the Bendigo Weekly), Dr. Sue Gillett (La Trobe University), John Charalambous (writer/novelist), Dawn Rasmussen (Bendigo Writers Council), Dr. Sarah Mayer-Coxs (La Trobe University) and Dianne Dempsey (Bendigo Advertiser). * Member statewide 'PWE Coordinators Committee' (2009-2012) advising to Skills Victoria etc. on curricula for various Professional Writing and Editing courses (Cert IV PWE 21674VIC, Dip PWE 21675VIC and new Dip. PWE 22091VIC) delivered by Victorian TAFES and Uni-Tafes. * Has assessed numerous PhDs, MAs and Honors Theses on Humanities and Creative Writing topics (2000-2012). * Extensive list of many of the lectures, presentations and public talks I've delivered since 1994. Disciplines: Medieval History, Psychology, Fiction Writing, Poetry Writing, Creativity and Culture, Mythological Motifs for Contemporary Writers, Origins of Postmodern Ennui, etc.

J) Qualifications
Holds: PhD in Human Relations/Cultural Studies (La Trobe University, 1999), BA Humanities - Honors (First Class) (LTUB 1994) and BA Humanities (LTUB,1993 with credits from Auckland University, 1982-83). Also possesses: Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing; Diploma of VET Teaching Practice; Cert IV TAA; Cert IV PWE and a Cert IV Small Business Management.

K) CRICKET CAREER (1980-1985)
See international Cricket Archive listing for Ian Irvine to access various representative games I played in between 1980 and 1984 (covers New Zealand, UK and Australian matches).
Representative Teams (Province, County and International 1980-1985) (selected as an opening bowler) Auckland Province, Under-19s national competition (NZ) 1981-1982 New Zealand Under-19s (Kookaburra Shield tour to Canberra, Australia 1981-1982). Auckland Province, Under-19s national competition (NZ) 1982-83 New Zealand Under-19s (Barclay's Bank tour to Perth Western Australia 1982-83) Auckland Province Under-22s national competition (NZ) 1983-1984 Auckland Province 2nd 11 National Championship, (NZ) 1983-1984 Worcestershire 2nd 11, National Championship (UK) 1984

Worcestershire Under 25s 40 over 1 day national championship (UK) 1984 Auckland Province (NZ) summer 1985 (1 match v Northern Districts 11)

L) Miscellaneous Biography
* Ian was recently interviewed for 'Into the Middle of Things: a Timecapsule of Australia in 2012' by two Brisbane documentary makers David Ridley and Martin Inglis. Extracts from the interview made on October 4th 2012 at Bendigo TAFE (as well as dozens of other interviews related to the documentary and details of the trip undertaken by David and Martin) are due up online in 2013. * See also The Bendigo Weekly feature article (online version): A Man of his Words, Friday September 3rd 2010 by Ben Cameron.