(Urdu Afsana


(English Translated Version)

Naeem Baig
All Rights Reserved @ 2013 Urdu Afsana/ Short Stories by Naeem Baig skanz.ex@gmail.com

Passed days, spoken words, and lost pages of the memory and life’s history that were buried silently deep inside subconscious, sometime surface like beautiful happenings with sensational honest sentiments that help stimulate the human emotions without being influenced by contemplative believes. Don’t be surprised I’m not going to tell anything beyond human’s imagination. But whatsoever I’m going to tell you, it might be a pleasant and fragranced metaphorical sign. Yet I believe when such sign expand its existence and come out of his own entity then it brushes quickly a wind of hope on the frozen and motionless faces and they began moving having felt its magnificence and generosity, and afar standing nature smiles on those faces without having contact eyes into eyes with them. Permit me to explain how it happened. It was twenty years back when money’s value has not been so deteriorated in the market. It was a pleasant morning of December. Mr. Badaruddin was disposing of his daily routine work sitting in his glass cabin as Bank Manager. It was a big branch of a famous bank of the city. A person entered into the cabin of Mr. Badaruddin. He was an old and valued client of the bank and for that decency and decorum Mr. Badaruddin stood up from his chair to welcome him. The man was holding a cheque for rupee five million and wanted to encash it. Since it was a big transaction and the client had not informed earlier for arranging cash. Mr. Badaruddin, thus, asked him whether he has made some security arrangement for carrying this cash out from the branch. The man was perhaps in some hurry, he didn’t bother for the security instead he insisted for the cash as early as possible. He told Mr. Badaruddin that he has parked his car just outside the branch and he would soon be shifting the cash into his car himself once he got it. Mr. Badaruddin did not want to annoy the client so he didn’t argue with him and ordered his staff to supply the cash and after couple of minutes’ three large size paper bags full of currency of five million rupee were ready on the table for its delivery to the client. Mr. Badaruddin just looked inside the bags and asked the client to check and count the money as it was asked customarily to the clients. The man smiled and thanked Mr. Badaruddin and lifted the bags from the table and stacked it with his chest holding with one hand around and walked hurriedly outside the bank. After a few minutes a cashier from the cash department came inside the Mr. Badaruddin’s cabin. A man in dirty wrinkled trouser and shirt wearing an open-toed pair of sandal, tall and strong built, was accompanying the cashier. He had wide grey extended beard with uncombed long grumbled hair. He looked alike a beggar. The cashier said, “Sir, this man is holding a packet of fifty thousand rupee cash and insisting us for its change into small denomination of rupee ten and fifty.” Mr. Badaruddin gazed the man intently and since it was a bizarre request, Mr. Badaruddin asked him. “Yes, gentleman what would you do with the small change?” “Didn’t the cashier tell you? I want change it into rupee fifty and ten’s notes as I will distribute it to the people in the name of God.” The man said serenely.

Mr. Badaruddin amazed by his reply, just asked him wittily, “Where from you got this money?” In fact Mr. Badaruddin wanted to secure the bank before this bonafide transaction took place. “God has sent me this money.” The man said in the same tone. Mr. Badaruddin nodded in incredible expression. But his face negated of his own as it looked skeptical. Nevertheless, he pointed his finger toward cashier to accede the request of the gentleman provided the bills are genuine one. That flared up the man. “Do you think, God would send me fake bills, you don’t trust on Him.” Mr. Badaruddin as being seasoned and polished banker had never given a chance of someone’s shout in the bank. He managed his anger arose inside and became swayed to the man and said. “No sir, I didn’t mean it, but you know it’s my duty to check legality of the currency bills tendered in the bank. So I was complying with the law not distrusting on your God.” The man replied, “Just check the bills, it’s issued from your bank and do satisfy yourself.” It shocked Mr. Badaruddin. He took the packet from cashier. It has bank’s stamp s on its back with the date and place of issue, undeniable evidence. Amid Mr. Badaruddin’s dubious thoughts about this gentleman, his telephone banged. He waved the cashier to proceed with the transaction. The man followed the cashier and both left the cabin. “Yes, Badaruddin speaking,” His soft voice responded the call. He leaned back on the chair and relaxed his shoulders. It was the same client who had withdrawn five million rupees from the bank just half an hour before. Mr. Badaruddin quickly straightened up in the chair and concentrated on the call. “Is everything ok sir? I’m sure you’re safe and reached your destination.” He asked. “Yes, indeed, it’s all right, I’m in my office and everything is alright. Money is in safe hands. But it was a very fortunate day for me as I just escaped from being looted outside of your bank.” The client said. “What happened? How? I told you to be careful and asked you for the security, but you didn’t listen to me.” Mr. Badaruddin was almost hysterical. “When I stepped outside of your bank,” the client told Mr. Badaruddin. “I didn’t know from where this plunderer came from and he suddenly stopped me spreading his arms open and asked me to give him some money in the name of God. There was no chance to get rid of him. For a while I thought and concluded that if I didn’t give some money he might snatch all the money. So I picked one packet of rupee fifty thousand from one of the envelopes stacked with my chest and gave it to him. Mr. Badaruddin, there was no chance that I could safe myself from this robber, unless I gave him full packet beyond his imagination. He took the packet and became stunned with his wide opened eyes and I drove safely from the scene and now reached to my office and calling you. “ Mr. Badaruddin kept silent and quietly hung the phone. Thereafter so many days he was absent from the Bank. ******

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