Spot the error in these sentences and write them properly: 1. I am usually coming to school by bus. 2.

She does her homework now. 3. My friends come tonight at 8.00. 4. Which this book belong to? 5. I said her I have crashed the car. 6. "We had reserve a room in this hotel; will we take it now?" 7. After I was doing my homework, I went to a film with my friends. 8. When she had seen the spider, she screamed. 9. She musts to be there soon. 10. You should talked to him yesterday. 11. Will I open the window for you? 12. The book should have returned to the library. 13. Did he was told about the concert? 14. This suit made in Japan. 15. Who did crash the car? 16. Did you played basketball last week?. 17. How much it costs? 18. Do you can to be here tomorrow? 19. Robert, strangely, who dog is a bulldog, bit his neighbour while the dog wag his tail 20. She said me to go and get the newspaper. 21. He asked me where did I buy my new car. 22. I don´t understand all what you are saying.

23. You can have anything what you want. 24. Young people in Spain, many of them are unemployed, often move to the cities bigs in search of work. 25. Despite of the rain , we went on a picnic. 26. Although the difficult exams, I managed to pass them. 27. She enjoy differents kinds of music like jazz, rock and reggae. 28. If I have money, I would travel more. 29. If he knew maths better, he´ll study Statistics. 30. She wouldn´t buy it if she had known the price. 31. I recommend that you´ll go to the Grand Hotel. 32. It´s important that we made a decision as soon possible. 33. You won´t be able to film the eclipse unless you´ll use special equipment. 34. If i knew about it yesterday, I would have told you. 35. If he would have more time, he could finish. 36. The Spanish mades the Indians to dig holes 37. I rather do it myself. 38. I´d rather we will go to the picnic. 39. You better listen to her. 40. Will you open the television? 41. I went to the hairdresses's to cut my hair Spot the error in these phrases or sentences and write them properly: 1. They quite like studing but prefer plaing. 2. They are comeing to the party. 3. She is takeing an umbrella. 4. John said, that he couldn't come to our party. 5. I couldn't believe my eyes, when I saw him. 6. I liked very much going to classes.

7. They enjoy very much learning new things. 8. In Paris lived John. 9. In my house do not eat humburgers 10. My mother asked me when did I arrive. 11. I'd like to know what are the subjects and what are the books. 12. Things more important than... 13. Children very poor. 14. A wall very high. 15. I am a man very busy. 16. Many people adult. 17. The April blue sky; 18. A team loyal supporter. 19. They only can send us three books. 20. I'm sure that always I will remember these years. 21. If everyone thinks that never there will be changes. 22. I didn't enjoy going back so late. Neither he did. 23. We'll go to Paris this week end. So they will. 24. If you have a job, is difficult to go to the university. 25. I think is better... 26. I think is an advantage... 27. But is very probable... 28. How difficult is for people... 29. Studying at home it is very boring. 30. People who they think of changing the modern world are like parents of many years ago... 31. I have so many reasons to give you, but I think the main is ... 32. England has something called Open University and I don't know if France has a similar to the British.... 33. I do not can go to school 34. They not go to school if their parents aren't rich. 35. They not could play with their friends. 36. Children that don't can go to school are unfortunate. 37. He may call not tonight. 38. He advised me to don't go. 39. They recommended that didn't going. 40. They needn't pay nothing. 41. Without telling them nothing. 42. There isn't nobody in the room. 43. Without being dishonest with nobody. 44. I wil not never go to Thailand. 45. There isn't somebody who can help you to do it. 46. I haven't got something money 47. I think no. 48. I don't hope so. 49. He didn't have to pay any money and the poor lads didn't too. 50. They didn't go to the cinema. Neither me.

51. The Open University was founded to make easier studying. 52. lt made me to interest. 53. School enjoyed to me. 54. I wouId like me very much. 55. It likes me. 56. There aren't a good contact. 57. In St Andrew School was a little boy. 58. We used to getting up very early. 59. They use to read a lot when they are on holiday. 60. They are agree with us. (Ellos están de acuedo con nosotros) 61. I didn't tell him, about it for if the flies. (No se lo dije por si las moscas). 62. I have fifteen years old. 63. It does cold. 64. This is far too difficult to be done. 65. I was completely agreed. 66. Alex is disagree with them. 67. He lives in Madrid since 1991. 68. Anne has gone to the cinema yesterday. 69. He opened a school in a poor area for helping those children. 70. They sent application forms for to enter the university. 71. We want to go to the party for to have a good time 72. There is a system for solve the problem. 73. The only thing we can do is see it on TV 74. I would like to send me some information. 75. I want that you would call me on Monday. 76. If men were ignorant, they will do all which the government wants. 77. If it would exist, it will be a fantastic idea. 78. I'd like to know when are the exams. 79. I'd like to know what are the subjects and what are the books. Spot the error in these phrases or sentences and write them properly: 1. A education, a institution, a hour. An university, an usual thing, an special kind. They live in a poor districts, go to a normal classes. They were a nice people. 2. I bought this for you with a great love. 3. I'd like to become lawyer. 4. The most important thing is the happiness. 5. Children go to the school. 6. The boys don't like school. 7. Foots, mans, childrens. Children was nice. People is friendly in Hawaii. We ate two fishes.

8. They lived in poors houses. All the participants belong to differents countries. Those gardens are similars to the British ones. News things are being invented every day. 9. This two points. This English children. This persons. That people. This lessons. 10. My friends live in York. His parents are teachers. My school is in Palencia. Your name is Jorge Manrique School. I can remember my first teacher. Your name was Sue Ellen. This school is for adults who want to increase his knowledge. 11. Yours services are no longer required. My future is in our hands. 12. She had so much friends. There was so many work to do. I learnt much things at school. We had to read much papers. There are much problems to solve. I would gíve them very reasons. 13. University professors teach fews disciplines. I can have some of spare time. I have few spare time. They are happy with a little things. 14. He wanted to open another schools. We could do others things. The others systems were not successful. I don't like another friends. 15. I learnt rather things. I learnt sufficient things. They didn't have the enough conditions. I'd start with enough interest. 16. Travelling by bus is more cheaper. Mary is more prettier than Sue. 17. I think this is much more easy. 18. It is more interesting that working. Governments can control better ignorant people that people with studies. 19. The Britain government. The Spain people 20. The germany students 21. Poor people were only interesting in their terrible situation. I am very interesting in courses This is a very interested book. 22. The government wanted them to be ignorants. It is necessary to teach the ignorants.

23. The Frenchs are... 24. Anne gave John a present but he didn't like her. I would tell they about it. We bought some presents for they. A friend of them came to visit us. 25. A friend of yours came to visit our 26. We couldn't find it nowhere. They didn't tell somebody. 27. They went all on the same trip. They all are ready. 28. In this life all is much more difficult than we think. 29. There are people which think that children shouldn't work. 30. People that they have gone to university are better trained. 31. They invented a system which it used boys as teachers. 32. The children that his parents could not pay the school... 33. Ignorant people do that others want them to do. 34. It was created in order to give opportunities to some adults that they have not had. 35. There are still adults which cannot write their names. 36. There are a lot of people they don't know how to read. 37. When I was a child, I go to school with my mother. So Mr Been, concerned by this affair, create this school in a poor district. I have had a lot of friends who have help me a lot. 38. When I growed up, I decided to live by myself. He falled in love. They knowed what to do. 39. I must to go at once. I would said ... They could learned something everyday. He could taught a big number of boys and girls. He could not to pay teachers. What will the cause are? 40. They will can pass the exam if they study harder. You will must come earlier. 41. I must study yesterday. He thought that children must be educated. They should had told us. 42. Hey! All listened the news about the discovery. We waited him at the entrance, but there were so many people that we could not see him. When he entered into the room, he realized everybody had left. 43. He is tired of learn English. You can't pass the exams without go to classes. I'm interested in study. I have breakfast before to go to school. They are used to go to the cinema twice a week.

44. I would rather to know the truth. I must to buy it too. You can to see what you want. 45. I would like know who the responsible person is. I would want know more about your school. I would like you send me more information about your company. I prefer go by car. I hope receive your letter soon. 46. Children was ... People is... Notes was... He thoughts ... He think... He tell me that... Ignorant people has not a critical point of view. The Open University haves many advantages. The teacher didn't explains correctly. There are a High School in our village. They was a children. 47. She is so nice person. We had such lovely time in Bermuda. I was such tired that I fell asleep. 48. We'll see you in Monday. They arrived to Madrid very late. They wanted to explain it me. He was very interested with listening to his lecture. It depends of you. I like reading and playing with my computer at free time. I'll go at London on summer. This is very similar at what happened to me yesterday. John was in house. Paul would like to study in the university. They live far of the university. Laura works of teacher. David prefers study than working. This is different of that. According with the text, the statement is false.

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