Twilight Chapter 3 from Carlisle’s Perspective

Carlisle’s point of view when Bella is rushed to the emergency room
By: Leeza Micolo

Today was as normal as any day. The hospital was relatively quiet the first few hours, after all, it was merely 6:00 AM and half of the people of Forks were barely stirring in their beds. After checking an elderly patient’s blood pressure, I was able to steal away a few moments to myself. I glided down the hallways of the hospital, and reached a mahogany-wood door. On it was a gold plaque reading “Dr. Carlisle Cullen, gifted physician and father”. Being greeted by that every day and knowing that I was doing everything in my ability to help people, rather than hurt, which would be easy, was reward enough. Anything else would be extra. “Dr. Cullen”. Said a nurse dressed in a simple pink nurse’s uniform, “This is from Mrs. Smith, she sends her thanks”. She handed me a cup of hot coffee. “Thank you Marcy, and tell Mrs. Smith it was no problem”. After Marcy had left, I gathered the coffee and a clip board with today’s appointments, and headed to the sink, that was located in the small bathroom in the back of my office. I deposited the contents of the cup down the drain. I stood immobile for a few moments, effortlessly memorizing my day’s schedule, and thinking about Edward, who was on my mind a lot the past week. Edward wasn’t acting quite like himself lately. He always looked to be someplace else. It pained me to see my son so lost. Emmet and Jasper had been bestowed the loves of their lives. I had my wonderful Esme who I adored more than anyone I had ever laid eyes on in my existence. Edward, my pride and joy had never found love. If only he could meet someone that would bring out the best in him, he would truly be rid of his perpetual

lonelinessthat sometimes made him a completely different person. Edward deserved that much. Edward had confided in me that he almost caved in to the scent of a human’s blood. He nearly lost control. Although Edward and I had an unspoken understanding, I couldn’t fully see how intent he was on resisting this girl’s blood. He said that she was the Chief Swan’s daughter, the “new girl” in Forks. Edward had never had that much difficulty in trying not to lose control, but I could see from his frantic black eyes that he found it especially difficult in the presence of this girl. I could tell that he wasn’t that keen on discussing the details, so I listened and offered a bit of advice as well. I told him to remember how far he had come, and the consequences of succumbing to his thirst, moreover, the inexplicable guilt he would feel after would be overwhelming, even maddening. Something broke me free from my concentration. The resounding knock on my office door told me that it was time to get to work. In a few massive strides I was back at my cherry-wood desk, pretending to skim over some date collected from blood tests of donor’s with blood type A and O. “You may come in, Marcy”. I said, my voice pleasant. “Dr. Cullen, Mr. Stoning’s has arrived”. The nurse said in a cheerful voice. “Oh, I said, my warm smile slightly changing. “I have to break the news to Mr. Stoning that his cancer is in stage three, rather than two”. “I understand, Dr. Cullen.” Marcy said, mechanically. She had said that many times before. Almost reflexively, I smoothed out the expression. Regardless, human people wouldn’t be able to tell I was frowning with their weak eyesight. I often sympathized for mortals; they had to go through life unaware of the distinct difference of their vision compared to ours. They weren’t able to see the colors that only we could see, the colors that were still unbeknownst to humans. Maybe someday someone would find a way to improve human’s senses.

The day passed rather swiftly. I had the usual patients, and then a worried mother claiming that her son had something severely wrong with his left arm. “But I just know that something isn’t right, Dr. Cullen! The way he has been moving it lately.. There has to be something wrong!” She said. All the while the boy was absently staring at the transparent jar of lollipops on the counter of an examining room. I went about examining his arm thoroughly, comparing it to his right. After the X-rays came back, I had concluded that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the little boy’s arm. “Ms. Hyde, thankfully, nothing seems to be wrong with Jeffry’s arm”. “Are you sure?” she asked. It almost as if he wanted something to be ailing to child. “Positively”. I said with a chuckle. I handed a cherry flavored lollipop to the boy. He looked anxious to get out of here but he managed an inaudible “Thanks” that I of course could hear. I winked. I was alerted that there had been an accident in Forks High’s parking lot. “Dr. Cullen, Edward is here”. A nurse said. Now I was interested. It wasn’t like Edward to leave school like that. He did miss quite a bit of it for hunting purposes, but he would never purposely cut. I walked down the hallway and saw a couple of Fork’s students on gurneys. The boy was wearing quite a bit of blood, and was apologizing profusely to the girl with the neck brace, who looked embarrassed. Before they even caught sight of me, I was telling the nurse to prepare for two new patients. Edward came to quickly summarize what had previously happened, to which I simply nodded. While the nurse was doing the routine procedures, I discussed the events which occurred just minutes ago with Edward. “You look better.” I said to Edward. He didn’t respond. “Ah, yes,” I stuck the X-rays to the lightboard. I see. She’s absolutely fine. Well done, Edward.” I said to my son. I was truly proud of his quick thinking, and his selflessness. I said in my mind “Look at all the healed contusions! How many times did her mother drop her?“ I laughed silently at my humor. “I’m beginning to think the girl just has really bad luck. Always at the wrong place, at the wrong time.”

Edward said. “Forks is certainly the wrong place for her, with you here.” I said, but my facial expression remained impassive. Did anyone see you stop the van?” I asked Edward in my mind. “No, Carlisle. Everything was such a blur, and besides, humans believe what you tell them. “What about Bella?” I continued. “She suspects something, but I am certain that I can keep her quiet”. Edward said. “Go ahead. Smooth things over. I’ll join you momentarily.” I said. I watched as Edward entered the room. While he joked with Bella, I saw something in him that I hadn’t seen in him along time –joy. He genuinely looked amused being in the Swan girl’s company. Maybe Edward would eventually come to love someone, or at least have a companion. I entered the room that many hospital beds had been crammed in, separated by pastel-patterned curtains. I watched as the Swan girl, mouth slightly agape, looked me over. “So, Ms. Swan,” “how are you feeling?” I said. “I’m fine,” she said. I laughed to myself at her standard response. I walked over to the lightboard on the wall over her head and turned it on. “Your Xrays look good. Does your head hurt? Edward said you hit it pretty hard.” Once again, she replied with “its fine.” I noticed that she threw a brief glance of annoyance Edward’s way. I pressed lightly along her head, being extra careful when I reached the bump that was beginning to protrude a little. I noticed her wince, and asked her, “Tender?” “Not really.” Bella said. I could see she wanted to get this over with. “Well, your father is in the waiting room – you can go home with him now. But come back if you feel dizzy or have trouble with your eyesight at all.” I said. She asked to continue the day in school, to which I replied “Maybe you should take it easy today.” I watched Bella get annoyed at the very thought of Edward being able to continue the day in school, while she would not. Edward said superiorly, “Someone has to spread the good news that we survived.” Actually,” I corrected, “most of the school seems to be in the waiting room.” The Swan girl looked to be feeling a mixture of

embarrassment and ashamed. I raised one of my brows, “Do you want to say?” I said coyly. She fervently replied “No, No!” and hoisted herself off the bed. She wobbled while trying to stay on her feet, but the quick movement caused her to stagger, and I caught her in my arms. I looked at her intently, questioning whether she really was just “fine.” Humans really were very breakable. “I’m fine,” she said, as if she were confirming my thoughts. “Take some Tylenol for the pain,” I suggested. Although she was trying to put on a brave front, she would need something to dull the pain that was to come later. The girl said, “It doesn’t hurt that bad.” “It sounds like you were extremely lucky.” I said with a smile. I then signed her release chart in perfect script. This girl was more intuitive than I would have given her credit for. “Lucky Edward happened to be standing next to me.” She said. I noticed that she heavily emphasized on the word happened. I turned to the male patient, Tyler, who looked to be in much worse condition than the Swan girl, but stable. “I’m afraid that you’ll have to stay with us just a little bit longer.” I could tell he was the type that bored easily. I tended to his wounds carefully, avoiding on missing a cut or scrape. Once I bandaged him with thicker, new white gauze, I said to him “Just a couple of tests and you’ll be out of here in no time.” He almost immediately relaxed. And so the rest of the day proceeded in an orderly fashion, mainly uneventful. I thought about the way Edward gazed at Bella, the way his eyes seemed to follow her every movement. He looked protective over her. I wondered where this friendship would go. I had my theories, but only time will tell.

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