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Introduction • You are on stage. • But that stage is very crowded: ✓ Fact: There are more than 164 million blogs. ✓ Fact: There were more than 1.5 million books published last year. Amazon has more than 27 million books in its database. ✓ Fact: There are thousands of radio and television shows. ✓ Fact: Amateur videographers uploaded more video content to YouTube in the last 60 days than the three major networks produced in the first 60 years of their existence. • That’s why you need a platform. What is a platform? A platform is comprised of your contacts, prospects, customers, fans, and followers. • I got interested in platform-building because of three experiences: 1. Experience #1: As an author. 2. Experience #2: As a publisher. 3. Experience #3: As a blogger.
@MichaelHyatt “More video uploaded to YouTube in the last 60 days than the 3 major networks produced in TV’s first 60 years.” “All the world is a stage.”


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Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

• Here’s how my blog traffic grew:

Average Monthly Unique Visitors 347,000 261,000


59,000 43,000 110 225 450 700 20,000











• Four observations about this graph: 1. Observation #1: I blogged for four years before I broke 1,000 readers a month. 2. Observation #2: I hit a big inflection point in 2008. • Because I was blogging more consistently. • Because a few big websites picked me up. • Because I began using social media.


Michael Hyatt

3. Observation #3: I built a platform before I needed it. 4. Observation #4: It could have done it faster today if I had known then what I know now. • A platform provides you with four benefits: 1. Benefit #1: Visibility. 2. Benefit #2: Amplification. 3. Benefit #3: Connection. 4. Benefit #4: Options.

“Most people quit right before they are about to succeed!”


The Platform Framework It used to be that someone else owned the platform. You couldn’t get access to it, unless you could get past the gatekeepers. Social media changed all that. Now, for the first time in history, non-celebrities—people like you and me—can get noticed in an increasingly noisy world. Thesis: You can build a powerful, personal platform by taking just five steps:

1. Step #1: Start with WOW. a. Understand the power of word of mouth. Never forget: 1) Everyone has a megaphone. 2) Everyone is connected to everyone else. b. Exceed your customer’s expectations.
@David_Ogilvy “Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster.”

When people encounter your product, they have one of three experiences:


Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

1) Disappointment 2) Satisfaction 3) Wow c. Ship it! Remember: Perfectionism is the mother of procrastination.

2. Step #2: Prepare to launch.
“Perfectionism is the mother of procrastination.”

a. Accept personal responsibility for the outcome. b. Write down specific goals. c. Assemble your pit crew.


3. Step #3: Build your home base. a. Understand the social media framework. This consists of three parts: 1) Home base 2) Embassies 3) Outposts b. Focus on your home base.
“People lose their way when they lose their why.”

• Option #1: Blog (ex:, blogs/ genemundt) • Option #2: Podcast (ex:



Michael Hyatt

• Option #3: Vlog (ex: c. Remember: Content is the new marketing.

“Content is the new marketing.”


4. Step #4: Expand your reach. a. Kiss marketing goodbye. At least the kind that is: 1) Impersonal 2) Irrelevant 3) Unanticipated b. Share your passion. c. Be generous! Practice “The 20-to-1 Rule.” d. Establish your embassies. e. Get them to subscribe. Three Tactics: 1) Tactic #1: Make your sign-up form highly visible. 2) Tactic #2: Offer an incentive for subscribing. 3) Tactic #3: Design a branded e-mail template.

“What if marketing was just about sharing?”


5. Step #5: Engage your tribe. a. Understand the concept.


Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

You have a tribe when you have a group of people who share three charac“Generosity is a brilliant marketing strategy in the new economy.”

teristics: 1) Characteristic #1: They share your passion. 2) Characteristic #2: They are willing to follow your leadership.


3) Characteristic #2: They have a way of communicating with one another. Examples include: • Dave Ramsey fans • Apple customers • Harley Davidson enthusiasts b. Start a conversation. • You cannot build a tribe by delivering a monologue. • No, you build a tribe by leading a conversation. c. Monetize your platform. 1) Affiliate sales 2) Advertising 3) e-Books 4) Books 5) Speaking 6) A course 7) Membership site

Conclusion • The key to building a platform is to face your fear and start! • What would a platform make possible?


Michael Hyatt

✓ For you? ✓ For your business? ✓ For your future? • You’re here today for a reason. This is your time. Build your platform. Step up on stage. • We’re counting on you!

“The key to building a platform is to face your fear and START!”


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