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The Past Masters collections are either complete or very slow to change. There have been no updates since the initial load in 2010. Continue to check a couple of times a year. Each file has individual records plus a record for the set: 1) 2) 3) 4) British Philosophy: 1600-1900 (63 records) The Collected Works of John Dewey, 1882-1953 (first release) – not on website, supplied separately (38) The Continental Rationalists (6) Immanuel Kant: Gesammelte Schriften (Akademie-Ausgabe), I-XXIII aka Haukptwerke – not on website, supplied separately (20) 5) Political Philosophy: Machiavelli to Mill (19) -- 146 total as of 2/8/12 It’s not clear how one can easily determine if there are new/updated records. For those sets whose records are on the website you can check the site periodically, download the file of MARC records, and compare the number against what you know to be in the catalog.

Go to: http://www.nlx.com/collections
Double-click the desired collection Right-click “MARC Records” and Save Target As to the InteLex Past Masters folder Double-click the zip file to open it. Then delete the zip file. Within the folder for the set there is a separate folder for each MARC record. Consolidate them using MarcEdit MARCJoin: Source File: This is the file where the data will be saved. Give it the original file name followed by “joined,” e.g. britphil joined. File(s) to Join: This is the file or list of files to join to the destination file. Highlight all the files. This field has a character limit of 15000 characters so if the files selected are longer then that character buffer nothing will be returned. The record numbered 00 in the URL (it’s usually the second record) is for the entire set. ►We may already have a record for the entire set that was entered manually. Delete that record from the catalog (and OCLC if needed) prior to batch loading. The records have MARC-8 character encoding Check to see if there are formats other than books by clicking Reports--Material Type Report. If other text formats, use itemtype ELECTRONIC TEXT. 003’s are the same among all the files: VaCvNLX, which is fine. The 001’s are not unique, in fact every record in a set has the same code. For British Philosophy: 1600-1900 it’s PM00205. Create unique 001’s using the code for the set combined with the resource number in the URL. For example: 001: URL: Unique 001: PM00205 http://pm.nlx.com/xtf/view?docId=britphil/britphil.02.xml PM002057-02

► For The Rationalists the only record that has an 003 and 001 is the record for the set. Add the 003 and 001 to all the records. You can create unique 001’s manually as the number of records so far is small. To create unique 001’s in batch: 1) Copy 856 to 956. Retain the original 856. 2) Do Find--Replace to get rid of most of the 956:

Find: Replace: That leaves: =956 40$uhttp://pm. repeated 0 or more times.xml--at the end of the string to be saved in the capture group.xml says you want one example of a real character--in this case . In the replace field.nlx. =250 \\$aElectronic edition.xml: Find: =956 40(. =250 ##$aElectronic edition. One set had an odd 250 that needed fixing: Find: Replace: Delete any 506’s. That leaves: =956 40$u02 4) Using Swap Field.xml 3) Do another Find--Replace to get rid of the . Click Replace All. That leaves: =001 PM002057$02 5) Replace the $ with a hypen: Find: Replace: That leaves: =001 PM002057$ =001 PM002057=001 PM002057-02 You are done! (No doubt there is a more efficient way to do this.xml Replace: =956 40$1 Choose: Use regular expressions.. Leave these as is.g.*) searches for any char. . Do not create a set-specific 830. The (. Click Process.) There are no 035’s 245 fields have the set name followed by the title. Francis Bacon. British philosophy 1600-1900.*)\.com/xtf/view?docId=britphil/britphil. Novum Organum . =956 40$u =956 40$u02. and saved in a "capture group. append the contents of 956 |u to the end of the 001: Choose: Add to existing field. e." The \. we start with the same prefix =956 40 followed by the contents of the first capture group $1 and with no additional characters at the end of the string.

add this note to the MFHD 852: |z Individual titles also cataloged separately Some sets have generated load errors.imp file. Do not trace the set name as it appears at the beginning of the 245 The URL is a bit long. .Use Find--Replace to add a period at the end of 830 _0 |a Past masters. Bulk import rule: EB035 Operator ID: PASTMAST For the record for the entire set. Follow up in the err. Use Find--Replace to insert |z Click to access before |u.

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