Conic Section Photography

Your goal is to find and identify conic sections in the world. The first step is to take as many photos as you can of conic sections. When we return to the classroom: look through your photos, consider your options and choose 4 images (representing at least two different conic sections). Crop the photos if need be, then email them to yourself. You will be uploading them to a graphing program, plotting points and using what you know about conic sections to determine the equation that matches your photo. Finally, for one of the images, describe the process starting with taking the photo and ending with your equation. Don’t forget to include why you took the photo (how did you know it was a conic section?) and the information you used to find the equation (I want to know about preliminary attempts as well as the final version that worked). Image 1: •3 points •Equation Image 2: •3 points •Equation Image 3: •3 points •Equation Image 4: •3 points •Equation •at least two different conic sections (of the three types: ellipse, parabola, hyperbola) •Description for one image Technology: • Open GeoGebra (If you’re on a school computer it should already exist, search using the magnifying glass in the top right corner. Otherwise go to and download the program.) • Insert your image (Edit, Insert Image From) • Plot points either using the point tool or typing the coordinates into the Input bar at the bottom of the screen. (If you can’t see the input bar you need to switch to Algebra mode under the View menu) • Use what you know about conics to write an equation. • Type your equation the Input bar at the bottom of the screen. • If it matches, you’re done! If not, repeat until your curve matches. • Take a screenshot of the GeoGebra window including the list of points and equations. Present your 4 screenshots and your description in a word document or powerpoint. Save the file as [Your Name] Conics.doc or .ppt Submit via Drop It To Me: Password: math

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