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PART ONE Follow me on this one picture if you will a sparkling display on the gentle ripples of a lake where each brilliant flash of light represents a Miguel Angelo moment, when the tip of the finger of the Father touches soul into life. We are all astonished at those times when we are privileged to witness an event that carries with it a profound simplicity we simply respond with a sincere, heart-felt, Yes! Now, let us think for a moment about the sea of humanity . We find an enormous expanse so large and with so with many sparkling flashes of light, so many that we feel the need to shield our eyes at the reflecting surface of the water. We are overcome. And let us think that each one of those explosive sunspots is a single person, someone who represents the Imago Dei, someone who for that fleeting nanosecond is in complete synchronicity with their human role in the Divines eternal and infinite expression of a will that says only, Yes! Is there not something here that could serve to inform us and at the same time speak to us in ways that would humble us? We are in a new time is a phrase that has been with us for millennia and has always been true would it be that we could find other examples that could be accepted in like manner. We need sufficient faith that in just being, there resides a something that we can re-cognize, catch over and over again and know that we can know it, whatever it is,

again and again. There have been those who have said, This is what we are able to know about ourselves . Upon occasion they have hinted that this is something that we can even know about the Creator. In either case, we have some sense of a feeling arising from the depths of our understanding, or from some premonition present in our souls that there is something that we can really know. Now let us go back to the sparkling water and think about all those individual burst of consciousness that are aware that they are aware, that they, for that brief transitory nanosecond, realized that they are really who they are and that they belong in that co-participative sense to an infinite and eternal that encompasses everything. Would this sense of oneness to Oneness weigh heavily on our participation or would we be awash with infinite joy? I think the latter says it all. In this picture, this Monet reflective passing, we have something that we could use to gain a deeper comprehension of our place in this time, this right now! that we are living in and that we dream from hoping to accomplish some of our dreams. If, in the simplicity of this sparkling sea, we sense a oneness with the All then it must be that it is possible for us to comprehend how it must be that we have come to know that we are here and that in that same instant there is a concomitant responsibility for us to be exactly what we are when we are here. That there is a sense of must, an ought that belongs to us, that we really are, that cradles us and gives us sufficient knowledge to come to grips with our own existence.

There is an integrity of being, exuded by those simple souls and the mystics of the ages, that has indeed reflected just such an acknowledgement of presence. And now, with our present confluence of the numbers of our kind and the manifold technological expressions of our innate genius, there is a heightened always present need to manifest an integrity of purpose that complements all of the parts as well as the whole. Our momentary challenge is to be present in this Now as ourselves without any accompanying anxiety. Just me, here now, as my own real self, saying, Yes! to all that I am right now. Such serenity! Such integrity of purpose! Such joy! Don Davison