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SCRIPT PANDORA stands facing four contestants. PANDORA: HI! Im Pandora.

Welcome to Pandoras Box, the show where the contestants must show what they know. Now, lets learn a little bit about each of these contestants. First we have Eidothee. Would you like to introduce yourself? I mean, not to be invasive, but Id like to know more about who you are. EIDOTHEE: I am an immortal water nymph. PANDORA: How interesting! Here we have Hermes

HERMES: Im a messenger god. I have to say Messenger God is self-explanatory. (motions call me to Iris) PANDORA cast disapproving glance at HERMES then continues. PANDORA: Next weve got Iris. I here you have an interesting career. You are a goddess, if I am correct, right? IRIS: Yeah, Im Iris, the rainbow goddess and Hermes female counterpart. That is in terms of delivering messages, of course. I would never be a guide to the Underworld. Too dark. I keep asking Hades if he wants a rainbow, but he doesnt, Hmph! PANDORA And last we have Sisyphus. I hear you have a very interesting life story. Can you tell us a little about yourself? SISYPHUS is trembling SISYPHUS:

Hi. Ya know what, I just got back from pushing a marble block up the hill again and again. Dont feel like talking. Im Sisyphus and well leave it at that. PANDORA: Okay, be that way. Now, onto the competition! First Question: What are the colors of the rainbow? IRIS raises hand. IRIS: Easy! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. I am the rainbow goddess, so of course I know! Duh. PANDORA: Correct! Next question: how many cows does Apollo have? HERMES raises hand. HERMES: 48. He had 50, but then I killed two of them as a sacrifice to the twelve gods, the twelfth being, me, the Messenger God. Thats right, me. PANDPORA: Thats correct. Next question: Next question: name a river god. SISYPHUS: Asopus. He gave me a stream in exchange for a secret of Zeus. Thats a long story PANDORA: Sisyphus, youre correct. Next question: who invented the lyre? HERMES raises hand HERMES: Me. Cmon! This is way too easy! (smiles at Iris)

PANDORA: Correct! Next question: How did Menelaus escape from the island of Proteus? EIDOTHEE raises hand. EIDOTHEE: I, Eidothee, helped Menelaus by telling him the secrets of my father, Proteus. PANDORA: Secrets? Oh my gosh! What secrets? Tell me! Tell me! EIDOTHEE: Theres a reason why theyre called secrets. (makes a face at Pandora)

PANDORA: FINE! Alright, its correct. Now, is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? IRIS raises hand IRIS: Not when I can help it! I dont like tripping over those stupid little pots of gold when delivering messages across the rainbows. PANDORA: Okay, Iris, youre correct. Uh, (looks at question cards) okay, lets see here. Next question: What happens when a marble block is pushed up a hill? SISYPHUS raises hand tentatively SISYPHUS: Well, it just falls back down! I learned that the hard way. (falls of chair in fit of trembles)

SISYPHUS climbs back onto chair PANDORA:

Sure okay. The last question: What is unique about Proteus? EIDOTHEE: (nervously) Oh, yeah, umm, dad can shape-shift. PANDORA: Yeah, that must be creepy! Is it weird? Well anyway, youre correct. Now lets check the scores. Hermes has 20 points, Sisyphus has 20 points, Eidothee has 20 and Iris has 20 points!! A FOUR WAY TIE!! (rubs eyes) Whoa, whoa. I must be seeing th ings. It cant be. Can it? This has never happened before, ever! According to the rules of the game, I must choose a tie breaking question from Pandoras box. Then again, I have been told by my producer not to touch it. Oh, my. I shouldnt, or should I? Hmmm. (put hand on chin and ponders) HERMES: Make up your mind please! I need to get the prize! I need to get the prize! PANDORA: Okay. Hmm, well, the rules are the rules, but the producer is, again, my boss. Ugh! Ill just do it! (opens box and reads question) Opens box and pulls out small envelope PANDORA: And the final question (looks nervously and tears open envelope) is: All contestants and Pandora scream and fall down.