Submitted By:-

Jyoti Brahmamayee Priyadarsini Dash
Regd. No - 1005292015

Under Guidance Of:Prof. Asit Kumar Sar

Dept. of MCA

BHUBANESWAR, ODISHA – 752054, INDIA [2012 – 2013]


This is to certify that, Jyoti Brahmamayee Priyadarsini Dash, a Student of 6th Sem., MCA of Gandhi Engineering College, Bhubaneswar bearing Regd. No. 1005292015 has successfully developed the project entitled “ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” of RICHMOND TECHNOLOGY LTD for submission and partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of Master in Computer Application (MCA) of Biju Pattnaik

University of Technology, Rourkela during the academic year 2012-2013 (Semester-VI) under our supervision and guidance. The matter embodied in this project
work has not been submitted for the award of any other degree. During this period of work, he is sincere and fully dedicated to her project work. Her character and conduct is good. We wish her all success in her life.

Prof. Asit Kumar Sar Dept. of MCA, GEC, BBSR Internal Supervisor


External Supervisor

I, Jyoti Brahmamayee Priyadarsini Dash, student of Master in Computer Application, Gandhi Engineering College, and Bhubaneswar hereby declare that the project report entitled “ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” has been done by me under the guidance of Prof. Asit Kumar Sar (Internal Supervisor), GEC, Bhubaneswar for the partial requirement for the Master in Computer Application Degree.

This Project Submitted by me is the effort of me and has not been deposited to any other organization or published earlier.

Place: Bhubaneswar Date: 20/05/2013

Jyoti B P Dash

Completing a job has never been an easy go for a single person, often it is the result of invaluable contributions from individuals in the surrounding in a direct or indirect manner.

We are deeply grateful to our advisor Prof. Harry Narayan Swain, for having been a constant source of encouragement for my Project Report on “ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM,, In our association with our guide for this purpose, we experienced not only his indepth knowledge but also his affection towards us. We would like to thank all our friends who have helped us for successful completion of our Project. Last, but not the least, we give our sincere thanks to Mrs. Arati

Pradhan,Technical Project In-charge, for giving me the opportunity and creating a nice work environment for me to complete my technical Project report within the stipulated period of time.

Jyoti Brahmamayee Priyadarsini Dash

.CONTENTS 1....2...... Bibliography. Coding ..3.3......................25-34 6.... Introduction..... 4..................2..35-57 7..4.......... Software Design……………………………………………………………15-24 4.......................... 4.....……………………………………………..................... Hardware And Software Requirements 4.................. Abstract……………………………………………………………………….............11-14 3.1......................................................67-68 9. Use Case Diagrams Activity Diagrams Class Diagrams Sequence Diagrams 5....69-70 ....1.. User Requirements 3.1.... Input and Output Screens………………………………………………............1..... System Analysis………………………………………………. 4.6-7 2..1....... UML Diagrams 4............... Objectives of System 3...........1.......58-66 8....... Database Design……………………………………………………………...... Conclusion…………………………………………………….....8-10 3.1....

List of Abbreviations JSPJava Server Page SRS Software Requirement Spcification UML Unified Modeling Language EREntity Relation .

Figure 3.2State Chart Diagram 6.1Use Case Diagram 4. Figure 3. Figure 3.3Activity Diagram Page No.List Of Figures Particulars 1.1Sequence Diagram 5. Figure 1.1 Context Level Diagram 2.2 E – R Diagrams 3. Figure 1. 10 14 18 19 20 21 . Figure 2.

List Of Tables
Table No. Page

1.1 Table 1 Userdet

1.2 Table 2 Login

2.1 Table 3 Facdet :: :: :: N Table N Category


This project is aimed at developing an application for the Training and Placement Department of the College. The system is an application that can be accessed throughout the organization with proper login provided. This system can be used as an application for the ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (AMS)of the college to manage the student information with regard to placement. Students logging should be able to upload their information in the form of a CV. The key feature of this project is that it is a onetime registration. Our project provides the facility of maintaining the details of the students. It also provides a requested list of candidates to recruit the students based on given query. Administrator logging in may also search any information put up by the students. This project will aid colleges to practice full IT deployment. This will also help in fast access procedures in placement related activities.


and finding job opportunities for students and placement of students with reputed national and international organizations. of the college. search and apply for jobs. The system is an online application that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login provided. • The user can access easily to this and the data can be retrieved easily in no time. a registered student to directly login using username and password.INTRODUCTION This project is aimed at developing an online application for the Training and Placement Dept. FEATURES: • This project is to facilitate students in college to register. • In the main page there are options for a new register. . Students logging should be able to upload their information in the form of a CV. This system can be used as an application for the TPO of the college to manage the student information with regards to placement. submit resume. Training and Placement cell is active and working hard to address behavioral issues and over all personality development. Visitors/Company representatives logging in may also access/search any information put up by Students.

SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Our project has a big scope to do.• In the student registration form. (Make appropriate assumptions). CV’s are categorized according to various streams. They provide approval of student registration and updating. • The administrator plays an important role in our project. Students can access previous information about placement. we can give personal details. educational qualifications. Various companies can access the information. . Students can maintain their information and can update it. and professional skills and upload resume. We can store information of all the students. The front-page of the system is created giving a brief description about the system login box. • The job details of the placed students will be provided by the administrator. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT Our project provides the facility of maintaining the details of the students and gets the requested list of candidates for the companies who would like to recruit the students based on given query. A role of approve is also introduced. the approver should approve the document and only then can be uploaded. A server is used for storing the data. Notifications are sent to students about the companies. When the student uploads his/her CV. Work in the application wiil be done in the following ways    and a  The categories of CVs are decided and uploaded and define it formally.

Designing and implementing the users.SYSTEM ANALYSIS SYSTEM: • • • Designing and implementing the new links. SYSTEM ANALYSIS: . Arranging new links as subject wise.

System analysis will be performed to determine if it is feasible to design information based on policies and plans of the organization and on user requirements and to eliminate the weaknesses of the present system. Main aim is that make available results online for the students they can available 24/7 for the students. To upgrade systems reliability. improve productivity and services. flexibility and growth potential. • • • • • The new system should be cost effective. 2.1 Objective of the System: The main objective of the system is that to provide quality education with proper resources to the students in a reasonable expenditure. classroom facilities and other facilities for the students. The System is composed with convenient modules of setting and editing the convenient modules for the students to give their opinions about the lecturers and know about the college details. Objectives:1. availability. To enhance user / system interface. Modules are designed user friendly they can reach anywhere directly without any confusion. Improve the quality of education and also improve the lab facilities. . To improve information quality and usability. 3. teaching qualities. To expand management.

6.2 User Requirements: 1. Student has to login with his id number. User can view the assessment details by way of charts and bar diagrams and providing course name. faculty members and contact information. it will give the information he/she has promoted/ demoted in the examinations. Administrator will introduce the new colleges to the students to increase the options to the students while joining / selecting the colleges. User has to register with the system for using all the facilities available in the system 2. name. year etc. This system runs any platform.3 Software & Hardware Requirements: a) HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: Processor : Intel Pentium4 and above . College user has to provide details of total number of student. 7. Student User has to submit his opinion about his faculty by course. 3. 4. This system is designed to save the time and reduce the paper work for taking opinions and making assessments. branch name. which is assigned by the system. 3. 4. Student can view his results semester wise. 3. 5.3. user can access the student id from any place. subject and department / branch wise.

Processor Speed RAM Hard Disk : : : 833MHz and above 1GB RAM 40GB b) SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Operating System Database Server side technology Server side scripting Client side scripting Web-Server : : : : : : Windows XP/Vista/7 MYSQL Servlet JSP HTML Apache HTTP .


UML DIAGRAMS: 4. Contents • Use case commonly contain  Use cases  Actors  Dependency.1.1.1 USE CASE DIAGRAM: • A use case diagram is a diagram that shows a set of use cases and actors and relationships.UML DIAGRAMS 4. generalization and association relationships Overall Use Case: .

Administrator Use Case .

Student Use Case: .


1 DATABASE DESIGN: Database Design is crucial task for each and every body ..So keeping in mind that thing here we are providing u the database designing as well as the number of tables would be required for the project work. These database tables are as mentioned below. Data Base Design Snap Shot: ADMINISTRATOR: .DATABASE DESIGN 5.Once u got the idea about the Database structure then there is nothing too difficult to complete the task. Maximum of time would be spend for designing a proper database structure .It is the most vital thing for a project ..




ER DIAGRAM Student ID Address Gender DOB College Name MCA Agreegate % Percentage Grad. Pass Year Grad. Admin Father’s Name Mother’s Name Student Pass Year X Percentage X Pass Year XII Percentag e XII .

It is the starting point of system design that decomposes the requirements specifications down to the lowest level of detail. LOGICAL DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS: (0th Level) . The data flow diagrams help in the analysis of the flow of data through a system and thus help in identifying the system requirements.Admin_I D Admin College Name ID UserType Login User_name id totalAmou nt Date type transAmount Collegeaccount Password Description Purpose DATA FLOW DIAGRAM (DFD) Data Flow Diagram is a diagrammatic representation of data movement through a system –manual or automated . 1. The Data Flow Diagram (DFD) clarifies system requirements and identifies major transformations that will become programs in system design.from inputs to outputs through processing. These are of two types – Logical Data Flow Diagrams and Physical Data Flow Diagrams.

The number assigned to a specific process does not correspond to the sequence of processes. departments. Move over it gives the pictorial representation of the scope boundaries of the system under study. Circle: Used to represent by a process with the name of the corresponding function. which consists of a single process and plays a very important role in studying the system. Each component of a DFD is labeled with a descriptive name. A DFD concentrates on the data moving through the system and not on the devices or equipments. Arrow: Used to represent by flow of data.e. PHYSICAL DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS: The Physical Dataflow Diagrams show the actual implementation and movement of data between people. a number of dataflows coming out from the source and going into the destination. A data flow diagram allows parallel activities i. and workstations. A DFD may consist of a number of levels. 3 NOTATIONS: Rectangle: Used to represent by an External Entity. It gives the most general and broadest view of the system. Process names are further numbered that will be used for identification purposes. . 2.The Logical Data Flow Diagrams represent the transformation of the data from input to output through processing logically and independently of the physical components that may be associated with the system. It is strictly for identification purposes. The top-level diagram is called the Context Diagram.

3) .1 Admin User name User Password Login Recruit er Student Placement History (Fig-4.Parallel lines: Used to represent the storage of data. PROCESS Level . Output symbol: Used to produce hard copy of report.0 Request User Placemen t Cell Response User Level .

Level – 2 User name Admin Login Recruitte rUpdatio n Admin Password User name Admin Login Student Recruitte rUpdatio n Student Password .

Login .


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DbConnect. while(rs. </label> <label id="label">Registration ID</label> <label id="separator">:</label> <%String Reg = rs.%> <input type="text" name="Reg" id="Reg" value="< method="post" .width: 100px.getCon(). String request. } </style> </head> <body> <% String request.getString("Reg"). ResultSet rs=s.next()) { %> <form id="form1" name="form1" action="" enctype="form-data"> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <p> <label id="bullet">1.getParameter("batch"). left: 550px.getParameter("value"). batch = id = Connection c=db.createStatement(). Statement s=c.executeQuery("SELECT * from "+batch+" where id="+id).

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</p> </form> <% } %> </body> </html> 6. charset=UTF-8"> <title>Pay Student Fee</title> </head> <body> <% .jsp %-Document : payStudentFeeDB Created on : May 17.org/TR/html4/loose.DbConnect"%> <%@page 8"%> contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTFHTML 4. payStudentFeeDB.dtd"> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html.w3.*"%> <%@page import="db. 4:43:10 PM Author --%> : Satyabrata <%@page import="java. 2013.sql.01 <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC Transitional//EN" "-//W3C//DTD "http://www.

createStatement().getParameter("idh"). Statement s=c. String request. int total = 0. String request.text. while(rs. = StrId = String.getCon(). int idh = 0.executeQuery("SELECT * from collegeaccount"). String StrId = "0". idh++.parseInt(StrId).next()) { StrId = rs.getString("totalAmount")).DbConnect.close(). idh = Integer. %> <% String id = request.getParameter("instalments").getParameter("batch").format(new java.valueOf(idh). } c. instalments = batch = .SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/YYYY").Date()). total Integer. ResultSet rs=s.parseInt(rs.util.getString("id").Connection c=db. String date = new java.

valueOf((total + Integer. int i = Integer. int paidAmount = 0.parseInt(amount))).getCon().createStatement().parseInt(amount))).getString("totalFee")).getString("restFee")). Statement sc=cc. reg = rsc.parseInt(instalments).getParameter("pay").parseInt(rsc.valueOf((paidAmount Integer.next()) { paidAmount Integer.DbConnect.String request. String totalAmount = String.getCon(). totalFee Integer. restFee = + int feeRest = Integer. Connection con=db. amount Receipt = = Connection cc=db. String reg = "". ResultSet rsc=sc. int totalFee = 0.executeQuery("SELECT * from "+batch+" WHERE id="+id).DbConnect. String request. while(rsc.parseInt(rsc. = = } String String.getString("Reg"). .parseInt(restFee).getParameter("Receipt").

You Need to Paid Rest Amount in Next Installments</H1></center>"). } else { .print("<center><H1>Your 2nd Installment is Paid Successfully. inst2="+amount+" .executeUpdate("UPDATE "+batch+" SET restFee="+restFee+" . inst2_recpt='"+Receipt+"' WHERE id="+id). out.executeUpdate("UPDATE "+batch+" SET restFee="+restFee+" . inst3="+amount+" .createStatement(). inst1="+amount+" . instalments="+instalments+" .Statement stmt=con.print("<center><H1>Congratul ation.You Need to Paid Rest Amount in Other 2 Installments</H1></center>"). You Paid All Your Course Fee</H1></center>"). out. out. inst3_recpt='"+Receipt+"' WHERE id="+id). } else if(i == 2) { stmt.executeUpdate("UPDATE "+batch+" SET restFee="+restFee+" . instalments="+instalments+" .print("<center><H1>Your 1st Installment is Paid Successfully. instalments="+instalments+" . inst1_recpt='"+Receipt+"' WHERE id="+id). if(i == 1) { stmt. } else if(i == 3) { if(feeRest == totalFee) { stmt.

print("<center><H1>Your Already Paid All your Course Fee. if(i == 1 || i == 2) { stmt. } con. "+totalAmount+". 'Credited'. "+reg+" paid this course fee.</H1></center>"). '"+desc+"')"). 'Student Paid as Course Fee'. stmt=con.out. con=db. '"+date+"'.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO collegeaccount VALUES( "+StrId+".print("<center><H1>Sorry! You Need to Pay All the Rest Ammount in This Installment. } else if(i == 3) { if(feeRest == totalFee) { stmt. "+amount+". '"+date+"'.createStatement(). String desc = "Student Having Reg No.close(). } . 'Credited'. } } else { out.getCon().". "+totalAmount+".DbConnect. 'Student Paid as Course Fee'. "+amount+".executeUpdate("INSERT INTO collegeaccount VALUES( "+StrId+".</H1></center>"). '"+desc+"')").

close().} else {} con. %> </body> </html> .

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Pay Course Fee Choose course .

Pay Course Fee: Student Details Pay Course Fee: Enter Course Fee Details View Course Fee Details .

Pay Employee Salary: Choose Year And Month .

Pay Employee Salary: Salary Details For All Employee Pay Employee Salary: Enter Bank Transaction ID View Salary Details .

College Account: Add Transaction .

College Account: View All Transactions .


even a person with minicomputer knowledge will be able to use the system. . Select the students based on the given data. Maintaining the details of the students. Proposed system intends user friendly operation. The system is developed after studying the requirements and necessities of the system. The key features of the project: • • • • Student registration is simple. Large data can be securely stored and accessed through MYSQL Server Database using queries. As the system is created in a user friendly manner with appropriate message guiding the user.CONCLUSION This system is developed using java as front end tool and MYSQL server as back end tool.


10. System Analysis and Design by Elias M. www. 3. Awad. Complete Reference Java 2.5 Edition by Ivor Horton. 11. Complete Reference Struts 1. 7. 5. Mastering Java2. TMH Publication. 6. Beginning Java2 JDK 1.java. Analysis & Design of Information System by James A.0.sun. 9.programmer. Software Engineering A Practitioner Approach by Roger S. www.BIBLIOGRAPHY BIBLIOGRAPHY: 1. Introduction to Software Engineering by Rajiv Mall. Java Server Programming J2EE 1.com .com. 8. 4.3 Edition apress publication. Senn. TMH Publication. BPB Publication. 2. Pressman.

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