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What the story

The story was :"in sudan there was a teacher ..her age was over fifty,her name was
jelian gebiz
This woman was teaching to young children ..sudanese ..muslims mr.
"senders "prophet Mohamed
Young children don`t know any thing about {Islamic law-legislation} by the way
They don`t know any thing about purposes of Islamic law…still don`t know
{ about {solver-analyzeing
.…and {offenses-unlawful} they don`t know any thing
But they know prophet Mohamed they love prophet ..this is the thing we know
when we are { children –young} and the most beautiful thing we have-god
..{perpetuate-sustain} us this blessing and make other people know about it
And her "m.gebinz"?? she hear about prophet Mohamed ..she hear about him…
..…even she loves muslims so much ..and it will come in the explication
???And what`s happened
There is something called "teddy bear" and me as one who lived outside know
…about the teddy bear
Teddy bear in west and here "in our country" sometimes in some societies is a
symbol for kindness and hug..and when woman loves her husband she
says "you are my teddy bear">> i love you
because she remember ..when she was {young –child}..the teddy bear was the .
thing that she love it so fact it {comes-evolved} from animal
and animal unknown its dirty} but still animal not human
The bear `s name is teddy bear..but its not even like the bear
.. ..from all {evolution it has} became has a form ..big ears
I think you know what bear look like ..this bear they give it in
…this schools to the children .to have
kindness and mercy and love him and hug him ..something so
useful…something not wrong ever ..and {me person-
personally} its not right to called bear by human name _its my
opinion_but if you named it by human name ..its okay .."not
prophets and senders now..its not necessary now" but its okay
....because we don`t look at him as an animal
??..whats happened
she hold the bear and they have bear they gonna make it
symbol in the class …and she asked..there is a boy so {funny}
loved by every know we love {funny} when we were
children ..his name was Mohamed ..sure {his family-
they}"named him Mohamed on the name of our prophet
Mohamed .for sure the name connected ..his name is
Mohamed…but not our prophet himself ..the boy named
she asked the children "what you gonna name this beautiful
symbol ?" _and we love it..itself is not wrong till now _ "what
?{you gonna name {him-it
"The children said quickly .."Mohamed
?She said: why
..Children:it’s the best name ever
See.. they thinking right _the children_ they don`t thinking right
by named it Mohamed ..wrong ..but they think in right way ..its
the best name ever.. after god`s names ..its the best name for
human name for people ..they think right..if my son say
that i`ll quickly tell him "good boy" but not the bear ..when
you have son name him Mohamed .. we gonna {provode this
love he has..quickly} but I have to say to him..we are {grow up-
udult} we know in Islamic law ..if you have any thing not
human what everyou love it ..its not human..we haven`t to
{named-called} it {by-with} human name ….what aboy our
!!!!!!!!!!?..prophet Mohamed
We don`t agree with this action ..its wrong.. so wrong in Islamic
law ..but .. she isn`t a muslim ._the teacher_ she don`t know
..the purposes of islamic law
??She: what we gonna name this beautiful teddy bear
The children: we will name it Mohamed
?..…She: why
They :..its the best human name
?.. And what els
children :..this funny boy called Mohamed .."young
She took the part ..that { not legislation-not in Islamic law}
because she is not studier {of-for} Islamic law…she saw
the beautiful part in the action and me.. myself I said if my
son say that i`ll say nice that you thinking that this is
the best names ..god bless you
But the guidance that no one could do it.. as muslim
..know { what is islam about- the purposes of Islamic law }
go and tell her .." no its not this way ..we couldn`t name it
..Mohamed ..never mind
?.. She :why
the muslim" : because its our prophet Mohamed ..and tell"
…her the story
And she will say : oh oh my god ..this {direct-guide} me
with so sweet way god bless him ..they still know how to
hallow things and forbid me about this mistake that I did it
..casually ..because he knew that I did it casually
Its not me who named it ..i didn`t name it Mohamed…it
was the children ..i thought that I do something good
The {evidence-proof} when they said "no this is wrong" I
apologized and I said quickly " I don`t mean it ..okay.. okay
..we wont do this again ..i am{ mistaken} I …i
???..What we have to say to her
We have to say part of famous {poetry} ..what is this
?? poetry in this situation
wants to help but harm casually ..and from good what"
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"..could be ingratitude