IMPORTANT: This is a supplement to your owner’s manual. This information should remain with your owner’s manual at all times. Specifications

Body Style Gross Vehicle Weight Fuel Capacity Transmission Oil Front Housing Gearcase Oil C A P A C I T I E S Engine Oil Capacity Gen IV 1117 3.75 U.S. Gallons 400 ml 300 ml

Rear Housing Gearcase OIl 150 ml 2 Quarts Front Rack (Maximum - Ca- 90 Lbs. pacity) Rear Rack Tongue Weight Tow Hitch Tow Capacity Turn Radius Ground Clearance Height Length Seat Height Weight Wheel Base Width D R I V E S Y S T E M T I R E S Drive System Type Shift Type Gear Reduction - Low Gear Reduction - Reverse Gear Reduction - Forward Front Drive (ratio) Final Drive (ratio) Center Drive (ratio) Drive Chain Front Tire Rear Tire Tire Pressure (front) Tire Pressure (rear) 180 Lbs. 35 Lbs. Standard 1225 Lbs. 65² 7.25² 47.5² 81² 34² 647 Lbs. 49.75² 46² PVT Side Lever (Hi/Low-R-N) 7.46/1 5.12/1 3.3/1 3.7/1 3.1/1 Not Applicable Not Applicable 25 x 8-12 25 x 11-10 4 3


5 2 5/8 Turns 4HB40-2 CDI 30° @ 3500 ± 1. Rear Axle fixed Disc Hydraulic Lock/All Wheel EH-50PLE-08 4 Cycle.5² CAM Fixed disc.7 mm/.2 single beam/27 8. Rear Axle fixed Disc Hydraulic Opposed Piston Caliper.5 40 Q-0 1. hydraulic floating caliper Hydraulic Opposed Piston Caliper.1 single beam/60 Grill .26 26.Mac Strut Rear Susp.25² 6.028 in. Single Cylinder Dry Sump 92 x 75 mm 499 10:2 Full Stroke Liquid 250 1/BST34 157.Progressive Rate Swing Arm Shock Adjustment Front Brake Rear Brake Auxiliary Brake Park Brake Engine Model Number Engine Type Lubrication Bore x Stroke E N G I N E & C O O L I N G Displacement Compression Ratio Engine Cooling Alternator Output (watts) Carburetion Main Jet Pilot Jet Needle Jet Valve Seat Pilot Screw Jet Needle Ignition Timing Spark Plug Gap Spark Plug Type Exhaust L I G H T S Headlight (watts) Taillight (watts) Brake Light (watts) 3-Point Hitch Battery 6. . .9 Accessory 12V 14 AH 2 . BKR5E USFS Approved Hood .MAGNUM 500 S U S P B R A K E S Front Susp.5° .

5 155 157.5 150 Meters (Feet) 0-1800 (0-6000) 1800-3700 (6000-12000) Carburetor Jetting Clutching Chart (Use the following jetting /clutching chart for models built after January.MAGNUM 500 DC Plug In . 2000) Altitude Meters (Feet) AMBIENT TEMPERATURE Below 40° F Below 5° C +40°F to +80° F +5°C to +28°C Altitude Shift Weight 10MH (5630513) 10WH (5630710) Drive Clutch Spring BG 7041157) BG 7041157 Driven Clutch Spring White/ Green (7041636) White/ Green (7041636) Helix and Spring Settings EBS* (5131674) EBS* (5131674) 0-1800 (0-6000) 1800-3700 (6000-12000) 162.5 155 157.5 150 Meters (Feet) 0-1800 (0-6000) 1800-3700 (6000-12000) * EBS Models require no spring/helix adjustments 3 .EH-50PLE-08) Carburetor Jetting Altitude Meters (Feet) Clutching Chart +40°F to +80° F +5°C to +28°C AMBIENT TEMPERATURE Below 40° F Below 5° C Altitude Shift Weight 10MH (5630513) 10WH (5630710) Drive Clutch Spring BG 7041157) BG 7041157 Driven Clutch Spring Red (7041198) Red (7041198) Helix and Spring Settings 44-36 (5131447) 2/2 44-36° (5131447) 2/2 0-1800 (0-6000) 1800-3700 (6000-12000) 162.Rear Electric Start F E A T U R E S High Beam Indicator High Temp Indicator Windshield Low Oil Light Neutral Indicator Reverse Indicator Speedometer Tool Kit Accessory Standard Standard Standard Accessory Not Applicable Standard Standard Standard Standard 2000 MAGNUM 500 (Engine .

if the last digit is an “M”. the measurement is Kilometers.S. Wash the unit by hand or with a garden hose. 2. To display each mode. Speedometer Your Polaris ATV is equipped with a new electronic speedometer which senses vehicle speed from the right hand front wheel. 4 . then release the button.0 WARNING PN 9915473 Rev 03 2/00 Printed in U. 2. If the last digit in the display is a “K”. 00000. the measurement is Miles.A.0 00000.0 000. Hold down button approximately 4 seconds. Each function will be displayed as shown: Miles / Kilometers Trip Miles / Kilometers Hours To reset Trip Miles / Kilometers: 1. High water pressure may allow water to enter the speedometer and cause damage to the electronic components. The electronic speedometer measures distance in miles and kilometers as well as hours of operation. Toggle to Trip Miles / Kilometers. Hold down the button approximately 8 seconds until the word FARIA appears in the display. Toggle to odometer. To change distance measurement from Miles to Kilometers or vice versa: 1. The speedometer also includes a reverse speed limit function that limits the ATVs speed in reverse after approximately 7 to 9 mph. press the button on the face of the speedometer once to “toggle” through the functions.Do not wash the electronic speedometer with a high pressure washer.

5 .

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