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Expat Living is a section dedicated to

the daily living of expatriates. It is printed
on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
To share stories about your life abroad,
send stories or story ideas to Matthew
Lamers at
Submissions may be edited for length
or clarity.

Find a community
Rob Ouwehand tend can contact each other
Communities through the site, and even re-
view events. If a group in your
Wishing for community is all area for your interest does not
well and good, but actually get- exist, you can request to be no-
ting out and connecting is the tified when somebody forms
hard part. one.
Especially for expats who live is free for users.
PHOTO CHALLENGE — Gwanaksan Night Light — The view from Gwanaksan, behind Seoul National University, is not as well known as the views from Namsam or outside of the usual foreigner However, to run a group costs a
Bukhansan, but is just as impressive on a beautiful evening. Xu Xiaoqing hideouts (Itaewon, Haebang- monthly fee. The nominal fee
chon, etc.), and work five or six turns out to be a good thing, be-
days a week, it gets hard meet- cause it’s easy to get lazy and let

In focus: manual mode

ing anyone other than cowork- a group go defunct when you
ers or other foreigners in the don’t have to pay for it.
neighborhood. Unfortunately, However, not many will pay a
the expats nearby don’t always monthly fee to run a group and
share the same interests. then do nothing with it.
The Photo Challenge is spon- manual mode and because we Meanwhile, those elusive kin- It’s true that not all Facebook
sored by Hyosung Camera want everything in our picture to dred spirits are often scattered groups are washouts, and I’d
(English: 010-7203-9599) and be nice, clean and sharp, select a all over the map: a lonely expat love to hear from the ones that
Babo Shirts (www.baboshirts. small aperture (big number) and in Jamsil might need to search do plan regular meetings.
com). Winners of the weekly com- the lowest ISO value. from Ilsan to Bundang, from However, for a site with a very
petition receive a 50,000 won Now concentrate on your Nowon to Gimpo, to find others strong “let’s meet in real life”
store credit at Hyosung Camera the camera works to compen- shutter, taking the same picture interested in rock climbing, and drive, gets the edge
and a Babo Shirt. To take part sate. In manual mode, you have at different shutter speeds. You if the interest is a little more ob- over Facebook.
in the competition, simply up- total control over both. The cam- will see points of light at faster scure, say, guerilla theater en- has meetup in-
load your photo at era lets go of the controls and shutter speeds become beautiful thusiasts or Gundam toy collec- dexes for about 50 different says “It’s all yours, pal,” and to stars with lovely long rays as tors, the search might stretch cities in Korea, meaning that
hotoclub — Ed. someone quite new to photogra- you slow the shutter down. We all the way from Gangwon right unlike Facebook, where search-
phy, it can feel a bit like flying are varying our speeds quite a to Jeolla. ing “Korean food club” might get
By Aaron Raisey blind. Thankfully though, at lot, but because we are in man- When an expat only has one you search results from New
least the camera can still do the ual mode, our aperture isn’t or two days off a week, and must York, Sacramento and Munich
In the previous three weeks, focusing for you. changing as it would in shutter maximize that free time, what — as well as Seoul and Busan
we have looked at why we need priority. It’s staying small to is to be done? — narrows the
to stop being automatic and Q: I thought manual cam- keep the picture nice and sharp One way to bring groups to- search geographically.
twist that dial on the top of your eras disappeared about 50- at all distances. gether via the internet is by If no groups in your area exist
DSLR a bit more. odd years ago. What gives? Ever wondered how they do forming a Facebook group; yet, it’s not expensive to start
We looked at what the aper- A: True. The need to set those night shots with rivers of however, for every Facebook one, and it works: I have been a
ture is and how we can use it everything on the camera by light painted on the roads but group that actually has a lively member of a few
creatively, what shutter speed hand started to become obsolete not a car to be seen? It’s done in (spam-free) discussion board groups and there are 29 in the
can mean to our photography and unnecessary back then. And exactly the same way. It’s very and regularly planned meet- Seoul area.
and this week we’re going to indeed, these days the vast ma- simple, fun and it’s an excellent ings, there seem to be five that As always, if you know of, or
turn it a little further and click jority of serious photographers way to learn more about your have gone defunct because, are part of, a group or communi-
into manual mode. Most casual — both amateurs and pros — camera while producing some though the idea might be great, ty that helps expats in Korea
photographers find manual prefer to shoot in aperture pri- impressive results. though interests may be get connected with others, send
mode a little scary as there is no ority mode. But having indepen- Once you get your head around shared, they never meet. an e-mail to Rob at
safety net for your image, but dent control over your aperture it, shooting in manual mode can There is another website — with the
like most things, if we under- size and shutter speed does still be a very creative and rewarding — dedicated word “community” in the sub-
stand it a bit more, it becomes have some uses, particularly in adventure. Good weather is on to bringing hobby and interest ject line, and tell me why I
less daunting. some special circumstances. the way, so I recommend spend- groups together. The site will should feature your group.
ing a few nights out there with a host an interest group, create a
Q: What is manual mode? Q: Like when? tripod sometime. space to chat and most impor-
A: In aperture priority and A: One situation that you can Next week we will look at a tantly, to plan meetings and More of Rob Ouwehand’s writ-
shutter priority modes, you and very easily try yourself is shooting couple of other daunting, but get-togethers. ings can be found on his person-
the camera share control of the at night. Grab yourself a tripod very important features of your Mass e-mails get sent out, al blog, at roboseyo.blogspot.
exposure. You work as a team — and head for the hills (or a high DSLR — the histogram and ex- new members are free to join, com, and at the community blog
you make your choice of aper- window). Set yourself up looking posure compensation. PHOTO CHALLENGE RUNNER UP — A man hangs wishes on the site helps the organizer he co-founded,
ture size or shutter speed, and over some nice lights. Click into ( lanterns in Jogyesa, near Insadong, Seoul. Rika Yunarti plan events, and those who at- — Ed.

To apply for a free ad, send your

ad text to: Community Bulletin Board All ads must be under 40 words
in English and commercial ads
are not acceptable.

and contact information at: phone 010-6376-3965. Deagu English only looking fe- am looking for English conver- ’m an English professor who Prefer flat share in furnished e invite you for FREE
Announcements male Korean or foreigner for Isation parter. If anyone want, I I loves playing rackets sports spacious apartment. Willing to W Korean, hindi, Indian
HE OLD PATH Program Personals culture exchange. E-mail: can offer one room in my APT and is looking for a partner. pay up to KWR 7,000,000 per Music Instrument classes from
T hosted by the Most A nyone who have the prob-
lems of spinal balance and am a Spanish woman fluent in (FREE), hwagokdong located. Whether it is squash, badminton
or tennis, if you like to play then
month. based on condition.
Shoot email to amekurin@ya-
4pm every Sunday at
Sensible Christian Preacher in
our Time is now in South
related joints & muscle pain
Free Chiropractic consultation
I Korean language and also in
English, offer my service as an I want to offer free English con-
versation and tutor during my
My company is KBS in yeouido. 010-3213-
let me know and let’s have a
game. I live in Seoul. Age, gen-
Haebongchondong. For direc-
tions and details on Sunday
program visit www.krishnako-
Korea. To listen for free Bible ’m looking for a foreigner
Expositions of Brother Eli
and Normal Posture eudcation
Member of KCA , Near at
interpreter for Spanish speak-
ing people in Korea. I also do
free time. My purpose is to help
ant to learn free Korean
der or nationality does not mat-
ter. Look forward to hearing from I teacher who can teach or call 010-2448-6441.
Soriano, please call 010-3144-
2561, 010-3004-0817
Kangnam sub App Call 010-
Spanish & English languages
tutorial. Call 010-3040-6101
and for friendship. You may
contact me at my email ad; W with a high educated, cute
and friendly university student?
you. 011 9990 4291 English. It’s a part time job.
Once in a week. Gwan ak W e invite you to Language
Exchange Club (LEC), or
e are looking for an expe- gu,Sin-won dong. Please E-mail

U NTV Korea introduces its

new websites featuring 1 00% Free Language
Exchange Community, han- I’m a 24 year old Korean
American male. Looking for a
call me at 010-8525-8294. I live in Shin-Chon and looking
for native English speakers for W rienced bilingual writer
who can write English pas-
the multilingual exchange club.
You can make many friends,
3-year-old Korean male is friendship. We can have beer
24/7 Bible Expositions of the
Most Sensible Religious, invites you to meet
our great members learning
female language exchange
partner to help me improve my
3 looking for native English
speakers for friendship and cul-
while we study! Feel free to
Email me or text me
sages for high school reading
books. Contact: dori527@han- H yundai Sonata New EF
2002 Model, 90,000 kms,
learn various cultures & lan-
guages, enjoy outdoor activi-
ties as well as learn Korean
Preacher in our Times. your language. If you are learn- Korean or a friend that can (Kumsung Publishing black color, leather seats in , ture exchange. E-male: sjlee- 01194212548, paper18@han- language. Please come to
ing a new language esp. show me around Seoul. Text Company at Mapo-gu, Seoul) mint condition. Great offer Starbucks in Myung-dong at 5
Korean, please check us out at me at 010-7218-2422 $5,000. Contact 01041624188
p.m. on Sundays. E-mail to
ung-fu club is looking for or

O pportunity to spread hope

and change lives. HOPE, a

Iwant to share my life, culture A Korean handsome guy

looking for Filipina who live H i, I’m 21 year old Chinese
American fluent in English.
K new foreign members in
e’re looking for a bilingual
Song :

non-profit organization led and

managed by foreign English
D o you enjoy popping
dance!? Come
Culcom b-boys! You are not
for friendship with native
English speakers. I’m 33 yeas
in Seoul. I stayed in CEBU in
the Philippines. Please connect
This is my first time in Seoul.
Looking for female Korean lan-
Seoul. If you are interested,
please call at 019-826-1980 W writer who has a lot of ex-
perience of editing or para- S ookmyung Korean educa-
tion volunteers. 4 levels for
old guy who live in Chuncheon.
teachers is looking for volun- me. guage exchange partner or rirang Taekwondo Club is phrasing passages for Korean beginner to high intermediate,
teers. Native English speakers
wanted for weekly volunteer op-
charged anything but offered a
chance to make friends and a
gathering place! Feel free to
Gender, age doesn’t matter.
Please contact me Email: 010-3253-3936 friend to show me around
Seoul. I’m an exchange stu-
A looking for new members
interested in Taekwondo and
students. Work three times a
week, 3 hours each time. do-
once a week for 2 hours on
every Saturday from 15:00 to mobile
o you want to learn Korean dent at Yonsei University. Text
portunities working with under-
privileged children. Koreans with
join us! Free beer will be
served. 019-301-7512 hee-
D language and culture? I’m
Korean male, living in Seoul,
cultural exchange. Class is
every Sat & Sun at 2 pm ~ 5:30 011-
17:00, at social education
building in Sookmyung
English speaking abilities need- ’m Korean male living in pm at Samgakji sta. near Women’s Univ. 02-710-9623
ed for volunteer support. Please I Seongnam and 34 years old. retired from school teacher and Sports Itaewon. All nationalities are Korean classes REE Korean classes in the
S herlock Holmes Club will
meet every second Tuesday
I’d like to make foreign friends can help you. Gender or age
doesn’t matter. Please e-mail
I nternational badminton club
welcome. E-mail / 010
ree Korean teacher avail- F Olympic Park area (line 5).

K H Toastmasters is a fun,
supportive environment to
day at Itaewon, 7.30pm. (Venue
to be announced) A story from
speaking English fluently who
want to exchange culture and
language. Gender or age does-
me at; looking for new foreign mem-
bers. Competitive (top class
3078 1433 F able, 27 male in Seoul. 6
years experience teaching
Saturday 10:30 a.m.-12:30
p.m. Sunday 11:00 a.m. to
learn public speaking and lead- the canon, a short talk on n’t matter. Please contact me.
A Korean woman is looking for level) players preferred, we play Wanted Korean in English from basic 12:30 p.m. for beginners and
ership skills. We meet 8 pm Holmesiana, a Holmes quiz, 011 9619 7409. a native Japanese speaking on Sat, Sunday near Chamsil to advanced. Purpose: Make intermediate. Please e-mail at
every Tuesday in Hyehwa. and a Holmes movie: serious- friend for language and culture lotte world 2-6 P.M. If interested apanese Female looking for good friends. Cell: 010-2029-
Guests always welcome. Find a
map of our meeting location
fun. Email Morrison, or
2 7 years old Black African
guy living in Seoul and
exchange. If interested, please
email to
send me email for more infor-
J a room for 3-6 months in
Seoul, Line 2 or 7 from April 1.
2677 E-mail: jetasd @hot
or call 010-2751-3498 to
Daniel Park