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Sex education for primary schools

No. 10 Vol. 10 October 2007

•Know your rights •Stay in school •Wait to have sex

You and the media!
Can you imagine life without TV, radio or newspapers? Where would we get our information? How would we know about floods, presidential elections and disease outbreaks like ebola? Yes, media is great. It helps us to know our world.
Movies are also media. Do you watch movies on TV at home or at your neighbour's house? Do you watch movies in a kibanda? Movies are stories. They can be very exciting and a lot of fun. But not all media is good. Some of it is very bad. Like bad friends, bad media can influence you wrongly. For example, some movies can make you want to fight, have sex or be disrespectful to your parents.
A Young Talker in Kasese reading a copy of Young Talk. Reading Young Talk helps you to have safer behaviours like saying NO to sex, staying in school and respecting your body. Some children work in media. Rheena talks on a TV! She says:

My show is called "Come Alive''. I present it on UBC every Saturday. In the show we look at facts about birds and animals. Rheena Obbo, P6, Nakasero PS Young Talkers, people who work in media are called journalists.

Media is a way of communicating to many people. It includes radio, television, newspapers, magazines and internet.

This Young Talk looks at the good and bad of media. Read it to stay safer.

Choosing the right media
Most newspapers are good media. You learn about the environment, health and sport. Most newspapers have sections for young people. If you get a New Vision, Monitor or Weekly Observer, try to read it. You will learn! Be careful about newspapers with pictures of naked people. It is natural to be curious. But reading these newspapers can make you feel ashamed. Radio is also good media. You can listen to Straight Talk radio shows, to the news and to music. TV and movies are sometimes good but they are often bad. Many TV shows and movies contain a lot of sex and violence. This can frighten you, give you wrong ideas, and influence your behaviour so that you take risks. Be careful about TV and movies.
ith good • Get involved w es healthy media. It promot ove your pr living and can im ance. class perform bad media: it • Watch out for and give can confuse you es. you nightmar parents, • Talk with your achers guardians and te the about anything in not media that you do understand.


A cinema is a big building where movies are shown. You sit in seats and watch together. It is more organised than a kibanda.



Young Talk, October 2007

All over Uganda there are so many video halls (bibanda). Many children go to kibanda to be entertained.
There is nothing wrong with being entertained but going to kibanda is very risky. • Some children are stealing money from their parents to watch videos at bibanda. • Some children risk their lives walking back home from the kibanda in the dark. • If you go to a kibanda, you will probably see a movie with a lot of sex and violence in it. This will hurt your plans to stay safe. Here is the story of one boy from Police Children School in Kampala who goes to bibanda.

Why I go to a kibanda
"Love stories, blue movies and The Mask are what I watch but only on weekends. When I am sent to the market I save the balances for the kibanda. I feel cool. I feel bad if I miss any movie. When I watch movies of people having sex, I also feel like having sex. When I dream about what I saw, I wet my bed. I watch these films in the evening. My parents do not know. I deceive them that I have gone to see a friend." If you go to bibanda, think about your behaviour. Is it good to steal from your parents?

Yes, bibanda c a fun. But they a n be re risky! If you w ant to watch a socce r game at a kibanda, ask your parents and g an older broth o with er.

The good and the bad of media
Young Talk visited Kiswa PS and Nakasero PS in Kampala and talked to some of the pupils about how media can be good and how it can be bad.

The bad of media

The good of media
I watch football on TV at our neighbour's. This has helped me improve on how I play it. Wasswa J, 15, P6, Kiswa PS, Kampala My favorite movie is called Smallville. It has helped me to learn how to keep secrets. AE, Nakasero PS, Kampala Cartoons are very entertaining. There are good movies that teach mothers to treat their step children and house girls well. W Ikiso, 12, P7, Kiswa PS, Kampala

One time, a friend took me to the toilet and showed me his private parts. He was also saying bad words. He told me he got them from what he had watched on TV. I felt bad and started to dodge him. Mageye Ashraf, 10, P6, Nakasero PS, Kampala

•Fight and kill •Use bad language •Have sex early •Fight •Drink alcohol •Smoke cigarettes and drugs like bangi •Dress badly
Justine Nansamba and Winnie Ikiso of Kiswa PS Children should not watch movies about sex or violence. They can make them have early sex or to become robbers. R Seguja, 11, P6, Nakasero PS, Kampala

Watch out! Media can teach you to:

oid Media you need to av
• pornography • messages of hatred • messages that promote immorality • messages of violence


I watched a movie where white people were cutting off peoples' heads. It scared me so much. I even dreamt that those people had come for me. I do not want to watch it again. J Barungi, 8, P3, Kabojja Junior School

of Pornography: Showing ual acts so naked people or sex sted as to make someone intere movies are in having sex. Blue pornography. d Immorality: Doing ba t acceptable things which are no . like killing, taking drugs etc
selor, Henry Nsubuga, Coun STF

For parents
By Faith Falal, Teacher Exposure to media shows that society is developing. But today radios, TVs, newspapers, magazines, the internet and billboards are changing children’s values and behavior. TV and movies have the greatest impact. But many movies promote strongly negative values. And watching TV too much can stunt

the child’s brain. Most children who watch more than an hour of TV a day perform poorly at school. TV does not stimulate creative thinking. Some people think that TV is modern and a blessing to their children. It is not. Make watching TV a family event. • Watch with them. • Discuss what you are seeing. • Lock it when you go out. Bibanda These are a big risk to our children. Be aware that your children might be going to bibanda.

• When you send your child to the shops, check the balance. Are they using it for bibanda? •Explain to them why bibanda are risky places.

Know your body
What is the right age when breasts start to grow? What is the right size of a woman's breast? What can I do to grow a good size of the breast? I do not have yet I am 15. Najara, P6, Nkonge UMEA PS There is no right time or right size. Some girls get breasts at 11. Others get at 16. We are all normal yet we develop at different speeds. You will grow breasts, Najara. But there is nothing you can do to make them grow. Please do not get deceived and start sex. Sex does not make breasts grow.

Watch TV with your children. Make it a loving time together.


3 Young Talk, October 2007

The empty compound empty
AIDS can strike anyone. Especially our young people... one is being open with them. And when they learn, it’s already too late.

parents and teacher are at Sophia’s father in law’s home trying to solve her problems. The teacher tells them that anyone can get AIDS and that it is worse with young people because nobody is telling them about AIDS openly. Sophia’s
There are clinics and centres in town where young people can get help...

The new story continues.... Sarah’s

father in law still thinks his sons cannot get AIDS but it is the women putting them in trouble. Meanwhile Sarah’s father reveals that Sophia’s brother in law visited Sophia in the middle of the night and his father becomes tough almost beating him up

My sons don’t need help. I brought them up well. No one taught them to be hooligans. It’s those women...

ed to • All young people ne be guided V/AIDS • Anybody can get HI ople • We should help pe with problems it • It is not good to vis t le late in the nigh peop

• Brother in law - The brother of your husband or wife • Hooligan - Person who makes noise and fights in public • Pestering - Asking for something all the time in an annoying way • Reveal - To make things known • Strike - Happen suddenly
Were your sons virgins the day they got married? Are you sure? Don’t listen to him, father...They just don’t want to keep Sofia...! And who came visiting Sofia in the middle of the night?

No wonder she ran away when everyone is pestering her like this.

I’ll kill you, you little hooligan. You want to follow in the footsteps of...

You see, it is no good denying the truth. Our young people need to know. They need guidance, but who is guiding them?

Friendship and love
Good friends are those who tell us to do good things with them. If someone tells you to do bad things like stealing or having sex, that is not your friend. You can avoid them and make new friends who can teach you good things like playing football, making baskets.

early because i get wet dreams. They tell me that the sperms Iam producing are getting wasted. That i should use them to produce children.What can i do? J. Kiboome, 13, P7, Kamuli Parents, Kamuli Do not start sex early. Wet dreams are normal and they show that you are normal. Do not listen to those friends. Sex is not for children. Most times no one teaches you about sex and then you get friends who will tell you wrong things.

Floods Update
Many parts of our country have been affected by floods. Do you live in a flooded area? If you live in an area which is flooded, it is important to do the following things so as to avoid diseases • Boil all your drinking water • Wash hands before eating food • Wash hands after using the toilet • Sleep in a treated mosquito net to avoid mosquitoes

My friends always tell me to start having sex


Young Talk, October 2007
○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○

○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

Are girls who reach 15 and 16 years without having periods normal? Tushabe R, Modern PS, Rukungiri Yes, those girls are very normal. Do you know anyone like that? These girls should not worry because some girls start menstruation very early while others start late. Is it bad to have a boy friend or girl friend while at school? Lwanga E, 12, Kyebando. Eric, friends, whether boys or girls, are very important to us because they help us in school, sports and housework. However, when friends start demanding for sex and doing bad things like taking alcohol, then those are bad friends. Avoid them.. Why is early pregnancy dangerous? Naigaga S 10, Mayuge Naigaga, early pregnancy has many dangers like dropping out of school, getting HIV/STDs, and difficult delivery leading to death. Girls should be patient till they are old enough to have babies safely. That is at about the age of 20. I have a friend whose testicles become bigger sometimes. What disease does he suffer from? B Oyirwoth, 12, Akaba PS, Nebbi Oyirwoth, sometimes when the weather is hot boys testicles look and feel bigger. But your friend

○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○ ○○

get only one meal a day, which is supper. What can I do? Bwambale J 13, Kyamiza PS, Kasese Bwambale, sorry about mpala that. Talk to your P.O. B0X 22366 Ka teachers. Also be creative! You can roast cassava or sweet potatoes, keep them in your school bag with Is it true that when you boiled drinking water, and later eat have sex with a person at school. Do not lose hope. Your who has HIV and the future will be bright if you continue condom bursts you can get going to school. You need to find a HIV? Wamuni J, 14, P7, solution to your hunger. Elgon PS, Mbale Yes, it is true that people can get A woman tried to rape infected with HIV if condoms are my friend and when he not used well all the time. Has this tried to make noise she said happened to you? A condom will she would kill him. How can not fit a young boy like you I help this friend of mine? because your penis is still small. Kabaseke I, P5, Buhinga Delay having sex because there PS, Kabarole are so many dangers. You can That was very bad. Did your friend stop now. tell his parents or teachers about it? You and your friends should avoid How does menstruation places where this woman likes to begin? Towania A 13, P5 be. You can help him by moving in Budaka FHP PS, Budaka a group and avoiding walking Andrew, things in the blood called alone. Make sure you tell your hormones cause menstruation in parents about her. girls, and it is a normal thing. These hormones make our bodies I have a boyfriend who grow. As a boy you need to convinced me to have support girls who are sex with him. We are still menstruating. Do not laugh at together but how can I them. punish him for this? Nassali F, 14, Mannya PS, I like being at school Rakai but my parents do not Florence, sorry for what happened give me food to eat while to you. Staying around this boy will there. I do not understand make you feel even worse. He what the teacher says and I

may even force you to have sex with him again. Forgive yourself for what happened and continue with your life normally. Many bad things happen in life but the most important is for you to be able to move on. You can report this boy because he defiled you.

For teachers For teachers

WELL DONE: Senior woman teacher, Ikulwe PS, Mayuge, Monica Nakirya receives a cellphone and a T-shirt from one of Young Talk editors Talk Edith Kimuli. Ms Nakirya won a mobile phone for her support to girls to stay in school. might be having an infection. Help him to go for check up. Is it true that when a boy touches a girl’s vagina her breasts grow bigger? V Oyela, 15, Anaka Central PS, Amuru No, Oyela, that is not true. Breasts grow because of hormones and nutrition. The vagina is a very private place. Boys should not be touching it. Girls, be proud of your bodies. Do not allow bad touches. Is it true that if you have a red mouth you have HIV/AIDS? Madunga S, 14, P6, St. Jude PS, Tororo No, Madunga. The only sure way to tell if someone has HIV or not is through a blood test. Do not point fingers and assume someone has HIV.

Peter Mubala, Counsellor, STF

A YT readers club at Kisoso PS, Kibale

Pupils of Namungo RC PS, Masaka with one of their teachers.

A group of YT Club members from Mashonga PS, Bushenyi

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