Rags to RICHES
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it doesn’t give you many winners but when it does the returns are fantastic.Rags To Riches Method Thank you for your order. Simply follow the simple set of rules provided and keep a strict record of your betting bank with the results sheets provided. As such these horses are over priced and a level staking backing approach will show all users of this method a continuous long-term profit year after year.racing-confidential. *Rag (An outsider-a horse with no apparent chance) www.co. I am sure you will be delighted with the outcome of your purchase.uk . Once you have done this then set up your betting bank and away you go! I have personally used this system for many years with great success and there is no reason why The Rags To Riches Method can’t do the same for you over the coming years and months. We have also included your free bonus system that throws up some massive returns. This also shows long-term profits. As you read on it will become apparent to you why this approach is so successful. A good idea we recommend to all clients is to paper trade (do not place any real money) on the selections for a week or two until you are comfortable with the returns. We concentrate on horses which the general public and bookmaker consider *Rags. It takes minutes each day to find the selections and each horse should be backed win only whatever the price.

Go through every Handicap race of the day and select the last named horse in the betting forecast.Now look at all Handicap Races Only.RULES We have found over the years of testing many many systems a simple set of rules usually makes for the best and most profitable systems.uk .The selection is the last named in the betting forecast. Bell Island. 9/2 Morbick. Example of betting forecast: Probable SP: 11/4 Sky Quest. 12 Soundbyte The horse we would chose here would be SOUNDBYTE as this is the last named horse in the betting forecast. 1. www. I personally use The Daily Mail to operate this system but you can use whichever newspaper you prefer as long as its not one of the below: DO NOT USE either THE DAILY MIRROR or THE RACING POST to operate the system rules with this method.racing-confidential. This is because their betting forecast is too long and you will not get the same results as other newspapers. 7 General Tufto. 6 Sand Repeal. 3. 2.co. 10 Sinbad The Sailor. 8 Make Amends.Firstly we need to look at the betting forecast of your Daily Newspaper.

For example: SP 12/1 SP 20/1 SP 25/1 . I have turned £100. We would consider a betting bank of 100 X your unit stake. This way you are betting with the bookmaker’s money and there is no risk to your original investment.STAKING The system usually throws up around 20% winners so you will have the odd losing run but this is part of investing on horse racing and you should not let it affect your confidence in the system when you do hit these. You will be surprised at the better returns you can get.TOTE RETURN 26. Once your betting bank doubles in size you can do one of two things.s many times doing this very same thing and there is no reason why you cant do the same.Take out you original investment and carry on backing to the same size stake. There will be lots of selections each day so you will be turning over a large section of your betting bank each day. If you have set up a betting bank before you started then this should not be a problem to you.78 . 2. I personally double the size of my stakes. If your unit stake were £20 you would need a betting bank of £2000 to start with.Double the size of your stakes.70 . Bookmakers The Rags to Riches system will make you a very good level stakes profit by simply betting at SP (Starting Price). When you are doing your paper trading. So if your unit stake were £2 you would need a betting bank of £200 to start with. We would advise a 1 unit level stake bet on each selection. It is amazing how even a relatively small betting bank can soon build very quickly this way. Numerous times the system will throw up winners at 12/1+ prices and the TOTE or BETFAIR will return a few points better return.TOTE RETURN 14.TOTE RETURN 32. check the TOTE returns when you have a winner. 1.40 . You can enhance this profits considerable by using either the TOTE or BETFAIR to place your bets.s into £1000.

Conclusion The Rags to Riches system works on the principle of finding decent priced winners the public chose to ignore due to their unfavourable place in the betting forecast.I hope you can see the potential in using either the TOTE or BETFAIR when using this system. growing your betting bank quicker.uk . These horses are over looked as potential winners and as such when you do find a winner it will more than compensate for the losses you may have had. free staking plans and a free to join Pay As You Win service at the website: www. Wishing You Health Wealth and Happiness We have a very exciting free system. I have consistently made around 60-120 pts profit per month using this very same system.co. It’s like free money and it all adds to your collective profits.racing-confidential.

This type of tote bet is probably better known as a forecast where you try and select the winner and the second in the correct order. The minimum stake for single entries is £2. Un-named selections (e. This system will also show good long-term profits for you.uk . The tote exacta bets operate in races where there are 3 or more runners and requires the selection of the first and second in correct order. These Exactas can pay out some massive dividends for you .co. rising thereafter in multiples of 10p. This means for our system selection wins then as we have backed the field to come second we now have a winning bet.You will get some very good returns.g. This is the exacta bet we are interested in. you now place these in an Exacta with the field. I have made thousand backing these and it’s so simple to do.racing-confidential. www. rising in multiples thereafter of 10p provided a minimum of £2 is staked. There are a couple of exacta bets starting firstly with the Single Exacta which is a Straight Exacta bet which requires you to select the first and second horse in the correct order. Combinations can be accepted with a minimum unit stake of 10p. the favourite) are not accepted in Exacta bets.FREE BONUS SYSTEM This is a great little system that involves the Tote’s Exacta bet. A bet containing a non-runner will be void. Using the Rags to Riches system selections for the day.

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