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INTRODUCTION Telephones and televisions are used daily by many people; alongside these media the Internet has become more important and useful for an increasing number of people. The Internet has existed since the late 1960s but for most of that time it was only accessible to governments and for scientific research purposes. By the mid 1990s, as web interfaces improved, it became available to the public and E-commerce developed, allowing businesses to offer their products and services on the web. Ebanking became possible in early 1990s when the Internet was opened to commercial use. With the 24\7 availability of Internet commerce websites, it has become very important to the users to trace and track their transactions, as they occur to ensure the account status and stability. Thus, it has become very important to have banks that can serve, support and work with e-commerce companies and consumers 24\7. They provide banking services and systems that connect to e-commerce websites allowing customers to check their transactions online, allow businesses to accomplish their goals, and allow customers to intra-move money around to accomplish their financial transactions. Banking customers can access many different services online, which makes physical banks open even after office hours. In means offline banking is becoming to be online banking while physical banks are not opened (out of office hours), so clients do not need to go to the banks or call them any more unless there is an issue that cannot be handled online. Internet banking can be conducted either by accessing the Internet with a computer or by using a phone that has Internet features. 2. PROJECTS OBJECTIVE AND PURPOSE: 2.1 Internet banking provides benefits for the bank and for the customers using it. Because an automated website can be accessed 24 hours a day, EBanking provides cost savings for banks because they dont need human operators to keep the bank services functioning. As mentioned, Internet banking has reduced phone calls billings, mailing and paper costs for the monthly bank statement, gas billings, less labor, etc. Therefore, e-banking has reduced the cost of doing business and made organizations more profitable even though it does involve other costs to allow it to be established. 2.2. More transactions are carried out over the Internet than in the physical

branches. 2.3. Banks are offering more than banking services; they are offering services on the bank website allowing customers to fill out application forms on line. 2.4. People can bank from any place that has Internet, so it is not limited to a time or a place as it was with physical banking. 2.5. With Internet banking people can check their account status and use other services while phone-banking users can only hear this information. Therefore, Customers are moving from phone banking to Internet banking. 2.6. E- Banking allows customers to be alerted via email and phone every update and change that occurs in their account, which differentiates it from physical banking where customers have to go to the bank to check for updates. 2.7. Internet banking may be more cost effective for a bank.

3. SCOPE OF THE PROJECT: The basic features to develop and offer: 3.1 Balances on-line - allows the client to check his previous and present balance via internet. 3.2Intra -Transfer of funds (Debit and Credit) - Customers can easily to log in to their accounts, check their balances, and transfer funds in between their accounts to cover any shortage in their other accounts. 3.3 View and Print Statement of Account - clients can access through their accounts to check the record of their transactions. This service allows customers to go over the previous transactions and make sure that their accounts have not been compromised. This document could be printed online or saved as a word or PDF document on their computers for future evidence. The number of months allowed customers to review their statement shall be based the existing policies and procedures of the bank. Other services to offer: 3.4 Payroll Service - the service shall be allowed clients to auto credit

payroll, benefits and incentives. 3.5 Bills Payment - The service is limited payments intended solely to ZestAirways and as we enroll various merchants perhaps we could upgrade the bills payment facility. 3.6 Checkbook re-order -enables the client to order check books on-line. 3.7 Change passwords this service is a security issue that allows account holders to ensure that their accounts are safe from fraud or intruders. They can change their personal passwords as many times as they want. This service requires the customer to answer some questions, to enter their old password, and to the new one, to verify their identity, then allowing them to change their personal password. 3.8 Alerts - This is reminder or a notification for customers to inform them of any new or processed transactions have occurred. This service also informs customers about balance issues, new products that have been initiated, and about transactions that have been completed. 3.9 Bills Collection-payments will be credited centrally to the billers/merchants account line, real time either in local currency or USD. A daily collection report summarizing all collections received may be transmitted electronically via email, or may be viewed through the PBB's e -Banking Internet Facility. 3.10 Post-dated Check Payables- warehouses account payables until due date and automatically process on the effective date 3.11 PDC Warehousing-- Future checks from customers shall be safe kept and shall be deposit upon maturity by the bank, a summary of inventory of check shall be provided. 3.12 Auto Debit Arrangement- our corporate accounts may require their customers to open account with PBB for the auto debit payment of the company's receivables from them. EX.-loan payments of our borrowing accounts -other form of payments to other institutions maintaining accounts with PBB 3.13 One-way depository arrangement- sales representatives or collection agents of company accounts may deposit their collections to any PBB branches for credit to the main depository account of the company. (Existing) EX.-tuition fee payment done over the counter will fall under this channel

3.14 Auto credit facility - ensure checkless collections from your customers to effect their payment via debit their account and credit your account, covered by an agreement between the supplier and the customer. 3.15 Auto - sweep accounts- institutional or national accounts operating nationwide may avail of this facility. Transitory accounts can be maintained in any branch of PBB where balances at the end of the day can be transferred to the mother account via SWEEP. 3.16 Payroll File Uploaded through Pbb E-banking - Auto credit of payroll, benefits and incentives. 3.17 Check Cutting or MC Writer Arrangement - personalized check printing system which prepare, manage and print large volume of checks for easy disbursements. 3.18 Account Opening Form: - this feature allows a client to open new accounts by accessing the bank website, logging in, filling in the application online and either submitting it online or printing it and handling directly to the nearest branch. With this time in opening accounts shall be lessen and shall benefit the client and the bank as well. 3.19 Business Loan Application - Customers can log in, and request a loan by filling in a form that requires them to enter their personal information and loan requirements. They submit the form and receive a reply after the bank processes the application. The application may be responded by email or a phone call. 3.20 Consumer Loan Application - Internet banking allows clients to enjoy filling via online application. This will benefit the bank and speedily review the application of a borrower. Documents and other requirements shall still be requested from proposed borrower and shall be subject to the present policies and procedures of the bank. 4. CURRENT SET UP CASH MANAGEMENT PROJECT RUNNING ON PRODUCT/SERVICES MANUAL




Credit Arrangement Payroll Arrangement PD Checks Payables Check Cutting or MC Writer Debit Card Payment to various Govt Agencies Auto Debit Arrangement One way Depository Arrangement Bills Payment PDC Warehousing Auto Credit Facility Motorized Check Deposit Pick up Services E-banking Auto Sweep Cash deposit Pick up Service

New Service

Limited Only

New Service Limited to ATM only Stand Alone System New Service

New Service New Service New Service

5. PROPOSED SOLUTIONS 5.1. Easy Access of vital financial information needed in the business by clients of THE BANK. 5.2 Various solutions such as Payable, Receivables, Access & Information and Cash Flow SOLUTIONS shall AIDE clients in the present business condition. 5.3 E-Banking shall address our limitation in granting convenient banking to our customers. 5.4 Moreover, this shall be a very important tool in competing with the Present Banking System. 5.5 A break through towards creating business solutions to our target market segment, the Small and Medium Enterprises.

6. BENEFITS 6.1 The BANK due to its massive expansion and branching out shall be equipped with automated solutions in dealing with clients. 6.2 The BANK may now compete with THE COMPETITORS capitalizing on E-banking and various Business Solutions. 6.3 Increase in CASA through ADB requirements. 6.4. Increase in fee-based income through availment of various business solutions 6.5 Variety of Products and Services to offer. 6.6 Cost effective for the bank. 7. PROPOSED COMPOSITION OF THE PROJECT TEAM Project Team Leaders: Felipe V. Friginal - BBG Head Ronald Garcia - BGPDC Head Members: Keith Chan- ITG HEAD Teodoro Enrico System and Support and Application and Development Head Ricardo Santos - Branch Technology Dev't Officer Francklyn Aquino - SSAD-Branch Systems Joyce Mesina - SSAD- Branch System Tadeo Medrano- Information Security Luningning Ramos- Systems and Methods Head Corporate Affairs: Judith Songlingo Secretariat- Aileen Macalindong Jane Cayanga- IT Audit Gerlie Ann Mendoza- BBG Adviser: Francis Posadas- ATM Head 8. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITY 8.1 BBG- Acts as the project team leader. Coordinates with every unit for the smooth flow of the

project processes during testing and upon implementation. 8.2 BOCG- Responsible in testing to determine if requirements are met by the system ensures the bank's current and planned infrastructure is sufficient to accomplish the project. Assure that the recommended technology solution met the strategic requirements with reduced resources to control capital expenditures and operating costs. 8.3 ITG- responsible for the system set up and supports the project team during testing and system implementation. 8.4 ISU-responsible for overseeing the development, implementation, and maintenance of the institution's information security program. Approve information security plans, policies and programs; and review reports on the effectiveness of the information security program. 8.5 SYSTEMS AND METHODS- responsible in drafting of policies, guidelines and procedures in coordination with concerned units. 8.6 IT AUDIT- ensures compliance with the system requirements and with the bank's policy. 8.7 SYSTEMS AND METHODS- responsible in drafting of policies, guidelines and procedures in coordination with concerned units. 9. PROJECT TIMELINE

E-Banking Project Milestone

Activities Building the Project Team - Kick-off Meeting and Project Organizational Submittion of URRF Drafting of Concept Paper and RFP - Submission of requirements/functionalities each members - Concept Paper Initial Draft - RFP Initial Draft Presentation/system walkthrough of Vendors - System Demo of Encore - System Demo of Systems Solution Unit Responsible Days needed Deadline Remarks

Project Team Sir Ronald-BBG

1 day 7 days

12/10/13 12/19/13

BBG, ISU, Risk, BOCG Ma'am JudithProduct Dev't Project Team

5 days 10 days 10 days 1 day 1 day

01/03/13 01/07/13 01/07/13 01/15/13 01/16/13

Concept Paper and RFP Sign-off - RFP Final Draft (prioritization of requirements) - Project meeting brainstorming on what should be the contents of the RFP


8 day

01/17/13 1/18/13 & 1/28/13 Send to project team members and Group Heads (BBG, BOCG, RMU,AUDIT, Systems, IT Head)

Project Team

2 days

- Sent out for comments - Incorporating of comments if any - Meet to review comments - Sign-off Project team/unit heads/ ITCOM Vendor Selection - Release RFP - Deadline for vendor submission - Validation of RFPs/POC - Preparation of Recommendation - Presentation to ITCOM/ Sign-off ITCOM - Board Approval Project Implementation

Joy-ITG/ Sir Ronald-BBG Project Team Project Team

1 day 5 days 1 day 14 days

01/30/13 02/07/13 02/11/13 03/01/13

03/04/13 03/08/13

Project Team Provider Project Team/ Provider

5 days 10 days 24days 1 day 1 day

03/22/13 2 vendors for validation

03/25/13 04/30/13

05/07/13 05/20/13

10. COST BENEFITS ANAYLYSIS 10.1 Income on Fees and Charges Yet to be determined upon submission RFP of vendors. 10.2 ADB to be generated shall be based on the cost of the project yet to be determined upon submission of RFP of vendors. 10.3 Branches to benefit from the E-Banking facilty shall be based on the the

number of branches being set-up upon launching.. 10.4 Various solutions to offer shall generate Income and Fees or Deposit CASA equivalent shall be determined upon the submission of the RFP by vendors. 11. RECOMMENDATION/CONCLUSION: E-Banking shall be a great tool in competing with the Present Banking System. A vision come true in creating competitive Product and Services for our Customers and Potential Clients. E -Banking shall grant convenience to our Customers, thus, producing more CASA and Fee-based income for the Bank. Automation is part of our commitment in producing satisfaction, accordingly, gaining the trust and confidence not only our Customers, more preferably, our Shareholders, Associates and Senior Officers.