Happy holidays the Vasthu way VASTHU SASTRA By T.

SELVA If you’re a hotel proprietor who did not enjoy a ‘full house’ during this week of school holidays, here are some pointers you might want to consider. I WOULD like to devote this week’s column to the Vasthu Sastra of hotels following complaints from an owner in Port Dickson that his business was dwindling. His grouseis that people who stay in his resort do not return and some leave dissatisfied even though the facilities he provides are good and the place attractive. Hotels and holiday resorts can observe the ancient science of construction for peace, happiness, health and prosperity because its applications are universal in all space occupied by people, although temporarily. It is incorrect to have the perception that a temporary dwelling need not observe Vasthu rules. The flow of subtle energy is constant and every individual should be in harmony with this force.

Hotel function rooms should be located on the ground or first floor in the south and west areas. Vasthu of a hotel is more than just the beauty and tranquility of the place. It is all about the alignment and placement of facilities with the five elements - ether, water, air, fire and earth. Failing to do so will result in guests not being relaxed, they will suffer interrupted sleep, not be satisfied with the food and services and mishaps may even occur.

the depression should be towards the northern and eastern sides. There should be more space in the northern and eastern side with less land area in the western and southern sides. . Hotel bedrooms should be lit with warm lights and grey or blue carpeting should be avoided.Architects should be sensitive when designing such facilities and try to incorporate the ancient values of Vasthu so that the operator can enjoy prosperity and success. Rooms should be spacious and no bathrooms should be in the south-west or north-east. check that it is strategically located in front of a beach or on a hill and the land should be ideally rectangular or square. It is inauspicious if it is in the western and southern sides and the operator will experience high expenditure and no peace of mind. When choosing a resort or hotel. If the land is sloping. It is recommended that the hotel should not be more than five-storey high to enjoy earth energies.

east or west and never south. Ideally the coffee house should be placed on the ground or first floor in the west quadrant. If the land is elevated. beige. Highly recommended is the north-west. Heat and electrical related facilities like air condition and transformers should be kept in the south-east. toilets and bathroom should not be located in the south-west and northeast corners and mirrors should be fixed on the east or north walls. The kitchen store should be placed in the south or west. the operator will face financial difficulties and worries. North is favourable for the reception and it should be placed on the ground floor close to the entrance. The bed should be placed such that the head faces north. light green. If the hotel wants to have a balcony for its suites then it should be located in the northern and eastern regions. the air corner. The room should be spacious and painted with relaxing and calming colours like cream. which woos people to return for the food. The banquet hall and function rooms should be ideally on the first floor in the western and southern areas of the hotel. . The kitchen should be placed in the north-west or south-east. In the bedrooms. Emphasis should also be given when designing the rooms so that visitors staying will have a pleasant holiday or stay. Avoid white on the wall and use warm lights to enhance the peacefulness of the room. Staff accommodation should be placed to face east. west and north. The wardrobe fixtures should be built in the western and southern regions. the raised ground should be in the western and southern areas. The swimming pool should be built in the north-east and tall trees should not be planted in this portion of the land. If the land is higher in the north-east portion. Grey and blue floor or carpet colours should be avoided totally as they dampen the energy level. The recommended place for the elevators is the south and the staircase in the west.The swimming pool should be located in the north-east.

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