Star 15/12/02 Buying land the Vasthu way It's that time of year when people who are thinking of changing

homes rush to get it all done before the New Year. Now would be a good time to look into what Vasthu Sastra has to say about property as the shape, size, slope, proportion, location and elevation of a plot of land can significantly influence the owner in both positive and negative ways. According to the ancient science of construction, even who you buy the land from is important. Land must not be purchased from a person who is a bankrupt, suffering from a serious illness or who has left the country. This is because the bad energy left behind by the former owner will affect the well being of the new occupant. It is also not a good idea to buy land that has been donated to a temple or a charitable organisation, land without any title deed, or that has been auctioned or used by criminals. According to Vasthu Sastra principles, if a house is constructed on such a site, the dweller will not have peace of mind, will suffer financial losses, experience obstacles to progress and face sorrow and grief. Land containing boulders or ant or worm hills and bones should not be acquired. Neither should plots of land that are waterlogged or filled with loose soil; reclaimed land and burial grounds are also deemed inauspicious. Digging for clues While excavating the earth before building, keep an eye on what is dug up as they can be indications of what could be in store. • • • • • • • • • • Anthills affect wealth and longevity Bones indicate obstacles to progress Bricks indicate the owner will enjoy wealth and will acquire more properties Coal indicates ill-health and financial loss Copper or metal indicate a prosperous life Gold, silver or coins can bring all types of comforts Iron or steel pieces indicate death Snakes indicate an obstruction to building progress Stones indicate wealth

Plotting success Square and rectangle shapes of land sloping towards the north-east are the most favourable sites for a house. Other favourable shapes are the "cow-faced" site where the front is narrower than the rear -

then refill it with the soil dug out. Soil solutions The colour of the soil should also be taken into consideration. Wait for a few minutes and watch whether the water subsides or not. pale green.) A plot of land squeezed between two bigger plots is inauspicious as it will bring poverty to the residents. if the land slopes towards the east and north. The following indicates what could happen according to the direction in which the land is elevated. If the earth removed is not sufficient to re-fill the dug hole. stadiums . Fertile land is good. red. especially if the shadow of a temple structure falls on the property because it can cause undesirable problems. • • • East . schools. the land is inauspicious. If half the water gets absorbed. it would be advisable to fill such a slope with earth to make the portion slightly higher or the same level with the rest of the plot. an expert will be able to determine what would be a suitable structure to build on the land . Dig a knee-deep hole (about 1m in length and breadth) in the middle of the plot. Land that slopes towards the west and south will be a source of financial trouble and destruction. Hills and boulders in the south and south-west side of the plot are also good. it would be a good idea to get a Vasthu consultant to examine the soil. sour and bitter. this is highly recommended. yellow and black.any place. Anyone living on such land would be able to earn a lot of money but will also spend a lot. Buying a plot near a place of worship should also be avoided. favourable tastes are sweet.Loss of child West . it is a good plot.Prosperity for sons South . Such surroundings will only bring fear and give no peace of mind to the owner.Favourable health . If there is excess soil left over. where there are large gatherings. for an office or a non-profit organisation.whether the land should be used for dwelling or a business. Elevations and depressions Vasthu also pays great attention to the elevation and depression of a plot. Surroundings are important Do not buy a plot of land that has a graveyard either in front of it or at the back.this is particularly good for residential purposes . the ground is favourable. From the type of soil. this is usually done by smelling and tasting it. Also. What would be good is a body of water like a lake or a river on the north-east of the plot. In fact. (See graphic. If there is none and the hole is filled easily. Other clues about the soundness of the land can be obtained from test holes. it will bring fortune and luck. the plot is of only average quality. The second method is to dig a hole in the same way and fill it with water. in fact. Favourable soil colours are white.and octagonal and hexagonal plots. Other unfavourable surroundings are cinemas. so look for greenery growing on the land.

Admission is free.Troubled health and wealth North-east .com. T.Wealth and luxury in life Central elevation . India. • • • • • • • • • East . Selva. To register call Ravi at 012-399 0489.Migration Central depression .Loss of wealth South-west .my A talk on how Vasthu Sastra can improve health will be held at 9am on Dec 22 at the Sadhana Camp at the Spastic Society hall.jaring.Loss of child North-east . He can be contacted at tselvas@thestar. has spent years researching this ancient Indian science of construction.Very auspicious South-east . The following indicates what could happen according to the direction in which the land is depressed. wealth and long life West . the first thing one should do is to enter the property and stand in the centre with eyes closed to feel the "vibrations".Health. Lorong Utara A. * The writer can be contacted at tselvas@pd. next check the compass directions of the living room.Fire and enemy prone South-west .Auspicious and happy family life South .• • • • • • North .Financial problems and loss of family members South-east .Fame and wealth. kitchen and master bedroom (the best directions were discussed in a previous article) before deciding to buy the property.Inauspicious and harmful to health If not building from scratch When purchasing a new or second-hand house or apartment.Financial gains North-west .Loss of wealth and no peace of mind North . Petaling Jaya.Harmful to health and wealth North-west . better known as 'Indian feng shui'. The Star's Maritime Editor. No 14. If the vibrations make you feel happy. He is a student of 7th generation Vasthu Sastra Master Yuvaraj Sowma from .

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