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Trig Homework Problems

Do your work on a separate sheet of paper!!!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Ann and Tim ride a Ferris wheel at a carnival in Billings, Montana. The wheel has a 100-m diameter and turns around in 60 sec with its lowest point 20 m above the ground. Assume that Ann and Tims height h above the ground is a sinusoidal function of time t (in seconds), where t = 0 represents the three oclock position. a. Draw a diagram showing the Ferris wheel and all dimensions b. Write an equation for h(t) c. Draw a graph for h for 0 t 90 d. There is a 40 m fence around the amusement park. How long will they be below the fence? [You must compute your result algebraically] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. Find a formula, using the sine function, for your height above ground after t minutes on the ferris wheel. Graph the function to see if it is correct. a. A ferris wheel is 35 meters in diameter and can be boarded at ground level. The wheel completes one revolution every 5 minutes. At t=0, you are in the 3 oclock position and ascending. b. A ferris wheel is 50 meters in diameter and must be boarded from a platform that is 5 meters above the ground. The six oclock position on the ferris wheel is level with the loading platform. The wheel completes one full revolution every 8 minutes. At t=0, you are at the loading platform. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. Mrs. Sullivan sat on the beach in Costa Rica. Similar to Shelly from our book, the level of the water on the beach one day was given by the equation w(t) = 25 sin 27t where t represents the number of hours since midnight. See page 25 if youre not sure how to visualize it. a. If she wants to build a sand castle 8 ft below the average waterline, what is the maximum time she can arrange to make her castle? NOTE: You may use a graph to help you find your answer, but you must compute the result algebraically. b. Suppose Mrs. Sullivan wants to maximize her time in a beach chair sleeping. What is the longest stretch of time she would have to sleep before the tide would reach her? Support your answer with a graph. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. Mrs. Sullivan saw a dolphin on her trip. She thought it was swimming with a periodic rise and fall, such that its swimming path modeled a sine curve. The amplitude seemed to be 5 ft. More specifically, she noticed that when the dolphin is at its highest point, its back rises 2 ft out of the water, then it dives down to a point where its back is 8 feet below the surface level. Of course, the dolphin then comes back up again, then goes down again, and so on. It takes about 20 seconds for the time it hits the high point until it reaches the low point. Imagine Mrs. Sullivan tells her husband to look for the dolphin in the exact direction where it is swimming. What is the probability he will see him? (HINT: think about how much time the dolphin is above water vs. not)


High Dive Review Complete these problems on a

separate sheet of paper.

1. Express the following degree measurements in radians. Your answer should be exact i.e., not a decimal. Check your work by drawing a unit circle (e.g., is it reasonable?) and a calculator (e.g., is it numerically equivalent?) a) 75

b) 225

c) 240

d) 330

2. Express the following radian measurements in degrees. Express both as a reduced fraction AND as a decimal rounded to the ones place. Again, draw a unit circle to help you visualize where it is located. a)

5 6



4 3


7 4

d) 3.5

3. Maddie and Clyde ride a Ferris wheel at Megafest. The wheel has a 80 meter diameter and turns around completely in 60 seconds with its highest point 95 meters off the ground. Assume that Maddie and Clydes height, h, about the ground is a sinusoidal function with respect to time, t (in seconds) where t=0 represents the 3:00 position. a. Draw a diagram showing the Ferris wheel and all dimensions b. Write an equation for h(t) c. Draw a graph over the domain 0 t 60 d. If there is a 25 meter high fence around the wheel, what percent of the time will they be able to see over the fence?



4. Repeat #3a and #3b if t=0 represents the 7:00 position. Check your result with a graphing calculator.

5. Create an equation for a cosine wave that has an amplitude of 10, a midline of 3, and a period of 10 seconds. Whats the angular speed of this function?

6. Find another angle , 0o < < 360o, that has the same sine as 36o. Use a drawing / sketch to show why your result is correct.

7. Find another angle , 0o < < 360o, that has the same cosine as 256o. Use a drawing / sketch to show why your result is correct.

8. Simplify each of the following: a. (1 cos )(1 + cos )


tan icos