Sekolah Rendah Mabohai, Brunei 1

Week / Date Class Lesson Time / Duration Subject Topic 9 / 2nd March, 2009 3A 10:30 / 30 minutes ICT Getting started with Ms Word TP Teacher Name Registration Number Module Code Module Name Course Name

Lesson Plan
Dyg Norolhoda Hj Md Arpan 08D0302 PT 0127 Dip in Ed (IS) TP Diploma in Education (InService)

Lesson Objective(s) Pupils to be able to start and exit Ms Word. Pupils to be able to create and save a Ms Word document. Pupils to learn to give spaces in between each word. Pupils to learn that two spaces are needed between each sentence. Review or learn to capitalize the first letter or a sentence and to give a full stop at the end of the sentence. Review and learn letter and punctuation placement on the keyboard. Review and learn how to erase mistakes by using backspace button.

Key Vocabulary

Shift key Space bar Program Create / Save Backspace

Preparation Teacher prepares a short paragraph for the pupils to type in their Word document. Teacher makes sure that all computers that will be used have the same version of Ms Word. Teacher makes sure that the folder in which pupils are to save their work in is created.

Introduction (10 minutes) Review of previous lesson on introduction to Ms Word. IWB is switched on and Ms Word is opened with document created. Some sentences are typed out on the screen. Pupils are asked of any errors that they can see. Explanation of the correct placements of spaces, capitalization and full stop is given by means of the on-screen keyboard. At this point pupils will be directed to go to their computer in groups of 2 or 3.

Main Activities (15 minutes) Pupils working independently (10mins) A short paragraph will be typed out from the teacher’s computer and shown through the IWB. Each pupil takes turns in typing out a sentence from the paragraph. Guided Activity (5 mins) Once pupils have finished their typing, they will save their work at their designated folder with guidance by the teacher from the IWB.

Closure (5 minutes) Once their work saved, pupils are instructed to gather at the carpet area. Teacher will ask what the pupils find difficult in the

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Sekolah Rendah Mabohai, Brunei 1

Lesson Plan

practical exercise given. Prompt pupils on the difference of writing by hand and typing. Pupils will be informed that they will learn more editing techniques in their next lesson.

Teaching Aids / Resources Computers with Ms Word installed IWB Network

Assessment / Evaluation Q&A Continuous observation upon pupils’ independent activity Saved Word document (group marks)

Teaching Practise teacher’s remark(s)

Cooperating Teacher’s remark(s)

Achieved Objective(s) Not Achieved Pupils’ Participation and Performance Satisfied Fair Unsatisfied Excellent Pupils’ Activity & Assessment Good More Effort Incomplete

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