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Joshua Churchill

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15th May 2013

CLIENT Glenthorne high school

The Brief: Glenthorne high school is looking to advertise its sixth form academies in order to recruit students from other schools. You have been asked to produce a 25-30 second advertisement for one of the academies. Glenthorne is really keen to portray the academies as a fun and highly educational, but demanding. The

audience will be potential students (e.g. 14-16 year olds with a keen interest and talent in the subject area) and their parents. In each advertisement you will need to include. -The Glenthorne logo of facilities -A slogan -The academy logo -Footage of student’s -Footage

-Contact details/ next open day details

It is proposed that the advert will be of 30 seconds in duration, filmed at the golf station, which is at Foxhills, Horton park golf course and a crazy golf course. Which will be edited at our Sutton facility.

The advert will be aimed at 14-16 year olds. This has been identified through audience research and the age bracket set by Glenthorne sixth form years.

The advert will show a person playing golf as part of the academy with a caddy along with him hitting fantastic shots towards the green or hole, when his caddy says to him after a shot that he has missed the hole and the man turns and smiles at him saying really. We then see a family plying mini/crazy golf and when the dad tries to putt the ball into the hole he fails when another ball hit by the man before enters the ball before his when they look around for someone playing a joke and then it starts with a voice over and the relevant logos and information.

The advert will be aired on both the school website and on DAVE the TV channel as the greatest percentage watch DAVE more than any other channel.

The main competitor(s) for this advert will be Merrist wood golf club at http://www.merristwood-golfclub.co.uk/pages.php?academy.htm&pageid=723 which already has a golf academy and much better facilities than Glenthornes. This has been identified through market research.

Several locations have been visited and a shortlist has been drawn up: Suggested locations are: Foxhills golf course Horton Park golf course

Mini putt dinosaur course (off the A3)

The advert will include the following:

a) Close-ups b) Midshot Pans c) Longshots

d) Extreme close-ups e) (etc.) If say we wanted to keep the pace of the advert going forward then we would use possible whip pans to do so and not a normal pan this means that it would become blurry between the parts or people that we selected to leave the camera on.

Structure (Initial Ideas) The advert will be in colour and in PAL (aspect ratio).

The advert will start with a golf ball being hit off the tee and then when the ball gets hit by the golf club we cut to the golf hole and the ball hitting the green or the fairway depending on the hole. Cut to More golf hits and then we cut to the caddy and the player talking about the hitting of golf balls also we see them teeing up another golf ball and preparing to hit the ball down the fairway and when we hit the ball down the fairway it appears to have missed the green and fairway the caddy says ‘you appeared to have missed sir’ the player turns towards the caddy and stats the words ‘really’ with a smirk on his face the caddy is confused and we then cut to a family playing crazy golf. When the dad in the family says that he will show them how it is done and he hits a shot at the hole when he hits the ball it misses the hole when another from of the wrong direction goes into the hole the family all look around confused and he see no-one we then cut to a background shot of one of the buildings in the course and we then see the Logos of the Glenthorne and other things with a voice over.

Budget (You need to list the costs for:) Research Planning meeting Filming (state equipment hire and crew) Editing (state equipment hire and crew) £50 £20 £300 per week £400 per day including person £770 £77 £2.40

Subtotal Production Contingency @10% Travel Expenses @40p per mile (how many miles do you think you will need to travel at a maximum?) Total production budget


Schedule The production will be produced within the timescale that will be indicated by our shooting and editing schedules. Conexcast will ensure that all location filming is carefully planned to take into account the safety of the crew and the general

public and any production contingencies. The finished advert will be available for viewing at an appropriate time in order for any changes to be made before the suggested release date. The deadline for submission to the client is: (put date here)

Sources of requirements We would need to have a camera rented for £300 for the whole weekend As well as this the Tripod needed will be £50 for a day

Legal and Ethical Issues (State here the appropriate regulators for your product and any particular guidelines that you will have to follow)

Guarantee of Satisfaction • • Initial discussion on the (name of product) content will take place. Production equipment will be used in a safe operational manner at all times. (Name of company) is covered by Public Liability Insurance to the sum of £1,000,000. A copy of all ‘rushes’ (camera original material) will be supplied on request in DVD format. A ‘rough cut’ (initial trial edit) version of the (name of product) will be supplied for inspection and discussion. A meeting to discuss the final master version will be organised with a focus group of interested parties. The completed (name of product) will be provided on DVD for inspection. The completed (name of product) will not be released until the client is completely satisfied with technical quality and content.

• •

Conexcast 15th May 2013

Conexcast asserts its rights as authors of this treatment in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents act 1988. Any unauthorised copying of this work will result in prosecution.

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