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April/May 2013

Spring is here! Or is it?

Cuckoo, Cuckoo!
Inside this issue:

The arrival of the cuckoo is the signal that spring has arrived—or so they say! This year, we may disagree. The cuckoo is reputed to sing from St Tiburtius’s Day on the 14th April until St John’s Day on the 24th June. Marsden cuckoo day celebrates the arrival of spring. It takes place over the weekend of the 26th-28th April. This annual celebration welcomes the return of the cuckoo to Marsden with artistic workshops, an all-day craft fair, banner-making, a village procession, maypole and Morris dancing. Friday night

culminates in a folk evening at the Riverhead. Marsden's love for this feathered friend stemmed from the fact that the spring and sunshine always came along with its arrival. In days gone by, the people of the village reputedly built a huge wall to try to prolong the cuckoo's visit. Here is an old traditional rhyme about the cuckoo’s summer life cycle: In April I open my bill In May I sing night and day In June I change my tune In July far far I fly In August away I must


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Message from Suzanne I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you for your kind messages and cards of support sent to me after the death of my very dear father. You may or may not know that I had looked after him for almost seven years and he has left a big gap in my life. I will fill it but it will take time. Thank you all once again. One activity that I take part in is tap dancing. I started about six years ago when my friend and I decided we needed to do another type of exercise other than aerobics. Our tap class has just taken part in an historic event! On the 16th March, we were invited down to the BBC in London to take part in a recreation of something they did back in the 1970s. The BBC building has closed and relocated. When it opened, they did a big tap dance with 500 tappers and Roy Castle. Our tap teacher is in charge of the Tapathon in Yorkshire (which we do every year) and the money we raise goes to the Roy Castle Lung Foundation. For this reason, they invited us to take part along with hundreds of youngsters, all brilliant tap dancers from various stage schools! We were up for the challenge of course and we accepted the offer to go down. We travelled to London arriving at the BBC at about 10.30 am. We were taken into the studios where there were hundreds of dancers all practising the routine (which I had not even seen!) It was about a minute long routine to the music of 42nd Street. We started to learn it with many of these beautifully and obviously talented, very friendly youngsters! We also had a proper lesson with the choreographer Arlene Phillips. She was scary! We started to dance and we did it in sections, building up to the whole thing. After the first time doing the whole dance, Arlene sent round these people with blue stickers – if you got a blue sticker, you were not good enough and had to go for extra tuition! I was SO pleased I did not get a blue sticker. Later we had a rehearsal outside and then we did the final 6 takes for the show. It was on the ONE SHOW on Friday 22nd. I just managed to spot myself out of the 600 dancers but only because I knew where I was! Matt Baker did the Roy castle part and the woman with him is in fact the same girl who did the original dance with Roy Castle. Matt Baker had to learn to tap last week to do this! We met him too. I have added some pictures for you – one with our new found young friends who helped us to practise and one of my friend Anne (on the right) with Matt Baker. What a fabulous experience this was and one I will never forget. Suzanne


Holmfirth Project
March 1st 2013 This was our final week with the Foundation Years students from Kirklees College. The students have continued to interview our members as part of the Diamond Years lottery project, which also fulfils their course requirements to do with communication. This time they wanted to know about “getting your first home” and “having a family”.

It has been a pleasure to see the students’ confidence grow as their early shyness vanished. We hope the students or a new group will spend time with us next year also. March 15th 2013

with half the group, Shirley S raised future plans and explained more about the folders which are part of the lottery project. As it was Comic Relief day Mary supplied volunteers with red noses and Gilly came in her special T shirt.

Good lunches were enjoyed After a bit of a break Jill by all at both meetings. was back with us to round off her work on fashion of the 50s with us. The members worked on the creation of the 50s dress for our lottery exhibition later this year. While Jill was doing this

Group of volunteers at the project meeting on Red Nose Day!

Marsden Group
In our reminisce session Cynthia gave a presentation about Dora Marsden a very brave suffragette and talented journalist who was born in Marsden in 1882. Dora attended the Town School in Marsden and aged 13 became a pupil teacher. When she qualified as a teacher in 1900 she got a scholarship to study at Victoria University in Manchester; she graduated in 1903 gaining a BA degree. Dora was an activist in the Women’s Social and Political Union which campaigned for ‘Votes for Women’ and was organised by the famous Emmeline Pankhurst. Dora participated in militant suffragette activities, alongside the Pankhurst’s, and was arrested and sent to prison on several occasions. In 1912 she founded and became the editor of the radical magazine ‘Freewoman’. In 1920 she went to live in the Lake District and spent many years writing philosophical books; she died in 1960. She was indeed a truly remarkable and courageous, local, woman.

Dora campaigning for the vote

Dora is arrested

Dora is arrested again and imprisoned

Dora Marsden 1882 - 1960

In the activities session we spent most of the time on craftwork. Liz bought materials to make bookmarks. She had made three different samples for everyone to look at so that they could get ideas on how to make their own designs. Everyone chose their embellishments and decorated their bookmarks beautifully, Then we threaded embroidery skeins through a hole we had punched in the bookmark, to finish them off.

Margaret and Iris with their bookmarks


All the bookmarks looked very attractive and of course they will be very useful. The last part of the session was spent attempting to answer questions that required logical thinking! The questions appear difficult to answer however when the answer is given you realise it was so obvious – it is really amusing. Iris and Alwyn deserve a special mention as they answered most of the questions – so very well done indeed! May we wish our members who have been ill and unable to attend our sessions a very speedy recovery and we look forward to seeing you soon. Cynthia Phillips

Snow Cancels Meltham Lunch. Heavy snow fall put a stop to Meltham Lunch on April 5th. The snow which fell before Easter left 8 ft drifts up Jenny’s drive in Slaithwaite. The only way to reach the road from Jenny’s house was over 2 styles & across the field. Jenny Allgood

March 8th 2013 We had another lovely lunch of carrot and butternut squash soup, delicious sandwiches and crisps plus homemade plum crumble with ‘proper’ custard. A busy session followed with guess how many coffee beans for Fairtrade organised by Sandra the resident artist. Later Gilly Evans, from the Friend to Friend Fundraising Committee, joined us and enticed us to pick a lucky diary date and hopefully win a money prize. We had our usual raffle with great prizes of bulbs, chocolate biscuits, gift cards, Easter cards, purse and jar of coffee. Our workshop session was led by Sheila Armitage, the sugar craft expert. Everyone was given a Cadbury’s egg, a Malteser, sugar egg and icing. What a giggle we had and we all managed to produce an Easter rabbit, some with ‘odd eyes’, wobbly heads but very cute! We enjoyed the session and thanked Sheila for being so patient!! At the end of the workshop, we discussed possible future events including a trip to a garden centre and possibly a musician to entertain us. One of our members is in a reading group and brought a few books which we share/buy at our next meeting. We had another new member today and she enjoyed the session and her lunch as we all did. Jean and Isabel
Margaret with her dog Penny

HONLEY Group Today’s meeting was very interesting. Margaret Kenworthy came to talk to the group about her work as a trainer of guide dogs for the blind. She brought along her beautiful dog Penny who behaved immaculately throughout. Margaret has a lot of experience as a trainer and Penny is her 10th puppy. She starts training the puppies from a very young age until they are about a year old and then they will be ready for the next stage of their training. This is when Margaret has to say goodbye to the dog and it is a very hard thing to do. The dogs continue their training and will then, hopefully, be accepted as guide dogs and assigned to someone to begin their ‘working life’. Margaret’s main role is to make sure the dog responds to important commands like ‘sit’ and ‘leave’ plus many more and she also has to make sure the dog can ‘wee and poo’ on command! The dogs have to be clean during their working time outside as obviously a blind or partially sighted person would not be able to clean up after their dog. She told us many more interesting facts such as why a guide dog is always fed dry food. This is because a partially sighted person could have difficulty opening a tin and it could have sharp edges which are dangerous. We had many questions for Margaret and we learned such a lot from her most interesting and informative talk. Many thanks from all in the Honley group. Suzanne

Holmfirth Project April 2013
April 5th We are nearly at the end of the Diamond Years Lottery project and Shirley S started by making some suggestions for recording more oral memories for the project e.g. kitchens in the 50s, development of phones over the years. After a lovely lunch members did some more work on the Diamond Years scrapbooks. Shirley S had brought along many photos of past meetings for everyone to use and all got stuck in. April 12th We went to the Oil Can café at Hepworth for an extra meeting. We had afternoon tea and a chance to explore the vintage shops to fit with the 50s theme of the Lottery project. Tea was delicious and beautifully presented and we all enjoyed the afternoon. Special thanks to Gilly for driving the minibus – her first outing. April 19th We were joined for the morning by teachers and pupils from Scholes School who interviewed our members on the theme of holidays for the lottery project. While this was happening the rest of the group continued with the scrapbooks which are really taking shape.

Answers to the EASTER quiz
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What is traditionally eaten in the UK on Shrove Tuesday? Pancakes Mardi Gras or Carnival takes place around the world on Shrove Tuesday. What does Mardi Gras literally translate to in English? Fat Tuesday What is the first day of Lent called? Ash Wednesday

Why do Christians fast during the forty days? To replicate the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday, commemorates the Last Supper, but which Jewish festival took place at the same time as the Last Supper? The feast of the Passover In the UK, the reigning monarch gives money to the poor on Maundy Thursday in a ceremony that historically included the washing of the feet of the poor. Who was the last monarch to perform this ritual? James ll in 1689 Which artist painted the famous mural in Milan depicting the Last Supper? Leonardo da Vinci Which of Jesus’ disciples betrayed him? Where did the arrest of Jesus take place? Judas Iscariot Garden of Gethsemane


7. 8. 9.

10. What was the name of the Roman governor who tried Jesus? Pontius Pilate 11. Jesus was crucified at Calvary also known as Golgotha. What do these words mean in Hebrew? The place of a skull

Well done if you got all of these right. This was a bit tough!

A special quiz to celebrate St. George's Day—April 23rd.
1. 2. 3. In which country is St. George said to have been born?

Who did St. George replace as England's patron Saint in the 14th Century? In addition to being patron saint of England, he is patron of several other countries. Which FOUR members of the EC is he patron Saint?

4. 5.

What animal was George said to have slain? St. George is also patron of the Scout movement, who founded this organisation?

6. 7.

Which English royal residence houses the St. George's Chapel? Before which engagement according to Shakespeare, did Henry V make the famous speech that ends “....Cry God for Harry, England and St. George”?


Which medal awarded for civilian bravery has an inscription displaying George slaying the dragon?


Why was April 23rd chosen as St. George's Day?

10. In which country did George die? 11. St. Georges is the capital of which Caribbean island, known as “The Spice Island”? 12. Which English playwright was born on St. George's Day and died on it 52 years later?

A Celebration of the Queen’s Reign An exhibition of work produced by the Project Group which includes scrapbooks, a tiling mural, 50s dress designs and an oral history. Scholes Junior and Infant School also have work on display from May 10th

Exhibition to be held at Totties Garden Centre & The Olive Tree Bistro Cafe Downshutts Lane, Totties Holmfirth, HD9 1AU

Friday and Saturday 10th-11th May 10.00 am-5.00 pm and Sunday 12th May

Bringing older people together to enjoy a healthier, more active and less lonely old age.

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