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Applies to Florida State Waters of the Gulf and Atlantic Issued: January 1, 2013

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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......... You can obtain a license 24 hours a day at License..............12–13 Saltwater Fishing License and Exemptions...22 FWC Division of Law Enforcement...487........ For more information..............................16 Reporting Your Catch...................... please contact: ■■ Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council 888-833-1844 www............. 4 Saltwater Fishing Shows and Events...net ■■ National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries) 727-824-5301 www........Dreamstime.....noaa...................... Processing fees apply to telephone and Internet sales.. or click MyFWC...........safmc............. 8 Grand Slams and State Records.................... 4 2013 Free Fishing Days.......23 Lionfish Control.com Inset: Black Sea Bass (Centropristis striata) caught by Holly Sulzinski For additional information please contact: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission MyFWC...contents Contact us Go to MyFWC.com/Research For federal fishing regulations................. it’s fast....11 Basic Saltwater Fishing Regulations..MyFWC............... 6 Know Your Management Zones......20 On the cover Lionfish (Pterois volitans) Photographer: Cigdem Sean Cooper www............................. January 1......14 Jack Identification Guide.................. 4 Message from Commission Chair Kenneth Wright..22 Blue Crab Trap Closures......... on cell phones.........................0554 Buy your license online! When you buy your license online.....................nmfs......... 2013 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission ...............com for up-to-date information on recreational saltwater fishing regulations..com/Contact.................org ■■ South Atlantic Fishery Management Council 866-SAFMC-10 www...com and begin fishing immediately! Licenses are also available toll-free at 1-888-FISHFLORIDA (1-888-347-4356)...... see page 23.... Visit the FWC’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute online at MyFWC.........gov Ken Taylor 2013 FWC Commission Meeting Dates and Locations...gulfcouncil....18 New Artificial Reefs..10 Recreational Gear and Spearing......................... 2 Atlantic Black Sea Bass Regulations.....24 Wildlife Alert Reward Program Report fish and wildlife law violations by calling toll-free 1-888-404-FWCC (3922).................................... Florida 32301 850.....................17 Marine Life Regulations........ convenient and saves time and travel.............. 6 FWC Offices...........com Division of Marine Fisheries Management 2590 Executive Center Circle East Berkeley Building Tallahassee........... dial *FWC or #FWC depending on service carrier........................ news and events as well as resources........ publications and videos..........


JFGriffin. but assumes no liability for any errors that occur in this publication.com/Fishing/Saltwater/Regulations.F. Contact the FWC if you have any questions on issues not covered in this booklet. Daytona April 6th. If you have any feedback or are interested in advertising. 2013. locations and agendas. Let's Go Fishing! Tampa Tribune Outdoor Expo March 1st–3rd. MA 01267 J. An additional $.) still apply. 2013. The money collected from saltwater fishing licenses is used to improve and restore fish habitat and for marine fisheries research. call 850-487-0554) March 9th. 2013. 2013 Waters of the Gulf and Atlantic ational /Fishing/Saltwater/Recre Please visit MyFWC. Crystal River (Preregistration required. 2013 ­ — Lakeland For more information about Commission meeting dates.com/Fishing How your license fee helps About this Guide This high-quality regulation guide is offered to you by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Division of Marine Fisheries Management through its unique partnership with J. Ft.com for the most current regulations ONFISH LI INVASION NEW REGULATIONS Black Sea Bass page 22 Marine Life page 18 Florida Fish and Wildlife on Conservation Commissi MyFWC. 24 hours a day. please contact us at (413). gear restrictions. Introduction Applies to Florida State Issued: January 1. Tampa in a new Digital Edition! Live hyperlinks to Fully searchable expanded content available online Email pages One-click printing 2013 Free Saltwater Fishing Days! On April 13. at License. Griffin is an award winning publishing house that specializes in producing state fish & wildlife regulation books. They also manage the marketing and sales of advertising to appropriate businesses within the book. 2013. 2013. Suite 5 | Williamstown. A continuously updated electronic version of this publication is available at MyFWC. layout and editing of the guides.F.884.S a lt wat e r r e g u l at i o n s EATIO NAL FLORI DA SALTW ATER RECR 2013 This publication is provided as a guide to Florida fishing laws and regulations.F. 2013.com and click on “About" and "Commission Meetings” on the top of the page. For more information call 850-487-0554 or visit MyFWC. Evelyn Haddad. 2013. Erin Murphy. The revenue generated through ad sales significantly lowers production costs and generates savings. 2013. South Florida May 10th–12th.com/Fishing/Saltwater/Outreach-and-education. 2013. LLC is proud to print the official Florida Saltwater Fishing Regulations on post-consumer recycled paper. and September 1. J. Griffin Publishing. Treasure Coast LadiesLetsGoFishing.com Graphic Design: Jon Gulley. Panacea April 13th. February 2nd–3rd. Pensacola April 20th. bag limits. Ladies. Shows and Events Visit the FWC booth at these upcoming events to pick up your copy of the Recreational Saltwater Fishing Regulations and Fishing Lines: Angler’s Guide to Florida’s Marine Resources. law enforcement and public education on marine resources. 2013. 2013. 2013. Florida Keys June 29th. closed seasons. Processing fees will apply to telephone and Internet sales.com/FL/fishing/saltwater 4 January 1. Obtain immediate license privileges. While the recreational saltwater license requirement is waived on these days. 2013.com/shows February 7th–18th. 2013. Tampa October 12th–13th.com FL Sportsman Expo Florida State Fair February 23rd. times. Cape Canaveral Kids' Fishing Clinics 430 Main St. Fernandina March 23rd. Chris Sobolowski 2013 Commission meeting dates and locations ■■ February 13–14. 2013 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission . These savings translate into additional funds for other important fisheries and habitat programs. 2013. J. The Florida Administrative Code is the final authority on fishing laws.com April 12th–14th. Griffin supports the FWC staff in the design.F. 2013 Tampa State Fairgrounds FloridaStateFair.MyFWC. Naples June 15th. LLC.com or by calling tollfree 888-FISH-FLORIDA (347-4356). 2013 — ­ Tallahassee ■■ June 19–20. eRegulations.50 fee will be charged for any license or permit not purchased directly from the county tax collector. Subject to change regarding availability of appropriate facilities to hold the meeting. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) strives to ensure information in this booklet is accurate. 2013. the FWC Commission established the 2013 Saltwater License Free Fishing Days as: June 1. 2013. 2013 ­ — Orlando ■■ April 17–18. etc. all other fishing regulations (size limits. visit our website at MyFWC. West Palm Beach Floridasportsman.1001 or online at www. Myers September 14th–15th. Griffin Publishing.

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FL 33412-3303 (561) 625-5122 Charles E. fly fishing is my favorite. their electronic devices and head outdoors. Wright Chairman. 2013 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission .com Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission 620 South Meridian Street Farris Bryant Building Tallahassee. fish stock enhancement and artificial reefs. In the 80s. and I always wondered what those people were doing in those small johnboats way over on the flats. Their goal is to create ethical anglers who fish with sustainability in mind and anglers that are actively engaged in the management of marine fisheries resources. FWC’s youth fishing programs are a great way to introduce kids to the lifetime sport of saltwater fishing. FYCCN Fishing RegulationsFL_SW_4c_2. the iconic angler who inspired the first fly for targeting bonefish. Florida’s resident and visitor anglers. Tampa. In Florida. FL (813) 248-TANK • 1-800-272-4702 www. Regional Director „„ Southwest 3900 Drane Field Road Lakeland. Col. Louie Roberson. Rick Murphy. The FWC Division of Marine Fisheries Management Outreach and Education subsection uses these funds to reach out to youth. Yablonski Tallahassee FWC Offices „„ Northwest 3911 Highway 2321 Panama City. South.com mention priority code 4844 Custom Fuel Tanks Aluminum Poling Platforms Engine Brackets Powder coated 20 colors to choose from Transom or deck mount Single or twin engine brackets Largest builder of fuel tanks in west Florida 4705 30th Ave. I finally got a flats boat. Kenneth Wright Chairman.customaluminumfueltanksfl. Regional Director „„ Northeast 1239 Southwest 10th Street Ocala. A Florida resident since 1962. balancing the needs of the fish with the wants of the fishers. Corbett Tampa Aliese P. about $13 million of these funds are used annually to help support research. For management zones. Holder Assistant Executive Director Karen Ventimiglia Deputy Chief of Staff Jessica McCawley Director.com www. Funded by your purchases of tackle. I’m excited to serve as a member of the FWC Commission.25x2. FL 33811-1299 (863) 648-3200 Chris Wynn. As we move forward into 2013. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Agreed Value coverage Broad cruising area Optional fishing guide coverage Tournament coverage Fishing equipment coverage For a free quote call 866-532-1829 BoatUSAngler. motorboat fuels and fishing tackle. I couldn’t get into shallow water. "Liesa" Priddy Immokalee Charles W. inventor of a fly called the Puff. FL 32399-1600 (850) 488-4676 (800) 955-8771 TDD NORTHWEST   Gilchrist NORTHEAST Commissioners Kenneth W. my own journey as a saltwater angler started in the early 1970s with a 22 foot Mako.indd 1 11/12/12 11:52 AM is dedicated to “Creating the Next Generation that Cares!” by encouraging children to put down MATTSON AND COMPANY. Regional Director „„ North Central 3377 East U. Bergeron Ft. let alone go. I look forward to working with you on marine fisheries and other FWC issues.org. the Sport Fish Restoration Program is able to create future fishing and boating opportunities. INC. FL 34471-0323 (352) 732-1225 Shannon Wright. Lauderdale Richard A. the Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network. FL 32055-8795 (386) 758-0525 Roland Garcia. Capt.” When I’m not out fishing. Regional Director „„ South 8535 Northlake Boulevard West Palm Beach. and Capt. Today. I’ve been on the board since August 2007 and this year I am honored to have been given the opportunity to serve as your chairman. SOUTH 6 January 1. Collins. please see page 8. Regional Director NORTH CENTRAL   SOUTHWEST  Staff Nick Wiley Executive Director Gregory L. Jacksonville Ronald M. Nat Ragland.seamount-mattson. Winter Park Kathy Barco Vice Chairman. visit FYCCN. FL 32409-1658 (850) 265-3676 Lt. Roberts III Tallahassee Brian S. I’ve fished with Charlie Smith. the Crazy Charlie.S. Highway 90 Lake City. To learn more about the program. Policies subject to limits and exclusions. I’d also like to thank you. I’d like to take this opportunity to look back and thank everyone for their support and celebrations honoring the 75th anniversary of Sport Fish Restoration Program. host of “Sportsman’s Adventures. FYCCN provides a statewide network of sustainable places where youth and their families can participate in outdoor activities and safely share experiences that inspire lifelong support of fish and wildlife conservation. women and first time and experienced anglers through fishing related literature and statewide outreach and education programs. where I couldn't see.S a lt wat e r r e g u l at i o n s As the 2012 fishing year closes. LOW COST INSURANCE For your Boat & Equipment FWC is moving youth conservation programming to the forefront with their new initiative. Marine Fisheries Management The regions presented on this map are not fisheries management zones.


■■  Northwest: Escambia through Fred Howard Park Causeway near Pasco County line ■■ Northeast: Nassau through Flagler counties ■■  South: Pinellas through Monroe and Miami-Dade through Volusia Spotted Seatrout has four management zones. 8 January 1.There is also a vessel limit of 8 red drum that cannot be exceeded at any time. 2013 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission . Red drum must be between 18 and 27 inches to be harvested. Red Drum have three management zones. Know your zone boundaries by using the information and maps below. The statewide slot limit is 15 to 20 inches. bay scallops and weakfish. But there are exceptions. The daily bag limit is six fish in the northeast zone. Harvest is open year round. recreational daily bag limits usually apply to all state waters of the Gulf and Atlantic. and one fish in the southern zone. The daily bag limit is two fish in both the northeast and northwest zones. and in vehicle parking locations that are adjacent to shoreline fishing locations. and an on land transportation limit of 6 red drum per person. and you are allowed to keep one fish (included in the daily bag limit) that exceeds the slot limit.Know Your Managem With the exception of reef fish species. several of which involve very important recreational species such as red drum. Each of these species have management zones with specific bag limits. Individual daily bag limits apply on the water. spotted seatrout. five fish in the northwest zone and four fish in the southeast and southwest zones. at all shoreline fishing locations.

the law applies to all commercial and recreational vessels that transit state waters within Monroe. FdeP may assess civil penalties for causing damage to a coral reef totaling: a) less than or equal to 1 square meter (m²). 2013 9 . pure sand seatrout and weakfish/sand seatrout hybrids. Florida’s Coral reeF ProteCtion aCt Photo credit: Jennifer Podis Photo: Jenifer Podis Florida’s Coral reef Protection act went into effect in July.FreedomBoatClub. The affordable alternative to boat ownership! From Only per month JOIN THE CLUB 888. Within the scallop harvest zone. www.us/coastal/programs/coral www.7113 CALL Within the Weakfish Management Area (WMA) in Nassau County the daily bag limit is one fish and the minimum size limit is 12 inches. to learn More Please Visit: www. and c) more than 10 m². b) more than 1 m².dep. In all state waters outside the WMA. $1000 per m². Broward. weakfish and sand seatrout are not specifically regulated. cleaning or hassles. 24.ment Zones Bay Scallops have one harvest zone that extends from the Mexico Beach canal in Bay County to the Pasco/ Hernando county line. the term “weakfish” includes pure weakfish. $150.766. Within the WMA. Palm Beach and Martin counties. Scallops are closed in all other state waters of the Gulf and Atlantic.fl. the daily bag limit is two gallons whole or one pint shucked meat per person with a vessel limit of 10 gallons whole scallops or one half gallon shucked meat.fl. 2009 and allows the Florida department of environmental Protection (FdeP) to better protect coral reefs through efficient assessment and recovery of damages to coral reefs.htm Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission January 1. Miami-dade. $300 per m².us/coastal/programs/coral/ripr. 3 BAIT 3 FISHING ROD 3 COOLER 3 GAS 3 JOIN FREEDOM BOAT CLUB Experience the joy of FISHING without the maintenance. Weakfish have two management zones in Florida. This means that there is no minimum size limit and the bag limit of 100 pounds per person applies.state. Bay scallop season is open for harvest from July 1 through Sept.dep.state.com *plus one time entry fee learn about this law and How it May affect You. but less than or equal to 10 m².

There are currently 76 species eligible for state records in both conventional tackle and fly fishing categories. 2 oz. Carter Liz Harris Mark Harris North Florida Grand Slam Debbie Prado Mark Harris State Records Rebecca Bursten caught a 3 lb. Though the names of these grand slams are in honor of the fish often caught in those regions. Kenneth Baker caught a 13 lb. cobia. Smith William P. Click on “Fishing. snook. Grand Slams challenge anglers to catch three specific fish species in a single day and were created to increase the variety of species targeted by anglers. contact the FWC Division of Marine Fisheries Management by calling 850-487-0554. tarpon. Bobby Martin caught a 19 lb. anglers can earn any of the four grand slams regardless of what region they are fishing in. South Florida and East Coast. For example.” Entries are free! 10 January 1. In addition to the programs mentioned. tarpon Grand slam certificate recipients West Florida Grand Slam Daniel Atkinson Kevin Muench David Atkinson Stanley McJunkin Mark R. or visit our website at MyFWC. Fletcher Ross Q.com. 2013 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission . Grand Slams North Florida red drum. vermilion snapper near Panama City. you can get a South Florida grand slam while fishing in north Florida so long as you catch a bonefish. Almaco jack and vermilion snapper were both recently added to the list of eligibility and several other species are now being considered. There are currently four Grand Slam challenges: Panhandle. permit West Coast red drum. 4 oz. spotted seatrout East Coast red drum. tarpon. Fletcher Paul Pielow Thomas Hickey Del Elliot Jay Endick Dennis Bireley Chester Brandes Christopher Copeland Mark Harris William P.Grand Slams and State Records The Florida Saltwater Grand Slam program is managed by the FWC in partnership with the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). The intention of the new programs is to cultivate a saltwater fishing interest in new anglers as well as expand the activities of those already “hooked” on fishing. Successful applicants receive a certificate signed by both the President of the IGFA and the Executive Director of the FWC to recognize their achievement. For more information or to apply for a state record or grand slam. tarpon and permit within a 24 hour period. King Cathy Fox Rodney L. Another challenge hosted by the FWC is the Florida State Records program. Carter Liz Harris East Florida Grand Slam Kevin Muench Tara Syc Rodney L. there are several exciting new programs currently being developed by the FWC. West Coast. gray triggerfish in Pensacola. spotted seatrout South Florida bonefish. yellow jack in Key Largo.

Spearing is defined as “the catching or taking of a fish by bowhunting. mullet.) Fishermen who catch and/or sell fish harvested by spearing are subject to the same rules and limitations that other anglers in the state are required to follow. ■■ For any fish for which spearing is expressly prohibited by law. chemicals or the discharge of firearms into the water to kill or harvest marine life is prohibited in state waters.floridakeys. (Possession of spearfishing equipment is prohibited in these areas. amberjacks. mullet. and those not managed by the Commission are allowed to be harvested by spearing. Possession of a spear gun in or on freshwater is also prohibited. ■■ Permit and African Pompano: Hook and line only in state waters. pipefish. often injuring or killing them. ■■ Florida Pompano: Hook and line.” The use of powerheads. Spearing Reef fish gear rules (applies to species marked with ● on pages 12 and 13) ■■ Gulf of Mexico: These regulations require the use of a venting tool and dehooking device when recreationally or commercially fishing for reef fish in the Gulf of Mexico. Hook-and-line gear Hook-and-line anglers must tend their gear at all times to prevent people.noaa.500 yards from the shoreline. triggerfish except gray and ocean) These rules apply to all members of the reef fish complex including groupers. Florida Pompano and African Pompano The use of powerheads. damselfish. bluefish. trumpetfish. • Billfish (all species) • Spotted eagle ray • Sturgeon • Manta ray • Sharks • Bonefish • Tarpon • Goliath grouper • Snook • Blue crab • Nassau grouper • Spotted seatrout • Red drum • Weakfish • Stone crab • Florida Pompano • African pompano • Permit • Tripletail • Lobster • Families of ornamental reef fish (surgeonfish. You may NOT spear. bluefish. cobia. bangsticks. cornetfish. black sea bass. red porgy. ■■ Hand held landing or dip nets no greater than 96 inches in perimeter.gov. weakfish and unregulated species. red drum. any commercial or public fishing pier. angelfish. golden tilefish. flounder. cobia. For further clarification. sheepshead. explosives. ■■ Within 100 feet of any part of a jetty that is above the surface of the sea—except for the last 500 yards of a jetty that extends more than 1. marine mammals. hook and line or spearing only in federal waters. 2013 11 . gigging. it is against the law to intentionally discard any monofilament netting or line into or onto state waters. contact the local regional offices listed on page 6. puffers. or any part of a bridge from which public fishing is allowed. or any device used to capture a fish by piercing its body. marine turtles and fish. cast net and beach or haul seine only in state and federal waters. weakfish and unregulated species. and rebreathers remains prohibited. The following is a list of species which are prohibited for harvest by spearing. For more information call 305-289-2320 or visit www.Gear & Spearing Recreational gear Additional regional gear restrictions may apply in your county. Any other species not listed which are managed by the Commission. unless it is unloaded and properly stored. speckled hind and others. single or multi-pronged spear or lance. Beach or haul seines may be used as harvesting gear for the following species only: black drum. and legibly marked at both ends with the harvester’s name and address if a Florida resident. ■■ Beach or haul seines measuring no larger than 500 square feet of mesh area. barbed or barbless. gray triggerfish. ■■ Frame nets and push nets (for shrimp only) no greater than 16 feet in perimeter. red drum. ■■ Spearfishing of marine and freshwater species in freshwater is prohibited. Spanish mackerel. ■■ In any body of water under the jurisdiction of the Department of Environmental Protection. spearfishing. butterflyfish. ■■ Cast nets measuring 14 feet or less stretched length (stretched length is defined as the distance from the horn at the center of the net with the net gathered and pulled taut. ■■ Within 100 yards of a public swimming beach. Division of Recreation and Parks. All persons aboard a vessel harvesting reef fish must possess and use non-stainless steel circle hooks when using natural baits. sheepshead. ■■ Atlantic Ocean: Recreational and commercial fishers are required to use dehooking devices as needed while fishing for reef fish. etc. bowfish or gig: ■■ In Volusia County inland waters with the exception of flounder and sheepshead using a spear with three or fewer prongs. Spearfishing is defined as “the catching or taking of a fish through the instrumentality of a hand or mechanically propelled. Also. spotted seatrout. Florida pompano. porcupinefish. shrimp. ■■ In Monroe County there are additional regulations for spearfishing. squirrelfish. Monofilament line can entangle birds. not constructed of monofilament.” Spearing does not include the catching or taking of a fish by a hook with hook-and-line gear or by snagging (snatch hooking). no larger than 2 inches stretched mesh size. Spanish mackerel. please visit MyFWC. Florida pompano. parrotfish. Permit. shrimp. seahorse. trunkfish. Cast nets may be used as harvesting gear for the following species only: black drum. to the lead line). Non-residents using beach or haul seines for recreational purposes are required to have a commercial saltwater products license and legibly mark the seine at both ends with the harvester’s saltwater products license number. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission January 1. marine life and shore life from becoming entangled in the line or injured by the hook.com. operated by a person swimming at or below the surface of the water. snappers. For a complete species list. Explosives. banded rudderfish. You may NOT spearfish (excluding bowfishing and gigging): Nets The following types of nets may be used for recreational purposes in Florida waters: ■■ Bully nets (for lobster only) no greater than 3 feet in diameter. flounder. ■■ In Collier County and in Monroe County from Long Key north to the Dade County line.

31: 50 per vessel 2 bags per harvester or vessel. 1–Aug. HMS permit required in federal waters. Apalachicola Bay has summer & winter seasons/areas. Grouper. Taylor and Monroe) OPEN July 1. 1– March 31 Closed Atlantic & Monroe County Jan. all others  ● Hogfish  ● Mackerel. Federal rules apply beyond state waters unless expressly stated otherwise. 10 per harvester per day. Snatching prohibited. per vessel. Species Amberjack. 50 aggregate per harvester per day. 1" thick across hinge 33" fork May not harvest half hour after official sunset until half hour before official sunrise One 5 gal. 1–March 31 for Rock Hind and Red Hind Closed Atlantic & Monroe County Jan. Jefferson. State waters of the Gulf off Franklin.floridaaquaculture. and will CLOSE on July 1. in all other areas. or 2 gal. It is not applicable to the commercial harvesting of these species. and will CLOSE on 24" Atlantic & Monroe County Dec. Graysby Included within the 3 per harvester per day (Atlantic & Monroe County) and 4 per harvester per day (Gulf excluding Monroe County) Grouper aggregate bag limit. not to exceed 2 per vessel per day. Blue Regional trap closures apply. 24" Atlantic & Monroe County 22" Gulf (excluding Monroe County) 20" Closed in Gulf (excluding Monroe County) Feb. 1–April 30 for Tiger. Sept. harvest of egg-bearing females prohibited. It is illegal to sell recreationally harvested fish without compliance with commercial license requirements. The absence of complete laws. July. 2013. Hook and line gear only. 1–April 30 1 per vessel per day of each species Closed in Gulf (excluding Monroe County) Feb. please see: 2 per harvester per day MyFWC. Harvest from approved shellfish areas only. is considered commercial quantities. all other state waters 6 per harvester per day Hook and line. For map of SPZ. 1 gal. Snatching prohibited. more than 100 pounds or two fish per harvester per day (whichever is greater). harvest prohibited in state parks and from the right-of-way of federal. state or county maintained roads.noaa.com for allowable harvesting areas. July 1– Oct. Rock Hind. Coney. 2013–June 30. either individually or in combination in Atlantic & Monroe County. See page 22 for 2013 trap closure dates and locations. 2013.com/Fishing/Saltwater/Regulations/Permit/. bucket per harvester or 2 per vessel. 3. 2 per harvester per day Gulf (excluding Monroe County) No more than 1 fish may be Gag or Black Grouper. not to exceed 60 per vessel per day 10 per harvester per day May be harvested by spearing. 2013. Please visit: MyFWC. Blue Marlin 99". Red   ● Grouper. 1 per harvester per day. Blue Land Crab. 1 Bag = 60 lbs. Aug. 20 per harvester per day Gag   ● 1 per harvester per day Atlantic & Monroe County. 4 per harvester per day Gulf (excluding Monroe County) 3 per harvester per day Atlantic & Monroe County. Sept.com for allowable harvesting areas. Highlights indicate recent regulation changes. 2 per harvester per day. or two 5 gal. 1–April 30 May 16 – Oct. Black   ● 1 per harvester per day Atlantic & Monroe County.gov. African  T ■ 12 January 1. Levy counties.com for the latest updates. 15 per harvester per day Transfer of Spanish Mackerel to other vessels at sea is prohibited. Yellowfin & Yellowmouth   ● Grouper. and beach or haul seine ONLY. For species that do not have an established bag limit. 1–April 30. Issue Forty Two. Florida  T ■ Pompano. Snowy  ● Grouper. May 1–July 31 SPZ Only Permit  T ■ Pompano. Bag Limit 1 per harvester per day 5 aggregate of lesser amberjack and banded rudderfish 1 per harvester per day aggregate bag limit 5 per harvester per day 10 per harvester per day 0 per harvester per day Remarks Measured tip of lower jaw to fork. Included within the 3 per harvester per day (Atlantic & Monroe County) and 4 per harvester per day (Gulf excluding Monroe County) Grouper aggregate bag limit. Jan. 31: 100 per vessel.. cast net. Catch and release only. Greater  ● Amberjack. Striped (Black) & Silver 12" fork 24" fork 12" fork 5 per harvester per day Bag limit reduced to 1 in some state waters when federal waters are closed to all harvest. Wakulla. not to May possess 1 over 22" fork length in all other areas. Grouper. Scamp   ● Grouper. 4 per harvester per day Gulf (excluding Monroe County) 1 per harvester per day Atlantic Included within the 3 per harvester per day (Atlantic & Monroe County) and 4 per harvester per day (Gulf excluding Monroe County) Grouper aggregate bag limit. Lesser & Banded Rudderfish  ● Billfish  Black Drum   T ■ Bluefish  Bonefish ■ Clams (Hard) Cobia (Ling)  Minimum Size Limits 28" fork Atlantic. Trap requirements apply. Wakulla. Zero daily bag and possession limit for captain & crew on for-hire vessels. 2 over 22" fork per vessel per day. Warsaw & Speckled Hind  ● 20" 20" Atlantic & Monroe County. 2013 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission . Grouper. Stone Crab claws per harvester 5 traps maximum. State waters extend to 3 nautical miles on the Atlantic and 9 nautical miles on the Gulf. 1– March 31 Closed Atlantic & Monroe County Jan. 2013. Atlantic & Monroe County: Zero daily bag and possession limit for captain and crew on for-hire vessels. White Marlin 66" Roundscale Spearfish 66" Not less than 14" or more than 24" 12" fork Closed Season June 1– July 31 Gulf of Mexico Daily Rec. whichever is less 10 gallons whole per harvester per day Crab. whichever is less per day (whole in shell) 1 per harvester or 6 per vessel per day. Aug. Red Hind. Go to www. July. Not less than 11" or more than 22" fork all other areas 11" fork 24" fork June. 22" Gulf (excluding Monroe Wakulla. Trap requirements apply. 16" Gulf (excluding Monroe County) Closed in Gulf (excluding Monroe County) Feb. 31 2 ¾" claw 20" fork Atlantic 12" Gulf state waters (excluding Franklin. Aggregate vessel limits Feb. Illegal to harvest from closed areas. 2 per harvester per day Oysters 3" 22" fork Special Permit Zone (SPZ). Atlantic & Monroe County Closed Jan. Illegal to possess whole crab. 30" fork Gulf Not less than 14" or more than 22" fork Sailfish 63". not to exceed exceed 2 per vessel per day SPZ. Stone ■ Dolphin  Flounder   T Trapping prohibited. whichever is less per day. All landed fish must be reported to NOAA within 24 hours 800-894-5528 or hmspermits. Zero daily bag and possession limit for captain & crew on for-hire vessels. 4. 2013–Dec. rules or regulations. 2013. rules and regulations in this summary does not relieve persons from compliance with those laws. King  Mackerel. in Dixie. Jefferson and County) Taylor will be OPEN April 1. whichever is less Harvest of egg-bearing crabs prohibited. buckets (whole in shell) Go to Floridaaquaculture. A saltwater products license and commercial vessel registration are required to harvest commercial quantities of unregulated species.Basic recreational saltwater fishing regulations for state waters of Florida This brief summary of regulations governs the taking of saltwater species in Florida state waters for personal use. May possess one over 24". 1–Jan. Harvest of egg-bearing crabs prohibited. Spanish  Mullet. 14 5 traps maximum. Crab.

See list below for prohibited species. all other   ● Snook (all species)   T ■ No minimum size limit for Atlantic sharpnose. Stony. Hard and Fire Corals. people (including children) who are not actively harvesting or are not properly licensed (if license is required) may NOT be counted for the purpose of bag limits. Special National Park.Species Red Drum (Redfish)   T Red Porgy   ● Scallops. Zone 1 per harvester per day South Zone 3 per harvester per day Atlantic 2 gallons whole or 1 pint meat per harvester per day. Spiny Lobster  Sport season: 6 per harvester per Recreational trapping prohibited. All landed fish must be reported to NOAA within 24 hours 800-894-5528. 2013 May possess no more than 2 Cubera Snapper over 30" per harvester or vessel per day. to the west bank of the Mexico Beach Canal in Bay County. Indian River. 31 32" Atlantic and June 1–Aug. No snatch hooks. blacknose. or exchange the following species: Goliath Grouper (Jewfish). request a copy of FWC’s Fishing Lines magazine or visit: MyFWC. Sturgeon. land. Zone 4 per harvester per day S. Spiny Lobster permit required when day in Monroe County and Biscayne license required. Snatch hooks and spearing prohibited. Gulf: Zero daily bag and possession limit for captain and crew on for-hire vessels. sell. 10" Gulf 12" Not less than 28" or more than Atlantic (excluding Monroe) closed Dec. Silky Shark. Atlantic Angel Shark. Zone Includes: Sheepswool.E. St. Total length is the straight line distance from the most forward part of   the head with the mouth closed to the farthest tip of the tail with the tail compressed or squeezed together while the fish is lying on its side. Bay Black Sea Bass   ● Shad Minimum Size Limits Not less than 18" or more than 27" 14" Atlantic Closed Season Daily Rec. 5 Exception: Sport Season July 24–25. Bignose Shark. no more than 10 gallons whole. Night Shark. St. Johns. See map on page 9. purchase. Vermilion   ● Snapper.E. April 1–Aug. Bahama Starfish.W. Note: Check MyFWC. snatching prohibited. Mutton   ● Snapper. and Longspine Urchin. Sixgill Shark. please see "Other Information" at: MyFWC. Longbill Spearfish. Sevengill Shark. ■ State regulations apply in federal waters. Zero daily bag and possession limit 4 per recreational (not for-hire) vessel for captain and crew of for-hire vessels. Zone 4 per harvester per day S. Included within 10 per harvester per day Snapper aggregate bag limit.E. Hook and line gear only. Mahogany. That is. Scalloped and Smooth Hammerhead Shark. Nassau Grouper. Golden  ● 12" fork Atlantic. Sand Tiger Shark. Caribbean Reef Shark. bag limits are only for properly licensed individuals and those people exempt from licensing requirements who are actively harvesting. Not less than 28" or more than Gulf and Monroe County 33" Gulf and Monroe County CLOSED until Sept. Schoolmaster   ● Snapper. 15–Jan. possess and land bay scallops on waters outside open harvest area. T Harvest prohibited by or with the use of any multiple hook in conjunction with live or dead natural bait. Alabama & Hickory are part of aggregate limit. Puffer fish harvest is prohibited in Volusia. 25–June 30 13" Atlantic. or 15 per for-hire vessel per day Requires $50 tarpon tag to possess or harvest. Red   ● Snapper. 30" or larger not included within the Snapper aggregate bag limit. 10 per harvester per day Gulf Included within 10 per harvester per day Snapper aggregate bag limit 1 per harvester per day 12" (see remarks) 10" 8" 16" 20" Atlantic. PROHIBITED SPECIES For saltwater fish identification. 12 per day in all other bag limit for 2-day Sport Season. Wire. or ½ gallon meat per vessel anytime 5 per harvester per day Atlantic 10 aggregate per harvester per day Remarks Gigging.com/Fishing for most current regulations prior to fishing.W. Commercial ■ Spotted Seatrout   T ■ Swordfish Tarpon Tilefish­. Sept. Silk & Yellowtail. whichever is less Included within 10 per harvester per day Snapper aggregate bag limit Included within 10 per harvester per day Snapper aggregate bag limit if under 30" 5 per harvester per day Included within 10 per harvester per day Snapper aggregate bag limit Atlantic Included within 10 per harvester per day Snapper aggregate bag limit Gulf CLOSED — check MyFWC. Zone 6 per harvester per day N. Harvest of egg-bearing females prohibited. Snatching prohibited. Bigeye Sixgill Shark. Flagler & Clay counties 1 per harvester or 2 per vessel per day. Caribbean Sharpnose Shark. For information on bag limits during multi-day trips. Longfin Mako Shark. 1–March 31 Atlantic 5 per harvester per day Atlantic. Lemon Shark. Illegal to buy or sell snook. Hook & line gear only. ● Additional gear rules apply. Bag Limit 2 per harvester per day N. Tiger Shark. On-shore possession limit 6 fish. People harvesting may not exceed the individual bag limit and take someone else’s bag limit.com for 2013 Gulf season dates Atlantic OPEN 2 per harvester per day Included within 10 per harvester per day Snapper aggregate bag limit Nov. 1. Sawfish. Included within 10 per harvester per day Snapper aggregate bag limit. Basking Shark.com. Manta Ray./N. Harvest of live rock in state waters is prohibited. Vessel limit 8 fish. Spiny Dogfish. 2013 13 . 54" fork for all other non-prohibited sharks. Gray (Mangrove)   ● Snapper. Finger. 14" fork Gulf 15" 12" Gulf state waters CLOSED June 1–July 31 1 per harvester per day. possess. Sandbar Shark. Harvester: Regardless of what species you are fishing for. finetooth and smooth dogfish. whichever is less 15 per harvester per day 5 gallons heads on per harvester or vessel per day. Glove. Sea Fans. Dusky Shark. returning with fish from the Bahamas and spearing. Dog. See page 22 for additional information. 10" Gulf Shark  T Sheepshead   T Shrimp  Snapper. 12" April & May closed to Nassau. 1 per harvester per day Atlantic Atlantic: Zero daily bag and possession limit for captain and crew on for-hire vessels Gulf: 2 fish per person 2 per harvester per day 2 per harvester per day 1 per harvester per day Hook & line gear only. not to exceed a maximum of HMS permit required in federal waters. Included within the 3 per harvester per day (Atlantic & Monroe County) and 4 per harvester per day (Gulf excluding Monroe County) Grouper aggregate bag limit. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission January 1. It is illegal to harvest. Narrowtooth Shark. Harvest allowed only in state waters of the Gulf of Mexico from the PascoHernando county line. See map on page 9. Mediterranean Spearfish. Atlantic: Zero daily bag and possession limit for captain and crew on for-hire vessels. American. Cubera   ● Snapper. Measured as total length. Brevard. Grass. Lucie and Martin counties. Gulf not included within the Snapper aggregate bag limit. Florida Queen Conch. Bigeye Sand Tiger Shark. White Shark. Regulations apply in parts of Nassau County only. Includes: Blackfin. Bigeye Thresher Shark. 10 per harvester per day 5 per harvester per day N. Spotted Eagle Ray. Putnam. Reef & Velvet sponge. Galapagos Shark. Duval. Sponge. harvest areas. See management zone map on page 8. Boca Grande Pass has seasonal regulations. See Reef Fish Gear Rules page 11. Triggerfish (Gray)  ● Tripletail   T Wahoo  Weakfish    Must remain in whole condition (removal of gills and guts allowed). 16" Gulf 10" 12" Atlantic. blacktip.com/Fishing/Saltwater/Recreational It is unlawful to harvest. Yellow. May possess no more than 1 over 20". 2013 Carapace must be greater than 3" measured in the water Greater than 5" in greatest dimension measured across the top of the sponge Not less than 15" or more than 20" (statewide) except one fish over 20" per person 47" lower jaw fork length with head attached or 29" cleithrum to keel length if head removed. bonnethead.W. Snatching and spearing 2 fish possession limit prohibited. See map on page 8. Harvest in Federal waters prohibited. Lane   ● Snapper. included in the regional bag limit. Whale Shark. Great Hammerhead Shark. Vermilion Snapper not included within the Snapper aggregate bag limit. Smalltail Shark. whichever is less. Black & Wenchman  ● Snapper. spearing. 31. Queen. Snook permit required for harvest when saltwater license required.

...... you are considered to be a Florida resident if you are: ■■ Any person who has resided in Florida for six continuous months prior to applying for a resident license and who claims Florida as their primary residence.......................com............................... while on leave for 30 days or less..............50 Age: 5–12...........com/License...........S......................... Coast Guard or the U. party boat—that has a valid charter boat license or charter captain license.S........ Muzzleloading Gun............$100....................S.................. at all county tax collectors’ offices and at many license agents....................... Deer......... within her or his county of residence with live or natural bait.......... upon submission of orders................. ■■ Any person who has been accepted as a client for developmental services by the Department of Children and Family Services.... the National Guard.....................MyFWC.... $401.................................. Available only to Florida residents who are active or retired members of the U...................$801..... ■■ A holder of a valid saltwater products license..............$25...................... $10................................................. Florida residents (Offers the same privileges as the Gold Sportsman’s License................................$30.......... ■■ A Florida resident 65 years of age or older and you possess proof of age and residency...............................$47....................... ■■ Any member of the U..............S..........00 Five-Year License............................ not fishing from a watercraft or from shore reached by watercraft......) Lifetime saltwater fishing license (Florida residents only.............. For any recreational licensing information not contained in this publication.................. $201............... Purchase at county tax collector’s offices only....................................00 shoreline license................................ Armed Forces...........................00 Combination licenses (Florida residents only) Fishing-Saltwater/Freshwater.......... 2013 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission ........... Gold sportsman’s license You do not need a license if you are: ■■ A resident who is saltwater fishing from land or a structure fixed to land who has been determined eligible for the food stamp...... For charter licensing information.................... Saltwater Fishing and Freshwater Fishing licenses — Management Area............................................ charter........... 1-888-FISH-FLORIDA (347-4356)............................00 Five-Year Snook Permit (Florida residents only)..$50.................................. the U......................com.S.......50 If you are required to have a license........................... Eleven or more customers......................$51............................ or an optional no-cost Resident Senior Citizen Hunting and Fishing Certificate.50 Fishing-Saltwater/Freshwater & Hunting........... Railroad Retirement Board.........50 Four or fewer customers......00 Seven-day License......................................................50 Non-resident licenses Three-day License........................ ■■ Fishing for recreational purposes from a pier that has a valid pier saltwater fishing license...................... Archery................................00 Covers both watercraft and shoreline fishing........... upon submission of a current military identification card and proof of Florida residency. ■■ Any resident fishing for recreational purposes only..00 One-Year Gold Sportsman’s License..... ■■ A Florida resident who is a member of the U..................... Licenses may also be obtained over the telephone by dialing toll-free................ ■■ Fishing from a for-hire vessel—guide......... Armed Forces who is stationed in this state and any family members residing with them............................................... Other saltwater fishing fees 14 January 1......... Florida Worker’s Compensation or the United States Veterans Administration.......................................$1.............................$17..................... An additional fee is charged for telephone and Internet services................................................ contact your local county tax collector’s office or visit MyFWC.$0...................................... provided the department furnishes proof thereof...............$17............ When applying for a saltwater recreational fishing license... This does not include family members........ Holders of lifetime saltwater fishing licenses may fish in saltwater for life and will pay no additional fees............................... license agents may charge an issuance fee for selling licenses or permits..............................50 Age: 5–12.......... Saltwater fishing in Florida… What you must know before you go Costs for licenses In addition to the cost of licenses and permits specified in this section...... you are required to purchase permits to harvest Snook and Spiny Lobster................... temporary cash assistance.$48...................... includes Snook and Lobster Permits) Age: 0–4...............................................00 Youth Saltwater Fishing License — valid until 17th birthday..................... who is not stationed in this state................... Snook and Spiny Lobster permits ■■ Florida residents may buy a lifetime saltwater fishing license or a lifetime sportsman license....00 One-Year License............ please go to MyFWC..... The lifetime license fee includes the taking of snook or spiny lobster........001............ ■■ A child under 16 years of age.....00 Tarpon Tag (available only at tax collector offices)........................... which would otherwise require a separate fee.......................50 Optional fees include the annual Recreational Vessel fee ($2................... ■■ A Florida resident who possesses a no-cost Florida Resident Disabled Person Hunting and Fishing Certificate...........$701........................................................ current documentation from the Social Security Administration for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Supplemental Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits also will be accepted.................$20..... or Medicaid Program by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)...........................50)......................... Armed Forces Reserve.................S.......................... Turkey....... $79......... the U.........001.. Coast Guard Reserve............$401.. Florida Waterfowl..... $126.................00 Permits Snook Permit­ ... Alternatively........50 Age: 13 or older..... applicants must provide a certification of total and permanent disability from the United States Armed Forces...............50) for not-for-hire pleasure craft and the annual Pier license ($501................... $226....50 Age: 13 or older. ■■ Fishing from a boat that has a valid recreational vessel fishing license.............................. Licenses (Charter Boat or Charter Captain) are required for all vessels that charge a fee (for-hire vessels) to take passengers out to catch marine fish. Includes: — Hunting..............................................................50 Five to ten customers..... Proof of identification and a benefit issuance or program identification card issued by DCFS or the Agency for Health Care Administration must be on your person when fishing..............$17. Note: All sales are final..................... such as a Florida driver’s license or ID........................ Florida resident licenses One-Year Shoreline Only License... ■■ A Florida resident who is fishing for mullet in freshwater with a valid Florida freshwater fishing license.................................. using poles or lines not equipped with a fishing line retrieval mechanism...... In order to qualify for this.. A lifetime sportsman license allows holders to fish in freshwater or saltwater and to hunt in Florida. Armed Forces...................... even the $0......................................... Covers shoreline fishing only.............00 One-Year Military Gold Sportsman’s License...................$5......................... Crossbow.......................................L ic e n s e s a n d P e r mi t s Saltwater fishing licenses are sold online at License......... Both of the licenses require holders to obey fishing or hunting laws in effect at any given time............................................... $301... ■■ $100 (valid for one year).............................................................00 One-Year License..00 Five-Year Spiny Lobster Permit (Florida residents only)..50 Lifetime sportsman license (Florida residents only) Age: 0–4........$32...................00 Spiny Lobster Permit.........


50 lb. (max. Knowing a few of the key distinguishing characteristics for each species can make the identification process easy.) Stripe: Eye to 1st dorsal Fin Height: 2nd dorsal 3–4 times height of 1st dorsal Fin Location: Anal fin starts nearly as far forward as 2nd dorsal Body Shape: Less elongated and less round than Greater AJ Banded Rudderfish Size: Commonly 2–3 lb. Florida jacks Greater Amberjack Size: Commonly 10–40 lb. please call (413) 884-1099 16 January 1. 80 lb. 140 lb.) Color: Bright yellow on lower portions of body and fins.) Stripe: Front of eye to 1st dorsal Fin Height: 2nd dorsal more than double height of 1st dorsal Color: Amber colored streak from eye to tail Body Shape: More elongated and rounder (less laterally compressed) than Lesser AJ and Almaco Lesser Amberjack Size: Commonly 2–7 lb. (max. 10 lb. 2013 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission . 12 lb. (max. black spot on edge of gill cover Pectoral Fins: Long yellow pectoral fins with black spot at base Body Shape: Deep body with rounded head and blunt nose Share your exciting product or service with the Florida sporting community! For advertising inquiries. (max.) Stripe: Eye to top of head in front of 1st dorsal Fin Height: 2nd dorsal less than double height of 1st dorsal Body Shape: Less elongated and less round (more laterally compressed) than Greater AJ Almaco Jack Size: Commonly 10–30 lb. and their similar appearance sometimes leads to misidentification.S a lt wat e r r e g u l at i o n s Keys to Identifying the Jacks  Florida has a variety of jack species. (max.) Stripe: Dark eye stripe and 6 dark bars in juveniles only Fin Height: 2nd dorsal 2 times height of 1st dorsal Color: Greenish to blue in color above lateral line Body Shape: More elongated and rounder than Lesser AJ Tail: White tips on tail Jack Crevalle Size: Commonly 3–20 lb.

but also functions as a record of your own fishing activity. 2013 J Griffin Ad. Call the Angler Tag Return Hotline at 1-800-367-4461 or e-mail tagreturn@MyFWC. if you don't mind paying postage. Please provide a return address with the completed catch card. fish length. e-mail your complete mailing address to FishStats@MyFWC. This ensures that the data is valuable to the science behind fisheries management decisions. the date. grouper. Angler action tools. please record the tag number but do not remove the tag. in partnership with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and other partners. If you catch a tagged snapper. The proven handle design lets your hand lock in comfortably.” To receive a red snapper catch card with free return postage. iPad.com. The system not only builds valuable data to be used in the management of recreational fisheries. please record the tag number. Android Phone and Tablets.indd 1 17 12/4/12 11:33 AM . you won’t let your Kershaw Pro-Grades get away either. download a catch card. FWC Direct Data Collection The FWC also collects data for specific species through “catch cards” and “tag returns. If a tagged fish is to be released. Once you get your hands on them. and type of bait used. has established the Angler Action recreational data collection system. and FWC will send you a free adhesive fish ruler to place on your boat or cooler. you can also record information about the fish you catch and enter the data from your home computer once you are back on shore.COM/KERSHAWKNIVES KERSHAWKNIVES. Logging and recording your trip and catch information through Angler Action is fast and easy. Get involved in fisheries management by providing information on your next saltwater trip! Read more at SnookFoundation.Participate in Fisheries Management Report Your Catch! The Snook and Gamefish Foundation. Real sporting knives from a real sporting knives company FACEBOOK. If a smartphone with the iAngler app is not available.com with this information. And all larger knives include blade guards. Angler Action data was used in the FWC 2011 Snook Stock Assessment and is slated for use in other species' stock assessments and research projects. including the iAngler smart-phone App. iAngler allows you to provide needed data without ever leaving your favorite fishing location. Leaving a tag in a Tagged Snapper released fish allows FWC to obtain additional recapture data. were developed through collaboration between research scientists and anglers. or gray triggerfish. time and location of capture.org/data. and FWC will send you a free T-shirt! FOR THE ONES THAT DIDN’T GET AWAY Pro-Grade blades are A20J2 Japanese stainless steel with just the right amount of flex.COM January 1. Download the iAngler Mobile Applications for managing Angler Action data from your iPhone. Or.

Crab. Blackbar Soldierfish. Cleaner/Peppermint Shrimp. 18 January 1. Eels (Moray and Snake). no more than 10 of any one species allowed ■■ Allowable substrate: see species specifications in table ■■ Closed areas: Some closed areas exist** ■■ Sale of recreationally caught marine life organisms is prohibited ■■ Regulations apply in federal waters *  Some organisms have additional gear limitations. 2 gallon maximum possession limit  Unless otherwise noted. Must abide by regulations for these species on pages 12–13. Sleepers. Queen Harvest prohibited Corals. Biscayne National Park and Florida’s State Parks before collecting in these areas. drop net. See MyFWC. Harvest prohibited in Lee County. Sea Cucumbers3. Red Mithrax Crab. Reef Croakers. Soft (Octocorals) attached substrate within 1" of base is permitted. A 2-day possession limit also applies (40 total organisms. Damselfish. snappers. Snapping Shrimp. Hermit Except Land Hermit Crabs Crab. only 10 of any one species). Additional rules apply to the collection of shells containing live organisms in Lee or Manatee counties. 2013 Matthew L.com for FAQs about marine life harvest and information about collecting shells with live organisms. False Arrow Crab.S a lt wat e r r e g u l at i o n s Marine life regulations Requirements for Recreational Marine Life Harvest: ■■ Recreational saltwater fishing license ■■ Organisms must be landed and kept alive ■■ A continuously circulating live well. Nassarius Snails3. Such as groupers. Sea Lilies. Species Marine Life — Invertebrates Remarks 1 Corallimorphs and Zoanthids: No more than 5 polyps of each may be landed per person per day. Balloonfish. Starsnails3. no more than 5 sponges per harvester per day in any combination. Marine Life — Fish Species Remarks 1 Angelfish Butterflyfish Filefish/Triggerfish Gobies Hamlets/Seabasses Jawfish Parrotfish Porkfish Pufferfish. Wire. Frogfish. only 5 of any one species allowed. no substrate allowed south of Egmont Key 3 Starfish Harvest of Bahama Starfish (Cushion Sea Star) prohibited Except Sand Dollars & Sea Biscuits. **  Various closed areas exist. Cornetfish. Hawkfish. 2  3 Bag limit of 2 live shells of any single species per harvester per day in Manatee County. must be harvested with a flexible blade no wider than 2". only 5 of any one species allowed within the 20-organism bag limit ■■ Possession Limit: 2-day possession limit. Brotulas (Black and Key). Sweepers. Pipefish. seabass and amberjacks. Featherduster Worms and Calcareous Tube Worms. Finger. see chart. Wittenrich . harvest of substrate Sponges within 1" of base permitted north and west of the southernmost point of Egmont Key. Reef and Velvet Sponges. aeration or oxygenation system of adequate size to maintain these organisms in a healthy condition ■■ Allowable Gear: hand held net. Striped Burrfish. Porcupinefish Except Hogfish Snapper Wrasse/Hogfish/Razorfish Maximum size limit (fork length): 9" Spanish Hogfish: 2–8" slot limit Cuban Hogfish: 3–8" slot limit Other Marine Life fish include 1: Basslets. High-hat/Jackknifefish/Spotted Drum/Cubbyu. Clingfish. harvest closes when quota met. Balloonfish. Coralline Red Caulerpa Halimeda/Mermaid's Fan/ Mermaid's Shaving Brush 1 Limits One gallon of tropical ornamental marine plants per day in any combination. Yellow Stingray. Red-Ridged Clinging Crab. Cardinalfish. Glove. Blennies. Toadfish. combined bag limit of 20 marine life fish and invertebrates per person per day. Yellow. Zero bag limit on Giant Anemone (Condylactis gigantea). Marine Life — Plants Species Algae. Batfish. Upside-down Jellyfish. Queen Angelfish: 1¾– 8" slot limit Rock Beauty: 2–5" slot limit 1–4" slot limit Maximum size limit: 2" Maximum size limit: 4" Maximum size limit: 12" Minimum size limit: 1½ " Includes Sharpnose Pufferfish. Trumpetfish and Trunkfish/Cowfish. Everglades National Park. Seahorses. Hard (Stony) Harvest prohibited No more than 6 octocoral colonies per person per day in any combination. Green Clinging (Emerald) Crab. Corallimorphs must be Anemones harvested as single polyps only. Gray Triggerfish and Ocean Triggerfish Except reef fish2 and Longtail Bass Size Limits (total length unless otherwise noted) Gray. Nimble Spray (Urchin) Crab. Fileclams3. slurp gun (use of quinaldine is prohibited)* ■■ Bag Limit: 20 organisms per person per day. Porcupinefish Tangs and Surgeonfish No more than 5 per person per day in any combination Except Unicorn Filefish. rod. Yellowline Arrow Crab. See regulations for Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. French Angelfish: 1½ – 8" slot limit Blue. harvest of Longspine Urchin prohibited Urchins3 Other Marine Life invertebrates include 1: Brittlestars3. 40 total organisms. barrier net. Spotted Burrfish. Coral Shrimp. Nudibranchs/Sea Slugs3. Grass. Horseshoe Harvest prohibited Live Rock Harvest prohibited 3 Octopods Except Common Octopus Sea Fans Harvest of Venus Sea Fan and Common (Purple) Sea Fan prohibited Siphonophores/Hydroids Harvest of Fire Coral prohibited Except Sheepswool. Burrfish. Decorator (Furcate Spider) Crab. Spotted Porcelain Crab. Conch. harvest of Corals.


782' N 29°58.851' W 91 8 80°42.895 $2.John Thompson Reef Dupont Modules #10 Dupont Modules #9 Dupont Modules #8 Dupont Modules #7 Dupont Modules #6 Dupont Modules #5 Dupont Modules #4 Dupont Modules #3 Dupont Modules #2 Dupont Modules #1 Volusia Site 6 Sse Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Center #2 Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) NE Leg End Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Ne Leg #2 Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Ne Leg #3 Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Ne Leg #4 Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Sw Leg #4 Material 296 Concrete Culverts & Structures 180 Concrete Culverts & Structures 215 Concrete Culverts & Structures 77 Concrete Culverts & Structures 202 Concrete Culverts & Structures 258 Concrete Culverts & Structures 613 Tons Of Limestone Rock 186 Concrete Culverts & Structures 6 Concrete Modules Reefballs 199 Concrete Culverts & Structures 257 Concrete Culverts & Structures Rock Limestone 3 Concrete Walter Ecosystem Modules on Pilings 4 Concrete Modules Of Three Types 4 Concrete Modules Of Three Types 4 Concrete Modules Of Three Types 4 Concrete Modules Of Three Types 4 Concrete Modules Of Three Types 4 Concrete Modules Of Three Types 4 Concrete Modules Of Three Types 4 Concrete Modules Of Three Types 4 Concrete Modules Of Three Types 4 Concrete Modules Of Three Types 205 Concrete Culverts & Structures 4 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 2 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 2 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 2 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 2 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 2 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules Tons 320.640' W 80 10 80°02.00 345.917' N 29°02.90” Tubing Fits Virtually All Center Console Boats Only $995 Casting Platform Casting Platform Rail Leaning Post www.519' W 91 8 85°50.706' W 91 8 85°50.843' N 30°06.Antenna Brackets .486' W 121 8 86°18.911' W 89 6 80°05.857' W 91 8 85°51.952' N 26°57. 2013 877-777-8693 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission .00 1.792' W 70 12 80°42.710' N 25°57.00 7.60 6.00 Latitude 29°16.S a lt wat e r r e g u l at i o n s New Artificial Reef Locations* County Deploy Date Volusia 9/1/12 Volusia 8/30/12 Volusia 8/24/12 Volusia 8/22/12 Volusia 8/20/12 Volusia 8/17/12 Palm Beach 8/15/12 Volusia 8/15/12 Dade 8/13/12 Volusia 8/13/12 Volusia 8/11/12 Palm Beach 8/10/12 Bay 8/9/12 Bay 8/9/12 Bay 8/9/12 Bay 8/9/12 Bay 8/9/12 Bay 8/9/12 Bay 8/9/12 Bay 8/9/12 Bay 8/9/12 Bay 8/9/12 Bay 8/9/12 Volusia 8/9/12 Okaloosa 8/7/12 Okaloosa 8/7/12 Okaloosa 8/7/12 Okaloosa 8/7/12 Okaloosa 8/7/12 Okaloosa 8/7/12 Reef Name Volusia Site 11 S Volusia Site 7 Se Volusia Site 5 E Volusia Site 12 W Volusia Site 6 Nne Volusia Site 2 Middle Phil Foster Park Snorkel Trail Volusia Site 11 N Golden Beach Eternal Reefballs Site #14 Volusia Site 10 W Volusia Site 7 Sw Jupiter Inlet Stepping Stones Reef MB-141.00 9.730' W 32 7 85°27.924' N 30°06.432' W 91 8 85°50.775' N 29°58.00 613.70 860.Rod Holders .321' W 121 8 86°18.285' W 53 11 80°03.168' N 29°11.720' W 121 8 Universal Folding T-Tops FREE SHIPPING .782' N 29°21. much more! Accessories $1.00 7.00 365.928' W 83 9 80°40.781' N 29°58.Fishmaster.210' N 29°54.664' N 29°58.50 14.00 386.352' N 29°09.Outriggers .884' W 43 4 80°49.697' W 91 8 85°50.com 20 January 1.006' W 91 8 85°50.00 365.881' N 30°06.00 9.053' W 8 4 80°41.776' N 29°58.976' W 64 9 80°41.430' N 29°00.Lights .00 9.972' W 22 5 85°50.940' N 29°07.102' N 29°00.00 9.788' N 30°06.749' N Longitude Depth Relief 80°41.534' W 91 8 85°50.00 9.00 7.00 7.00 366.700' W 91 8 85°50.00 9.616' W 121 8 86°18.and much.00 7.593' N 26°46.00 367.918' N 29°58.509' N 29°58.00 9.50 382.995 1.00 9.890' N 29°03.581' W 121 8 86°18.00 163.50 383.00 9.030' W 62 5 80°46.872' W 91 8 85°50.00 9.919' W 63 5 86°18.950' N 29°16.E-Box .667' N 29°58.915' W 67 9 80°40.791' N 30°06.972' N 30°06.906' N 29°58.397' W 121 8 86°18.783' W 54 7 80°48.168' N 29°58.

933' W 121 8 2 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 7.637' N 86°18. ( ) 866-770-SEFL 7335 or Go Online: 866-770-SEFL (7335) www.075' N 82°43.816' W 35 3 270 Concrete Piling Cutoffs 1037.807' N 86°18.00 29°11.00 30°06.478' W 73 8 24 Concrete Modules Cubeswww.00 30°06. Lucie 2012 Offshore Reef-01 Material Tons Latitude Longitude Depth Relief 2 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 7.00 29°38.890' N 86°18. Do your part to help protect Do your part to help protectFlorida’s Florida’s coastal Do your part to help protect Florida’s marine ecosystems by reporting incidents coastal marine ecosystems bymarine reporting to the Southeast Florida Action Network.946' N 83°45.986' N 86°18.net Did you see something unusal while you were out on the water? Vessel groundings? Invasive species? Coral bleaching? Marine debris? Fish kills? These incidents are signs of trouble that could be harming southeast Florida’s coral reefs.610' W 60 15 Vessel Metal Coast Guard Cutter 165' 26°33. Lucie St.net We’re All Connected ~ Keep It Protected Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission January 1.00 30°06.net Reef Name Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Sw Leg #3 Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Sw Leg #2 Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Se Leg End Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Se Leg #2 Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Se Leg #3 Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Se Leg #4 Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Center Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Nw Leg #4 Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Nw Leg #3 Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Nw Leg #2 Aquatic Life Ecosystem (Ale) Nw Leg End Volusia Site 5 W Volusia Site 4 S Volusia Site 3 SW Volusia Site 3 SE Volusia Site 1 SW Volusia Site 12 S SFMA-Public Reef #8 SFMA-Public Reef #7 SFMA-Public Reef #6 Kyle's Crossbar Reef SFMA-Public Reef #5 SFMA-Public Reef #4 SFMA-Public Reef #3 SFMA-Public Reef #2 Aaron Vaughn Memorial Reef USS Mohawk CGC V.SEAFAN.SEAFAN.736' W 121 8 2 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 7.852' W 121 8 4 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 14.901' W 121 2 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 7.net www. or Go Online: www.228' N 80°01.00 27°23.net 2 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 7.net 24.400' W 121 8 2 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 7.00 29°11. St.701' N 86°18. visit MyFWC.786' W 121 8 2 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 7.304' W 80 10 866-770-SEFL (7335) 90 Concrete Culverts & Structures 364.595' N 80°46.M.610' W 58 20 24 Concrete Modules Cubes 24.860' N 80°42.666' W 121 8 www.00 30°06.00 30°06.481' W 90 55 30 Concrete Culverts and Manholes 1036.785' N 80°05.SEAFAN.County Okaloosa Okaloosa Okaloosa Okaloosa Okaloosa Okaloosa Okaloosa Okaloosa Okaloosa Okaloosa Okaloosa Volusia Volusia Volusia Volusia Volusia Volusia Taylor Taylor Taylor Martin Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Martin Lee St.00 29°11.SEAFAN.00 29°39. coastal marine ecosystems reporting marineby incidents to the Southeast Call: 866-770-SEFL (7335) Florida Action Network.658' W 80 8 211 Concrete Culverts & Structures 386.851' N 83°44.758' W 35 3 24 Concrete Modules Cubes 24.00 30°06. Lucie 2012 Offshore Reef-02 St.635' W 62 6 Florida Action Network.557' W 121 8 4 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 14.845' N 86°18.948' W 35 3 24 Concrete Modules Cubes 24.00 27°24.00 30°06.00 29°38. for additional reef locations.00 29°39.00 29°06.net marine incidents to the Southeast Call: Florida Action Network. 215 Concrete Culverts & Structures 384.945' 8 coastal marine ecosystems by reporting 2 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 7.023' N 80°44. See a Marine Incident? See a Marine Incident? Report It! See a Marine Incident? Report It! www.00 30°06.00 30°06.00 29°38.892' N 80°02.647' N 86°18. Lucie Deploy Date 8/7/12 8/7/12 8/7/12 8/7/12 8/7/12 8/7/12 8/7/12 8/7/12 8/7/12 8/7/12 8/7/12 8/7/12 8/3/12 8/1/12 7/30/12 7/27/12 7/25/12 7/18/12 7/18/12 7/18/12 7/17/12 7/16/12 7/16/12 7/16/12 7/16/12 7/6/12 7/2/12 4/27/12 4/10/12 * Chart represents a small sample of more than 2.SEAFAN.00 30°06.SEAFAN.00 29°19.703' N 86°18.00 27°12.720' N 80°05.011' W 70 8 or Go Online: 222 Concrete Culverts & Structures 522.328' N 83°44.188' N 80°48.428' W 35 3 277 Concrete Culverts.00 29°38.00 29°38.60 29°07.750' N 86°18.net or Go Online: Call: SEAFAN_Ad_v5_large.indd 2 www.096' W 158 14 See a Marine Incident? Report It! Report It! www.000 artificial reef sites in Florida.048' W 40 3 24 Concrete Modules Cubes 24.975' N 80°45.00 30°06.473' W 121 8 2 Concrete Walter Florida Limestone Modules 7.361' W 39 3 24 Concrete Modules Cubes 24. 2013 21 See a Marine Incident? .SEAFAN.308' N 83°44.514' N 83°44.909' W 35 3 24 Concrete Modules Cubes 24.00 27°12.SEAFAN.595' N 83°44.com/Fishing.818' W 121 8 Do your part to help protect Florida’s N 86°18.531' W 111 14 200 Concrete Culverts 996.432' N 80°44.077' W 85 8 Call: 104 Concrete Culverts & Structures 376.389' N 83°43.R.959' W 121 8 marine incidents to the Southeast 162 Concrete Culverts & Structures 351.590' N 86°18. Pilings and Box Culverts 904.

2013 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission . These new regulations are designed to rebuild the Atlantic black sea bass fishery and do not affect black sea bass regulations in the Gulf of Mexico. print and electronic publications. local time on the first day of each closure. The 2011 stock assessment for Atlantic black sea bass found that overfishing is still occurring. or without prior authorization from the FWC to conduct a volunteer trap cleanup event. These closures are in place to facilitate the identification and removal of traps that have become lost or abandoned and pose a potential threat to the environment and may become hazards to boaters. Traps must be removed from the water before 12:01 a. closures occur on the east coast only. The new minimum size limit for recreational harvest of Atlantic black sea bass will be 13 inches total length. How can you help? What do you need to know? Trap closures apply to both commercial and recreational traps. drop nets. It is illegal to remove or otherwise molest traps that do not belong to you without the express written permission of the trap owner. On even numbered years. to date with current regulations by checking the FWC website: MyFWC. These changes will become effective in state waters of the Atlantic on February 1. If you plan to use blue crab traps. The FWC does not organize or coordinate volunteer group trap cleanup events.  013 Blue Crab Trap Closures— 2 don't lose your traps! What’s the issue? Each year. You can stay up You can help to remove lost and abandoned traps from Florida waters by organizing or participating in a volunteer derelict trap and trap debris cleanup event that has been authorized by the FWC. etc.m. 20–Oct. hook and line. During a trap closure. u Atlantic black sea bass is in a federal rebuilding plan that started in In an effort to continue rebuilding the fishery.com/Fishing/Saltwater/ Trap-debris/Volunteer-program/. dip nets. A fully rebuilt fishery should allow for longer recreational seasons in federal waters and increased opportunities for recreational anglers.com/Fishing/ Saltwater/Recreational. 5–14: Franklin through Escambia Counties (all waters within 3 nautical miles of shore. please be aware of the trap closures and help others by sharing this information. Trap closures during odd numbered years occur on the Gulf and southeast coast (see map). the FWC Commission also approved rule changes to make black sea bass size and bag limits in state waters of the Atlantic consistent with the federal limits. Harvesters can also continue to take blue crabs during a blue crab trap closure with other legal gear such as fold-up traps. the harvest of blue crabs with traps is prohibited for up to 10 consecutive days in certain areas around the state. All blue crab traps that remain in the water (unless they are secured to private property) in areas that are subject to these closures are considered derelict and may be removed and destroyed by the FWC or by FWC-authorized. including waters of the Ochlockonee River and Ochlockonee Bay) ■■ Sept. excluding waters of the Ochlockonee River and Ochlockonee Bay) ■■ July 10–19: Broward through Pasco Counties (all waters within 3 nautical miles of shore) ■■ July 20–29: Hernando through Wakulla Counties (all waters within 3 nautical miles of shore. When and where are the 2013 trap closures? ■■ Jan.S a lt wat e r r e g u l at i o n s New Rules For Atlantic Black Sea Bass  2006 and is scheduled to be completed in 2016. news releases and social media. lift nets. recreational anglers can continue to harvest blue crabs with traps if they are secured to private property such as a vessel or dock. In December 2012. Additional information regarding these cleanups and how to get involved online at: MyFWC. volunteer trap cleanup groups. 4: All state waters of the Gulf of Mexico between 3 and 9 nautical miles from shore 22 January 1. If you are interested in participating in an organized derelict trap cleanup event. Be aware of when and where these closures will be in effect before you place your traps in the water. and “trap” closures are not synonymous with “fisheries” closures. the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council recently increased the recreational minimum size limit from 12 to 13 inches and retained the existing daily bag limit of five fish per person in Atlantic federal waters. and the new daily bag limit will be five fish per person with no vessel limits. the electronic newsletter “Hot Sheet”. 2013. please contact the event organizer for information on how you may volunteer.

call the Wildlife Alert Hotline: 888-404-FWCC (3922) ■■ FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute 727-896-8626 MyFWC. 850-488-5471 www.com/Reportlionfish or call 1-877-786-7267 a n g l e r s h ow p l ac e b oat i n g P r o d u c t s CLR Marine “Your Boat is Our Business!” LED For Your Boating Supplies… So You Can Go Fish ! Coupon Code: FLDNRSW Handheld Remote • Made-to-order custom awning fabric • Company logos available • Get rid of your old boring awning! High Power Hunting & Boat Lights Visit us online at MagnaLight.COM January 1.com.com or call 1-800-369-6671 or 903-498-3363 s t o r ag e game processing WATERPROOF CASES We offer over 120 collegiate designs as well as scenic. ■■ FWC Division of Law Enforcement 888-404-FWCC (3922) ■■ For up-to-date information on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill please visit MyFWC. In emergencies or if state fisheries.6793 or visit us at fUninTheShADe. wildlife or boating laws are being violated. and may issue citations for violations of state and federal fishing.com ■■ Shellfish Harvesting Questions FDACS.com/Research ■■ To report fish kills: 800-636-0511 ■■ To request Tarpon DNA Sampling Kits: 800-367-4461 TarponGenetics@MyFWC.floridaaquaculture. call 888-404-FWCC (3922) or for cell phone users throughout the state.com The FWC’s Division of Law Enforcement patrols Florida’s coastal waters to provide assistance to boaters and anglers as well as to enforce Florida’s saltwater fishing and boating laws. wildlife and boating laws. FWC officers assist boaters who are in distress. You can text Tip@MyFWC.com/OilSpill ■■ Bird Entanglement 888-404-3922 727-391-6211 for Tampa area ■■ To report fish and wildlife law violations. provide advice and direction to those who are traveling Florida’s coastline and waterways. standard usage fees may apply. hail on VHF Channel 16 or report violations via text message.com Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission 661-239-3002 CALL US TODAY · 877.com/Law ■■ To purchase fishing licenses: 888-FISH-FLORIDA (347-4356) License.MyFWC.com ■■ Red Tide Information Hotline 866-300-9399 toll free in Florida 727-552-2488 nationwide ■■ Aquatic Toxins Hotline 888-232-8635 ■■ To report fish tags: 800-367-4461 TagReturn@MyFWC. Most cell phones allow users to send text messages directly to an email address.L AW EN F OR C E M ENT Resource information Join the nation’s largest conservation law enforcement agency—become an FWC law enforcement officer.341. dial *FWC (*392) depending on your location.com ■■ To report Sawfish sightings: 941-255-7403 sawfish@MyFWC. please visit MyFWC. For more information contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at 1-866-FWC-HIRE (392-4473) or visit MyFWC. 2013 23 . camo and many more! · Bags & Rolls for Foodsaver 50% · Chamber Vacuum Bags · Vacuum Sealing Equipment · Protect Your Fish from Freezer Burn F I S H I N G • B O AT I N G • H U N T I N G SAVE up to Call or Visit Our Website VacuumSealersUnlimited.com ■■ To report Lionfish sightings.

2013 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission . they generally remain at a specific location. and while no one can accurately predict future economic impacts. that’s not the case in this part of the world. Finally. but those processes take time.aspx. once lionfish reach a juvenile or adult stage. the FWC invites you to participate in the Ethical Angler Photo Recognition Program! Send in your photo.com/Fishing. On the regulatory front. For now. The lack of natural control mechanisms and the lionfish’s ability to reproduce rapidly is allowing the lionfish population to expand at an alarming pace. These rule changes Do you have a photo of your prize catch and want to show it off? If so. Florida SeaGrant administers a grant program to support research efforts. This information helps establish and support efficient and effective control programs.er. On a more positive note.org or MyFWC. Mother Nature has ways of taking care of biological invasions. by the looks of it. please visit MyFWC. handling and control efforts please visit: Reef. The problem is. The Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) is also supporting research and conducting workshops to provide education and safe handling information. Private organizations are playing a huge role by supporting research and hosting lionfish derbies to encourage removal. Public assistance by divers is imperative.com and your photo may appear on the next cover of the regulations! For additional information. and everyone can help by reporting all harvests and sightings at: http://Nas. Control efforts in many locations within the invaded range (including the Florida Keys) have shown that focused and consistent lionfish removal efforts can successfully reduce lionfish numbers and limit ecological impacts. While lionfish fit nicely into the food web within their native Indo-Pacific range. Species that control lionfish populations in the Pacific and Indian Oceans do not exist here. Florida has a vast amount of suitable habitat for lionfish and it’s clear that Florida will not have the manpower or economic resources to control lionfish at all locations. 24 January 1. the FWC is developing informational materials to get the word out about the lionfish problem and incentive programs to support and encourage lionfish removal. the stakes are far too high to simply wait for Mother Nature to address this problem. the invasive species is not going anywhere. Florida’s commercial and recreational fisheries have an estimated 10 billion dollar economic value.gov/SightingReport. dip nets and other devices designed and marketed exclusively for lionfish. Hawaiian slings. it’s up to us to protect our important marine resources.The Lionfish Invasion is in Full Swing What can be done to minimize the impacts? Carol Cox Lionfish pose a significant threat to Florida’s native marine species and the ecosystem and.usgs. along with a signed photo release form to EthicalAngler@MyFWC. Please get involved and help to spread the word about the invasive lionfish!  So what is being done and what should be done? Public and private It doesn’t take an economist to figure out that anything that negatively impacts Florida’s marine ecology will also negatively impact our fisheries and the overall economy of Florida. anytime soon. For further information on lionfish research. the FWC has removed the daily bag limit and is allowing persons to harvest lionfish without a recreational fishing license so long as they are doing so with pole spears. are in effect through August 2013 and may be extended.com/Wildlifehabitats/Nonnatives/Marine-species/Lionfish. Lionfish are also easy to identify and relatively easy to harvest. entities are continuing research and monitoring efforts to track the range and distribution of the invasion. The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is issuing special permits to allow lionfish control in no harvest zones.

com . Visit our flagship stores! N. you’ll find everything you need at your nearby West Marine store or online at westmarine. Myers Flagship Follow us on: To find the store nearest you. right here! Expanded Fishing Departments Jacksonville Flagship Make it a super season! West Marine is the one-stop source for all of the best brands in fishing! Whether you need to upgrade your rods and reels. visit westmarine. To scan a QR code. add new rod holders or a live bait tank to your boat.Great gear. Petersburg Flagship Sarasota Flagship Scan the QR code with your Smartphone to shop our fishing products online. Lauderdale Flagship Ft.com. first download a free QR code reader app. or simply re-spool with fresh line. St. Palm Beach Flagship Ft.

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